TRANS DEBATE-Documentary trailer-“What is a Woman?”

“Bud Light” trans model Dylan Mulvaney causes beer sales to plummet

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Islamo-Commie-Homo VP Kamala Harris Joins Pervert Pride Day Parade.

VP Harris in gay pride parade

In the past, the so-called rebels , those leftist adolescent-minded youth who wanted to shock Mommy and Daddy threw temper tantrums for attention.

In the 2020’s, we have an unfortunate trend steeped in deviancy.  As I noted after gay marriage was legalized in 2015, the habitual protestor wouldn’t be satisfied.  He/she/it would look for new depths to plumb.  Henceforth, we have the transgender revolution.  The Biden admin has even endorsed gender reassignment surgery for children.  The fake Biden presidency perfectly reflects what these people are – imitations of the original.  Like it or not, you can’t change your chromosomes.  You’re either XX or XY – there’s no in-between.

On Twitter, the documentary “What is a Woman?” has gone viral.  It asks a simple question that progressives are unable to answer.

I’m not sure what future generations will think of this sick-minded culture.  If sanity prevails, they’ll write it off as another Sodom & Gomorrah.

The attacks on male/female identity comes straight from Satan.  Read Genesis Chapter 1, verse 27.  “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female, he created them.”


Baphomet – both male and female – head of the rebellious goat – the devil in another guise.

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