What Killed Jeff C?

At one time YouTube was a haven for free speech and the First Amendment.  During those bygone days, Jeff C hosted several channels on YouTube, the first being https://freeradiorevolution.com/.

(Jeff C, whose real name was Jeff Cleveland, other YouTube channels include Jeff Censored!, Jeff C LIVE!, Jeff Censored ENCORE!, Jeff Censored Again! and Supreme Lord Commander.)

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The real Jeff C

Jeff C was a truther who exposed government, corporate, mainstream media, celebrity culture, Covid-19 and LGBTQ community agendas.  One of his biggest exposes was on the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.  Alex Jones only parroted what others like Jeff C had said.  Sandy Hook was an inside government hit job – i.e., a mass shooting done for the purpose of gun and media control.  The MSM’s poster boy for the shooting was Adam Lanza, a retarded kid who was mentally incapable of carrying out these executions.

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Adam Lanza

The collapse of freedom at YouTube (known as the purge) began in 2017, following the election of Donald Trump.  Suddenly, channels and their videos came tumbling down, including Jeff C’s.  YouTube’s algorithm was changed to favor the MSM’s “authoritarian” networks.  If a truther channel survived the purge, it became static, meaning the views remained the same or greatly diminished.  Jeff C frequetly complained on air about this, calling his channel the most censored on YouTube.  He would move his more controversial videos to BitChute.  https://www.bitchute.com/channel/newworldagenda/

On December 23, 2020, Jeff C died from a brain aneurism.  He was only 48.  The enormous stress of what Google (owner of YouTube) did, I think played a part in his death.

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Van Dyke & Company (Funniest Show on Television)

Dick Van Dyke hosted and starred in this short-lived series back in 1976.  Lasting only 12 episodes, it still won an Emmy for Best Variety Show.  What happened?

The pilot episode scored big in the ratings, but in that brief half season, NBC would change its time slot three times.

Bob Einstein (later known as “Super Dave Osborne”) frequently appeared and was on the talented list of writers.  (Steve Martin wrote some of the first show.)

Today the show has become known as the first to give Andy Kaufman his first recurring role.  HIs appearance provides the most laugh out loud moments, his best line being:  “I don’t know if you’re laughing at me or with me.”

A large number of guest stars appeared including Mary Tyler Moore, Lucille Ball, Chevy Chase, Tina Turner, John Denver, Lola Falana, Bobbie Gentry, Hal Linden, Flip Wilson and Freddie Prinze.

Van Dyke & Co. crossed the line between reality, frequently interrupting the show with “Special Bulletins” which was discontinued because the less than hip viewers thought they were the real thing.  (The last bulletin was that a number of L.A. Rams players were being traded for Quasimodo.)

The “Bright Family” was a running gag about the dumbest family on Earth.

Van Dyke would mention guest stars he asked to appear who refused – then he would destroy their image.  (Throwing paint on a portrait of Dean Martin, crushing a statue of Nureyev.)

In the final show, Dick is asked to say goodbye, instead he does an abrupt turn and walks off.  Was this a message?

Van Dyke & Company is available on DVD.

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