MSM Defies Trump

The MSM is doing their best (or worst) in keeping Americans in a constant state of fear and paranoia.

Immediately after the Michagan protests, they (along with Gov. Gretchen Whitmer), labeled them “social-distancing deniers”.

Gov. Whitmer, goaded on by her lapdog talking-heads said, “They are putting our lives at risk” and implied racism because one of them had a Confederate flag.

Another key point – one that barely deserves mention because it’s so stupid:  who has the authority to reopen businesses- the President or state/local officials?  Once again, the MSM proves their idiocy.  Any junior-high school student, even grade schooler, knows the Federal government (the President), has more power than the state or city.  Nevertheless, governors from California, New York and Michigan have stated they will ignore or defy Pres. Trump’s orders.  Trump must act to overrule them.

Text (C) 2020 – ERN


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