Part 2 Anne Heche Murdered?

For those who’ve seen the helicopter video of Anne Heche being transported from the house, ask yourself, why is her face covered up as if she’s already dead?  Where are the oxygen tanks?  As a paramedic, the first thing I’d do is put her on a Venti-mask giving her pure oxygen.  Instead, she’s covered up like a corpse.

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And now for the big surprise – Heche, who can’t breathe, springs up like a Jack-in-the-Box and then is shoved back down into the ambulance… the last time we’d ever see her.  (Victim was “sedated” by ambulance workers.)

Initial reports stated that “Anne Heche” is in stable condition.”  What happened after that?  Were “they” forced to say it because of the video showing Ms. Heche obviously alive?  What if the big surprise hadn’t happened?  Would the MSM have declared her dead at the scene of the car crash?  [See “Wag the Dog” when the media creates the news.]  What made Anne Heche go from stable to critical condition in one day?

There’ve been some erroneous reports of the late actress appearing in a documentary about Jeffery Epstein.  She did appear in a TV-movie for LIfetime called “The Girl in Room 13”, wherein her daughter is forced into prostitution (sex trafficking.)

The burned-out wreckage of the car probably makes it impossible to examine it for sabotage.  It’s my belief the “Mini-Cooper” was programmed, controlled-remotely to reach speeds of 100 mph and wouldn’t stop.

The MSM writes these facts off as “conspiracy theories” when the reality is they know more about what really happened than they’re allowed to say.

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Heaven’s Gate

Heaven's Gate-Original Vintage Movie Poster for Michael image 2

Original Poster for “Heaven’s Gate”

1960 – 1980, Cinema’s Silver Age.  Films changed, they grew up.  Topics became controversial.  Subject matter previously forbidden was right up there on the big screen.  Films such as:  Psycho, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, The Graduate, Bonnie & Clyde, Rosemary’s Baby, Midnight Cowboy, A Clockwork Orange, MAS*H, Deliverance, Cries and Whispers, Last Tango in Paris, The Exorcist, Taxi Driver, Eraserhead, Raging Bull.  Directors came to prominence:  Arthur Penn, Stanley Kubrick, John Schlesinger, Roman Polanski, William Friedkin, Martin Scorsese, David Lynch, Brain DePalma, John Carpenter.

But like all good things, it came to an end.  The 1980’s started the corporate age.  If a movie wasn’t a colossal hit, (or thought to be), why bother with it?  Profit became the only motive for production.  What helped bring about this thinking?  “Heaven’s Gate” (1980.)

In 1978, director Michael Cimino’s “The Deer Hunter” would win five Academy Awards including Best Picture and Best Director.  United Artists would bet everything on his next picture.

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Michael Cimino’s Oscar for Best Director for “The Deer Hunter”

“Heaven’s Gate” (aka “The Johnson County War”) is a true story, wherein settlers in Wyoming are targeted for slaughter by the “Cattlemen’s Association” and backed by the U.S. Government.  Cimino would assemble an impressive cast including:  Kris Kristopherson, Chris Walken, John Hurt, Jeff Bridges, Joseph Cotton, Mickey Rourke, Sam Waterson, and newcomer French actress Isabelle Huppert.  Cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond’s (Oscar winner for “Close Encounter of the Third Kind”) stunning camerawork highlighted this three and a half hour epic.

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What went wrong?  Cimino’s self-indulgence and profligate spending.  Winning an Oscar went to his head.  He considered himself infallible.  Like D.W. Griffith before him, he rose with “The Birth of a Nation” (1915) , then fell with “Intolerance” (1916.)  The flaw is in the screenplay which Cimino also wrote.  There’s not enough there to justify it.

It didn’t help that he made enemies on the left who hated “The Deer Hunter’s” depiction of the Vietcong as bloodthirsty fiends.  Consequently, their knives were out when “Heaven’s Gate” premiered in December 1980.  Critics savaged it.  For them, it was the worst thing since AIDS.  United Artists withdrew it and Cimino did his best to reduce the bloated Western to a more manageable two and a half hours.  Still, they couldn’t be persuaded.  Reviewers crapped all over it.  United Artists withdrew it again, re-cutting it to ninety minutes and retitling it “The Johnson County War”.  Third times a charm?  Nope.  Like the tagline read:  “What one loves about life are the things that fade.”  “Heaven’s Gate” faded.

At a forty-four million dollar loss, United Artists was sold off to MGM for 350 million dollars.  Michael Cimino directed a few movies after, the best being “The Year of the Dragon” (1985).

Since then, “Heaven’s Gate” has gained a cult following as a “misunderstood masterpiece” and all three versions are available on the Criterion Collection.

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Anne Heche Murdered?

On August 5, 2022, Anne Heche’s Mini-Cooper was seen speeding down a residential street, crashing thirty feet into a house.  Six days later, Heche was declared “brain-dead”.  What doesn’t add up in the official MSM story?  These actions can only be described as suicidal, unless we examine what led up to it.  Twenty minutes before her death, Ms. Heche bought a wig.  This is not what someone who planned on killing themselves would do.

The most damning evidence:  a newsman’s helicopter video shows Anne Heche lunging forward from the ambulance gurney – from what appears to be a BODY BAG.  (She is unceremoniously pushed back down.)  Had she already been declared dead?  Or did they want her to be dead?

Firemen state that she was wrapped in thermal blankets.  This claims seems disingenuous.  Also I find it incredible that it took sixty-five minutes to put out the fire.

Upon crashing into the house, you have two adults – the occupant and a witness who did nothing to get Anne Heche out of the car.  Two dogs and a turtle were saved.  Think about that.  It’s as if they didn’t want to save her.

Cocaine and Fentanyl were found in her system (or so we were told.)  Are the drugs a false lead to draw us into the conclusion that she caused her own death?

This car accident mirrors Michael Hasting’s fatal crash (or bombing.)  Hastings has previously written an article for “Rolling Stone” which led to the firing of Gen. McChrystal by Pres. Obama.  His next article was about the U.S. war in Afghanistan.  Hastings was critical of Obama’s policies.  Was there a new revelation, an expose that could have revealed why we were there?  Hastings car was seen going at top speed, then exploding.

Coroner, family link Michael Hastings to drug use at time of death - Los Angeles Times

Michael Hastings car exploded then rolled into a palm tree.  June 18, 2013.

MSM reports the car crashing into a tree; however, the explosion leads to the logical conclusion of a bomb.  (Hastings had been seen earlier looking underneath his car for explosives. He told colleagues not to speak to the FBI without a lawyer and that he was “Going off the radar for awhile.”)  Today’s car are controlled by computers, meaning they can be remotely controlled.  If Heche meant to kill herself, why the screeching of brakes?  What if the car couldn’t stop?

Another painful conclusion – it seems more than likely the hospital pulled the plug on Anne Heche.  While they said her twenty year old son was in charge of her health care decisions, this was pure lip service.  You’ll recall my article titled:  “Your doctor may kill you if…”  CLICK LINK

Was Heche’s condition so severe, doctors decided not to go that extra mile and save her life?  Was Anne Heche’s final lunge off the stretcher, a last attempt to save her own life?

Anne Heche poses with salon owner Richard Glass minutes before her crash/Heche’s final lunge for life.

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Biden’s Tumor

Huge growth seen enlarged on right side of photo.

August 16 – Faux President Biden attempted another bike ride when he inadvertently revealed a strange tumor growing on the side of his neck.

June 18 – Biden manages to fall off a bicycle while standing still, then blames it on a pedal strap.

July 21 – Biden alludes to having cancer.  Officials stated this was in reference to skin cancer he had removed years ago.  Or was it?

Biden Has Cancer Biden Cancer Tall Long Sleeve T-Shirt | TeeShirtPalace

Obviously, there is a timetable for when Joe Biden stays in office.  The DNC, most likely, doesn’t want to get rid of their President (yet.)

2023.  Midterms will be over.  This gives Dems enough time before the 2024 General Election to launch a “winning” candidate.  And that ain’t Biden.  But what if fate steps in and forces Biden to quit?  At a recent signing of a 740 billion dollar tax increase (called ironically the “Inflation Reduction Act”), “Sleepy Joe” looked more lost and confused than ever.  I actually felt sorry for the dirty, rotten, son of a bitch.

Biden looks up after signing massive tax increase, not knowing where he is or what he’s doing.

It’s going to become more and more difficult for Biden’s handlers to hide his maladies.  He’s the President, fake or not.  What can they do?  Put him back in the basement?  Or parade around Ol’ Grandpa and pretend he’s not crazy?

Biden tripped up the stairs of Air Force One on Friday

Biden falls down climbing stairs for “Air Force One”

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Alec Baldwin pulled the trigger On “Rust”

The FBI has proven actor Alec Baldwin pulled the trigger on the gun (similar to a single-action Colt 45) which killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of “Rust”.

Halyna Hutchins

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Set of church where shooting took place

Earlier, Baldwin maintained in an interview that he did not pull the trigger.  His version:  the gun’s hammer snapped back while Ms. Hutchins instructed him on how to hold the weapon.  He had been handed the loaded weapon by assistant director Dave Halls who said it was safe to use.

Armorer Hannah Reed, a newbie with little experience on handling guns for films, was caught on video (without a lawyer) explaining what happened.  Her attitude explains it all – the lax, lazy, inattentive behavior which helped lead to this tragedy.  Who’s to blame?  Alec Baldwin was the producer and responsible for hiring Reed.  All done to save money.

The movie “Rust” itself is a total loss, it will never be released.  Baldwin is no longer an A-list Hollywood actor and has been demoted to podcasts and comments on Twitter.

Indicative on how the system works, no one was arrested or served jail time.  Hutchins family, I expect, will settle for some kind of cash settlement.  Tell me, what is the value of a human life?

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Trump’s Raid

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Former President Trump as seen through window by the watchers

Mar-a-Lago Raid: Trumpers see investigations as 'badge of honor', 'point of pride', says NY ...

Mar-a-Lago raid

August 8 2022.  President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Florida residence was raided by Biden’s FBI/DOJ for “mishandled documents”.  Biden’s new press secretary (looking like a Jack-in-the-Box employee reject) said “Biden knew nothing about it.”

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“Biden knew nothing about it.  Would you like some fries with that?”

During the seizure, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi gloated, saying “It’s all about the rule of law.”

This New Poll on "Biden Cheating" and "Election Laws" Will Have Pelosi Gulping Martinis

Pelosi (left) takes a nip, Biden (right) asks “Where’s the little boy’s room?”

Coincidently, the raid occurred on the same day Trump released his first campaign ad titled “A Nation in Decline”.

THE FACTS:  All former Presidents are known to keep their papers.  This is nothing new.  When the Clintons left the White House in 2001, they were famously caught stealing furniture, some of which they returned.  Hillary Clinton, for whatever reason, has kept her top-secret clearance, despite being out of office since 2013.  I guess it’s only a coincidence the Great Satan Hillary began selling merchandise for her future campaign the day after the raid.  Mrs. Clinton also infamously was caught destroying computer data with “Bleach-Bit” and crashing cell-phones with hammers.  Her fingerprints were found on documents related to “Filegate” and she was fired from the 1974 Watergate investigation committee for trying to destroy evidence.

See the source image

Since 2020, Hunter Biden’s laptop has been ignored by the FBI, despite containing evidence involving “the big guy” as Hunter refers to his father.  This evidence leads to payoffs from China, Russia, Ukraine, the Middle East and wherever the grifting Biden family has their fingers stuck in the pie.  (And you can take that to mean whatever you want.)

The Democrats are a criminal organization.  They know they can’t win 2024 fairly, no matter how much they cheat and they’ve been stealing elections since 1960.  What’s the end goal for the Socialist-Democrats?  To win?  That’s not enough.  They want Trump neutralized.

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Anne Heche Dead

Anne Heche (1969-2022)

“Ring” security camera video shows Heche’s Mini-Cooper hurtling down street toward fatal crash.

Anne Heche as seen in minor accident before her death.

Destroyed home located in Mar Vista, Los Angeles.

August 12, 2022.  Actress Anne Heche has died from brain injuries sustained while driving her car through a house on August 5, 2022.  She was fifty-three.  Cocaine and fentanyl were found in her bloodstream.

Mainstream media reports were, from the start, some of the worst I’ve ever heard:  exploitive, shameful and repetitive.  How many times did we hear she would be charged with felony DUI?  Anne Heche is dying, idiots.

On August 5, Ms. Heche was fleeing from a minor accident inside a parking garage when she went thirty feet into the rented home of Lynne Mishele.  Most importantly, a witness asked Ms. Heche if she was all right.  What did he do to save her life?  Heche’s Mini-Cooper did not immediately go up in flames.  There was a window of opportunity.  It is reported the resident’s two dogs and pet tortoise were saved.  Not Anne Heche.

Anne Heche with Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres, Heche’s former lesbian lover for three years commented:  “I don’t want anybody to be hurt.”  Faint praise from the washed-up, has-been comedienne whose show was cancelled.

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