Trump vs. Biden – Debate 1

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September 29, 2020. The Brawl.

In a hotly contested presidential race, former VP Joe Biden attempted to take down President Donald J. Trump.  There were no knockout blows during the non-stop ninety minute argument.  Each solidified his base.

Trump was Trump – tough, contentious, stubborn, angry and strong.

Biden tried to appear as the voice of reason.  It didn’t work because the Democrats are a fractured party.  One half wants a Socialist Revolution.  The other half, the moderates, want a return to what they think is normal.

Biden basically blamed Trump for everything that has gone wrong in the past year.  Covid-19, the damaged economy, unemployment, global warming and for having “no plan”.

Trump accused Biden of being in the pocket of the radical left, especially those who threaten our very way of existence.  This includes Antifa and BLM and those who riot, burn, loot and destroy our cities.  (Note:  Biden has no police endorsement.)

The President went after his son Hunter who took $3,500,000 from Russia.  Biden denied it.  Trump said, “It’s a fact.”  “In 47 months I’ve done more than you’ve done in 47 years.”

Things got ugly when Biden, obviously shaken, called the President, “a clown”, “a fool” “a racist” and told him to “shut up.”

Trump said Biden was “not smart”, saying that he didn’t know what college he came from and that he was next to last in his class.


In what may be the most important part of the discussion, the topic of mail-in ballots concluded the debate.

Biden, of course, is all for the mail-in ballots.  (Dems are always for whatever allows the most cheating.  That’s why they’ve fought for decades against a voter I.D. card.)

Trump is for absentee ballots, that is, ballots which are requested and require proof of residence.  Mail-in ballots don’t.  These are being print up by the millions at the order of Nancy Pelosi, et al.

Even more wrong, the mail-in ballots will be counted for ONE WEEK following the election.  This further gives the other side more opportunity to cheat, thereby, stealing the election.  Some forecast a victory for Trump on Election Day, then a loss following the counting of the magically-appearing mail-in ballots.  (If you know what I mean.)  It’s already being discussed as to whether the Supreme Court will have to stop weeks, perhaps months, of vote counting.  (As they did in Election 2000.)

Q.  Who won the debate?  I’d have to say Trump because Biden had everything to gain and nothing to lose.  He held his own… but that’s not enough to win.

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Since May 2020 we’ve born witness to the manic side of the radical left.  Democrats,  similar to the Muslims, silently approve of the violence.   They say nothing against the riots (so-called “peaceful protests”) in the blue cities.

The walking corpse known as Ruth Bader Ginsburg has finally died and the rage immediately begins about Pres. Trump replacing her.  “Honor her wish!” they chant. A supposed statement she made about the next president choosing her successor.   (Meaning Biden.)

Quoting one angry tweet which read:  “If u dare replace Ginsburg,  we’ll burn down ur city.”  [Notice how Twitter allows this,  then shadowbans pro-Trump supporters.]

The MSM noddingly agrees with the new left carnage,  then becomes outraged by anything done by the Republicans (including self-defense. )  Republicans are referred to as:  “white supremacists”, “Nazis”, “KKK”, and the “alt-right “.  Example:  a leftist protestor murders a Trump fan in cold blood and the MSM refers to the victim as a “right-winger”.  (Meaning they think he deserved it.)

Last week, a 13 year old autistic boy was shot by the police.  No protests.  No riots.  What happened?  I’ll tell you.  The boy was WHITE.

So I guess white lives don’t matter.  Is that the new slogan of the Socialist-Democratic Party?

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Judge Ginsburg DEAD

There is precedent for ailing Ginsburg to remain on Supreme Court | TheHill

Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg died from pancreatic cancer on Sept. 18th.  She was 87.

This is President Donald Trump’s third opportunity to select a Supreme Court justice.

Democrats are already in hysterics and are trying to delay this until after the election.

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Election 2020: The Greatest Rip-Off of All Time

Joe Biden Campaign Raises Highest “Single-Day Record” After Picking Harris as Vice President ...

Biden/Harris have to wear masks to hide what they are really about.

Democrats already believe the hopeless Joe Biden/Kamala Harris ticket will lose big time to President Trump.  That’s why they’re planning on ways to steal or discredit Trump’s win.  How?


One.  It doesn’t matter by how much the President wins, even if its by a landslide.  Dems have planned it all out to say they were cheated, putting in the public’s mind the idea his victory was illegitimate.

Two.  Dems have already been caught trying to meddle with U.S. Post Office.  [Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.]  Millions of dollars are being spent to print out mail-in ballots to every citizen, whether they want them or not.  Because any of these ballots can be scanned on a computer, what’s stopping someone from printing millions of fake ballots and filling them out with false info?

Three.  Recounts.  As Al Gore nearly stole Election 2000 thru the recounts, so Biden and his little helpers counting the votes will do also.  (Only this time, it won’t be stopped by the Supreme Court.)

Four.  Dems won’t accept the results if they lose.  If this isn’t proof Camp Hillary Clinton is involved, I don’t know what else does.  Over three and a half years since the satanic bitch lost and she’s still complaining on any show that will have her.  It no longer matters if Donald Trump wins – deny him by pretending somehow he didn’t deserve to win.  In 2016, it was “Russian collusion”, disproven, yet made “fact” by the insane left.  In 2020, what will it be?

The psychopathic left is no longer satisfied with a free and fair election.  As long as they lose, their violent rage will continue on with their riots until they get what they want:  total destruction.

The Latest Race Riots: Justified Rage, Unjustified Violence

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Mandatory Vaccine?

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When the government comes out with their so-called vaccine,  will you take it?  The Big Question:  What’s in it?  Other flu vaccines contain a “dead” (inactive) virus.   Will this one?  WOULD YOU BE WILLING TO TAKE COVID-19 INTO YOUR BODY IN ORDER TO PREVENT IT?

Much isn’t known about the Wuhan virus.   Scientists are finding out new information every day.   What if later they discover the dead virus isn’t really dead?  What if we, the human Guinea pigs, become infected?

There will be enormous pressure for the MSM to give in to this government program.   After all, children are forced to be vaccinated before they enter school.

What if travel restrictions are put on those who refuse to take the vaccine?

What if food handlers are required to be vaccinated?

Students?  Doctors?  Teachers?

Finally, what if EVERYBODY is told that by a certain date, you must receive the vaccine or be arrested?

And will the new vaccine contain micro dot nano-technology – TRACERS – designed for the government – to enable them to follow you on any GPS map?

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