Your Favorite Pizza Topping Defines Your Personality

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CHEESE TOPPING -Down to earth, a realist, frank and honest.

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PEPPERONI PIZZA-You look forward to the weekend, like sports and are a party animal.

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MUSHROOM PIZZA – You aren’t afraid of being different, an individualist who seeks the truth.

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SAUSAGE PIZZA – You are old-fashioned in the best sense of the word. You keep your word and don’t care what other people think.

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VEGETARIAN PIZZA – You care about the environment, love animals are in tune with nature.

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DEEP DISH CHICAGO STYLE – You live for today because there may be no tomorrow. Impulsive, unpredictable.

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Your Doctor May Kill You If…

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Once you enter a hospital, you lose many of your rights.  That’s why you should consult an attorney in regards to a Living Trust.

It may sound impossible, but the fact is, your doctor can order a “DNR” – [DO NOT RESUSCITATE”] on you or a family member – and may not tell you.  This also includes a “DNI” – ‘DO NOT INTUBATE”, where a tube is placed thru the nose or mouth into the windpipe to help facilitate breathing.  DNR includes CPR and other methods to help a patient survive a heart attack.

A Living Trust must contain information barring a DNR/DNI.  Name someone you trust as your agent with power of attorney.  It’s up to him or her to tell your doctors about the Living Trust.  He or she must give a copy of this trust to them and have proof they received it.  Take a photo of you and the doctor giving it to them.  Have them sign an acknowledgment they are aware of the Living Trust and have them read the contents.

With Covid-19, a number of convalescent homes have performed DNR’s leaving shocked family members who were unaware of it, before it was too late.

Some of you reading this will say to yourself, “That could never happen to me!”  How do you know?  We’ve all been brainwashed by the media.  Doctors are healers.  That’s why you’ll never hear any of this on T.V.  The media is in bed with the hospitals – they sponsor them.

There is a sad reality that if you don’t have the money and the means to control your doctor, he could take it upon himself to allow a patient to die, if he feels inclined to do so.

I urge all of you reading this:  Know Your Rights.  Don’t be fooled by the fake smiles of the hospital staff.  They’re running a business.  A life or death business.

DNR-DNI.  These may be your six most important letters in determining your future…if they let you have one.

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Biden has Covid…Cancer?

On July 21st, it was announced fake Pres. Biden contacted Covid-19, despite four inoculations.  The MSM brushed this aside, saying he would’ve died without the experimental vaccine.

July 20 – BIDEN ANNOUNCES HE HAS CANCER.  QUOTE:  “Delaware had the highest cancer rate in the nation.  That’s why I and so many other people I grew up with have cancer.”

Biden’s handlers walked this statement back by claiming the faux President meant skin cancer that was removed years ago.

Question:  What if this misstatement isn’t one?  What if Biden spoke the truth and wasn’t supposed to?  Clearly, there is a timetable (set by the DNC) for when its time for Biden is to “go away”.  Apparently, this isn’t the time.  The mainstream media virtually ignored the cancer statement, instead talking about Jan. 6, 2021, trying to link Pres. Trump to instigating a riot.  (No proof of this, but when a riot is called for…)  Text © 2022 – ERN

A delighted Kamala Harris finds out Biden has Covid-19

Hillary AGAIN?!

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When asked recently if she would consider running for President in 2024, Hillary Clinton answered, “I won’t run if Joe Biden does.”

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The Great Satan Hillary obviously sees an opening.  Joe Biden is vulnerable, everybody knows it.  Campaigning for president is tough – how will Biden do it in two years?  He can barely walk.

It must drive HRC crazy that Donald Trump, George W. Bush, Joe Biden and Barack Obama were president and she wasn’t.  Satan Hillary considers Trump and Bush “morons”, Obama, an “amateur” and Biden?  Biden is that sleazy used car salesman who sells you a lemon that falls apart before you can drive it home.

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“Only 50 thou. It was owned by a rich Arab I bribed.”

But what about Kamala Harris?  Hasn’t it already been decided by the DNC we need to fill in their quota:  a woman president and a fag VP?  (Pete Buttigieg.)  Not necessarily.  Hillary would argue that she has the most experience.  She’s been around since the Great Pyramids.  2024 would be her last chance.  (Maybe not.  Monica Crowley once said, “Hillary will keep running for president as long as she has a pulse.”)  Assuming Trump runs again, many want to see a rematch.  And with the voter drop box scheme winning it for the Dems in 2020, why wouldn’t it work in 2024?

You can bet the farm, a new Covid variant will rise and out comes media whore Dr. Anthony Fauci saying, “For the public’s safety, we must vote by sending in our FAKE mail-in ballots.”

The next President – who will it be?

Joe the Fossil

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“Heels Up” Kamala Harris

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Former President Donald Trump

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The Dog Who Rescues Cats

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Book Review

Touching true story of Ginny an abandoned dog (part Siberian Husky-part Schnauzer) who brings redemption to the life of her owner Philip Gonzalez.

The author is a former Vietnam vet who has numerous brushes with death and finds himself alone with bouts of depression after an industrial accident.  Left with piercing headaches and only partial use from one arm, his neighbor Sheilah Harris recommends buying a dog – something, anything, to pull himself out of his misery.

At the animal shelter, he is encouraged to adopt Ginny, a mutt who has just given birth to three pups.  At first, Philip is not impressed.  On a trial walk-around-the-block, he looks at Ginny.  There is an instant connection.  He realizes this is the dog for him.

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It doesn’t take long for Philip Gonzalez to discover that Ginny has a mind of her own.  She has a special knack for searching out and finding cats who are disabled, abused, or abandoned.  Gonzalez finds his life’s purpose, aided by his trusted companion dog.  He feeds hundreds of street cats.  Other cats he takes home, giving them a new lease on life. His menagerie of disabled cats includes:  Topsy, who is brain-damaged and can’t walk.  She gets around by rolling.  Betty Boop, with no hind feet.  She hops around like a rabbit.  Madame is deaf and Blondie has FIV.  The “Chairman” was found by Ginny in a box full of broken glass.

On Ginny’s and Philip’s quest for rescuing cats all is not well.  There are some cat-haters out there who try to kill or poison them.  One is in fact killed and Philip, one good arm or not, tried to beat the living daylights out of the coward.

Through a magazine article, the pair find celebrity, appearing on TV, leading to book publication and its follow-up “The Blessing of the Animals”.

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The sequel. Ginny poses with Blondie.

This is recommended reading for those who care about those furry friends we share our planet with.

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Video: Uvalde Police Chicken Out

Security camera video from Robb Elementary School shows police running away from gunfire at a May 24 mass shooting.  21 died (19 children and 2 teachers), along with 17 wounded.  Gunman Salvador Ramos was killed.  The video was released by the Austin American-Statesman newspaper.

For more information, click this LINK

The Real Peter Sellers?

Actor Peter Sellers was famous for saying he had no personality of his own.  Somehow, he stepped into his vast array of characters like a chameleon.  That’s what he wanted us to think.

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Based on the novel “I Want to Eat You” by Ernest Gebler.

The motion picture “Hoffman” (1970) may come closest to the real Peter Sellers, if there was one.

PLOT.  “Hoffman” is the story of a 40ish man who blackmails a 20ish girl into living him with him for a week.  Sellers as Hoffman has obsessed over “Miss Smith” (Sinead Cusak) for some time.  In a telling scene, he mentions how he once asked her out, after which she told the other girls in the office who laughed at him in the elevator.  Hoffman has agreed to respect her during their forced time together in exchange for an “erotic encounter”.  Miss Smith is aghast at the prospect of living with a strange man.  But then, why does she?  To save her boyfriend/fiancé who isn’t worth saving?

Will they or won’t they?

In Peter Sellers real life, he self-obsessed about his image, grew weary of playing the bumbling fool and wanted to be taken seriously as an actor.  It didn’t help that he was suffering, most likely from manic-depression.

He would rise to the heights of fame, then plummet to a long string of box-office failures.

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The multi-dimensional Peter Sellers played three roles in “Dr. Strangelove: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb” (1964)

“The Bobo” (1967.) A commercial and artistic flop.

In “Hoffman”, we see the melancholy Sellers who tries to convince the girl (and us) of who he really is.  It’s surprising he would take such a role and not surprising he would ignore it, later on, not wanting to talk about it.  It’s simply too close to the truth, too close to finding out who the real Peter Sellers was and he didn’t want it.  Consequently, he attempted to buy the original negative and destroy it.  Fortunately, EMI’s contract forced it to be released.

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The tragedy of the lonely man.

Audiences didn’t respond well to “Hoffman”.  They weren’t ready for an “unfunny” sad comedy.  It is barely known of except by Sellers fans.

Throughout Peter Sellers career, comedy remained foremost – the safe choice.  In the end, there was a comeback with “Being There” (1979), a deserved Best Actor Oscar nomination, which he should have won.  Death came from a heart attack in the following year.

Peter Sellers as Chance the gardener “Chauncey Gardiner” in “Being There”

“Hoffman” is available on a new 2022 Blu-ray disc, (and as a DVD) on “The Peter Sellers Collection.”

Hoffman (Limited Edition)Hoffman [DVD]

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STRAW DOGS – – Peckinpah’s Masterpiece

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The grim black and white photo of Dustin Hoffman wearing broken glasses has become an iconic image among 1970’s silver age scholars.

Movie critics frequently pontificate about director Sam Peckinpah’s “The Wild Bunch” (1969) as being his best film.  Why ignore “Straw Dogs”?  (1971.)  Is it because it hits too close to home?

PLOT.  Mathematician-intellectual David Sumner (Dustin Hoffman) moves to the hometown of his bride, Amy (Susan George.)  It doesn’t take long to see that he’s out of his depth there among the townspeople, mainly the men who were formerly intimate with his wife.

Mr. Sumner (as they call him) can’t do any handiwork, so they are at work building him a garage.  There’s tension at the bar, where they give him looks, snicker and wait for him to make any kind of mistake.

Amy walks around with no bra, tempting them and as we find out, it was her idea to move back to Cornwall.  Was it to provoke them…and her husband?

Mr. Sumner spends his days on mathematical equations while his sexy wife and her pussycat roam about the house.  Outside the workmen watch Amy who shows off through a window, topless.

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The cat (symbolic of Amy?) is strangled, left hanging by a light cord in the closet.  Amy says correctly, “They wanted you to know they could get into your bedroom.”  (Namely, at her.)  But Mr. Sumner doesn’t rise to the occasion.  Instead, the men lure him off for a “snipe” hunt, leaving him alone in the moors.  Two of them, Charlie Venner (Del Henney) and Norman Scutt (Ken Hutchison) take the opportunity to rape his wife.  (More on this later.)

Afterward, a fed-up Mr. Sumner fires them – all too late.  Amy mockingly calls him “tiger”.  (And doesn’t tell him about the rape.)


The Sumners attend a church social.  Amy wants out – two of her rapists happen to be in attendance.  On the way home, Mr. Sumner accidentally runs into Henry Niles (David Warner), the village idiot, who has just accidentally killed a girl.  (Sally Thomsett as Janice Hedden.)  Taking Niles to his home, the men are aware of what’s happening.  Their intentions are to lynch Niles.  This is where Mr. Sumner finally draws the line.


As the story twists and unfolds, it is uncompromising and unapologetic for its point of view.  That’s the big difference between the 1971 version and the 2011 version.  (Why they remade it, I’ll never know.)

Peckinpah’s bloody finale can’t be topped.  It is all we could hope for . . . and more.

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The Rape.  Graphic, ugly and mean.  Actress Susan George is perfect for this role and she plays it to the hilt.

Dustin Hoffman.  Throughout the years, we’ve all seen Hoffman in a variety of roles.  (Two-time Oscar winner for “Kramer vs. Kramer” (1979) and “Rainman” (1988.)  But the Academy deliberately ignored “Straw Dogs” because, well, they’re chicken-shit.  It’s simply too raw for home consumption.  They can nominate him for “The Graduate” and “Midnight Cowboy”, among others.  Not “Straw Dogs”.  That’s why I can’t take the Oscars seriously.  Not then and not now.

Like it or not, there are times when we have to prove ourselves.  It may not be through an orgy of violence like “Straw Dogs”.  But it will happen.  You can’t escape it.  You can’t get by with being nice and civilized.  Not anymore.

Technically, “Straw Dogs” is brilliant.  Special mention must be given to cinematographer John Coquillon.  Any serious cameraman would kill for shots like this.

Hoffman’s face becomes flat, an expressionless death mask.

Coquillon, along with Jerry Fielding (music) were frequent Peckinpah collaborators.  For me, this is Fielding’s best work.  Sly and sinewy, it gets under your skin.

While “Straw Dogs” may sound dour and depressing, it has its own sense of humor.  Example:  Hoffman as Sumner holds a rifle on one of the men, Scutt (one of his wife’s rapists) which misfires.  Scutt laughs until Sumner starts beating him to death.

Jim Norton as Chris Cawsey wears a clowns nose and circle around the house on a little bike giggling during the carnage.

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When the men are fired from working on the garage, they’re offended.


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“Straw Dogs” is currently available on the Criterion Collection.

Formerly available on MGM DVD

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Trans Shooter Goes Berserk

Psychopath Robert Crimo suspect in July 4th massacre.  Killer went on rampage dressed in women’s clothes.   

Robert "Bobby" Crimo, 22, is taken into custody as a person of interest in the Highland Park 4th of July parade shooting.

Crimo arrested

7 were killed, 40 injured when Robert Crimo, a 21 year old transgendered male opened fire at a July 4th Independence Day parade in a Chicago suburb.  The rooftop shooter is a member of ANTIFA and has been seen on social media.

Highland Park-skytteren Robert Crimo III er en venstreekstremist |

Robert Crimo “gender confused”

Pres. Biden wouldn’t answer when asked if he’d visit the location where it occurred as he did in Uvalde, Texas.  The mainstream media has dropped this story after one day.  I wonder why.

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