Murderer of Ashli Babbitt – Lt. Michael Byrd

Lt. Michael Byrd, the man who killed Ashli Babbitt came forward yesterday, eight months following her fatal shooting.

It happened on January 6, 2021 during the “March to Save America.”  Babbitt, caught up in a moment of exuberance, climbed through the window of the Speaker’s Lobby.  Capitol Police Officer Lt. Michael Byrd fired the fatal shot through her neck, severing an artery.  She died en route to the hospital.

Byrd admitted he couldn’t see what we saw on TV – that the protestors were relatively harmless.  But, he said he heard a false report of “shots fired”, giving this excuse for killing an unarmed woman.

After a brief investigation, no charges were filed because of a “lack of evidence” and the belief that it was “justifiable homicide”.

NBC reporter Lester Holt made the assertion that Lt. Byrd “saved lives” by killing Mrs. Babbitt.  How?  Who did she threaten?  What did she do that was dangerous?  What about her life?

The fact is:  the U.S. Capitol Building belongs to us – not the inhabitants who live like royalty and pissed themselves at the mere thought of violence.  In the real world, real people face this every day.  Not them.

Lester Holt said Pres. Trump called Michael Byrd “a murderer” and that’s exactly what he is.  The same people who thought six months of violent rioting last year was justified say Ashli Babbitt got what she deserved.  I say, those who celebrate the death of this former U.S. Air Force veteran should die the same way she did.  A bullet through the neck.  Then, tell me if you think it’s fair.

Ashli Babbitt received criticism from the left for being a supporter of Trump and a follower of Q conspiracy theories, which they believe justifies her murder.

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ISIS Suicide Bombings

Apr. 26, 2021.  13 U.S. servicemen were killed, with nearly 100 Afghanis killed or injured after ISIS suicide bombers exploded near Kabul airport.

Victims were sitting ducks amidst their attempts to flee the country by the Taliban’s imposed deadline – August 31.

from khabarhd

This was an incident waiting to happen.  Fake Pres. Biden has repeatedly blamed Pres. Trump for making the deal to withdraw.  He does not explain why he would allow the Taliban to establish checkpoints allowing ISIS through.

Biden has stated the U.S. gov’t will ‘try” to get everyone out.  He had made threats of retaliation against ISIS-K.  But, these are hollow words.

After twenty years, the war on terror is over, lost, to Islamic thugs and madmen intent on imposing Sharia Law.

Democrats who control the federal gov’t obviously hope this is over as soon as possible so they can go back to their version of normal, i.e., complaining about global warming, gun ownership, racism, sexism, homophobia and white supremacy.  The left live in a world of delusion.  When they are faced with a real enemy that wants to kill them – Muslim terrorists – they run and hide.

9/11 means nothing to them.  On the upcoming twentieth anniversary of 9/11, what will Biden say?  That planes crashed into things?  Do children even know who Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda are?  Biden has brought us full circle to those smoldering ruins.

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Government of Woke-ism

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Our defeat and withdrawal from Afghanistan is indictive of the new left and what they stand for.  A perfect example:  Pres. Trump being banned from most of the social media sites; whereas, the Taliban is not.

The only real enemy of the Socialist-Democrats are Republicans, so-called “white supremists” and Christians…you know, the people who built this country.  But, at the heart of all this is this – the Democrats are cowards.  They don’t have the intestinal fortitude to fight against a mob of backwards marauders.

It’s obvious Obama is running the show, but if Biden had any cajones, he’d tell his ex-boss to fuck off.  Yes, I know.  They’re holding the 25th Amendment over his head and could remove him – – however, Biden knows things.  He knows the secrets of the Obama Administration and he could blow the whole thing wide open.  Except, he won’t.  Because he sold out to get his name in the history books.

The Future.  Eventually, we’ll get the Americans out of there and the MSM will put Afghanistan on the back-burner.  By year’s end, it will be forgotten.  And yet it remains a hotbed of terrorism.  The Biden Administration may be done with the Taliban, but the Taliban isn’t done with them.

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Who is Your Enemy?

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Taliban mock heroic Marines famed photo of planting the U.S. flag at Iwo Jima. Taliban plants their own flag in Afghanistan.

Democrats are now faced with a very real threat – Radical Islam.  For the past four years, Donald Trump was their real enemy and he was removed through a rigged election.

Today, we have proof of what happens when our fake President Biden and the Dems are forced to confront a violent regime:  the Taliban.  [Those who helped launch 9/11.]

Hollow words from fake President Biden. VP Kamala Harris looms in the background.

Chaos reigns supreme in Afghanistan.  Mobs of people are swarming onto airplanes, coming here to the USA.  Tell me, which ones are the terrorists?

See the source imageHundreds of people sitting on the floor of a transport aircraft

DEATH.  Three protestors were shot and killed for not wanting to fly the Taliban flag.  Seven more dead yesterday at the Kabul airport.  A woman was shot and killed for not wearing a burqa.  The left are greatly concerned about the loss of woman’s rights.  That’s not why we were there in the first place!

It was called the “War on Terror”.  Al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden were being protected by the Taliban in Afghanistan.  After 9/11, Pres. Bush invaded Afghanistan.  Bin Laden escaped thru the Tora Bora mountains into Pakistan and was later killed by Navy Seals in 2011.  But, the death of Bin Laden doesn’t end anything.  Al-Qaeda and the Taliban are alive and well and ready to conduct new acts of terrorism.  On us.

Biden and the Democrats have no idea on how to fight their new enemy.

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(Trump did.  He said he would “bomb the shit out of the caliphate” and he did.)

We are learning firsthand of what will happen by Biden’s bungled withdrawal.  What happens next?

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FBI says “No Insurrection”

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The FBI has ruled that the January 6 “March to Save America” riot was not an insurrection.  The decision was based on the following…

A.  There was no plan for an insurrection.

B.  There was no official act that resembled an insurrection.

C.  Those who entered the Capitol building did little except take selfies.

The big question:  Wasn’t Pres. Trump impeached by the House of Representatives just eight months ago over this phony “insurrection”?  Are they going to reverse it now?  What about the MSM?  How many times did they call the Jan. 6 event an insurrection?  Will they apologize and retract their statements?

Answer:  Not in a million years.

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Dems Lose War on Terror

Nearly twenty years after 9/11, the U.S. is run out of town on a rail after being thrown out by the Taliban.  Americans and Afghanis were seen fleeing at the airport in Kabul.   Two people fell to their deaths after falling from a plane’s wheel wells.  (Photo below.)

August 16.

Joe Biden needlessly created chaos in Afghanistan and at our southern border | WJKK Mix 98.7   Fake President Joe Biden blamed everybody under the sun for our defeat in Afghanistan…the Afghan people, the Afghan army, President Trump and time itself.  But, his explanations fell flat.  The optics were too powerful.

People Are Clinging To American Planes Leaving The Kabul Airport | The Daily Caller

Afghan citizens cling to side of departing U.S. plane.

VIDEO: Taliban Shoots at Afghans Trying to Get Inside Kabul Airport | Todd Starnes

Terrified Afghanis scale wall while being shot at by the Taliban.

Biden’s August 8th statement that the U.S. approved Afghan-government would never happen collapse and that the new Afghan army was “300,000 strong” came back to haunt him.

I suspect this was allowed to happen the way it did to usher in VP Kamala Harris as President.

So who’s really running the country right now?

A fake Biden campaign site may be outperforming the real one

Obama, through his surrogates in the CIA and the Pentagon.  The so-called “Biden Presidency” has Obama’s fingerprints all over it.  In addition to the 2020 election being stolen, we have Obama carrying out an illegal third term.

Seriously, do you think the DNC would allow an addled-brained, senile, Alzheimer’s-ridden, mental case like Biden to be the Commander-in-Chief on his own?

How you vote matters and I think many Biden voters felt the egg on their faces when they saw us humiliated in a war we should’ve won a long time ago.  How is this going to look three weeks from now on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11?  What is Biden going to say?  How is he going to explain it to the many thousands of soldiers who died for nothing?

There’ve been comparisons to the fall of South Vietnam which took over two years to fall to the North Vietnamese.  Afghanistan fell in ten days.


Quote of the year goes to a CNN reporter caught amidst the chaos saying “Their chanting ‘Death to America’, but they seem friendly.”

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2021 Officially Worse than 2020

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Covid vaccine is causing mutations and the further spread of the disease.

U.S. gov’t begins to force teachers to accept the vaccine.

Pregnant women “encouraged” to take the vaccine.  (Only 24% have so far.)

Covid passports begin in several states.

Afghanistan gov’t expected to fall to the Taliban.  (First U.S. war lost since Vietnam.)

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Two years of inflation forecast following Dems takeover of the gov’t.  Gas prices will continue to rise.

Biden’s Green Screen – The fake President’s handlers got caught green-screening Biden in a fake White House news interview.

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Biden’s hand passes through the microphone.

Facist YouTube – YouTube suspends Sen. Rand Paul’s account for saying “Masks don’t prevent Covid-19.”

Image result for rand paul suspended youtube

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Elvis Suicide? (Part 2)

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On August 16, 1977, entertainer Elvis Presley was found dead.  Since then, the perceived cause of death was polypharmacy (an overdose caused by a dozen different drugs.)  How could this happen?  Was it allowed or a deliberate o.d?  Was Elvis depressed enough to kill himself?

With all the problems Elvis had, it’s hard to imagine him killing himself.  Had his life reached a dead end?

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Would Elvis have killed himself with daughter Lisa Marie in his home?

Boredom set in.  He saw most of those around him as exploiters after his wealth and fame.  It had been four to five years since his last hit single or album.  His main source of income was touring, but as can be seen in his last TV special, it was become harder to keep up the façade.

The broadcast of “Elvis in Concert” (Oct. ’77) would reveal the new fat Elvis.

Whether Elvis killed himself may never be known for sure.  What is known is what led up to it.  Since his 1973 divorce, a slide down to oblivion was caused by his wife leaving him for Mike Stone.  He couldn’t handle it.  The straw that broke the camel’s back:  a final scandal book titled “Elvis:  What Happened?” written by his former bodyguards.  The book was released on August 1.  Elvis died on August 16.  Coincidence?

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The sycophants’, the enablers, the doctors, only made it worse and Elvis wouldn’t listen to the few who warned him to stop it.  Ultimately, he is to blame for not seeing what was happening to him.

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Elvis last chance: fiancée Ginger Alden slept in the next room while Elvis lay dying.

His inner circle was unable to prevent his premature death at 42.

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EricReports Guide To Scoring With Women – (Part 2)

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Due to millions of responses to my first article, I’m adding a second featured column for our male viewers.

Treat her SPECIAL

Every girl believes she’s a princess in waiting.  They may tell you different, but it’s true.  Deep down, they are the undiscovered diamond and that you will discover this fact.

No More Mr. Nice Guy

Females say they want a “gentleman”.  Do they?  This is a tricky situation.  If you’re too nice, you’ll be in danger of becoming a beta-male.  In other words, she’ll be running the relationship.  Ipso facto, she’ll have no respect for you.  Eventually, she will cheat on you with someone who treats her like dirt.  Know who’s in charge – You.


Yes, sooner or later, you will wind up with a woman who turns out to be a bitch.  Women are good at acting and if she’s a closet bitch, it will come out under stressful situations.  (During times of stress, her period, while traveling, or for any reason under the sun.)  How to handle the bitch?  If she’s ordinary, dump her as fast as you can.  If she’s a knockout, you will have to be a dirty, rotten, no good son-of-a-bitch bastard to control her.  Otherwise, forget it.

Love ’em and leave ’em

If you’re playing the field, don’t get too hung up on one girl.  Why lock yourself in?  There are millions of opportunities out there.  If you limit yourself, you’ll be disappointed later.

There are plenty of fish in the sea

An old cliché because it’s true.  Someday, your sweetheart will dump you.  It’s up to you not to get brokenhearted about it.  Find somebody else – FAST.  Don’t wallow in grief.  Don’t look at old pictures or save her gifts.  Keep her out of your mind.  She was the wrong one for you.  Believe me – women get over it.

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“EricReports Guide to Scoring with Women” helped me find my dream-girl. Thanks, EricReports!

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Masks Forever – Fake Vaccine

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With the new Covid delta variant, lawmakers have brought back masks.  Also, the new vaccines are proving to be of no value.  (Unless it is to alter your DNA.)

There was and still is no scientific evidence that masks prevent the transmission of Covid-19.  The World Health Organization and Dr. Anthony Fauci dreamed this up to prevent a panic and make the public think there was a way to prevent the disease.  Since then, we’ve learned this – a strong immune system prevents Covid-19.

Secondly, Covid-19 is here to stay.

Third.  It came from a lab in Wuhan, China.  Whether you want to believe it was released accidently or on purpose, is up to you.  It did effectively ruin Pres. Trump’s chance at re-election.

Besides Covid-19’s being the catalyst for evicting Trump from office, there’s no doubt this disease is being used by the One-World Government to control us.  They will continue to throw out non-sensical arbitrary rules in order to see how far they can go.  The George Floyd riots proved that blacks can’t be controlled.

What about you?  What are you going to do when they tell you to bring out your old mask and roll up your sleeve for a third shot?  Will you acquiesce?  Will you be a guinea pig for the New World Order?

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U.S. Navy Attacked – 11 Killed – by Somali Pirates

EricReports Exclusive 

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July 29, 2021, off the coast of Turkey, near Gemiler Island. 

Somalian pirates have attacked a U.S. Navy ship, killing 11 and wounding 8.

There has been a complete news blackout of this event.

Internationally, news agencies have noticed the dramatic shift of the U.S. press which is doing everything possible to protect Pres. Biden, suspected of stealing the 2020 General Election.  This new incident, which has had no news coverage whatsoever, would prove Biden’s inability to deal with this foreign attack.

This Islamic attack against an American warship (with no response) is proof our former Muslim Pres. Obama is controlling the situation.

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