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Dems support Ashli Babbitt’s murder

Those who support the murder of Ashli Babbitt inside the Capitol Building have argued that she had to be killed “for the safety of those in Congress”.  They state that the angry mob would’ve swarmed into the Speakers Lobby and killed those in hiding.

What they fail to mention:  None of the Trump Protesters were found with weapons.  SWAT was with Ashli Babbitt right before she tried to enter thru the broken window.  Apparently, they did not find her dangerous.  The truck magically found with explosives was planted there by Antifa.

You have to be on the side of Satan to defend the actions of the gunman.  (Who shot her point black with a .40-caliber semi-auto.)

New information on the murderer of Ashli Babbitt includes:  He’s black, on paid leave, and is a Lieutenant.  He was investigated by the Metro Police and the Justice Dept.  More than likely the investigation is over and he will be cleared of all wrong doing.

All that remains if for her family to file a civil action – A wrongful death lawsuit.

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Post-Election Blues

Dems finally got what they wanted – or did they?  Who won the 2020 Election?  Covid-19.  Without it, the new Socialist-Democratic Party couldn’t have won.

Now that time has passed the Biden voter must realize their free stuff didn’t materialize.  Scammed again.

MSM propaganda machine is on 24/7.

Everyone is still wearing a mask.

Gun control.

More illegal aliens.

Higher taxes.

As Gov. Sarah Palin once said, “How’s that hopey-changey thing workin’ out for ya?”

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Place:  Santa Cruz – Trader Joe’s.

A group of people who are part of the “stop wearing masks” movement entered a grocery store known as Trader Joe’s and were refused service.   They eventually left.

Police stated that next time they would be arrested by order of the signed health code requirement that everyone has to wear a mask.   Additionally,  police called them “followers of QAnon, conspiracy theorists and anti-science. ”

FACT:  There is no scientific proof masks prevent the Coronavirus.   (Covid-19.)

FACT:  The coronavirus is small enough to pass through the mask.  It’s like throwing pebbles through a net.

Since when do “health officials” make our laws?  What happened to the legislature?  Here in the U.S., you can’t pass law by decree.  How long will masks be worn?  We have the vaccine now, but that seems to make little difference.

Dr. Fauci said masks will be worn until 2022.  Originally,  they said a few weeks, then a few months,  now a few years.

Citizens,  it’s time to stop this madness.   It’s obvious the masquerade will continue indefinitely.   A new disease will come along and BANG.  Time to wear masks again.

We’ve got to #EndTheMask.  End this Pavlovian experiment.

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Ashli’s Murder Insurrection Setup

Video analysis by Masako Ganaha – Epoch Times.

Video evidence on the lead-up to the shooting death of Ashli Babbitt in the Capitol building on January 6…What does this evidence reveal?  The two men who broke the glass leading into the Speakers Lobby were NOT Trump protesters.  If not, who are they?

According to Masako Ganaha, they are Antifa, that is, agitators posing as Trump voters,  leading the crowd to violence.

And what is Antifa?  They are the unmentionables.  Hitler had his brown-shirts and the Gestapo.   The Democratic Party has Antifa for their dirty work…their criminal activity.  (Plus, you have a stolen election,  the cause of all this.)

The “Save America March” was a well-known planned event.   What if Democrats planned to turn this around on itself and use it against Trump?  (That is, turn the protest into a riot.  And then turn the riot into an insurrection.)

Antifa infiltrated Trump’s people, posing as them, in order to cause violence – mass chaos – thereby, creating the scenario of an insurrection.  A way to impeach (or at least try to impeach Pres. Trump) a second time.

Consider the timing of the House Impeachment – one week after Jan. 6.  It’s as if this was planned out in advance.

Aftermath.  It’s imperative for the Dems/MSM to brand Trump voters as white-extremists-nationalists-bigots and racists.  This would help thwart a second Trump run for the presidency.

What does it say for Democrats who would go to such lengths, to win at any cost, to cheat, to steal and to kill, in order to win an election?

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Trump Acquitted by Senate

President Donald J. Trump was acquitted on charges of inciting an insurrection,  i.e., for speaking before a crowd in regards to the 2020 stolen election.

The vote:  57 to 43.  A two-thirds majority was needed.  Seven Republicans betrayed Trump including Bill Cassidy,  Susan Collins,  Richard Burr, Mitt Romney,  Ben Sasse, and Lisa Murkowski.

Trump’s lawyers argued that the President was exercising his First Amendment right to free speech and that Democrats have continually incited angry mobs to violence for decades.

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Plot to Impeach Trump

Despite Pres. Trump being out of office, Democrats still seek to impeach him.  Why?

Nancy Pelosi Was in Tears After a New Poll Revealed Horrible News

The Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has stated it is to make sure Donald Trump never runs for public office again.

Trump is charged with leading an insurrection on January 6 by making a speech.  No evidence was found in that speech about invading the Capitol; however, Dems, have said that it was issued in “code”…and that a Trump voter would know that’s what he really meant.

'This is crazy': AOC says 'casual tornadoes' are a new threat to the country - The Elder Statement

Funny side-note: AOC, who wasn’t there at the time, lied, saying she feared for her life.

We’re really down the rabbit hole on this one.

The left hate Trump so much they’re delusional.  These people now run our country.  Does that make you feel safe and secure?  If so, how about Pres. Alzheimer’s?

dementia Archives -

In truth, the left are afraid.  Afraid, because for the first time, God’s people rioted and crashed through the gates of their temple.

Citizens, my greatest hope is that January 6th happens again.  If it does, I will be there and we will finish the job.

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Future of EricReports

For those of you reading this, many might think will continue on as it did.  The truth is in January, I intended to discontinue this news site.

Ashli Babbitt, Woman Fatally Shot in U.S. Capitol, Shared ...

Ashli Babbitt

Ashli Babbitt murdered by a government agent suspected to be David Bailey.

The only thing that kept it going was the Ashli Babbitt story.  Hers was a life and death that should be remembered and avenged.  The MSM, for the most part, wanted to write her off.  Here, that’s not going to happen.

Was her murder by the government an anomaly?  I don’t think so.  We are hearing noises from the left that Trump supporters have to be dealt with – reported and deprogrammed.  They’re planning on taking our guns away.  Censoring free speech.

See the source image

On January 6, 2021, Americans had a real chance at taking their country back and they were doing it; however, the side of evil stepped in and wouldn’t allow it.  There was blood on the floor of the Capitol:  the blood of a martyr.   Ashli was gunned down in cold blood – broadcast all over the Internet and the murderer Agent David Bailey has been allowed to go free.

President Trump, so far, has said nothing about her.  Why is that?

Will Jan. 6 ever happen again?  Not from the good guys.

Will Trump run again in 2024?  He may, but if they stole it from him in 2020, what do you think will happen in 2024?

I see a very bleak time period for the USA.  When this nightmare ends, Biden-Harris won’t be heroes, I assure you.  2017 – 2020 will be remembered as the good, old days.  2021 – 2028:  grim.

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MSM refers to Ashli Babbitt as “that woman, a Trump fan killed in the riot” … dehumanizing her.

The SAVE AMERICA MARCH, where Ashli Babbitt was ruthlessly gunned down by a “special government agent”.

Who was Ashli Babbitt?  Trump voters think of her as a martyr to the cause of injustice for a fraudulent election.   Democrats call her an “idiot and conspiracy theorist who died for Trump – while Trump stood on the sidelines.”  What’s most disturbing are the “I-don’t-cares” who heard the news of her death and forgot about it by the next day.

Ashli Babbitt is our George Floyd.   Unlike Mr. Floyd, she wasn’t under arrest and she wasn’t on drugs.   Her crime?  The MSM would have you believe insurrection.   What was Ashli trying to do?

President Trump’s plan was to overturn the election – led by Mike Pence…except Pence wasn’t going along with the plan.   Babbitt, et al, wanted to talk with Pence, trying to convince him and Congress that the 2020 election was stolen.

The MSM has provided no proof  – none –  that any violence was planned.  That hasn’t prevented them from calling these patriots “terrorists”.

The MSM, when cornered,  admits that “voter irregularities did occur”.  Just not enough to effect the outcome of the election.

How do they know?  For three and a half years, they falsely accused President Trump of stealing the 2016 election by colluding with Russian President Vladimir Putin.  A lie fabricated by – guess who – the woman he ran against – Hillary Goddamn Clinton.   How’s that for unbiased?

Election 2020.  There are too many instances of cheating to list (as I already have in previous articles), but the stoppage of the vote count and the sudden surge of Biden votes all occurring after the press was sent away in the wee hours of the morning  is enough to hang a dark cloud over Biden as long as he occupies the White House.

In conclusion,  I don’t think Ashli Babbitt died in vain.  We should ask ourselves,  if we defy the system,  if elections are continually stolen from us, will we be the next Ashli Babbitt?

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Ashli Babbitt Murder WITNESS

Thomas Baranyi, 28, who stood next to Ashli Babbitt when she was killed in the Capitol on January 6, was arrested for trespassing and interrupting the work of Congress.

Babbitt has become a symbol for Trump supporters who disputed the 2020 General Election.

Baranyi still had Ashli’s blood on his hand during a TV interview about what happened.  “We kind of raced up to try and grab people and pull them back, they shot her in the neck and she fell back on me.”

While the MSM continues to call what happened on January 6 an “insurrection”, proof that it wasn’t’ is in the official charges made against Baranyi.  On the contrary, the occupation of Seattle and renaming of the city to “CHOP” would qualify as an insurrection; however, the MSM has sided with these left-wing thugs.

Police who have not charged the known murderer of Babbitt, are instead persecuting and arresting those exercising their First Amendment right to protest.  (Photo below, Ashli Babbitt was shot for entering the Speaker’s Lobby.)

Up until Babbitt’s murder, Pres. Trump condoned and said nothing to stop citizens from entering the Capitol.

There’s a big difference between a protest and an insurrection – a word Democrats don’t seem to know the meaning of.

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