Biden Lost, Confused

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Fake President Biden remarked, “If they didn’t give me cards, I wouldn’t know where I am,” to an aloof press.  No matter how mentally off “Creepy Joe” acts, the mainstream media dismisses it.  How long will this continue?

There’s a timetable set for VP Kamala Harris who has been prepped to replace him.   The MSM is chomping at the bit, ready for a “woman of color” to become president.

You could almost call Joe Biden, “the stepping-stone President”.  His two main objectives:  get rid of the real President Trump and then usher in a female Commander-in-Chief.  He also remains a figurehead for the Obama Administration.

The media may say “It’s just Joe being Joe” when he wonders off with a glazed look, but our country is at risk without a real president.

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Twitter, Facebook Banned

Trump Banned from Major Social Media Platforms, Pinterest & Shopify Too

Trump banned from social media

EricReports has twice been suspended by Twitter for tweets not deemed “safe” by the enemies of the First Amendment.  For that and another reason, I will no longer use Twitter.

Both Twitter and Facebook have permanently removed Pres. Donald Trump from their sites.  Both claim that he used “incendiary language:, “coded messages” and “hate speech” which endangers the public.

   CANCEL CULTURE.  This is part of the left’s cancel culture.  If something offends them, they want to get rid of it.  Trump represents a political force they can’t deal with.  They don’t fear the stuffy old GOP…but, the new and more ruthless Trump voters worry them.

On Jan. 6, they took to the streets of Washington, D.C. and following a speech by the President, made a last stand to reverse a stolen election.  Trump had asked VP Mike Pence to turn the electoral college votes back to the states.  Pence refused.  The Supreme Court also refused to hear the case.  What was there left to do?  Republicans rioted and the left saw themselves and said “Hey, that’s what we do!  You cant do that!”

In the melee, only one person was murdered, Ashli Babbitt, 35, shot to death by Capitol Police.  (The five others killed died from natural causes.)

Ashli Babbitt murdered before thousands of witnesses. Case dismissed because of a “lack of evidence”.

Since then, Twitter and Facebook have used this event as proof Trump is “dangerous” and that the attempt to overturn a stolen election was an “insurrection”.

Both Twitter and Facebook know Trump brings millions of followers.  To reestablish him on their platforms would help him voice his opinions.  To prevent this, they’ve shut him down.  Likewise, EricReports was shutdown on Twitter, at first, shadow-banned, then suspended.

I will not go back.  In a free country, the First Amendment means something.  If Trump is silenced by all the leftist-controlled social media sites, it’s time to discontinue their use.  If they pick and choose which members of the public can speak, why would you support it?  Why would you put your private information on those sites – known to be used by the FBI and the CIA.

Enough is enough.  I ask all readers of to stop using Twitter and Facebook.  There are plenty of other sites out there.  (, for example.)  Do not feed into their political machine.  The left don’t want political discourse.  They want one-party rule.

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Iran Nuke Deal AGAIN?

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A nuclear Iran.

People are calling the Biden presidency, Obama’s third term and for good reason.  The 2016 Iranian nuclear power deal, regarded by both Republicans and Democrats as a stupid foreign policy blunder is back on the table.  What a surprise!

Biden’s presidency – 3rd term Obama.

Pres. Trump wisely scuttled this moronic scheme – i.e., pay the Iranians not to build a nuclear weapon.  Supposedly, Iran would use our $ for peaceful purposes. (Building a nuclear power plant.)  But, this deal gave them everything and us nothing.  No verifications, thirty day warnings for inspections, and an honor system method of trusting this terrorist nation.

Why did Obama do this?  Proof positive, BHO was and is working for Islamic interests.  He is one of them and has said so in the past.

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Obama quote to an Islamic audience; “I am one of you.”

Since Bush II’s war with Iraq, Iran now sees themselves as the dominant force in the Middle East.  What would this terrorist nation do with a nuclear missile?  Once they’re finished constructing it – the USA will no longer be able to them what to do.  Ever.  Obama knows this.

The Trump Administration destroyed ISIS’s caliphate, allowed to grow and proper under the Obama regime.  How long before ISIS returns?  Who will stop them?

Biden pretends to be a tough guy, pointing his bony finger and using a threatening tone between bites of ice cream.  The reality is:  he’s a mask for the deep state.

Pres. Trump bought a fragile peace to the Middle East.  The new Biden (Obama) administration is doing everything they can to destroy it.

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What happened to Sandra Dee

Sandra Dee

Teen icon Sandra Dee, top star of the late 50’s and early 60’s, faded into obscurity with the advent of a new permissive Hollywood.

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Well known for “A Summer Place”, “Gidget” and “Imitation of Life”, all released in 1959.

What most people aren’t aware of is that Dee attempted to break out of her image with “The Dunwich Horror” (1970.)  Briefly, it is an evil horror film co-starring Dean Stockwell as the last member of a dying sect of devil worshippers.  He is in search of a book containing incantations meant to conjure up Satan himself.  He also uses Dee to gain access to this book – and has plans for her to carry on his family lineage.

The Dunwich Horror (1970) - IMDb

Sandra Dee in “The Dunwich Horror”

For me, the most memorable thing about the movie is Miss Dee, who is never more beautiful.  It’s unbearably sad that Hollywood would pretty much ignore her after this last role in a major release.

Following this, Dee would guest star in television roles, notably in “Love American Style”.  (Episode titled “Love and the Sensuous Twin” 1972.)  Again, she is gorgeous beyond words as a split-personality who is half conservative, half a wild and sexy thing.

Sandra Dee opposite Roddy McDowell in “Love American Style” (1972)

Eventually, she would stop acting altogether, becoming an anorexic recluse.  No one knows what demons she had to overcome – being molested by her stepfather and the death of her ex-husband singer-actor Bobby Darin (1973), something she never got over.

Her last acting role was with friend and frequent costar John Saxon in “Love Letters”, a stage play.  (1991)

Death came in 2005 from kidney disease, age 62.

Sandra Dee belongs to an era of actresses from a more innocent time, the kind we’ll never see again.

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The Murder of Sal Mineo – Part 2

SAL MINEO'S BODY IN ALLEY | From the manuscript THE GOSSIP C… | Flickr

On Feb. 12, 1976, actor Sal Mineo was stabbed to death while returning from rehearsals for an upcoming play in L.A.  What was the motive for his murder?  Since writing the first article, new information leads to the reason.

First, let’s dispense with the false rumor that Mineo was killed by a gay lover.  This is the scenario police were going before Lionel Ray Williams was arrested.


Lionel Ray Williams

Secondly, we know who did it.  Williams spent fourteen years in prison for the crime despite his denials.  His ex-wife informed police.

The official modus operandi:  that it was a failed robbery attempt.  The LAPD’s theory fails.  Williams could have overpowered Mineo and taken his wallet.  Why stab him, then not take his wallet?

The most likely cause:  Sal Mineo was said to have owed the wrong people drug money…and he refused to pay them back.  Williams was hired by them to exact street justice.  He would never inform on them.

A sad post-script.  The year before Sal’s murder, he was set to star as Sirhan Sirhan in “RFK Must Die” (to be directed by Orson Welles.)  Unfortunately, Welles would cause the project to fall apart by continually asking the producers for more money.

Unfortunate ways celebs have died

Picture of Sal Mineo shortly before death.

Director-writer-actor Orson Welles

Another “what if” in a grisly saga.

Sal Mineo

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TRUMP 2024?

Trump wants to run again. Will he?

Six months into the failed Biden Administration (inflation, taxes, Syria bombing, disastrous G7 summit, gun control, immigrants swarming thru the border), former Pres. Trump is already holding rallies and appearing on TV, hinting he may run again.  What does this mean?

Three and a half years from now, will he run against Biden, Kamala Harris, or if rumors persist, Nancy Pelosi?  Yes, if Biden dies or is declared incompetent and Kamala Harris foreign-born parentage invalidates her, Madame Pelosi could step in becoming the 47th President.

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The current President and the two women who want to be president.

Democrats haven’t stopped pursuing Trump – going after his family, lawyers and associates.  The new Socialists know they can’t succeed on their record.  They can only attack.

Trump’s loyal followers, perhaps 40% of Americans, know Biden and the Dems stole the election.  What will be done about it next time?

Years ago, I warned if there was no voter I.D. card, the Dems would steal it and they did through fraudulent mail-in ballots.  Do the math.  Biden overwhelmingly won every swing state with unverifiable mail-in ballots which popped up out of nowhere in the middle of the night. See the source image

Both parties know it.  The Supreme Court knows it.  Congress knows it.  The MSM knows it.  Those who voted for Donald Trump know it.  Why was nothing done to stop it?  [With the exception of the January 6th March to Save America.]

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January 6, 2021

Former Pres. Bill Clinton was asked why he had an affair with Monica Lewinsky.  HIs response:  “Because I could.”  Democrats knew they could steal the 2020 General Election and get away with it.  Who would report otherwise?  Even Fox News betrayed Trump.

2024 is a long way off.  Dems fear and hate Trump.  The big question:  Will he be allowed to run again?

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