Let’s Go, Brandon!


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The new catch-phrase “Let’s Go, Brandon!” has come under MSM scrutiny.  “Let’s go, Brandon” came about as a joke, a misunderstanding during a NASCAR race when a reporter misheard “F*ck Joe Biden” as “Let’s go, Brandon!”

Further attention was brought when a SouthWest Airline pilot said “Let’s go, Brandon” over the cabin speaker.  The easily offended left called for him to be fired and then, of course, an immediate investigation.  Twitterers compared it to ISIS death threats.

Didn’t Biden arm the Taliban with billions of dollars of U.S. weaponry upon our exit from Afghanistan?  Didn’t Biden get 13 servicemen killed when he bungled our departure – our loss of a 20 year war?

Insanity and delusion from our ruling party.

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