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The two most important books on alternate medicine and natural remedies are “Back to Eden” and “The Jason Winters Story” (aka “Killing Cancer”.)  Both books have a recurrent theme.  Illness is caused by wrong eating, wrong thinking, and our modern day lifestyles.

Sir Jason Winters was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  Winters rejected surgery and chemotherapy because his doctors told him he would die anyway.  What was the point?

He was able to cure himself with an herbal tea mixture of red clover, sage, chaparral, oolong and special spices (Herbalene.)   These teas are sold online at

366: Jethro Kloss Back to Eden 1st Edition

“Back to Eden” was first published in 1939 by Jethro Kloss.  Upon reading it, you will see this book is way ahead for its time.  For a while, doctors tried to ban it, which can’t be done because of the First Amendment.  Amazon – Back to Eden.

“Back to Eden” advises that all of mankind’s ills can be remedied through herbal medicine, exercise, diet, enemas, fasting and massage.  I would advise caution for some of these cures.  A few of the herbs recommended for use are poison.  Consult an expert before use.  (Also consider the dangers of radiation and surgery.)

Miracle Medicine Foods by Reese P. Dubin

“Miracle Medicine Food” contains miscellaneous information on alternative medicines.   Amazon – Miracle Medicine Food.

“Left for Dead” focuses on the heart.  The author explains how open heart surgery is potentially more dangerous than realized.  It’s a last resort solution.  (I’m not saying not to have this operation – an operation that could save your life.  It’s better to prevent yourself from having to need it.)

Dick Quinn illustrates how, following open heart surgery, he was left in a gravely weakened condition.  He could barely walk and felt like an old man.  What helped turn his health around was cayenne pepper among other herbs.  This book can be found here.

Doctors and others may ridicule these books and treatments.  Why?  Because they’re losing money if you don’t need them.  My own advice:  stay away from processed foods, food with a high amount of saturated fat, white sugar, excess salt, GMO’s and chemicals.  Any kind of exercise helps.  With computers, video games and TV, we’re become a nation of couch potatoes.  No exercise leads to disease.  Negative thinking can kill you.  Stress is poison to your system.

Life is a gift.  Many throw life away on drugs, deviant behavior and self-destruction.  Learn to love every moment before it slips away.

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