I.D. Implants by 2030

The digital dollar mentioned as part of the Congress bailout scheme is a preview of the upcoming DIGITAL I.D.

The United Nations, the Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft and Bill Gates (among others), are pushing a RFID microchip implant for everyone by the year 2030.

This was voted on and approved by U.N. world leaders on May 20, 2016.  [U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals Initiative.]

For six years, the Bill Gates Foundation has been working on a way to brand the NWO (NEW WORLD ORDER) citizens.  These “quantum dot tattoos” will be embedded between your thumb and finger.  It’s currently being perfected at MIT and Rice Universities.

Without this, what their calling “LEGAL DIGITAL IDENTITY” you will not be able to travel, work, receive medical care, buy or sell or be able to function in the NWO dictatorship.

Readers, we’re facing the end times.

A world leader will be established after bringing peace following a major war event.  This leader is known as “the Beast”, the Anti-Christ spoken of in the New Testament.  Nostradamus also mentioned him as the worst of all the tyrannical rulers.

The MSM will advocate this new way of life.  They are already part of the Beast system.

My warning:  do not accept the implantable chip – it is the Mark of the Beast 666.  Revelation 13: 16-18.

Text (C) 2020 – ERN

Link for  http://id2020.org


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