Twitter, Facebook Banned

Trump Banned from Major Social Media Platforms, Pinterest & Shopify Too

Trump banned from social media

EricReports has twice been suspended by Twitter for tweets not deemed “safe” by the enemies of the First Amendment.  For that and another reason, I will no longer use Twitter.

Both Twitter and Facebook have permanently removed Pres. Donald Trump from their sites.  Both claim that he used “incendiary language:, “coded messages” and “hate speech” which endangers the public.

   CANCEL CULTURE.  This is part of the left’s cancel culture.  If something offends them, they want to get rid of it.  Trump represents a political force they can’t deal with.  They don’t fear the stuffy old GOP…but, the new and more ruthless Trump voters worry them.

On Jan. 6, they took to the streets of Washington, D.C. and following a speech by the President, made a last stand to reverse a stolen election.  Trump had asked VP Mike Pence to turn the electoral college votes back to the states.  Pence refused.  The Supreme Court also refused to hear the case.  What was there left to do?  Republicans rioted and the left saw themselves and said “Hey, that’s what we do!  You cant do that!”

In the melee, only one person was murdered, Ashli Babbitt, 35, shot to death by Capitol Police.  (The five others killed died from natural causes.)

Ashli Babbitt murdered before thousands of witnesses. Case dismissed because of a “lack of evidence”.

Since then, Twitter and Facebook have used this event as proof Trump is “dangerous” and that the attempt to overturn a stolen election was an “insurrection”.

Both Twitter and Facebook know Trump brings millions of followers.  To reestablish him on their platforms would help him voice his opinions.  To prevent this, they’ve shut him down.  Likewise, EricReports was shutdown on Twitter, at first, shadow-banned, then suspended.

I will not go back.  In a free country, the First Amendment means something.  If Trump is silenced by all the leftist-controlled social media sites, it’s time to discontinue their use.  If they pick and choose which members of the public can speak, why would you support it?  Why would you put your private information on those sites – known to be used by the FBI and the CIA.

Enough is enough.  I ask all readers of to stop using Twitter and Facebook.  There are plenty of other sites out there.  (, for example.)  Do not feed into their political machine.  The left don’t want political discourse.  They want one-party rule.

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  1. “I ask all readers of to stop using Twitter and Facebook, ” Erickreports says. I see in other way, All who live freedom should use any possibility, including Facebook, WP and other so called liberals media to say resolutely “No” to coming New World Order, that converted people in the rats for medical and social experiments to making money and power to unhuman space from Mark Zuckenberg to and Vladimir Putin.

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