Black Privilege

Texas high school shooting suspect parties after posting bail while victims remain hospitalized ...

Blacks celebrate shooting people at a welcome home party.

Arlington, TX.  Timberview High School, October 6, 2021

Black student Timothy Simpkins, 18, went on a shooting rampage at his school, shooting three people.  Two were seriously injured.  He was released the following day on $75,000 bail.  Returning home, he was given a welcome home party.


Simpkins was charged with aggravated assault – not attempted murder with a deadly weapon.

Simpkins isn’t a juvenile.  He is an adult.  This punk should be in jail.

Nothing from the mainstream media (MSM) on this.  No hysterical screaming for gun control.  No outrage.  You would barely know it happened.,  Gov’t reaction – the same.

The excuse being used is that he was bullied.  So?  Maybe schools will be handing out guns for bullied students from now on, especially if they’re black.

Prediction?  What will this little piece of filth get for a jail sentence?  A suspended sentence?  Two weeks in the looney bin?  At most, six months in prison – then let out on good behavior.

It’s time for blacks to shut the fuck up about white privilege.

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