Bill Gates “Plan”

Just as predicted, the so-called “2nd Wave” of the coronavirus is here, mere weeks after the reopening of businesses.  As predicted, social distancing and wearing masks has become the “new normal”.

How long is the government going to prolong this man-made event?

Quote by BILL GATES:  “The world today has 6.8 billion people.  Now if we really do a good job on new vaccines, health care, and reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps ten or fifteen percent.”

The powers-that-be want to make our lives so miserable, we would eagerly accept the vaccine.   The MSM is already panting, waiting in anticipation for Gates “miracle cure”.   Recently, Gates announced that “people of color” will get the vaccine first.  (There’s a joke there, if you can figure it out.)

What will be the side-effects?  Doesn’t it take years of testing to ensure safety?  Not this time.

If a Democrat is elected president, expect mandatory vaccinations or be banished from public life.

Text (C) 2020-ERN

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