What We Need to Know About the New Left

'Trans Day of Vengeance' rally in DC canceled in wake of Nashville school shooting - 247 News ...


Under any other circumstances, the mass murders at the “Covenant School” would be considered a hate crime.  So far, the only outrage from the left-wing Dems is the improper use of pronouns used for the murderer and the “unfriendly” transgender laws of Tennessee.

Far-left whackos marched on the capitol holding up seven fingers – meaning there were seven victims, including Audrey Hale.  (I only have to hold up one finger for those snowflakes.)

The MSM claims Hale had to do this – to express her anger at being discriminated against…except the shootings had nothing to do with being disenfranchised.  As it turns out, Hale was simply batshit crazy.

The reaction to this school massacre is a big wake-up call for all of us…to indicate where the Democratic Party is and where it’s going.

If you are part of the wrong group (white Christians), it’s okay if you get killed for no reason.  If you are part of the right group (transgendered), it’s okay to kill people, including three children.

This is why we have the gov’t of today.  Inflation, lost wars, no border, lawlessness and a pathetic senile old fool as President.

Ten years from now, who’ll be running the Democrats?

AOC says 'badass' millennials are the true Greatest Generation

AOC – the commie cunt.

Crazy Kamala Harris running for POTUS

Kamala Harris – the non-black black word-salad queen

Pete Buttigieg – a fag and not the first.

Michelle Obama: Jornal divulga foto da primeira-dama com 19 anos - Quem | QUEM NewsMen Can't Have Babies ... More PROOF Michelle Obama Is a MAN!

This sums up why the new left should never be allowed to run anything.

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