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Tucker Carlson doesn't realize it, but he just argued against gentrification | Salon.com

The above video clip is from the final broadcast of Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show.

Fox News highest rated news program hosted by Tucker Carlson was cancelled amidst a flurry of speculation.  His last show aired on Friday, Apr. 21, 2023.  This has happened before shortly before an election season.  It is more than coincidental that political commentators are removed, especially by criminal organizations like the DNC.

Videos - The Rush Limbaugh Show

Rush Limbaugh’s TV show was cancelled before Bill Clinton’s ’96 run.  He remained on radio until his death.

Glenn Beck ends Fox News show - CBS News

Glenn Beck was cancelled before Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election time.  Beck has since started his own network on the Internet called the Blaze.

Alfombra Roja: Andrew Breitbart | Política Exterior

Andrew Brietbart conveniently died from a heart attack at the age of 43 before Obama’s 2012 run.  Brietbart reportedly had plans to derail Obama’s 2nd term.

Bill O'Reilly Says People Who Died From Coronavirus "Were on Their Last Legs Anyway"

Following the 2016 election of Pres. Donald Trump, Bill O’Reilly was pressured out of Fox News, supposedly for sexual harassment.  In reality, the final charge was baseless.  Hillary Clinton believed “The O’Reilly Factor” got Trump elected and his show was cancelled as revenge.

Tucker Carlson is a truther and the MSM doesn’t like or want truthers.  Speaking the truth is a dangerous thing.

Fox lost $787 million in the Dominion Voting Machine lawsuit.  It is rumored cancelling Tucker Carlson’s show was thrown in as part of the deal.

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