The Murder of Sal Mineo (Part 3)

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Sal Mineo in “P.S. Your Cat is Dead”

Feb. 1976.  Things were finally looking up for actor Sal Mineo.  After years of episodic television roles in guest parts and dinner theater, he had two rewarding projects set up.  One was to direct a feature film for MGM titled “Caffery”.  Two was his continuing role as Vito in “P.S. Your Cat is Dead:.  He’d received rave reviews in San Francisco.  The play was moving to the Westwood Playhouse, starting Feb. 25.

Feb. 12.  Following rehearsals with co-star Keir Dullea, Sal returned home to his small apartment on 8569 Holloway Drive in West Hollywood.

9:30 p.m.  Parking his rental car in one of the car ports, Sal was carrying a clipboard of notes for the play and a packet of Hostess Cupcakes for dinner.  It was a short walk to his front door if he had made it.  In the dark alley to the right of the entrance were some trash cans.  Hiding behind them was Lionel Ray Williams, 19.  According to a witness, Sal began to enter, then stepped back, shouting “No, no!”  The screaming startled Williams, who reached out and plunged a 7 inch hunting knife into Mineo’s chest.  Sal screamed, “Oh, my God, help me, please somebody help me!”  Other witnesses saw Williams run off, speeding away in a small yellow car with the headlights off.

9:45 p.m.  As Sal Mineo lay dying, a bystander tried mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to no avail.  He is pronounced dead by paramedics.

Returning home, Williams’s wife Theresa saw him covered with blood.  “I just stabbed somebody,” he said.  Watching the evening news, Sal Mineo’s picture appeared.  “That’s the dude I stabbed,” he told his wife.

For two years, police falsely assumed Mineo was killed by an angry gay boyfriend and abandoned the case.

Jan. 1978.  Williams is in prison for check forgery when he is overheard bragging about “That honkey actor I killed” by a sheriff’s deputy.

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The Tattoo.  Lionel Williams stupidly put a tattoo of a knife on his arm.  Police commented that it looked like the knife used in Mineo’s murder.  “It looks nothing like the knife!” Williams proclaimed.  Only the murderer would know that.

He is still alive today.

In court, evidence revealed the murderer had committed a series of muggings in the same area.  The victims identified Williams as the mugger.  Lionel Williams is charged with second degree murder and found guilty.  He is jailed for fourteen years and then returned to prison for multiple offenses.

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Sal Mineo (1939-1976)

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The Devil Wants to Kill You

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Are you wearing your spiritual armor?  Unseen by human eyes, there are demonic forces waiting to destroy you.  God gave mankind the Earth.  It is Satan and his fallen angels (demons)  who attempt to take dominion over it.

In Biblical times, people lived to be hundreds of years old.  Now?  Perhaps 80 at best.  And what about the millions of unborn babies killed in the name of feminism?

It started off as the Garden of Eden.  Paradise.  Where are we living now?  The ecology is ruined.  Many animals and plants are being driven to extinction.  God is called the creator.  The devil is the destroyer.  Whose side are you on?

Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?  What you must do – Pray the sinner’s prayer.

Dear God,

I know I’m a sinner.  I ask your forgiveness  and plead the blood of Jesus Christ to redeem me.  I repent.  Upon my death, accept me into heaven.  Amen

You cannot get to Heaven by being a good person or by doing good things.  It is by faith alone.   It is by your belief and by the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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How do we know when we are in the last days?  You need to go to the straight source:  the Bible.  “But of that day and hour knows no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.”  Matthew 24:36

But there will be signs.


Let’s Go, Brandon!


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The new catch-phrase “Let’s Go, Brandon!” has come under MSM scrutiny.  “Let’s go, Brandon” came about as a joke, a misunderstanding during a NASCAR race when a reporter misheard “F*ck Joe Biden” as “Let’s go, Brandon!”

Further attention was brought when a SouthWest Airline pilot said “Let’s go, Brandon” over the cabin speaker.  The easily offended left called for him to be fired and then, of course, an immediate investigation.  Twitterers compared it to ISIS death threats.

Didn’t Biden arm the Taliban with billions of dollars of U.S. weaponry upon our exit from Afghanistan?  Didn’t Biden get 13 servicemen killed when he bungled our departure – our loss of a 20 year war?

Insanity and delusion from our ruling party.

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Woke Set of “Rust”

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No real gun experts were used on the set of Alex Baldwin’s film “Rust”; however, the cart that held the gun which killed Halyna Hutchins was left outside and unattended because of the Covid virus.

Matthew Hutchins (Halyna’s husband) is preparing to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the production.  Alec Baldwin states that allegations of an unsafe set are “bullshit”.

Armorer Hannah Reed admits to loading the gun, but doesn’t know how a live round got inside.  Her lawyer is blaming sabotage from one of the workers who left because of safety concerns.

Assistant director Dave Halls was fired two years earlier from a set for injuring someone with a gun on a film set.  In regards to “Rust”, Halls said that he hopes the movie industry will re-evaluate itself.

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“Rust” Scrapped

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Last photo of Halyna Hutchins before shooting, in the center with the knit cap


Alec Baldwin in a roadside interview with the paparazzi announced that “Rust” will not complete filming.

On the time of the shooting, armorer Hannah Reed was not on the set.  Assistant director Dave Halls, assuming the three guns laid out on the table had been checked previously, handed one to Baldwin.  This may let Reed off the hook; however, I doubt she’ll ever work in films again.

Last words:  After being shot, Halyna Hutchins said, “No.  That was no good at all.”

Alec Baldwin asked, “What the fuck just happened?”

There’s talk in Hollywood of an outright ban on real guns being used in future of filmmaking.

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A Colt .45 revolver, similar to the one used in “Rust”

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