News Briefs (Obama’s Chef Dead, Song Edited & Hunter Biden)

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July 23, 2023.  Tafari Campbell, Obama’s longtime personal friend and chef, drowned off of Martha Vineyard’s shore in an area known as “Edgartown Great Pond”.  His body was found one hundred feet from shore in eight feet of water.  The Obama’s who, (according to the MSM), were not home at the time, said they were “heartbroken”.

Hunter Biden with paid friend

Hunter Biden’s lawyer attempted to impersonate opposing counsel in an attempt to remove charges and claims made by GOP’s whistleblowers.  The matter was dismissed as a “miscommunication”.  Nevertheless, Hunter still faces charges for failure to pay his income taxes from 2017-2018.  The felony charge of purchasing a firearm while under the influence of a controlled substance (cocaine) seems to be off the table.  Likewise, Hunter’s transporting prostitutes across state lines, paid for with the “Big Guy’s” $.  Why use your own moola?  Lawyers attempted to receive “blanket immunity” from Judge Noreika (a Trump appointed judge.)

BLM riot

Jason’s Aldean’s video “Try That in a Small Town” will have all BLM (Black Lives Matter) video removed because of “copyright issues”.  Apparently, someone in Aldrean’s camp chickened-out.

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Try That in a Small Town – CMT Ban (Video)

“Try That in a Small Town” sung by Jason Aldean is #1 on the charts and has been banned by Country Music Television.

CMT has banned “Try That in a Small Town” for being “racist” despite showing actual news clips of ANTIFA and BLM rioting during most of 2020.  The left-wing faggot typically looks for reasons to be offended.  Well, if you’re going to offend somebody, do it in spades.  The fact that this song is number one speaks volumes as to where our country is now and does not bode well for the Democrats.

Opinions on the upcoming 2024 General Election:  the Dems plan to steal it in the same way they did in 2020.  Since then, nothing has been done by the GOP to stop ballot harvesting and the rigged voting machines of foreign origin.

With the rotten job Biden’s done if he wins (or whomever else runs) wins by seven million votes, expect hell to pay.

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Britney Spears Slapped – What Happened (Video)

July 5, 2023.  Aria Hotel/Casino/near the CATCH restaurant.  TMZ video shows singer Britney Spears approaching basketball player Victor Wembanyama by tapping him on the back twice.  Wembanyama’s security team (namely bodyguard Damian Smith) backhands Britney’s face, knocking her glasses off.  Wembanyama’s and his bodyguards have stated that Ms. Spears tried to “grab him”.

FACTS:  No assault or threat occurred from Britney Spears.

Britney Spears

Victor Wembanyama is a foreigner on American soil.  He is 7 foot 5 inches and has signed on to the San Antonio Spurs.

Victor Wembanyama

Whether this is an assault & battery case would be up to the lawyers to decide.  Las Vegas police have decided it is not.  (Spears could still sue in civil court.)

What happened is this:  Wembanyama and his bodyguards didn’t know it was Britney Spears.  So, she was knocked away.  That doesn’t make it right.  This is common practice.  I’ve been pushed off by bodyguards.  The anomaly is this:  Britney Spears is the more famous celebrity.  Wembanyama is nineteen and was just signed to play pro.  Yet, already he is in the club.  The “my shit don’t stink” club.  Except, it does.

Britney, who’s been famous since the 1990’s, has suddenly been placed back with the “normies”.  How’d that happen?  The MSM has rushed to Wembanyama’s defense, saying Britney “slapped herself”.  The video shows otherwise, but who are ya gonna believe?  Them or your lyin’ eyes?

Question One.  Since when are black men allowed to hit white women in public?  Where are you, feminists?  There was a time when such behavior would end in a lynching.

Question Two.  What if a white bodyguard had backhanded Beyonce?  There’d be riots in the streets and a major outcry from the MSM.

Question Three.  What if a Trump bodyguard had done this?  This answer is so obvious, I don’t have to say it.

My opinion is that most normal men would want to be “grabbed” by Britney Spears.  Then again, these are not normal times.

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Death Wish (Novel vs. Film)



Most people know “Death Wish” from the 1974 movie starring Charles Bronson or the 2018 remake with Bruce Willis.  Like many films, it all started as a book written by Brain Garfield.  How do they differ?  First, it should be made clear that the many sequels (Parts II thru V) have little to do with the original.  Part 2 is the only one that resembles the first – just barely.  Likewise, the remake is pretty much a blood-soaked revenge tale which the novel is not.

Charles Bronson

Probably the closest thing to the novel is the protagonist Paul Benjamin, the last name changed to Kersey for the film.  Bronson is well cast, resembling the character’s description from the book.  In the movie version, his wife is portrayed by Hope Lange.  In the novel, she is already dead from the get-go.

Vagebond's Movie ScreenShots: Death Wish (1974)

Hope Lange

The film’s beginning doesn’t exist in Garfield’s novel, wherein, the Kersey’s spend a second honeymoon – their last vacation together.  The catalyst for “Death Wish” is a brutal attack by three thieves who invade their apartment, terrorizing Paul’s wife and daughter.

Death Wish (1974) Review |BasementRejectsMovie Review: Death Wish (1974) | The Ace Black Blog

The movie shows it all in graphic detail.  Remember, this was done forty-nine years ago and it still packs a wallop.

There is where the novel and film merge.

One major difference is Paul’s daughter Carol.  (Played by Kathleen Tolan.)  In the novel, her state of mind is one of gradual decline.  In the film, she remains a catatonic vegetable from beginning to end.

widescreen revenge: Death Wish (1974)

Charles Bronson, Kathleen Tolan, Steven Keats

Carol’s husband, Jack (played by Steven Keats) is a lawyer and a confirmed liberal, as was Paul.  Jack is content in letting the police solve the crime.  (They never do.)

Death Wish (1974)

Steven Keats

Paul (as in the book and film) goes through an eventual transformation.  Not satisfied with remaining a victim, he begins carrying a sock filled with quarters.  Using himself as bait, he is eventually accosted and Paul strikes back.  A young black runs away in terror.

Death Wish (1974) | Scorethefilm's Movie Blog

While in Tucson, Arizona on a job assignment, Paul buys a gun.  In the film, it’s a gift from Ames Jainchill (Stuart Margolin), a client who knows something’s wrong and gives him a push in the right direction.

The movie and book begin to separate, not in action, but opinion.

Garfield’s novel portrays Paul as being driven to near madness:  from grief and despair.  His first victim is a junkie needing a fix.  He shoots a man for attempting to rob a sleeping drunk.  He kills a man for taking a TV set.  None of these people attacked his family, but it’s his moral right to avenge them, or so he believes.

In “Death Wish” the film, Paul is the “vigilante killer”, NYC’s hero for killing off muggers who prey on the weak and helpless citizens.

Vincent Gardenia

The police, headed by Inspector Frank Ochoa (Vincent Gardenia) are after the vigilante , then decide that public sentiment will not allow them to arrest their new found crusader.  After a series of murders, the last where Paul is wounded, he is told to leave town for his own good.

In the novel, Paul shoots several teenagers for dropping cinder blocks on a moving subway.  This is witnessed by a police officer who lets him go.

In 1974, “Death Wish” struck a cord with movie audiences.  It was released  during the dogdays of summer when Watergate had dragged on for two years with Nixon’s resignation looming.  A very grim time.

If the ’74 version were released today, I expect it would be condemned by critics as “reactionary, MAGA-hat inspired, racist hate speech.

But what do you do when the police fail you?

We saw it all thru 2020:  a six month long riot the MSM instantly forgot about after January 6, 2021.  [That was a protest against a stolen election, not an insurrection.]  We are now a splintered faction of Communists, sex perverts, illegal aliens and freaks.  Real Americans have become disenfranchised, creating an eventual pushback coming your way.

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From the above video, we see how artificial intelligence is able to create a video image of a human being to near perfection.  As of now, a few bugs need to be worked out, but how long will it take before gov’t techies are able to produce a lifelike video of Joe Biden – without the real Joe Biden?  (Consider the implications.)

As viewed, the commentator believes the video of Biden is A.I.  (Why doesn’t he blink?  Why does he appear so mechanical?)  The video had to be edited and re-edited until Biden’s handlers got the desired results.

The A.I. of Hillary Clinton is better than the real thing.

Hillary explains everything: ‘I’m really not even a human being’

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Cocaine Found in White House

Vegetable Biden was queried as to how a packet of cocaine was found in the situation room of the White House.  Our faux-Prez gave a shit-eating grin and said nothing.

Hunter Biden (crackhead son of “Sleepy, Creepy Joe”) had been in the White House earlier during the 4th of July celebration and appeared high.  Do the math.

Jill Biden goads Trump, claims he’s ‘afraid to run’ against her husbandEXPLOSIVE! China’s GTV Releases Videos of Hunter Biden Sex Tapes while Smoking Crack - The Tatum ...Photo of Hunter Biden Smoking Crack Released from Abandoned Laptop

The White House has surveillance cameras everywhere.  It would be relatively easy to find out who the guilty party is, if they or the MSM wanted to.  They don’t.

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Belushi (1949-1982)

The Controversy Over Belushi Bio ‘Wired’ – Rolling Stone

È morta Cathy Smith, la cantante che iniettò la dose fatale di coca e eroina a John Belushi | L ...

Catherine Evelyn Smith, John Belushi

On March 5, 1982, between 10:15 and 11 a.m., comedian/actor John Belushi died from a combination of heroin and cocaine.  For the previous several days, he had been receiving injections from Catherine Evelyn Smith, junkie/dealer.  What led to it?

Despite being rich and famous, John Belushi was dissatisfied.  His first movie (Goin’ South) starred Jack Nicholson.  Belushi wanted to be respected like Nicholson and have the same clout.  Likewise, he had begun palling around with Robert DeNiro who had just won an Oscar for “Raging Bull”.

NEIGHBORS Original 1981 poster John Belushi Dan Aykroyd Cathy Moriarty | eBay

His last movie “Neighbors” is known mainly just for that.  It was his grand finale.  A disappointing dark comedy, it didn’t connect with the audiences that loved him for “Animal House” or “The Blues Bros.”

Belushi’s Next Feature Film (if he had lived.)  John was signed to do “Sweet Deceptions”, a story about diamonds, romance and how to steal both.  John, along with writer/actor Don Novello did their own adaptation and retitled it “Noble Rot”.  And everybody hated it.  The studio, his manager, his colleagues, everybody.  He felt rejected because he had based the main character (Johnny Glorioso) on himself.  Instead, the studio wanted him to do “The Joy of Sex” to be directed by Penny Marshall (of “Laverne & Shirley” fame.)  Belushi wasn’t happy about it, didn’t like the script, and felt Ms. Marshall wasn’t up to directing it.

Again, he would shift his attentions to another imagined film project about punk r0ck.  Belushi felt this was the new upcoming rage and wanted the band “Fear” to sing in it.  In this yet to be titled picture, his character would become a punker, dye his hair purple and do heroin.

John was entranced by method acting – his favorite actor being Marlon Brando – and believed an actor had to experience whatever the character was going through.  Belushi, who was already hooked on cocaine, took that fatal step towards heroin.  In those last few days, John’s friends and family knew he was out of control.  Dan Ackroyd and John’s wife Judy had plans to force him back to New York…in handcuffs.

Los Angeles, CA.  With no one to watch over him, John went a drug spree.

March 4, 1982.  Belushi has a discussion with Robert DeNiro, who agrees that taking heroin for a role would add believability to the character.  DeNiro, however, is spooked by Catherine Evelyn Smith, an on-the-fringes doper.

John briefly encounters Robin Williams.  John blacks out twice in front of Robin, who knows something’s wrong, but is reluctant to advice him.


10 Hotels Where Famous People Have Died - famous people died - Oddee

Chateau Marmont – the end of the road for John Belushi.

Smith injects John with a fatal dose – the cumulative effect of the drugs coursing through his veins.  Exhausted, John takes a shower, complains about being cold, and Smith puts him to bed.  He asks her not to leave.  Smith hears him “breathing funny”.  This doesn’t stop her from leaving, borrowing John’s car and going on some errands.

Early afternoon.  Bill Wallace, John’s trainer, brings over a typewriter for the new script John plans to write.  The room is oddly quiet.  He sees John covered up in bed and tells him it’s time to get up.  No response.  Pulling back the covers, John is dead, turned dark purple, his tongue sticking out.

john belushi chateau marmont – johnrieber

His last companions: Robin Williams, Robert DeNiro, Catherine Evelyn Smith.

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