Blacks Riot

Minneapolis erupts into riots, following the death of George Floyd by police.  Burning, looting and violence reign supreme.  Whatever good will the black community had is now gone.

Both the Mayor and the Governor have failed to act.  President Trump has threatened to call in the National Guard.  What are they waiting for?  This type of criminal behavior wouldn’t be tolerated – except when it comes from blacks.  And this has been going on for decade after decade since the 1960’s.

I thought or assumed that when Trump replaced Obama, this kind of sanctioned violence would come to an end.  Was I wrong?

Trump must act and he must act as soon as possible.

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Police Kill for Control

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Minneapolis, MN.  On May 25, 2020, George Floyd, 47, was arrested for trying to pass a bad $20 bill.  During this arrest, Floyd was pinned down by Officer Derek Chavin, 44, with his knee pressed down on his throat.  Witnesses state that Chavin held him down for nine minutes, while Floyd said, “I can’t breathe,” fifteen times.  Bystanders tried to tell the police that he was killing him to no avail.

The police have tried to cover themselves by saying Floyd “resisted arrest”.  There’s no evidence of this on the video.  Police also said he died on the way to the hospital.  Not true.  Floyd was asphyxiated in plain view, lying in the gutter.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey announced May 27 that Officer Chavin would be arrested for murder.  Chavin has had a dozen complaints made against him in the past.

This story invites comparisons to the Armaud Arbery case.  There are major differences.

The MSM reported that George and Travis McMichael hunted Arbery down while he was jogging.  This is not what happened.  Arbery got caught prowling a home under construction.  There is video evidence proving it.

The McMichael’s were following him in their pickup truck.  Soon after, Arbery began attacking Travis on the side of the road, trying to take his shotgun away from him, while punching him in the head.  Both George and Travis shot him down.

In hindsight, the McMichael’s should not have followed Arbery, but they have a defense – self-defense.

Police officer Chavin’s life was not in danger when he killed Floyd.  I suspect once he realized Floyd was dead, he had to pretend he didn’t know.

What will be the findings?  Will Chavin go free because he’s a police officer?  Will the McMichael’s be found guilty because they’re not authority figures?

The MSM has painted both stories with the same broad brush of racism.  They’re wrong.  It’s the story of a bad cop and of two guys who got carried away trying to protect their neighborhood.

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Breaking Point

Ordinary, law-abiding citizens are being arrested for no reason.  Why?  For breaking “rules” established by local governors and mayors.

You can be apprehended if you don’t wear a mask, are outside on “non-essential” business or congregating in groups of ten or more.

There’s a limit on how much you can push people around.

The left and the MSM aren’t complaining, however.  The longer the lockdown lasts, the better they like it.  California’s Twitter hashtag – #3MoreMonths.

One day, there’s going to be violence.  You can’t expect Americans to sit home all day like a bunch of babies.  And what has the left become?  A bunch of spoiled, rotten infants who don’t want to work, then sit home all day accepting government checks.

Work gives people a sense of purpose.  Shutting everything down takes away our value system.

I watched the “Today” show for five minutes and couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  The generic talking-heads happily smiling, saying “This is our new normal,” and “It will go on forever.”  Then, they got some kid, bundled him up in a mask, gloves and plastic coat, so he could hug his grandparents.  STAGED.

Where is all this going?  After the controllers have played out the forced isolation and house-arrests, Bill “Dr. Mengele” Gates will come out with his “magic” vaccine full of God-knows-what.  He admits there will be “tracers” and “living organisms”.

That will be the breaking point.

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Card Now, Chip Later

The Rockefeller Foundation is pressuring lawmakers to establish a new identity card which would be used as a “pass” for you to gain entry into the outside world.  The plan is forced mass testing for the Covid-19 virus, followed by a vaccine.  Afterward, you are awarded this card.

Pres. Trump has already announced the military’s involvement in a future vaccine program.

The question is:  what’s in the Bill Gates vaccine?  Gates has publicly stated that his vaccines are part of a longterm program to reduce the population by 15 percent.

Also, is this card a precursor for the I.D. chip?

The government is relying on the public acceptance of these 1984-style dictictorial regulations, especially with the media’s feel-good presentation.

Will you accept their new normal?

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Elvis Last Album

Released in the summer of ’77, “Moody Blue” would become the final record of singer Elvis Presley, during his lifetime.  It’s a patchwork of songs from 1977 (live recordings), 1976 (the last of the “Jungle Room” sessions) and 1974 (“Let Me Be There”.)

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In January 1977, Elvis was set to finish the recordings, then backed off at the last moment.  [Reason given:  a throat infection, although it was probably due to an argument with his then-girlfriend Ginger Alden.]

“Moody Blue” was pressed in a translucent blue vinyl.   A few copies were done in traditional black.  The single “Moody Blue” was black: however, five copies are blue.  (Collector’s items.)

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The second single “Way Down” was issued and was still for sale at the time of his death (Aug. 16) and went all the way to number one in England.  [The British being some of Elvis’ most loyal fans, despite the fact that he never went there.]

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“Moody Blue’s” version of “Unchained Melody” is not to be confused with the one contained on “Elvis – The Great Performances”.  [Originally cut from Elvis in Concert”.]  “Unchained Melody” would also be released as a single, backed by “Softly As I Leave You” (previously unreleased.)

“Let Me Be There” (thrown in from a 1974 live album) seems misplaced  – sung by a young-sounding Elvis and contrasts with other songs.

The first three songs are live recordings added from Elvis’ spring tours – RCA’s only way of finishing it.

“It’s Easy for You”, the last song on side 2, appears to be a message for his ex-wife Priscilla, as many as his songs were during their separation.  “I had a wife, I had children, I gave them all away.”

Elvis Presley Memorabilia Prices

Interesting side note:  the odd album cover was a printing error.  RCA intended this one for the cassette.  That’s why the photo of Elvis is only three inches tall.  Only three of the correct album covers still exist.

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HR 6666 Trace Act

Congressional Democrats are attempting to push thru a $100 billion bill (the TRACE ACT) – authorizing the government – to send “mobile Health units” for the purpose of forced Covid-19 testing IN YOUR HOME.  If you fail their test, you will be taken away and quarantined.

The World Health Organization floated this idea out a month ago.  (“Quarantined with dignity.”)

Additionally, the bill states they intend to continue this thru 2021.

Where is all this leading?  A new world order satanic dictatorship.  Say NO – be vocal – and STOP this government agenda.

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Upside-Down World

Since Covid-19, ordinary people have been arrested by the police for leaving their homes, not safe-spacing, and conducting non-essential business.

On the other hand, criminals are being released from prisons because of “overcrowding and charges of racism”.  This is caused by weak, liberal judges and politicians who are breaking down our system of law.  We’re living in an insane world where everything is reversed.

Quarantine the healthy.

LGBTQ think they’re normal.

Abortion is a right.

Violence from the left (ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter) is allowed by the police.

1st, 2nd and 4th Amendments are trashed for false promises of “safety and security”.

Unelected officials (Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci) are making laws indiscriminately.

When does this end?

Eventually, the people must rise up and take back what is theirs.  If we don’t, those in control will continue to take more and more of our basic, God-given rights.  What’s the point of living in a “free country” if you need permission to leave your home?

What will you do?

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Tom Hanks “Vaccine”

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Actor Tom Hanks who supposedly had Covid-19 and who became “the face of the coronavirus” is donating his anti-bodies (blood serum) for the “cure”.

What is the hidden meaning behind this?

It’s what the ILLUMINATI wants.  Their symbolic blood sacrifice – a mockery of Christianity.  The secular Hanks vs. Jesus Christ.  His blood heals us all.

How much more obvious can you get?  And why wouldn’t the sheeple eagerly take the Tom Hanks remedy?  Didn’t he suffer for all of us to take away the sins of the world?

I doubt Hanks or his Satanist wife ever had the illness.  The elite, the top 1% received the real vaccine – while us common-folk get the Bill Gates vaccine – full of pig cells and monkey embryos.

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“Inside Edition” MSM NWO

See the source image  “Inside Edition”, formerly an entertainment news program, has regressed into an “Obey Big Brother” tool for the globalists.  There are constant reminders to “stay at home” and “shelter in place”…world government propaganda…talk of a future vaccine for all…how doing nothing helps your community…”be compliant”…criticize protestors…overblown death statistics and fake news.

The cheery, chipper hostess Deborah Norville cheeps out advice – an empty mannequin mouthpiece.  I truly believe she’s never had an original thought in her life.

“Inside Edition” is by no means serious news; however it does have its audience…an audience made to believe lies and experience fear over an illness no different than any other.

The collapse of our free market economy, of our very way of life, will kill more people than Covid-19 does.  But, Democrats see this as a good way for more government-imposed control.

The Great Satan Hillary Clinton already commented (with an agreeing Joe Biden), to “Never waste a good crisis.”

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New Virus?

There are existing vague threats from China that a far worse disease is in the works for our near future.  This, for me, proves their intentions.  What a coincidence for the Covid-19 virus to be released into the USA during an election year.  It’s their chance to get rid of Pres. Trump by ruining the economy.

The media, instead of blaming China, blames Trump, “for not acting quick enough” and praises China, calling them “a role model” for how to deal with the virus.

Our new “One World” government seeks to curtail all travel, so if this new outbreak begins, all flights out of the country will be stopped.  (Except for the government.)

Businesses will be closed again.  (Except for the government.)

People will be told to “shelter in place”.  (Except for the government.)

How long does it take for the public to realize what’s really happening?   When will people wake up and take back their freedom?

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