Upside-Down World

Since Covid-19, ordinary people have been arrested by the police for leaving their homes, not safe-spacing, and conducting non-essential business.

On the other hand, criminals are being released from prisons because of “overcrowding and charges of racism”.  This is caused by weak, liberal judges and politicians who are breaking down our system of law.  We’re living in an insane world where everything is reversed.

Quarantine the healthy.

LGBTQ think they’re normal.

Abortion is a right.

Violence from the left (ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter) is allowed by the police.

1st, 2nd and 4th Amendments are trashed for false promises of “safety and security”.

Unelected officials (Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci) are making laws indiscriminately.

When does this end?

Eventually, the people must rise up and take back what is theirs.  If we don’t, those in control will continue to take more and more of our basic, God-given rights.  What’s the point of living in a “free country” if you need permission to leave your home?

What will you do?

(C) 2020-ERN

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