Worst Movie of 2023 – Skinamarink

This movie is a fucking piece of shit.  Do not be taken in by the 1970’s horror show trailer.  The only scary thing about “Skinamarink” is how boring it is.  Almost nothing happens.  I can’t believe I paid real money to see this.  It’s one of the few times I’ve ever walked out of a theater.  But, I saw enough to say that one hour of “Skinamarink” seemed like an eternity in Hell.

Reviewers who compare this to the work of David Lynch know little or nothing or about filmmaking.  Lynch is a genius.  “Skinamarink’s” director (Kyle Edward Ball)  uses grainy images to what effect?  The subject matter has to be interesting.  A doll stuck to the ceiling is not interesting.  You would swear the cameraman must be drunk or high, because most of the time, the angle is deliberately wrong.  The camera is pointed at the carpet, the ceiling, the corner of the room, at people’s feet and so on.

Supposedly, it’s about a dream (or is it?)  If it is, it’s a nightmare on how not to make a movie.  The plot involves children waking up to discover their father is missing.  Upstairs, their insane mother sits on the bed, her back is to the camera.  In between, the kids watch old cartoons on an old TV.  If this sounds like entertainment to you, have at it.

As I sat there in a cold theater with only one other patron, I found myself looking at my watch, wondering when it would be over.

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