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For those of you reading this, many might think EricReports.com will continue on as it did.  The truth is in January, I intended to discontinue this news site.

Ashli Babbitt, Woman Fatally Shot in U.S. Capitol, Shared ...

Ashli Babbitt

Ashli Babbitt murdered by a government agent suspected to be David Bailey.

The only thing that kept it going was the Ashli Babbitt story.  Hers was a life and death that should be remembered and avenged.  The MSM, for the most part, wanted to write her off.  Here, that’s not going to happen.

Was her murder by the government an anomaly?  I don’t think so.  We are hearing noises from the left that Trump supporters have to be dealt with – reported and deprogrammed.  They’re planning on taking our guns away.  Censoring free speech.

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On January 6, 2021, Americans had a real chance at taking their country back and they were doing it; however, the side of evil stepped in and wouldn’t allow it.  There was blood on the floor of the Capitol:  the blood of a martyr.   Ashli was gunned down in cold blood – broadcast all over the Internet and the murderer Agent David Bailey has been allowed to go free.

President Trump, so far, has said nothing about her.  Why is that?

Will Jan. 6 ever happen again?  Not from the good guys.

Will Trump run again in 2024?  He may, but if they stole it from him in 2020, what do you think will happen in 2024?

I see a very bleak time period for the USA.  When this nightmare ends, Biden-Harris won’t be heroes, I assure you.  2017 – 2020 will be remembered as the good, old days.  2021 – 2028:  grim.

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