Four Flies on Grey Velvet

Last in Dario Argento’s animal trilogy series.

“4 mosche di velluto grigio” aka “Four Flies on Grey Velvet” (1972) remained lost to home video until a 2009 DVD release by MYA Communications.  A pivotal extended scene (cut for American audiences) has been restored.

PLOT.  A musician (Michael Brandon as Roberto Tobias) is seen stabbing a man to death in a theater.  From the balcony, someone wearing a mask photographs the killing.  Is it a setup?  Or something more?

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In keeping with Argento’s previous films, nothing is as it seems.  (“The Bird with the Crystal Plumage” (1969) and “The Cat o’ 9 Tails” (1971.)

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Roberto tells his wife what happened.  She believes he is imaging it.

Four Flies on Grey Velvet (1971)

Mimsy Farmer and Michael Brandon

Hirng a detective, (John Pierre Marielle as Gianni Arcosio), the mystery leads to a madhouse – – and flashbacks of a child being tormented by their father.

Roberto’s friend Godfrey (nicknamed “God’) loans Roberto a gun and ask if he’ll have the guts to use it.

“I’ll guess I’ll find out.”


Ennio MORRICONE - Four Flies On Grey Velvet (Soundtrack) Vinyl at Juno Records.

Soundtrack for “Four Flies on Grey Velvet”

First of all, you’ll notice an exquisite (the only word to describe it) score by Ennio Morricone.  All three of his works with Argento are a feast for the ears.  “4 Flies” is especially poignant.  During the production, director Argento and composer Morricone had a falling out.  Morricone said some of his music wasn’t being used.  This would be the end of their collaboration.

Four Flies on Grey Velvet (1971) |

Mimsy Farmer as Nina

Mimsy Farmer began as a typical MGM starlet in the 1960’s.  (Ever see “Hot Rods to Hell”?)  This is her breakthrough performance.  She is almost unrecognizable with her white-blonde shock of hair and trimmer figure.  If you’ve never seen this movie, you’re in for the surprise of your life.

The pacing of this film is unsettling.  “4 Flies” isn’t as smooth as the two previous films, deliberately so.  This, along with the stark imagery, grainy 70’s look and that unmistakable Giallo-Argento feeling make this an experience that is lacking among current cinema.

Four Flies on Grey Velvet (1971) |

As for the grand finale, a brief comment.  When your in a near-death experience, everything slows down.  Is it true?  It is.

The Cathode Ray Mission: Hump Day Posters: Four Flies on Grey Velvet (1971)

Alternate poster for “4 Flies on Grey Velvet”

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Tragic End of Karen Carpenter

On Feb. 4, 1983, singer Karen Carpenter died from the overuse of ipecac syrup – a poison remedy used to induce vomiting.  The continual use resulted in irreversible heart damage.

In 1982-early 1983, friends thought Karen was over her mental illness, except for brother Richard Carpenter who knew her better than anyone else.  He didn’t buy into her “cure” and he was right.

Karen’s obsession with weight began in her teens, due to a negative article that described her as “chubby”.  But there were two events that may have led to her untimely death.

One.  Divorce.  Karen married Thomas Burris in 1980.  Rumors spread that this real estate financier had no money and that he refused to sleep with Karen.  Whether true or not, a failed marriage (with a husband seeking money) must have been a huge blow to her self image.

Two.  Her Solo Album

Pin on Album Covers

While brother Richard underwent detox from his prescription to Quaaludes, Karen embarked on her self-titled album:  a breakaway recording that could have been a new beginning for the singer…except it wasn’t.

When Richard heard about Karen’s debut, he wasn’t happy about it.  It could only mean the beginning of the end of “The Carpenters”.  Upon listening, A & M execs and Richard commented “There are no hits, no singles to promote.”  The album went unreleased.  This crushing defeat may have been the last straw.

Karen and Richard went back to recording two more albums:  “Made in America” (1981) and “Voice of the Heart: (1983), released posthumously.

It may not have made a difference, but not releasing “Karen Carpenter” was crippling to her new identity as a mature woman.  What do you think?

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TRUMP VS. CNN (Viral Video)

May 10, 2023.  CNN Town Hall.  President Donald Trump vs. moderator Kaitlan Collins (video above.)

CNN shot themselves in the foot by unleashing former President Donald J. Trump running on maximum overdrive.  This is the Trump we’ve been waiting for.  He demolished moderator Kaitlan Collins, calling her “a nasty person” and crushed attempts of boxing him in on any negative issues.  Despite the fake sexual assault civil case trial, the public is in on the frame-up.  (Where is the MSM on faux Pres. Biden’s finger-fucking Tara Reade?)

In regards to the Mar-a-Lago raid, Trump spoke of Biden’s undocumented treasure trove of boxes found containing classified information from the days when “Sleepy Joe” was Vice-President or U.S. Senator.  (Meaning they were not protected by presidential privilege.)

Trump mentioned the track record of the Biden Administration.  In just two and a half years, we have disaster on our borders, a lost war in Afghanistan, another lost war (by proxy) in Ukaraine, an energy crisis, inflation, a huge upsurge in crime and an out of control Fentanyl crisis.  All laid out on Biden’s doorstep.

The DNC has locked out all competitors against Biden, betting all their marbles on the “safe choice”: the vegetable Biden.

Joe Biden Puts The Dem In Dementia - Joe Biden - Sticker | TeePublic

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Biden Won’t Debate

Biden's 2024 challengers use Democrats' 'democracy' slogan against them ...

The DNC has announced there will be no primary debates.  Robert Kennedy Jr., who is polling at 19% is being shut out of the race, along with Marianne Williamson (9%.)  The reason why is obvious.  Biden’s mental decline continues.  He needs handlers to tell him where to walk.  He needs cards to tell him what to say.  Our fake President wanders off-stage, lost and unknowing, in front of the MSM, who pretends it isn’t happening.

The DNC’s plan.  To continue to control what the media sees of the vegetable Biden – and that means as little as possible.  The 2020 plan was to keep Biden in the basement during the Covid plan-demic.

2024.  Biden is president now.  He doesn’t have to do anything he doesn’t want to.

What he will do:  film a few campaign ads, make a speech, then return to his potty chair.

The DNC’s hope.  Just as long as our vacant-minded president wins re-election, Kamala Harris inherits the throne.  (After “Sleepy” Joe is declared incompetent.)

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