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How Bob Saget was Murdered

January 9, 2022.  Comedian Bob Saget is found dead in his hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Orlando, Florida.  Authorities explain it all away as “death by an accidental fall”.  Wife Kelly Rizzo has all the autopsy photos sealed.  But the missing evidence left behind is access – access by a room connected to Bob Saget’s suite.  This explains why security camera footage showed no suspicious activity.  Whoever killed Bob Saget gained entry through this room and bashed his head in while he was sleeping.

A sloppy police investigation insured no solution.

The mainstream media, for whatever reason, (turning blame away from – ?) blames the bed’s headboard.  This explanation fails for one simple reason.  When you strike something it leaves a mark, an imprint.  If Bob Saget hit his head on the headboard hard enough to fracture his skull in three places, why is there no mark on the headboard?

Headboard still from police video.

Saget’s “family” (wife Kelly Rizzo) just wants closure.  (His three daughters are from a previous marriage.)  The non-grieving widow is already back on Instagram and was seen skulking away from a music concert.

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Kelly Rizzo flashes the devil horns salute.

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