Trump: Ask for ReVote

What is the President’s best opportunity for victory?  His only real chance – to redo the elections in the seven states where, if proven in court, most of the cheating occurred:  Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Wisconsin, Virginia, Missouri and Arizona.  Poll watchers must be admitted and no attempt to block their view should be allowed.  Add security cameras for good measure.

What won’t work?  Asking to throw out those votes deemed illegitimate.  Who is going to prove which is fake?  Dems and the MSM will say Trump is trashing Biden votes, i.e., stealing the election.

Dems/MSM are still denying any wrongdoing, chalking all of this up to “conspiracy theories”.

It’s an uphill battle for the President.  Traitorous factions of the GOP, plus Fox News, have said he should step down.

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