Your Doctor May Kill You If…

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Once you enter a hospital, you lose many of your rights.  That’s why you should consult an attorney in regards to a Living Trust.

It may sound impossible, but the fact is, your doctor can order a “DNR” – [DO NOT RESUSCITATE”] on you or a family member – and may not tell you.  This also includes a “DNI” – ‘DO NOT INTUBATE”, where a tube is placed thru the nose or mouth into the windpipe to help facilitate breathing.  DNR includes CPR and other methods to help a patient survive a heart attack.

A Living Trust must contain information barring a DNR/DNI.  Name someone you trust as your agent with power of attorney.  It’s up to him or her to tell your doctors about the Living Trust.  He or she must give a copy of this trust to them and have proof they received it.  Take a photo of you and the doctor giving it to them.  Have them sign an acknowledgment they are aware of the Living Trust and have them read the contents.

With Covid-19, a number of convalescent homes have performed DNR’s leaving shocked family members who were unaware of it, before it was too late.

Some of you reading this will say to yourself, “That could never happen to me!”  How do you know?  We’ve all been brainwashed by the media.  Doctors are healers.  That’s why you’ll never hear any of this on T.V.  The media is in bed with the hospitals – they sponsor them.

There is a sad reality that if you don’t have the money and the means to control your doctor, he could take it upon himself to allow a patient to die, if he feels inclined to do so.

I urge all of you reading this:  Know Your Rights.  Don’t be fooled by the fake smiles of the hospital staff.  They’re running a business.  A life or death business.

DNR-DNI.  These may be your six most important letters in determining your future…if they let you have one.

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