Twilight Zone The Movie – Vic Morrow, 2 Children Killed

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Director John Landis is set to film his segment for “Twilight Zone – The Movie” titled “Time Out”.  It is the final sequence for a tough shoot.  In this episode, Vic Morrow as Bill Connor, a racist bigot who suddenly finds himself in the shoes of the people he hated.  (Or, as he calls them, “Kikes, niggers and gooks.”)  For the grand finale, Bill saves two Vietnamese orphans from a U.S. bombing attack on their village.

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In the intended scene, Morrow is to carry two child actors across shallow water while various explosions going off around him.  Overhead in the multi-colored sky is a helicopter.  What could go wrong?

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Vic Morrow (“Combat”)

Actor Vic Morrow, 53, is no stranger to such type of filming.  For years, he starred in the TV-series “Combat!” (1962-1967), his most famous role.  But in the intervening years, the veteran actor has fallen back in B-films and supporting TV roles.  This film is his big chance as an A-list actor.  He is so anxious to prove himself, a stuntman is not being used.

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Myca Dinh Le, 7, and Renee Shin-Yi Chen, 6,

The children Myca Dinh Le, 7, and Renee Shin-Yi Chen, 6, aren’t supposed to be there, according to California’s Child Labor Laws.  Violations include:  Children working after hours near explosions and without the presence of a teacher or social worker.  Plus, they’re being paid secretly.

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John Landis publicity still for the “Twilight Zone”

At the time, director John Landis is part of “New Hollywood”, hot after the success of “National Lampoon’s Animal House”, “The Blues Brothers” and “An American Werewolf in London”.  He is under contract with producer Steven Spielberg who is directing the second segment titled “Kick the Can”.

Witnesses say Vic Morrow has some trepidation… and yet he doesn’t listen to his sixth sense.  If “Twilight Zone” is a hit, he’ll be famous again.  (As is turned out, for all the wrong reasons.)

It is said, cans of paint are placed near the explosives to create a more vivid effect…and they do.

As filming commences, Morrow can be seen struggling thru the water as he carries the two kids, one under each arm.  In the background, huts explode into balls of flame.  The low-flying helicopter’s rotary blades are causing a wind storm.  Landis instructs the pilot to fly lower.  Indeed, the sky turns into a hue of beautiful colors as the mock-up village explodes around them.

The wind is making it nearly impossible for Morrow.  In the water, he accidentally drops one of the children.  (Renee.)  Just then, two massive explosions go off; the air blast literally knocks the helicopter out of the sky.  It turns over, crashing down into the water.

Filming abruptly comes to a halt.

“Where are Vic, Myca and Renee?”

The crew rush into the water.  A headless, floating dummy can be seen floating in the water.  Except, it’s not a dummy.  It’s Vic Morrow.  Decapitated.

During the accident, the blade crushed Renee Chen and sliced the heads off Morrow and Myca Le.

In a scene worthy of “The Twilight Zone”, the incomplete footage goes unused, except for news broadcasts.

The trial lasted nine months (1986-1987.)  Director John Landis and others were acquitted on the charge of manslaughter.  Essentially, it was ruled an accident.

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John Landis on trial

The “Time Out” segment remains without the Bill Connor character redeeming himself by trying to save the children.  Instead, he’s taken away by Nazi’s in a cattle car.

“Twilight Zone – The Movie” (1983) received mixed reviews.  Advance publicity from the fatal accident helped garner $42,000,000.  The movie itself cost ten million.

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Elvis Suicide? (Part 3)


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Elvis Presley, Rest in Peace

Proponents of the Elvis Presley suicide theory have a strong case.  It’s the timing of when it happened, a few weeks after the release of “Elvis – What Happened?”, a tell-all paperback written by his former bodyguards who swear their boss took drugs.

Elvis was preparing for a new tour, beginning in Maine.  He believed audience might turn on him or ask questions about the book.

Elvis’ relationship with fiancée Ginger Alden was faltering.  Many within his inner circle thought she really didn’t love him.

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Ginger Alden with Elvis

Elvis’ ballooning weight was becoming known throughout the mainstream media.

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His depression about his failed marriage and the death of his mother.  (Elvis’ father said she basically worried herself to death about her son.)

Continued lawsuits involving investments in a racquetball court franchise and assault & battery charges for the actions of his over-zealous bodyguards.

Elvis poses with daughter, Lisa-Marie

Elvis greatest joy – his nine year old daughter Lisa-Marie was staying at the house temporarily.  But, all he could do was spoil her with gifts, allowing her to do anything she pleased.

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Lisa-Marie, 1977

Elvis’ stepbrother David Stanley claims two days before his death, he told him the next time he saw him he would be “in a higher place and on a different plane.”  David didn’t know what he meant until August 16.

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Elvis with stepbrother David Stanley.

On that fateful day, the suicide theory contends Elvis saved up his medications – called “attacks” – and then took all three doses at once, causing a fatal reaction.  His only chance for living, Ginger Alden, slept in the adjoining bedroom, unknowing.

It’s hard to say whether Elvis would’ve have wanted to go out like that.  (Dead by his toilet.)  At the time, his future was constant tour dates.  As can be seen in “Elvis in Concert” (1977), his heart was no longer in it.  He refused to record in the studio.  There were no more movie deals.  What was left?

Elvis: sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Rumor:  The leader of the Memphis Mafia Joe Esposito supposedly confessed shortly before his death that he burned Elvis’ suicide note.  If true, the note stated the reasons for why he did it…that it was because of his inability to quit taking drugs, his weight and Priscilla, the little girl he met in Germany who broke his heart.

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Elvis with Priscilla, 1959.

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Biden-Clinton Empires Falling

The Demon Rats are fleeing the sinking ship.

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Jen Psaki is quitting as White House press secretary.

“The Big Guy” (fake Pres. Biden’s code name) accepted illegal kickback funds from a Chinese energy company, aided by Hunter Biden, as proven on the “missing” laptop.

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Prediction:  Biden will be forced to retire early next year due to the crashing failure of his administration.

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Hillary Satan is being sued by former Pres. Donald Trump for her false allegations of Russian collusion during the General Election 2016.  Hillary was forced to pay a fine for her involvement in hiring spies within the Trump White House.  Any plans for HRC to run in 2024 are laughable.

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Dorothy Stratten’s Last Chapter

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Dorothy Stratten with Peter Bogdanovich on the set of “They All Laughed”.

August 14th 1980.  Playboy’s centerfold of the year Dorothy R. Stratten has less than one day left to live.  After a night of making love with director Peter Bogdanovich, she takes one last swim in his pool.  He was not aware of her plans to meet husband Paul Snider.

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Paul Snider, Dorothy Stratten’s husband.

Paul Snider was at his wit’s end.  All his life, he struggled to achieve success and had it snatched away from him.

His car shows…

the mail-order scams…

the women he pimped out…

the Chippendale dancers…

They were all stolen or taken away by men with more money and power.  And now it was happening all over again.  It was Paul’s idea for Dorothy to pose for Playboy and against all odds, she made it – where millions of other women had failed.  People described her as having a luminosity.  But without her husband, she’d still be working for the B.C. Telephone.

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Playboy’s founder Hugh Hefner with Dorothy Stratten

Hugh Hefner, Playboy’s founder had plans.  He would make her a star – the next Marilyn Monroe.  The magazine’s cartoon feature “Little Annie Fanny” would become a theatrical film – starring Dorothy.

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Little Annie Fanny

Peter Bogdanovich also had plans.  He hired a lawyer for Dorothy.  Divorce proceedings against her husband were in the works.  Eventually, they would marry and he would star her in all his future films.  She already had a small, yet significant role in “They All Laughed” (co-starring John Ritter.)  Dorothy said she wanted to be in a sad love story, not realizing she was living in one.

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John Ritter, Dorothy Stratten and Peter Bogdanovich on the set of “They All Laughed”.

“They All Laughed” would mirror characters from real life – Ritter as Bogdanovich, Dorothy as herself.

With all those around her pulling the strings, what did Dorothy Stratten want?  She didn’t like posing nude, but tolerated it to please Paul.  It had made her famous and brought her to the brink of fame.

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Tonight Show appearance with Johnny Carson.

On that last morning, Dorothy told Peter she might be pregnant with his baby.  He shrugged it off and lived to regret it.

Dorothy told her little sister Louise not to tell anybody where she was going – that she’d be back later and they’d go shopping.

Dorothy with Louise Stratten

Louise saw her older sister drive off in her 1967 Cougar.  (Paul drove the STAR 80 Mercedes.)  Dorothy was weeping.

On the way to see Paul, Dorothy spoke with her business manager.  He advised her that she didn’t owe her husband anything.  But, Dorothy was adamant that he get some money out of their divorce.

2-story house where Paul Snider lived with his wife Dorothy Stratten. Located near the Santa Monica freeway, the sounds of traffic drowned out the noise of the shotgun blast.

No one knows for sure what happened on 10881 W. Clarkson Road in Los Angeles, except through forensic examinations.  “Star 80” (1983), Bob Fosse’s account theorizes that he (Snider) thought he could win his wife back.  If so, why did he buy a Mossberg 12-gauge shotgun thru the classified ads?  Fueled by cocaine, he lost control of what sanity he had left and blew half of Dorothy’s face off.  He made attempts to call Bogdanovich who could not be reached by phone.  Obviously he planned to kill him too.  When that idea failed, Paul blew his brains out, leaving behind a room of splattered gore.  The end of America’s new playmate.

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Re-created scene (not an actual crime scene photo) of the Snider-Stratten murder-suicide.

It would not be until much later that evening when Peter would find out by a phone call from Hefner.  Dropping the phone, his colleagues asked what was wrong.

“She’s dead,” he mumbled.


“Dorothy’s dead!” he screamed, pounding his head into the floor.

Peter Bogdanovich would attempt to put back the pieces of his life by marrying Dorothy’s sister Louise.  This would end in divorce in 2001.  After a handful of films, the most successful being “Mask” (1985) and TV appearances on “The Soprano’s”, he died from complications of Parkinson’s disease on January 6, 2022.


Because of Paul Snider’s actions, he remains the villain of the story.  But, even Bogdanovich called his suicide “a humane act”.  Hefner called Snider “a small-time hustler”.  But, didn’t Playboy start off as small, taking many years to grow?  Didn’t both of these men – knowing Dorothy was married – try to take her away from her husband?  Play with fire, you’re gonna get burned.  Corner a rat and that rat will fight back.

The murder of Dorothy Stratten didn’t happen in a vacuum.  It happened because of lust, greed and power,  She remains a causality of a struggle for the perfect female.

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Dorothy Stratten’s film “Galaxina” was released the week she died.

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Biden’s Worst Moment

President Biden former President Obama

4-6-2022. Biden looks lost and confused as his own staff members greet President Obama.

Fake President Biden finally got his comeuppance for destroying the economy, losing two wars and flooding the borders with illegal aliens.  Pres. Obama reappeared like a ghost out of the past to pay tribute to himself and his health care plan.  Obama referred to Biden as his “vice-president”.  Biden said that joke was planned.  Was it?

After Biden spoke, everyone gathered around Obama like he was their chicken dinner.  BIden, on the other hand, was shunned and ignored.  He might as well have had Covid.

Many commentators called it “sad and pathetic”.  Do I feel sorry for Biden.  No!  Anybody care to remember the way he treated his predecessor, the real Pres. Trump?  Or calling the January 6th protestors, “domestic terrorists”?

Dems did this on purpose for Biden’s ruining their mid-terms.  There is already talk of forcing BIden out of the White House early next year:  Kamala Harris as our first female of color President with Pete Buttigieg as our first fag vice-president.

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Things you don’t want to know

The system will not change for you.

Muslim holidays were added to the U.S. calendar after 9/11.

COVID is here to stay.

Your sex life is a choice.  Your gender isn’t

The difference between the Mafia and politicians is negligible.

War is for profit.

Diversity means no white men.

You’re going to die.  All that’s left behind is your children.

Your family and friends are worth more than all the money in the world.

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10 Worst Movies Ever Made

  Bowling for Columbine (2002).  Anti-gun propaganda won a Best Documentary Oscar for socialist Michael Moore.  Infamous interview with Charlton Heston who was tricked into it by Moore.  Heston realizes he’s been had and walks off.  (Since then, gun sales have soared.)  Moore tries to blame the NRA for the school shootout at Columbine High School.

An angry Charlton Heston argues for the 2nd Amendment in “Bowling for Columbine”.

  Heaven’s Gate (1980.)  The film that bankrupt United Artists.  Mangled-up mish-mash of hyroghlyphics – Undecipherable in whichever version you watch (the original is a staggering 219 minutes, the shortened version known as “The Johnson County War” is 149 minutes.)  All-star cast includes Kris Kristofferson, Christopher Walken, John Hurt, Sam Waterston, Brad Dourif, Isabelle Huppert, Jeff Bridges and Joseph Cotten (his last film.)  Has gained a weird cult following from masochists.

Logo for the nearly defunct “United Artists”

Django Unchained (2012).  Ugly, violent, Quentin Tarentino-directed, black slave revolt epic.  Really a remake of “The Legend of Nigger Charlie” (1972), except the director didn’t have the guts to admit it. Ruined by a bad script and star Jamie Foxx who gives the worst performance of his career.

Yes, there really was a movie called “The Legend of Nigger Charlie” and it bares a startling resemblance to “Django Unchained”.

Parasite (2019).  Worst movie to ever win a Best Picture Academy Award.  Won only for “woke” Hollywood reasons.  Cockroach metaphor was done better by Kafka (“The Metamorphosis”.)

  The Main Event (1979).  Reteaming Ryan O’Neill and “Babs” Streisand from “What’s Up, Doc?” seemed like a good idea.  It wasn’t.  Unfunny comedy about a perfume expert (Streisand’s nose, get it?) and a has-been athlete played by O’Neill, who are teamed to box.  Whatever.

Can’t Stop the Music (1980).  Disco fag extravaganza helped bring an end to that music era.  Co-stars Bruce Jenner which explains a lot.  Village People soundtrack.

Self-explanatory still from “Can’t Stop the Music” with Valerie Perrine and Bruce Jenner.

  Ghostbusters (2016).  (Feminist Version)  Sullied the name of the 1984 comedy classic.  This new re-boot isn’t funny, the direction is clumsy, the screenplay is no better than an SNL skit and the lesbo-sub-theme isn’t necessary.  A waste of time and money.  You have to ask yourself why.

The original “Ghostbusters” did it first and better.

  Charlie’s Angels (2020.) (Feminist Version)  Notice a trend here?  Yeah, I don’t like feminist propaganda.  They couldn’t resist destroying the “Charlie’s Angels” jiggle franchise.

  Bridesmaids (2011.)  The movie that proved women could be every bit as disgusting as men.  Farting, puking, dirty jokes, exposing yourself – it’s all here and more.  Stars that fat pig slob Melissa McCarthy.

  Ghost in the Noonday Sun (1973).  Comic genius Peter Sellers made a string of bad movies.  This is the worst.  Barely released spoof of old pirate flicks.  The director had a nervous breakdown afterward.

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