Time of Lawlessness

July 17, 2020, Portland, OR.  DHS arresting out-of-control protesters at the Federal Court Building.

How did the MSM report this?   Trump was blamed for sending in officials who arrested those “exercising their First Amendment rights.”  Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi called them “storm-troopers” aka Nazis.  

Why are the Dems embracing violence?  Because they think it reflects badly on Trump and that come November, people will blame him for not being able to deal with it.

Also, the “Sunday, Bloody, Sunday” theory.  If the President is able to get the military to open fire and kill these anarchists, all hell will break loose.  The MSM will go berserk, saying “The President is murdering innocent protesters!”  (By the way, if Trump actually did this, it would ensure his re-election.)

The silent majority – the real Americans – as I call them are sick and tired of seeing their country torn apart.  They want a strong president who crushes his opponents.  I believe, sooner or later, some of the BLM and Antifa members will have to be killed in the name of public safety.  The so-called “revolutionaries” will not stop at the big cities.  Next, they will come after the suburbs.

What then?

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Rioters Attack Vehicles

USA Today: Using terms riot, looting is insenstive to ...

Manic protesters (professional anarchists/Communists/criminals) are blocking traffic and attacking vehicles on the streets.

REPORT: Lawyers Who Allegedly Torched NYPD Vehicle During ...FOX 29 News Philadelphia

Internet videos (not TV) have shown them waving clubs, throwing bricks and attempting to remove the driver and passengers.  Those inside have sped off, sometimes knocking down some of the angry mob.  (This part is shown on TV.)  The MSM then reports “white supremacists” running down “peaceful protesters”.

Angry Antifa Girl Arrested in Seattle After Lighting 5 ...RIOTERS ATTACK A 58 YEAR OLD MAN WITH CEREBRAL PALSY ...

Talk about fake news.  If you’re unlucky enough to watch any of the MSM evening news, you’ll be besieged by a long litany of socialist doublespeak and propaganda.

With the 2020 Election coming up, Dems are in a panic mode, desperate to say or do anything to get Trump out of office.

It’s not going to work.

The bedrock of this nation – what I call real Americans – are not going to let that happen.  Be prepared Devilcrats for a rude awakening on November 3.

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Most people don’t see it.  America has been infiltrated.  Back in the 1960’s-early 70’s, subversive elements cropped up before.  Back then, it was dealt with.  Not today.

There could be a myriad of reasons.  During the Obama Administration, he replaced and installed his own kind of social justice into the military echelons, the FBI, the CIA, the judicial branches and the police.

Foreign billionaire interests (George Soros, et al) are also pulling the strings on what the fake news MSM calls “organic demonstrations”.

Years ago, I said BLM (Black Lives Mater) was the most dangerous domestic org.  (Add Antifa.)

As I write this, Republicans seem unable to stop this wave of manic violence sweeping across our country.  Instead, they try to deal with it.

Here’s a good lesson… the Mayor of Seattle Mary Durkan, wrote on her Facebook in regards to CHOP aka CHAZ.  “Seattle is fine.  This is what democracy looks like.”  By the end of June, protesters surrounded her house making their demands.  Guess what happened the very next day?  CHOP/CHAZ was dismantled by the police.  Gone.

See the source image

“CHOP” is gone and good riddance.

You see, when the revolution comes into your own back yard, it’s no longer “democracy”.

Pres. Trump’s election is on the line.  Voters didn’t elect him to stand by and do nothing.  Now is the time for action.

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Is it over?

Never before have I seen America so divided.

On the right, Republicans want a free society where a person has freedom and prosperity.  The left wants more and more gov’t control; yet, on the flip side cheers on anarchy and a Communist revolution…and their doing it with Antifa and BLM.  For years, I’ve been warning they’re domestic terrorist groups.  Following their reaction to the death of George Floyd, we have ample proof of it.  Looting, arson, murder and the police do nothing to stop it.  The gov’t sits idly by and watches these sub-humans take over our cities and destroy historic statues, erasing white history.  The damage is irreversible.

The best Pres. Trump can do is put the National Guard around statues in Washington, D.C…. What about the people?

As bad as that is the Democratic nominee Joe Biden is one hundred times worse.  Propped up by the DNC, Biden’s mental health is being hidden from the public.  There’s no doubt, he’s a feeble-minded idiot.  The real nominee is his VP and the DNC will be choosing whomever it is.

The continued over-reaction to the Chinese-created Wuhan virus never stops.  Every day the MSM bombards us with terse messages:  “Wear your masks,” and “Stay at home,”…unless your a protester.

I see no hope.  The U.S. has taken the wrong path, leading to a very grim future.

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