Bill Gates “Plan”

Just as predicted, the so-called “2nd Wave” of the coronavirus is here, mere weeks after the reopening of businesses.  As predicted, social distancing and wearing masks has become the “new normal”.

How long is the government going to prolong this man-made event?

Quote by BILL GATES:  “The world today has 6.8 billion people.  Now if we really do a good job on new vaccines, health care, and reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps ten or fifteen percent.”

The powers-that-be want to make our lives so miserable, we would eagerly accept the vaccine.   The MSM is already panting, waiting in anticipation for Gates “miracle cure”.   Recently, Gates announced that “people of color” will get the vaccine first.  (There’s a joke there, if you can figure it out.)

What will be the side-effects?  Doesn’t it take years of testing to ensure safety?  Not this time.

If a Democrat is elected president, expect mandatory vaccinations or be banished from public life.

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Left-Wing Coup?

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Everywhere we go, gov’t officials are tying up yellow tape, keeping people out of previously available areas for public usage.  Somehow this doesn’t apply to the “protestors” (Antifa, BLM, anarchists and agitators.)  You know, rioters killing and destroying people’s property.

Is this a left-wing coup?

Democrats want to defund the police and replace them with what?  A nationalized 1-world government police force?  NWO?

What would be happening now if Trump weren’t president?  What happens if next year we have a Democratic president?  We’d be in, what I call a “soft dictatorship”.

Much depends on the 2020 General Election.  How are we going to live?  In a free society or one where the government allows you to do certain things.  In the future, if you are not one of them, will you be considered the enemy?

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Far left mobs have been defacing any statues that offend them.  No, we’re not living in Soviet Russia.  It’s happening right here in the USA.

Provoked by the media, tolerated by Democratic leaders, encouraged by anti-American foreign elements, these extremists think their day has come.

What we have here is a 1968 situation:   a time of lawlessness, upheavals and assassinations.  Who did we elect that year?  Richard Nixon.

Why?  Because the general public (the silent majority) wants law and order.  They don’t like what they’re seeing, despite the MSMs efforts to make it seem like they do.

Filmmaker Michael Moore (a realist, at least), understands this, saying not to underestimate Trump and warning that his core audience of “white men” will come out in droves to reelect him in November.  For once, I agree.

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, Pres. Trump can and will defeat Joe Biden, one of the worst and weakest candidates ever to run for the presidency.

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Police Kill Black Man with Taser

Atlanta, Georgia, June 12.

Another black man killed on video shows Rayshard Brooks, 27, struggling, breaking free and stealing a taser gun from the police.  As he ran, Brooks points the taser at the police, whereupon he was shot twice.

The MSM/protestors/blacks are comparing this with the George Floyd killing.  How so?  Brooks resists arrest, runs and points a weapon at a police officer.  Floyd did none of those things.

This doesn’t stop the rabble-rousing MSM from doing the exact same thing they did with the George Floyd video.  They are deliberately fueling hatred and rage within the black community.  The self-hating white liberal will never learn.

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Seattle Takeover

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“CHAZ”: a left-wing shit hole.

Anarchists have claimed six square blocks of Seattle, WA as their own city within a city.  Fault goes to the Seattle police who abandoned their station, so as to “avoid a violent confrontation.”  Cowards.  Chicken-shit cowards.

The leftist driven mobs were aided by a leftist mayor and governor who refuse to stop them.

President Trump, as of this writing, has failed to act.

What must be done?

The President should declare a national emergency.  Send in the troops.  What is he waiting for?

The government’s failure is proof of what happens when the radical left overtake the system.

They (these anarchists) should be removed or they should be killed.

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Aftermath Covid-19

If George Floyd ever did anything important, it was ending the stupid government lockdowns.

In just two short months, the U.S. economy was brought to its knees by a man-made biological weapon courtesy of Communism China.  Germ warfare.

The MSM has it’s own fictionalized version of the story.   Covid-19 came from a Chinese “wet-market” ala bat soup.

Unforseen, a second “black swan” event.  On May 25, an ordinary black man was arrested then killed on video for all the world to see.  That was enough for people to get off their asses and end the mandated quarantines.

The side effect of all this is that now we have a segment of the population destroying cities.  Some are radical groups (Antifa, BLM.)  Others are angry black folk.  The government cannot deal with them.  Dems are too busy kissing their you-know-what and the GOP is afraid of being called “racist”.

Where does that leave us?

Election 2020.  If Trump loses the election, it will be from his inability to deal with Covid-19 and the George Floyd riots.  It’s too early to tell yet.

Joe Biden’s mental and physical health are wobbly at best.  If Biden is replaced by a real contender,  someone with all their faculties, the outcome would be very different.

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As the riots die down, how will it be judged?  Much the same way the 1992 L.A. riots were, for the MSM.

Reality check:  the public (remember them?) were on the protestors side on the first day, but as their actions morphed into looting, arson, violence and death, their support dwindled.

Not for the MSM however, who will never admit when they’re wrong.

We have the absurdity of the March through May “social distancing”.  Now, shelter-in-place and wearing a mask has become a joke.  Democrats neurotic germaphobia that saved zero lives appears ridiculous.

Funniest moment:  Joe Biden wearing a mask that looked more like panties on his face.  (Maybe, they were.)

The real aftermath are the people who have to clean up the mess left behind and rebuild their businesses.  What are they going to do?  If they rebuild, will it be torn down later?

President Trump will spin this as the left run amok, which is true…and yet his failure to act when it started was my greatest disappointment.  Don’t blame it on his advisors.  As Truman said, “The buck stops here.”

As much as I hate Hillary Clinton, if it had happened under her regime, she would’ve had soldiers on the ground with bazookas, tanks and flamethrowers.

So, did anybody learn anything?  Probably not.  Will it happen again?  It always does.

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The so-called protests over the death of George Floyd during an arrest, has sparked riots all across the country.  Professional agitators and paid-for anarchists – namely ANTIFA, BLM and the Friends of Democracy – are all involved in a battle threatening to become a civil war.

A great deal of blame goes to the mainstream media for fueling the hatred and rage by repeatedly showing the video of George Floyd dying.  It’s obvious they’re goading them on.  How would these idiots feel if their neighborhood was torched?  That’s unlikely.  Most of these pampered, overpaid commentators live in gated communities or secured buildings.

Blame also goes to the Democratic leaders (Obama, Biden, the Clinton’s, Bernie Sanders) who won’t say or do anything to stop the mayhem.  They’re just too sensitive to hurt black people’s feelings.

Pres. Trump has been too slow to act.  I suspect his advisors are warning him not to kill any of the mauraders because the MSM would have a field day calling him a “murderer”.  (Q.  What would a President Hillary Clinton have done?  She would’ve dropped a bomb on them and the MSM would’ve loved her for it.)  Even if Trump loses the election, he’s got to do something.  This insurrection must be crushed before it goes any further.

Conspiracy theorists (and I’m not saying they’re wrong) are predicting Martial Law.  If that’s what it takes to stop the riots, let them do it.

The liberal mayors and governors are sitting on their hands, waiting and hoping for their problems to go away, except…What if they don’t go away?

I’m sure in the end, the media will blame that “racist Trump”  for everything.  In reality, it’s the brick-throwers who are racist, blaming all whites for the actions of one police officer.

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