Voter I.D. Card 2022

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If the GOP ever wants to win another election,  they must demand a mandatory voter i.d. card.  The rampant cheating in 2020 far exceeds any other election in U.S. history.

This card must be…

1.  Free. (Like our mediocre public schools.)

2.  Available upon proof of residency.

3.  For U.S. citizens only.

4.  Easily obtainable.

5.  Voting itself can never be used for law enforcement.   (i.e., no one can be arrested or identified with this card information. )

THERE IS NO REASON NOT TO HAVE A VOTER I.D. CARD.  Simply insert card into the voting machine slot, the card chip identifies it is you and that you may only vote once.

Democrats shriek in protest at such a card, yet are all for a social security card.  Why is that?  Because they know without voter i.d., they will continue to steal elections.

If we continue to do nothing,  we will lose our nation to bureaucratic thugs intent on pushing us into a soft government dictatorship.

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Never Concede

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The Democratic Party – the mainstream media – they know they stole the 2020 election.  And now they want Pres. Trump to concede.

First, it was about unity.

Then, it was about a smooth transition.

Then, it was for the sake of tradition.

Then, they turned mean and ugly again, saying, “Trump!  That orange Hitler won’t leeeeave!”

It’s all a ploy.

Because once Trump gives up, it’s over.  Their plan worked.

On Jan. 20, Pres. Trump may or may not have to step down.  But, he should never officially concede or accept the results of a fraudulent election, because if he makes it easy for them, they’ll do whatever they want.  Those far-left policies must remain stillborn.

Biden won’t last long.  He’s begun his mental decline.  Before 2021 is over, Kamala Harris will step in and that’s when the real trouble begins.

We, the opposition, must stop her agenda, if God forbid, she ever becomes president.

In the coming four years, a new system of voting must be implemented – one that can’t be stolen.  2020 should not be repeated.

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The future is not written yet.  That’s why these coming weeks are vitally important for the United States.  If the DNC is successful at stealing the 2020 General Election,  here is what to expect.

Restrictive new laws.

Gun control or guns outlawed.

Open borders.

Blanket amnesty for illegal aliens.

Wars.  (Deposing Assad is #1 on their list.)

Censorship in social media.

More taxes.

Economic depression.

Travel restrictions.

Mask wearing ’til doomsday.

Forced vaccines.

Riots will continue whenever Antifa,  BLM and the far-left decide to have a temper tantrum.

Biden-Harris will sell out America to China.


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Invalidate Unsolicited Ballots

Earlier this year, the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and the DNC used the corona-virus as an excuse to print millions of mail-in ballots to voters who had not requested them.

Legally speaking, if you receive something you didn’t ask for, it does not entitle you to use it, for example,  a driver’s license or medicine.

What if mail-in ballots were sent to a foreigner, a non-resident or a felon?  Are they suddenly allowed to vote?  Of course not.

Unsolicited ballots cannot be trusted.   By their very nature,  they are wide open to voter fraud.   All seven states where President Trump was winning on Election Day were turned around by mail-in ballots.

That is why the Supreme Court must declare any and all of these ballots as an illegal vote and must be deducted from the final vote count.

A California judge has already ruled on this.

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“Let’s ignore the evidence!”

Devilcrats don’t want to examine the evidence of voter fraud.

If the election results were fair, wouldn’t the Democrats want an investigation to prove it?  If these claims are “baseless”, a word the MSM keeps throwing out there, why can’t they dispute it?  Everything the DNC is doing right now, points to their guilt.  Innocent people aren’t afraid to look at the evidence.  So far, their only defense – it’s all one big “conspiracy theory.”  Not worth our time.  They won’t look at video evidence of people carting in suspicious objects during the wee hours of Nov. 4.  They won’t talk about witnesses saying they were intimidated to cheat at the polling stations.  They won’t mention how mail-in ballots are subject to cheating by their very nature.  Like the child who doesn’t want to hear there isn’t an Easter Bunny, they refuse to listen to the facts of the case.  They want to push Biden in and hope no one notices the rampant voter fraud or ignore the fact that he is too senile to run our country.  (As bad as Biden is, Kamala Harris is worse.  That’s why they picked her.)

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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2020.  There is a march on Washington, D.C. in support of President Donald J. Trump,  the real winner of the 2020 General Election.  Over 70 million voters are in the fight against the Democrats attempting to fraudulently steal our election.   Be there if you can!

The mainstream media is ignoring or covering up the continual new information proving the DNC’s criminal intent.   It goes far up into the highest echelons of power:  the deep-state swamp.   Don’t let America be hijacked into a New World Order!

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Trump: Ask for ReVote

What is the President’s best opportunity for victory?  His only real chance – to redo the elections in the seven states where, if proven in court, most of the cheating occurred:  Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Wisconsin, Virginia, Missouri and Arizona.  Poll watchers must be admitted and no attempt to block their view should be allowed.  Add security cameras for good measure.

What won’t work?  Asking to throw out those votes deemed illegitimate.  Who is going to prove which is fake?  Dems and the MSM will say Trump is trashing Biden votes, i.e., stealing the election.

Dems/MSM are still denying any wrongdoing, chalking all of this up to “conspiracy theories”.

It’s an uphill battle for the President.  Traitorous factions of the GOP, plus Fox News, have said he should step down.

Proof of Rigged Election

Since the early morning hours of November 4th, the mainstream media has continually denied reports of voter fraud.  Similiar to the Hunter Biden laptop harddrive scandal (for gov’t payoffs), they said – no proof – because they refused to look at it.

They refuse to investigate.   They won’t even examine evidence that is done for them.

Let me provide the proof.

1.  MICHIGAN.  The vote count is stopped, presumably until 10 a.m. for sleep.  After the reporters leave, the 4 a.m. vote dump occurs.  138,000 votes for Biden,  none for Trump.

Cell phone camera video of suspicious activity.   Suitcases, coolers and a wagon are brought in from 3 to 5 a.m.

2.  WISCONSIN.  Similiar story.  65,000 4 a.m. votes for Biden, zero for Trump.

3.  Poll watchers are blocked and denied access to polling stations.   Some are removed or told to watch from 100 feet.  Windows are covered with cardboard.

4.  The Dominion Software glitch – 3,000 Trump votes are flipped for Biden,  a 6,000 vote advantage.   In Michigan alone, this could affect 282,000 votes.

5.  Post Office involvement.   Backdating illegal mail-in ballots postmarked Nov. 3.  (Pennsylvania. )

Post office workers seen dumping Trump votes in the trash or on the side of the road.

6.  Electronic voting only is still allowed in 12 states (without a duplicate paper readout.)  3 of these states, Wisconsin,  Michigan and Georgia went for Biden.

7.  PENNSYLVANIA.   Pres. Trump’s giant lead again eroded by late-coming, harvested mail-in ballots.  Another state that blocked poll watchers.

The Governor and the Attorney General promise a Biden win before it happens.

8.  Nevada’s dead voters – names on ballots from people who already died or no longer lived there.

9.  Watermark missing from counterfeit ballots.

10.  On Nov. 7, the Georgia vote count was stopped when Biden was declared the winner.   Remaining ballots go uncounted.

For Democrats who deny or refuse to see the truth, show or email this article,  ten facts about the stealing of an American election.

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#StopTheSteal a growing movement. (Banned by Facebook when it reached 300,000 followers.)

What we have now is the Democratic Party machine stealing an election before our eyes.  (Aided by a thoroughly complicit MSM pretending it isn’t happening. )

Every battleground state ends up going to Biden, won by fraudulent, harvested mail-in ballots.   (Pennsylvania being the most outrageous example. )

Poll watchers denied access or removed while the cheating vote-counters cheered.

Covering up windows with cardboard as they counted.

Trump votes trashed.

President Trump had it won on Election Day, but as he himself predicted,  they took it away from him with fabricated counterfeit ballots.

As of now, the President is filling lawsuits in states where voter fraud occurred.  Eventually,  it will be decided by the Supreme Court.

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November 4, 2020.  Between 3 and 5 a.m.  This is when vote counting was stopped in states favoring Trump.   The battleground states were flipped in favor of Biden with fake harvested ballots.  Poll watchers are forced out.  Windows covered in polling stations.   Trump votes found trashed.

Even Pennsylvania,  where Trump had a whopping lead, has 1.5 million mail-in ballots coming in and guess what?  They’re all for Biden!

What should President Trump do?




Citizens, this country will never be the same again.   If the Democrats can blatantly replace a President,  it is nothing short of a left-wing coup.  The Biden-Harris administration will forever be the illegitimate bastard stepchild of the forthcoming Socialist government.

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Voter Fraud – Stop Vote Count

Democrats,  aided by the MSM, are trying to steal the 2020 General Election.   Last night,  as it appeared the President was about to claim victory,  has since begun to lose in states where he was winning.

The tipping point:  Georgia, Michigan,  Pennsylvania,  North Carolina,  Virginia.  From out of nowhere,  hundreds of thousands of Biden ballots are being suddenly added.  (BALLOT DUMPS)

Last night’s election coverage:  all the states of the West Coast are given away to Biden, with no time spent counting.   In Trump states that were obviously won:  Florida,  Texas, it took all night for the media to admit he won.  Additionally,  Twitter has begun to flag and censure the President’s tweets.

Biden claimed victory last night with no proof.  Trump later refuted it and was condemned by the press.

Citizens, this election is turning into a complete disaster.   What should the President do?

All ballot counting must be stopped.   Seal the ballots.  Ask for recounts in contested states.

If President Trump watches and waits,  he will lose the election.

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Major news networks have stated they will not report on Trump’s victory on Election night; and will not validate his win until further notification.

For those who remember, back in 2016, the MSM waited three hours to call it for Trump- finally being forced to when the AP/NY Times did.  Twitter has also followed this trend, saying any tweet that proclaims victory will be tagged.

What is this really about?  It’s the DEMOCRATS who aren’t accepting the results of this election.

If Trump wins,  watch what happens.   Wait for boxes and boxes of “missing ballots” appearing out of nowhere- all for Biden,  of course.  The fake mail in ballots have a 7 day extension period for counting.   In this extra week,  the Dems have more opportunities to cheat, something they have no guilt about  –  as long as they win – they’d sell their own grandmother.

Citizens, we’re witnessing the theft of a federal election.   The DNC never accepted Trump as president.   They began their campaign against him the day after he was elected.

Empty-suit Biden- the walking mannequin-  is a frontman for the far-left and he will be slowly eased out of control,  if elected.  It was Kamala Harris all along (backed by Hillary Clinton. )

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Election Violence

During the non-stop protest riots of 2020, the mainstream media has tried to blame “white supremacists” and “right-wing Trump fanatics” for instigating the violence.  Proof this is both wrong and a lie is the upcoming reaction to the Nov. 3rd election.  Stores and businesses are boarding up their doors and windows and it isn’t because they think Biden is going to win.  It’s generally agreed this is born out of fear that Trump will win.  Thus, the left has been revealed for what they are.

If Trump wins, how will the MSM play this?

Will they blame it on “disenfranchised voters”?

On “whitelash”?

On Russia?

On Trump himself?

They can’t accept the fact they lost, so they make shit up.  They did it with Hillary Clinton for 4 years.  And the Dems haven’t changed.  On the contrary,  they’ve become worse.

Not only do they commit arson,  looting and murder,  the Democratic Party refuses to condemn it.  Kamala Harris,  the next generation,  has publicly stated that she hopes the protests continue and she supports BLM.

Here’s a question:  what would the Commie left do if Republicans went after them with the same violence?  How would the MSM report it?  The answer is obvious,  but if the Republicans did – it would be the greatest thing that ever happened.

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