Gia Carangi (1960-1986)

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“Life and death, energy and peace.  If I stop today, it was still worth it.  Even the terrible mistakes that I made and would have unmade if I could.  The pains that have burned me and scarred my soul, it was worth it for having been allowed to walk where I’ve walked, which was to hell on earth, heaven on earth, back again, into, under, far in between, through it, in it and above.”  (poem by Gia Carangi)


Gia Carangi

First of the 1970’s American super models, appearing on the covers of Vogue and Cosmopolitan.  Died from AIDS thru transmission from a contaminated needle.

Life dramatized in the HBO film “Gia” (2000), starring Angelina Jolie.

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Angelina Jolie as “Gia”

Will Smith’s SUCKER PUNCH to Chris Rock (Oscars)

The “woke” Hollywood Academy Awards got a surprise March 27, when actor Will Smith attacked comedian Chris Rock for making a joke about his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith by comparing her hair (or lack thereof) to Demi Moore’s in “G.I. Jane”.

Mrs. Smith suffers from alopecia.

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Demi Moore (“G.I. Jane”)

Well, this is what you get when you turn the Oscars into the BET Awards.

Whose side am I on?  Chris Rock, because it was a nothing joke.  But, Smith wants to look tough.  Everybody knows he’s like Tarzan; he swings both ways.  Their marriage is a farce.  His wife’s been fudgin’ the scooter pie.

Fuck the Oscars.  It’s solid gold trash.  No one wins unless it furthers the cause.

Will Smith after-Oscars party. Too much nose candy?

Some afterthoughts.

Since the occurrence, it’s become evident that Jada Pinkett Smith was the instigator of the incident, because of her hurt pig-dog feelings.  Apparently, she’s been goading her faggot husband for some time, saying that he’s not a man.  This act of violence was meant to solidify his manhood.  Mrs. Smith, who wins the prize for being the biggest Hollywood phony of them all, said afterward that it is time for the healing to begin.  (This is the one who caused it.)

Also, it seems someone from the Academy asked Mr. Smith to leave and he refused.  Why wasn’t he forced out?  That’s what would happen to you or me.

Incredibly, Smith won an Academy Award for Best Actor, received a standing ovation from the audience of sheeple, then apologized to the Academy (not Chris Rock) for attacking their presenter.

Women (feminists) who should know better, have said they were pleased that a husband stood up for his woman.  That’s fine, if it had been a real insult, which it was not.  (Can you tell the difference between G.I. Jane and Mrs. Smith?)  As much as some things change, most of them remain the same.

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Breaking News – The Adjoining Room to Bob Saget

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How Bob Saget was Murdered

January 9, 2022.  Comedian Bob Saget is found dead in his hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Orlando, Florida.  Authorities explain it all away as “death by an accidental fall”.  Wife Kelly Rizzo has all the autopsy photos sealed.  But the missing evidence left behind is access – access by a room connected to Bob Saget’s suite.  This explains why security camera footage showed no suspicious activity.  Whoever killed Bob Saget gained entry through this room and bashed his head in while he was sleeping.

A sloppy police investigation insured no solution.

The mainstream media, for whatever reason, (turning blame away from – ?) blames the bed’s headboard.  This explanation fails for one simple reason.  When you strike something it leaves a mark, an imprint.  If Bob Saget hit his head on the headboard hard enough to fracture his skull in three places, why is there no mark on the headboard?

Headboard still from police video.

Saget’s “family” (wife Kelly Rizzo) just wants closure.  (His three daughters are from a previous marriage.)  The non-grieving widow is already back on Instagram and was seen skulking away from a music concert.

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Kelly Rizzo flashes the devil horns salute.

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MSM Lies about Laptop

October 2020.  News breaks that the son of then-Democratic nominee for the White House, (Joe Biden-Hunter Biden) has explosive new information contained on a laptop computer left behind in a repair shop.  Photos emerge of an obviously stoned-looking Hunter Biden.  Other photos allegedly show the future President’s son cavorting with crack whores.

But, the big news is the payoffs, proving Hunter Biden was the go-between for Papa Joe, collecting illegal funds from China, Ukraine and so on.  If this news had been carried by the mainstream media (MSM), Donald Trump would still be President.  Which is why the media avoided it like the plague.  Yes, Sean Hannity (FoxNews) talked about it.  He and others were dismissed as “crackpot conspiracy theorists”.  Joe Biden himself called it “Russian misinformation”.

So what happened?

Now that a year and a half have passed since the election, the New York Times thinks it’s safe to admit there was a laptop.  They say it was no big deal and so what?  If it was no big deal, why was this labeled “toxic news” – forbidden on Twitter, Facebook, etc?

Still, the MSM says you can trust them.  It was a harmless white lie…that they had to get Trump out of the White House.

Wouldn’t it also follow that one day the 2020 General Election becomes another “white lie”?  You know, the one the MSM said was “fair, above-board, with no cheating whatsoever”.  Wasn’t that what January 6, 2021 was all about?  Stopping a stolen election?

How much time will pass before the MSM admits the Democrats stole every swing state?  That mail-in ballots and hacked Dominion machines rigged the election for Biden?  And will they say they had to do it to make the bad orange man go away?  Will 2024 be the same?

CLICK LINK for original EricReports article dated October 18, 2020

Excerpt from Trump vs. Biden – Debate 1 by EricReports.  “The President (Trump) went after his son Hunter who took $3,500,000 from Russia.  Biden denied it.  Trump said, “It’s a fact.”

Trump vs. Biden – Debate 1 (Sept. 30, 2020.)

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Bob Saget’s Final Report (Last Photo)

Revealed for the first time by, Bob Saget is seen healthy and smiling in a selfie taken by a hotel valet who parked his rental car at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grand Lakes. Investigators used the photo to determine he suffered a head injury after he arrived at the hotel. Valet worker Orlando Nunez, 21, told in an exclsuive interview,  'I didn't see any injuries, he didn't seem hurt, he wasn't slurring his words – he was exactly as I remembered while watching him on the TV as a child. I was in awe.'

Bob Sagat’s last photo taken hours before his death posing with Orlando Nunez, the valet who parked his car.

Police have issued the final results from autopsy findings and a renewed investigation into the hotel room where the body of Bob Saget was found on January 9.  Their conclusion:  Bob Saget died from injuries incurred from a fall on a hard surface covered with a soft surface (meaning the carpeted floor.)  No foul play is suspected.

Still no explanation as to how a man with a fractured skull was able to get into bed.  Or how his injuries were located on the top, back and front of his head.  Or how these cataclysmic injuries were able to occur from falling down in a hotel room.

Regardless of the motives for Saget’s death and the continued cover-up by the authorities and the mainstream media, it’s the reaction of his family and those in his inner circle that needs to be questioned.  Saget’s “family” (Kelly Rizzo, the duplicitous wife) issued a statement saying “They are pleased with the findings because they provide closure.”  Pleased?  Is that the word you want to use?

Predictive Programming

October 2021.  On Bob’s podcast, his wife Rizzo mentions her favorite movies which are all about the Mafia.  Saget replies, “So if these are your favorites, I don’t have long to live.  I’m going to be found dead in bed.”

[VIDEO] Internet Sleuths Say Bob Saget Predict His Death During This Podcast, “I’m Going to Be Found Dead in Bed”

Oct. 2021.  Kelly Rizzo, 42, with husband Bob Saget, 65.

Bob Saget and BJ Novak podcast interview

January 3,2022. Podcast with B.J. Novak and Bob Saget.

After this podcast, B.J. Novak tweeted, “I have always and will always love Bob Saget.”

In one of Saget’s last podcasts, he opened by saying, “Hi, I’m here and still alive, and will be as long as they let me talk.”

What needs to be remembered is how Bob Saget was found, lying in bed, clutching his heart.  Obviously posed to make it look like a heart attack, the MSM ran this cause of death initially, tagged with the “no foul play” for good measure.  It has remained that way ever since.

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Empty Suit Biden

As WWIII encroaches, the U.S. finds itself in a very dark place.  Let me state emphatically – the war in Ukraine would not have happened if not for our humiliating departure in Afghanistan.  Half-a-year later, Russia invades Ukraine.  See the connection?  Why wouldn’t they, if America can’t handle a third-world ass-backwards Muslim hellhole like Afghanistan.  You know the rest.  The thing of it is, if Trump were President. this war would not have happened.  Putin knows Biden is an impotent clown.  He’d be foolish to wait for a real president.

Biden blames our inflation on Putin.  The same inflation that’s been around for a year.


Currently, we have a presidency run by committee:  Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, the Obamas, Valerie Jarrett, et al.  Why?  Because feeble-minded Biden allows it.  Third term Obama or first term Biden, (whichever you want to call it), is a dismal failure.  Things are so bad, Dems are already planning on what to do if Trump is re-elected.

For the meantime, what does this mean for fake Pres. “Sleepy Joe”?  He’s been president for a year and two months and it already feels like eight.

2022.  Mid-terms look like a blowout with the Republicans taking back the House of Representatives, maybe the Senate.

The DNC knows Biden is a huge liability.  His usefulness was to get rid of Trump in a stolen election.  Now what?

How do they plan to throw him under the bus?

Three Possibilities

One.  Remove Biden with the 25th Amendment.  The only problem is:  this proves the Republicans were right about him.  Dems hate admitting they’re wrong about anything.

Two.  Allow Biden to run again.  Can you imagine it?  It would take every drug imaginable to get him to do a half-way credible job of campaigning.  (Or are they going to hide him in the basement again with a planned resurgence of Covid?)

Three.  Biden passes away by natural causes (and please don’t notice the odd, Bob Saget-like circumstances of his death.)

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The fake black Vice-President.

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Who Killed Natalie Wood?

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November 27-29, 2021. A tense weekend between actors Natalie Wood, husband Robert Wagner and co-star Christopher Walken is underway on the “Splendor”, a yacht moored near Catalina Island, off the California coast.

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Rumors within Hollywood claim Natalie Wood is having an affair with Christopher Walken during the filming of “Brainstorm”.

To dispel these rumors, Wood invites Walken along for a Thanksgiving weekend pleasure cruise with her husband Wagner (also known as “R.J.”)  Except that Wagner’s not buying it.

At 10:30 to 10:40 p.m., there’s a discussion aboard the “Splendor” that erupts into Wagner smashing a wine bottle, threatening Walken with the broken end.

10:45 p.m.  Walken retreats into his cabin, locking the door.  An apologetic Wagner attempts to make amends with Wood.

10:50 to 11 p.m.  Boat captain Dennis Davern hears a violent argument – screaming, cursing, and banging against the wall.  He goes to their door.  Wagner tells him to stay out of it.  He can hear Wagner screaming, “Get off my fucking boat!”

11:05 p.m.  The last time Natalie Wood is seen is when they’re arguing on the rear deck.  She’s wearing a red down jacket over a plaid nightshirt with woolen socks.

How Wood fell into the ocean is debatable, but Davern states he can hear Wood screaming for help.  Telling Wagner, “We’ve got to save her,” a drunken Wagner answers, “Leave her.  Teach her a lesson.”

[My own theory:  Wood, refusing to go aboard the “Valiant” was thrown in by Wagner, except he missed.  She may have bounced against the side, scratching her nose and leaving an abrasion on her cheek from the ropes.]

Nearby on another vessel, the “Capricorn”, three witnesses hear cries for help.  “Help me, please help me, I’m drowning!”  They are Marilyn Wayne, her son and her fiancé John Payne.  They shine a light on the water, but can’t see her.  Wayne offers to jump in, but Payne talks her out of it.  They radio for help – help does not come.

It is believed Wagner unties the rubber dinghy (the “Valiant”) saying, “We’re coming to get you!”  Wood makes efforts to climb aboard (scratch marks are left behind), but she is too weak from hypothermia.  Clinging onto one of the ropes tied around it, they drift toward shore, Natalie perhaps trying to pull it along until her strength wears out.

12 Midnight.  Natalie Wood, no longer able to keep her head up out of the water, drowns.


7:30 a.m.  Her body is discovered by helicopter floating not far from the dinghy at Blue Cavern Point.

Police report – Robert Wagner’s alibi.  Robert Wagner claims he last saw his wife at 10:45 p.m., fixing her hair in front of a vanity mirror.  When she went missing (between 11 and 12), he assumed she had taken the dinghy ashore, returning to the restaurant named “Doug’s Harbor Reef”.    After time passes, (enough time for her to drown), Wagner radios the Coast Guard at 1:50 a.m.

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Christopher Walken

Christopher Walken claims to have slept through the whole incident.  More than likely, he stayed silent fearing for his life.

Police Investigation.  Davern and Walken go along with Wagner’s version of the event.  A poor investigation is conducted (deliberately) and Wood’s death is ruled as an “accidental drowning”.

Since then, Dennis Davern and witness Marilyn Wayne have come forward with their version of what really happened.  Police re-opened the case in 2011, naming Wagner as “a person of interest” and changing the cause of death to “drowning due to undetermined causes”.  Wagner has refused to speak with the authorities any further, saying he has said all there is to be said.

“R.J’s” Strange Behavior After Natalie’s Death

Wagner refuses to identify her body, leaving it to Davern.

Not phoning Natalie’s children about what happened.

Wagner threatens not to go to the funeral, however, he’s advised by his lawyer that it would it would look bad if he didn’t go.

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Robert Wagner with Jill St. John

R.J. begins dating actress Jill St. John, two months following the drowning.  They eventually marry.

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Lana Wood

R.J. blacklists Natalie’s sister actress Lana Wood for asking too many questions about her sister’s death.

Important Points

Robert Wagner’s story about what happened has frequently changed.  Initially, he stated his wife must have fallen when she was trying to tie down a loose dinghy banging against the side of the boat, when she was trying to sleep.  This changed to her attempting to leave to get away from the argument.  It has since changed back to the dinghy-banging-against-the-Splendor theory. Except this doesn’t work.  Davern claims he tied the dinghy at the rear of the “Splendor”, not the side.  Also, it was sound-proofed not to make any noise.  Lana Wood said Natalie would never have tried to tie it down, with three able-bodies men aboard.

Multiple bruising is found on Natalie’s body, indicating a violent attack.

Rumor:  Frank Sinatra (friend to the Wagners) had the LAPD investigation “fixed”, making sure the “accident” remained an accident.

As for the movie “Brainstorm”, it was completed and released in 1983, to an indifferent public.

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Elvis Movies – Best Vs. Worst

Elvis Presley appeared in thirty-three motion pictures during his lifetime – the first in 1956, the last in 1972.  Over the years, the quality of these has unfairly maligned.  Which are the best and which are the worst?

1956-1958 include four films including “Love Me Tender” and “Loving You.   The best were the last two being “Jailhouse Rock” and “King Creole”.

JAILHOUSE ROCK – Elvis plays a punk ex-con rocker who uses others for fame and glory.

KING CREOLE – A role inherited from James Dean.

After Elvis returned from the Army, Col. Tom Parker (Elvis’ manager) experimented with his image in various roles.  Ironically, the best of these (“Flaming Star” and “Wild in the Country’) made the least and the worst (“G.I. Blues” and “Blue Hawaii”) made the most.  Gone was the devil may care rebel replaced by the inoffensive, plastic, good guy schmuck.  During the early 1960’s, his success was pretty much hit or miss.

The best of the early 60’s output:  “Viva Las Vegas”, “Follow that Dream”, “Flaming Star” and “Wild in the Country”.

“Viva Las Vegas’ costarred sexpot Ann-Margret in their only film.  Sexual chemistry flew onscreen and off.

“Follow that Dream” – Elvis best comedy and probably his best acting performance.  Underrated.

“Flaming Star” – Western about a half-breed Indian.  Directed by Don Seigel.  A role originally intended for Marlon Brando.

“Wild in the Country” – Spicy melodrama has Elvis as a fledging writer romancing three women.  (Played by Hope Lange, Tuesday Weld and Millie Perkins.)

1964.  Col. Parker began lowering the budgets of the Elvis cash-cow productions, starting with “Kissin’ Cousins”.


“Kissin’ Cousins” made a lot of money and had a hit song, but cost Elvis his credibility.

This begat the formula Elvis pictures, usually three a year, where the King sang a lot, acted a little, beat-up the bad guys and kissed the girls.  From 1964 to 1968, the quality declined.  Some of the worst include “Easy Come, Easy Go” , “Harum Scarum”, “Paradise, Hawaiian Style”, “Spinout”, “Speedway”, “Double Trouble” and “Clambake”.

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Elvis worst song: “Yoga is as Yoga Does” from “Easy Come, Easy Go”

Live a Little Love a Little Poster.jpgSee the source image

One bright spot:  “Live a Little, Love a Little” (1968) which generated the hit song “A Little Less Conversation”.

1969.  An attempt at a comeback.  By this time, even the Colonel knew it was time for a change and made a request for better scripts.

“Charro” was meant to resemble the Clint Eastwood-Sergio Leone man-with-no-name Spaghetti westerns.  Somehow, it just didn’t work.  A copy of a copy.  No luck here.

“The Trouble with Girls (and how to get into it”) – A 1920’s period piece that goes nowhere.  Elvis looks good, sings better, yet there’s nothing solid.  Try again.

“Change of Habit” – Elvis plays a ghetto doctor who works with three undercover nuns.  Miscast Mary Tyler Moore can’t act dramatically, not yet anyway.  Seems like a TV movie.  Some good songs thrown in, including the posthumous hit “Rubberneckin'” (#2 album.)

THE DOCUMENTARIES  – “Elvis:  That’s the Way It Is” (1970) and “Elvis On Tour”(1972)

“Elvis:  That’s the Way It Is” catches “EL” in his second year at the Las Vegas International Hotel during rehearsal and the actual shows.  The 1970 cut has interviews of fans.  The 2001 cut removes these interviews for more songs.  Excellent soundtrack.  Highlights:  “Suspicious Minds”, “I Just Can’t Help Believin'”, “You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feelin'” and many others.

“Elvis on Tour” (1972) would go on to win Best Documentary from the Foreign Press Association (known as the “Golden Globes”.)

“Elvis on Tour” is shown in split-screen images, some of which were edited by Martin Scorsese.  Contains part of a rare press conference.  The King, now separated from wife Priscilla, seems less happy, more self-involved and may be under the influence of “medications”.  Still, Elvis brings it.

Highlights include “An American Trilogy”, “Polk Salad Annie” and “Bridge Over Trouble Waters”.

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“Elvis on Tour” winner of the 1972 Golden Globe for Best Documentary.

“Elvis on Tour” is shown in split-screen images, some of which were edited by Martin Scorsese.  Contains part of a rare press conference.  The King, now separated from wife Priscilla, seems less happy, more self-involved and may be under the influence of “medications”.  Still, Elvis brings it.

Highlights include “An American Trilogy”, “Polk Salad Annie” and “Bridge Over Trouble Waters”.

Following Elvis’ death, there would be two films based on his life”  “Elvis” (1979) directed by John Carpenter and “This is Elvis” (1981) a documentary showing rare clips and recreations of his life.

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For the year 2022. a new theatrical film will be released titled “Elvis” directed by Baz Luhrmann, starring Austin Butler as the King.

Elvis 2022 poster.jpg

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J6 Patriot Suicide

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Matthew Perna

American patriot Matthew Perna committed suicide on Feb. 24, 2022 as a result of the unending persecution of the so-called “Trump insurrection” that never took place on Jan. 6, 2021.  Perna entered the U.S. Capitol for twenty minutes, ushered in by police.

In December, he pled guilty to one count of “obstruction of justice” for delaying the Congressional vote to ratify Biden as president.  His punishment, more than likely, would have been a $250,000 fine and twenty years in jail.  According to Biden’s DOJ, the Trump rioters are “domestic terrorists”.   Many of these protesters, remain in prison, held without bond, indefinitely, in violation of their Constitutional rights.

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Trump Must Act Now

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Former President Donald Trump has the opportunity to end the war in Ukraine by meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.  How?

A truce based on the following conditions:

Ukraine remains an independent and sovereign nation.

Russia ends its military invasion.

In exchange for a nuclear ceasefire agreement with the United States.

Where does this leave Biden?

You could say the war in the Ukraine was caused by Biden’s weakness.  What do you think Putin though of Biden’s exit strategy in Afghanistan?  Putin has no respect for Biden (who stole the election) or Obama (a foreign born Muslim homosexual.)  Putin is aware Biden is Obama’s stooge.

Putin respects Trump who is his own man and owes nothing to no one.  Trump would be re-elected hands down if he were able to pull the rug out from under fake President Biden.

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