Trojan Horse Biden


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Many have forgotten who the favorites were during the Democratic primaries.   Back then,  it wasn’t Biden or Harris.  What the hell happened?

Sen. Bernie Sanders, at the top of the polls was edged out and cheated by Mayor Pete Buttigieg (similar to 2016.)

In third place,  Sen. Elizabeth Warren was considered a favorite to be the VP nominee.

Dark horse Amy Klobachar had the Hillary Clinton vote.

And in a distant FIFTH PLACE was former VP Joe Biden whom the MSM called old and washed-up.  He couldn’t gain momentum,  elicit excitement or gather large crowds.

Suddenly,  right before Super Tuesday,  Buttigieg and Klobachar quit, casting their support for Biden who unexpectedly wins big time.

Note:  Sen. Kamala Harris,  once a favorite,  had fallen into disfavor after debating Rep. Tulsi Gabbard.

And then, the Coronavirus…

And then, George Floyd…

Our way of life is turned upside down.   Businesses are shutdown- never to reopen.   Unemployment skyrockets.  The economy is ruined.

Antifa and the BLM take to the streets – looting,  burning,  pillaging, killing- and the blue state mayors and governors refuse to stop it.  Trump seems powerless.

Biden announces his VP candidate must be a “woman of color”.  Suddenly,  Kamala Harris is back again like the proverbial bad penny that won’t go away.  She is chosen as his running mate.

THE FACTS.  Obviously,  it was decided early by the DNC that their future presidential candidate would be Kamala Harris.  But how?

Pick an easy to manipulate “safe” candidate who can be forced to choose her later, i.e., Joe Biden.

Assuming Biden is elected,  how long do you think he will last?  In the beginning stages of Alzheimers disease,  Joe is being kept in his basement,  only to come out in heavily controlled events.  He is made to read everything from a Teleprompter.   The MSM simply ignores the truth.   Joe Biden is a zombie candidate – an empty Trojan Horse with Kamala Harris waiting inside.

In a recent poll, 59% of the people said Biden wouldn’t be able to finish his first term.

Let’s get real.  Biden,  in his condition won’t last a year before the controllers push him out in favor of who they wanted all along.   Kamala Harris:  authoritarian,  NWO, globalist, Beast system.

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Elvis Suicide?

Since August 16, 1977, the death of singer/actor Elvis Presley has stirred up controversy – controversy that still exists today.  Originally, the coroner stated that Elvis died from “cardiac arrhythmia” (a heart attack.)  In 1979, ABC’s Geraldo Rivera reported that Elvis died from a drug overdose caused by a combination of 10+ drugs found in his system.  (PolyPharmacy.)  Later, Elvis’ stepbrother David Stanley made the claim that Elvis said shortly before his death that the next time he saw him, it would be on a “higher plane.”  Of all the death theories, which holds up?

One. Natural Causes.  It’s true that at the age of 42, Elvis was grossly overweight:  six feet, 250 lbs.  Could this have led to his heart attack?  Unlikely.  Elvis died while reading in his bathroom.

Two.  Overdose.  On that last day, Elvis bloodstream became a witches brew of pain killers, anti-anxiety pills, Quaaludes, sleeping pills, and over the counter medication.  How or why was this allowed to happen?  Unfortunately, Elvis’ best protectors had left.  His longtime girlfriend Linda Thompson gave up in Dec. 1976.  Elvis bodyguards Red and Sonny West were fired.  His new caretakers, including supposed fiancee Ginger Alden and his stepbrothers, Ricky and David, were not as diligent.  Left to his own devices, Elvis could, whether meaning to or not, overdose himself.

Three.  Suicide.  It must be remembered that David Stanley was using the new suicide expose to make money on a proposed tell-all book.  This does not mean he made it up; however, he could have.  Did Elvis have just cause to kill himself?  Would he?  Weighing the pros and cons…


One.  “Elvis:  What Happened?” a scandalous paperback book which revealed his drug addiction had been released 16 days prior.

Two.  Declining record sales.  Elvis’ last major album was in 1973, four years earlier.

Three.  Depression about age, weight and his betrayals.

Four.  Unable to perform like he used to.

Five.  Money problems, lawsuits, and a failed investment in a racquetball court company.


One.  Elvis behavior didn’t especially indicate suicide.  He spoke of the upcoming tour and played racquetball earlier that morning.

Two.  Elvis may have been planning to marry Ginger Alden.

Three.  Elvis’ daughter Lisa Marie was in the house at the time.

Four.  Elvis wanted to prove to his fans that he could still sing like he used to.

Five.  Elvis’ fan base remained loyal, cheering him on no matter what.

While there isn’t enough proof of suicide, it’s possible.  The theory that Elvis saved up his “attacks” as he called his packets of pills and then took them all at once would have killed him.  The doubt left is this – It’s based on someone profiting from the story.

Accidental overdose?  Also possible.  Elvis had become so used to taking drugs for so long that he got careless and finally it was too much for his body to take.

Conclusion.  I believe it’s a combination of factors.  Elvis’ people weren’t paying attention to him that day.  Elvis’ lifestyle, created by himself, was a form of slow suicide.  No one said no to the King, supplying him endlessly with too much food, too much medication, too much of everything.  In the end, he could take no more.

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Kill the Cancer

Antifa, BLM, are the new cancer contaminating our streets.  What happens when cancer is allowed to fester and grow?  It gets bigger and becomes more deadly. At this stage, there is only one solution.  Kill the cancer before it kills us.  It’s that simple.

These domestic terrorist groups have made promises to go after the suburbs next.  What will you do when they start raping your children?  Or cut grandma’s head off and stick on a pike?  Will the left and the MSM still pretend that it doesn’t exist?

This type of scum only understands force and violence.  There will be no concessions.

Dems Dirty Tricks

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As predicted,  the DNC has chosen Sen. Kamala Harris as their VP candidate.   Joe Biden and Harris read their scripts, announcing how they intend to win.

One.  As proof nothing’s been left off the table,  Biden compared Trump to Hitler,  saying the same divisions and hate speech occurred in the 1930’s.

Two.  Blaming Trump for the Coronavirus.   No one (including Democratic leaders) said to block flights from China back in Dec. 2019.  In fact, when Trump did stop the flights in Jan. 2020, they called him a “xenophobe”.

Three.  Blaming Trump for the failing economy.   DEMOCRATS are the ones who demanded the March 2020 shutdowns.  Now, their blaming Trump for the unemployment rate.  In hindsight,  the President was foolish to agree with their scheme.  It was all a plot to ruin our economy.

Four.  Identity Politics.   We haven’t had to hear this shit since the foreign born Muslim occupied the White House.   And yet, Kamala Harris farted out all the left-wing causes:  LGBTQ,  feminism, BLM, abortion,  immigration,  gov’t health care and plenty of free stuff.

Five.  Taking “their” country back.  Dems have a new/old plan for America.   Socialism.  This year, they’ve done everything they possibly could to cripple capitalism and take away our freedoms.  They’ve done it thru China-borne viruses,  impeachment in the House and mass rioting.  Their way is to throw a temper tantrum and destroy businesses – and promise more of the same – until they get their way.

Did Trump fail?  As I wrote in the past,  unless the President used lethal force against his enemies,  they would try to destroy his Presidency.   You can’t make friends with a viper.

Regardless,  Biden/Harris have an uphill battle.   It’s obvious Biden’s mental and physical health are declining.   That’s why he’s kept in hiding most of the time – in the basement, so to speak.

Harris has a sorted past (Willie Brown,  smoking pot while listening to Tupac and her need for revenge.)  She is hated by many, even some Democrats.

Trump needs to do something before the election to ensure victory.   Withdraw from Afghanistan, a cure for Covid.  He needs to do this soon.

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Kamala Harris – Dual Citizen

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Sen. Kamala Harris, born in Oakland, CA in 1964, maintains dual-citizenship status with the U.S. and Jamaica.
Her mother, Shyamala Gopalan was born in India. Her father, Donald Harris was born in Jamaica.  By Jamican law, you are still a citizen of that country if your parent was born there, regardless of your place of birth. 

Constitutinally, you must be a natural born citizen to serve as president or vice president.

Is Sen. Harris native born and not natural born?  Does this make her ineligible to serve with Biden?

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