The Choice is Yours

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A future that must be stopped

Keith Olbermann (who was fired from MSNBC and forever discredited) has revived his career by spending the last three and three-quarters years hating on Pres. Trump.  Example from his recent book “Trump is F*cking Crazy” (I kid you not) he writes:  In 2016, Democrats thought the GOP would choose an old, boring white guy.  Instead, they got Donald Trump.  You see?  That’s why the left hates Trump.  They don’t know how to deal with him.  Their past playbook where they were “the cool kids” has become obsolete.  They’ve been left in the dust, disgruntled, bitter and revengeful.

In 2020, I thought Hillary Clinton would run again.  The only reason she didn’t is for health reasons, downplayed by the MSM (revealed on the Internet.)

So instead Obama’s VP is taken out of moth bolls – Joe Biden, the gaffe-master, child-molester, who we now know is a crook – aided by his son in stealing millions of dollars from foreign governments.  Joe maintains, “I did not take a single penny” because that’s what his son was used for:  a go-between.  When Pres. Trump tried to have Biden investigated, the Democrats in Congress had him impeached for it.  And not one time was Joe or Hunter Biden called to testify.

The fix was in.  It was already known by that time the DNC would choose him as their presidential nominee… and that he would be forced to pick Kamala Harris, the real future of the Democratic Party – a left-wing radical worse that Bernie Sanders.

At the time of this writing, polls have Joe Biden ahead which doesn’t mean a lot.  It was the same for HRC four years ago.

I don’t take that for granted.

The Devilcrats realize Trump is in it to win it.  They have turned to violence.  You’ve all see it.  Mob rule.

The Dems, formerly known as the party of peace and tolerance have become one of hate and brutality.  Antifa/BLM:  these are the branches of the new Socialist-Democrats.

Republicans have the police and the military.  Sooner or later, they will have to be used to crush the leftist rebellion, because the suburbs are their next target.

The choice is yours.  Good vs. evil.  It’s no longer about politics.  It’s about survival.

US riots: Violence in LA, NY after Trump vows to bring in military - World News

U.S. Cities Fear Riots May Be Ideal Breeding Ground for CoronavirusNational Guard on its way, curfew goes into effect throughout LA amid unrest – Daily News

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2nd Presidential Debate

Trump fails to get the game-changing moment he wanted in final d - FOX 40  WICZ TV - News, Sports, Weather, Contests & More

Oct.  22, 2020.  Nashville,  TN.  Moderator Kristen Welker.

By now, most people know how they’re going to vote.   This debate probably didn’t change many minds.

Ordinarily,  the growing scandal over information discovered on Hunter Biden’s laptop should’ve sunk Joe’s campaign…except the mainstream media refuses to cover it.  Pres. Trump mentioned the millions of dollars collected by Biden & Son from Russia,  China and the Ukraine .  Joe dismissed this as “Russian disinformation. ”   Instead, the moderator and Biden brought up Trump’s tax returns.

There is no doubt in my mind of the former Vice-President’s guilt.

By the last half-hour of the debate,  Biden appeared tired and confused.   I guess his “medicine ” wore off.

Worst moments for Biden?  When he refused to answer Trump’s question:  “Who built the cages, Joe?”  (Cages were built for the children of illegal aliens during the Obama administration. )  Also, Biden announced plans to get rid of the oil industry.

Pres. Trump toned down his demeanor from the first debate.   It was a move to calm down women voters.

The final analysis will be on Election day.   I still believe Trump will be reelected,  despite the Democrats worst efforts to lie, cheat and steal their way to a dishonest victory.

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Dorothy Stratten: A 2nd Look

On August 14, 1980, actress/model Dorothy Stratten was murdered by her husband Paul Snider with a fatal shotgun blast to her face.  Afterward, he shot and killed himself.

What was the real motive?

Since then, there’s been a great deal of conjecture as to why he did it.  Is there any new evidence?  Clues?  Yes.

There have been different accounts for the events leading up to the homicide/suicide.

…From “Star 80” a 1983 theatrical film,

…From Playboy magazine, where Dorothy posed from 1979-1980 becoming Playmate of the Year ’80.

…From the Village Voice article “Death of a Playmate” by Teresa Carpenter.

…And from her lover/director Peter Bogdanovich.

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Dorothy Stratten with Peter Bogdanovich

Briefly, let’s examine their accounts.

“Star 80’s” story details Paul Snider as the drive and ambition behind Dorothy – the man who pushes her into the limelight.  Once she achieved success, those around her advised Dorothy to dump her husband.  He had become an embarrassment:  he was loud, pushy, arrogant, a manipulator with a savage temper.

Founder/editor of Playboy, Hugh Hefner said Paul killed Dorothy because “he was losing his meal ticket and his only claim to fame.”

Hugh Hefner

The Village Voice article indicts the Playboy empire itself – saying that Snider, in a sense, enacted his own snuff film to the point where he had sex with her corpse.

Lastly, Peter Bogdanovich.  Bogdanovich saw in Dorothy a new, bright and shining light – a twenty year old “Aphrodite”, an ingenue he could shape and form into a star.  He had just filmed her in “They All Laughed” and was ready to do more.  They were already living together.

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Peter never met Dorothy’s husband which says a lot.  From what he knew, he regarded Paul as “small-time” and thought he could “buy him off” with $50,000 – $100,000 in order to start his own talent agency.

Snider and Stratten

What really happened.  It’s true Paul Snider was sleazy, an ex-pimp from Vancouver who was using Dorothy to become rich and famous.  It’s also true those higher up on the food chain sought to get rid of him.  Hugh Hefner, unwisely, barred Snider from the Playboy Mansion, three days before her murder.  Peter Bogdanovich advised Dorothy to cut all ties with her husband, financial and otherwise.  A poster Snider had made of her was not approved by his decision.  He described it as “garish and tacky.”  This was, in my opinion, the beginning of the end, as Snider, who knew his marriage was in trouble, at least sought to manage her.  Dorothy felt sorry for her husband, knew he was outmatched by big-league Hollywood and wanted to support him.

In the summer of 1980, rumor had spread of the Bogdanovich-Stratten affair.  Likewise, Snider was aware of it.  He had her followed by a detective.

In August 1980, Dorothy made plans for a divorce.  She had moved in with Peter Bogdanovich, but she wanted to speak with Paul first.  Alone.  Peter hired a lawyer for her who asked for a flat $7,500 divorce settlement.  [This statement was found in her purse.]  Snider, who thought he’d hit the a million dollar jackpot with his new wife was being cut off with what I’m sure he thought was chump-change.  This is what I believe sent him over the edge…being sent back to Canada with no wife, and not enough money to last him beyond a few months.  The disgrace.

Whose idea was it for that $7,500?  Bogdanovich?  The lawyer?  Whomever it was, was the catalyst.

After Paul Snider killed his wife, it’s presumed he raped her, then killed himself.  The rape is an assumption.  No one knows if she agreed to it or if this occurred after death.  (A bloody hand-print was found on her buttocks.)  A bondage device may or may not have been used.

What’s now known is that Paul Snider found a phone number in his now deceased wife’s purse – the phone number for Polly Platt, Peter’s ex-wife.  At four p.m., he called it, demanding to know where Bogdanovich was.  Platt refused to tell him and hung up.  This is proof Snider waited for at least four hours for Peter, wrongly assuming he knew where Dorothy was.  Peter, in fact, did not know where Dorothy was until six when her sister Louise told him.  He did not learn of her death until 11:45 p.m. when Hefner phoned him.

More than likely Dorothy Stratten had the premonition Paul might want to kill Peter, when she told him it was finally over and that she sacrificed herself for him.

Regrets.  Peter Bogdanovich states he couldn’t imagine anybody hurting Dorothy because he couldn’t imagine hurting her himself.  This seems incredibly naïve.  Looking back, he wishes he’s let Snider have the “damned poster to stop his mounting fury.”  So why didn’t he?  Why did Hefner and Bogdanovich go out of their way to humiliate Snider?

In 1981, Bogdanovich ceased his friendship with Hugh Hefner and four years later, partially blamed “Hef” for Dorothy’s death by “establishing a publication which degrades women.”  (What he called “the fourth side of the triangle.”)  Additionally, Peter alleged a coerced sexual encounter with Hefner and Stratten in the mansion’s grotto.  (Based on the account of Patrick Curtis, who later recanted.)

In 1983, Peter would also condemn “Star 80” which cast Muriel Hemingway who looks nothing like her.  The film centers more around Paul Snider, played with charismatic aplomb by Eric Roberts.

See the source image

Scene from “Star 80”

Peter Bogdanovich’s character (barely there) is made to look weak and foolish.  The Dorothy character, according to him was made to appear as “the dumb blonde of a thousand fictions” and contained none of the charm and beauty of the real woman.

Peter Bogdanovich and Louise Stratten

In 1985, Dorothy’s sister Louise married Peter which ended in divorce in 2003.  Louise stated publicly that she didn’t blame anyone for her sister’s death, except Paul Snider.

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Hunter Biden’s Computer

Hunter Biden


For the past two years,  the FBI has been sitting on information that may effect the General Election.

According to the New York Post,  Rudy Giuliani has obtained a copy of Hunter Biden’s computer hard-drive, detailing illegal payoffs received vis-à-vis from China, Russia and the Ukraine.   [Quid pro quo. ]  Further proof is of Joe Biden’s knowledge of the said agreement.  While Biden was Vice-President under Obama, he was well aware of his son receiving million dollar payoffs from these countries – something he has repeatedly denied.  Why?  The inevitable conclusion is that Hunter was being used as a go-between, receiving cash intended for himself and his father.

The mainstream media is in cover-up mode either denying or ignoring these sudden revelations. In ABC’s recent townhall meeting, Biden wasn’t even asked about it.

With the election just a short time away, is there enough time for President Trump to expose Biden & Son, for their money-making grafting schemes?


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Election 2020-Who Will Win?

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You could say the race against Trump began the night he was elected.   His opponents have never stopped.

The idiotic “Women’s March”,

the howls and screaming from the snowflakes,

the fictional Russian collusion story created by Hillary Clinton.

The MSM who dutifully ran every negative news story they could about the President.

Any chance of the Democrats winning has been thrown away.  They can’t stop playing identity Politics.   They HAD to choose a “woman of color ” as their VP nominee.   They HAD to choose “Mr. Normal”, Joe Biden,  who is anything but normal.   They HAD to blame Trump for the Coronavirus even though it’s China’s fault.   They HAVE to blame Trump for the riots despite all the proof that the protests are coming from left-wing agitators.

The MSM is in full propaganda mode, calling Trump, “dangerous,  a racist and a terrorist. ”

The fact is: despite their efforts to cheat Trump out of being re-elected, it won’t work.  Not against a landslide.

The question is:  how will these lunatics react when the President wins?

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VP Debate

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Sen. Harris vs. VP Pence

VP Mike Pence and wannabe VP Sen. Kamala Harris debate in Salt Lake City, Utah, Oct. 7, 2020.

The Surprises – Sen. Harris wouldn’t answer Pence when asked her if she and the Democrats intended to “Pack the Supreme Court”, i.e., add more than nine judges.  (The obvious meaning to her non-answer is that’s exactly what they intend to do.)

Kamala Harris said she’s for fracking, when at the same time, she’s a co-sponsor for AOC’s Green New Deal.

The attempt was to make Harris appear as a moderate and not a far-left ideologue.  (Obama did this the best.)

The most irritating thing about the debate – the Democrat’s candidate always has the best camera angle.  Kamala Harris face was in close-up.  HUGE!  Mike Pence was made to look small and diminutive.   Also, WHY WERE THEY SITTING?  The clear answer:  Pence (man) is taller than Harris (woman.)  The height disadvantage.  You’ll recall how Trump towered over short fat Hillary.  The tallest candidate usually wins (statistically reporting.)

Who appeared more presidential?  Harris’ making faces at Pence only seemed childish.  It didn’t work against a strong, sturdy Pence.  She came across as an angry schoolmarm.

Prediction.  The Biden-Harris ticket is doomed for failure.  As much as the Dems plan to cheat, the protests/riots will give Trump certain victory.  Harris, however, will return four years later to run against presumed candidate Mike Pence.

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President Trump, Melania have COVID-19; both have mild symptoms |

President Trump and the First Lady Melania have become infected with the Coronavirus (Covid-19.)  They believe it occurred aboard Air Force One from aide Hope Hicks, who has also tested positive.  They are in quarantine.

Democrats have reacted with glee, saying they hope America’s First Family dies.