Biden’s Hawaii Visit — Another Disaster

The mollusk-brained Biden visited Hawaii to oversee the worst disaster in U.S. history.  His out-of-touch behavior further proved we have no President.  Just a husk of  the what is the worst kind of politician.  A pathetic “flim-flam man”.  It is divine justice that Biden’s brain is fading out fast.  The MSM knows it, of course.  They are relying on die-hard Democrats to not care who is in office as long as it’s one of them.   Biden can’t relate to the common man, although he pretends to.  Folks in Maui lost everything and our faux President compares his small kitchen fire twenty years ago to the devastation that has destroyed a city.

Lahaina destroyed because an Obama official didn’t want to use water to put out the fire because water is sacred. Fire alarms and sirens weren’t used because “they’re for tsunamis.”

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“Sassy Trucker” Faces 2 Years in Jail for Being a Bitch

Uglo Tierra Young Allen faces jail

TickTock influencer “Sassy Trucker” has had her passport revoked and was arrested after screaming at a rental car company official when she refused to pay for having her belongings returned after a traffic accident.  She is not allowed to leave Dubai for being an ugly, loudmouthed feminist bitch.  Leave her there and let her rot in hell.

Dems Hate Sound of Freedom

President Bill Clinton with Jeffery Epstein

The unexpected hit of this summer is “Sound of Freedom” and it is ruffling some feather amongst the left-wing ruling class.  Perpetual attacks from the MSM calling this film “a conspiracy theory from Q-anon.”  How is human trafficking a theory?  It is and was a well know fact – a news story going back for decades.

“Sound of Freedom” starring Jim Caviezel – the movie Hollywood couldn’t stop.

What troubles those who are against “Sound of Freedom”?  Is it a truth that hits too close to home?  For some time, there have been rumors of certain leaders within the Democratic Party who are involved in some way or another with sex trafficking.

Fake President Joe Biden with the kiddies. MSM ignores it.

Joe Biden’s fetish for small children is well known and joked about amongst the political intelligentsia.  It should come as no surprise, when you poke the bear with a stick, the bear will strike back.

MSM headlines attack “Sound of Freedom” as “Christian Republican right-wing propaganda.”  What is the majority of Hollywood content?  Pagan, left-wing, progressive propaganda.

How demented have the left become when they can’t agree with the right on this one single issue?  How far away is it when child molesting perverts begin demanding equal rights as did the LGBTQers?  Or is that time already here?  If a movie fights against child-sex-intercontinental-prostitution – and it’s a true story, no less – why does it become a target of the “woke”?  Doesn’t this prove the old saying:  “You are defined by who your enemies are.”

The Clintons were frequent visitors to the Island of Perversion. Why is Pres. Trump being indicted?

Mystery of Obama Chef Deepens

Police and media coverup involving the death of Obama’s chef, Tafari Campbell

What we now know.

July 23, 2023.  In the early evening hours, Tafari Campbell and another unknown paddle-boarder went swimming near the former President’s beach front estate.  Around nine p.m., a female called 911, reporting the death of Campbell.  This phone call took place two miles away.

Contrary to initial reports, the Obamas were home and were cleared out by the Secret Service.

For whatever reason, police left the reason for the 911 call blank and will not reveal the identity of the other swimmer.

Tafari Campbell’s body wasn’t found until ten a.m. the next morning.  His face showed signs of injury.

According to commentator Dinesh D’souza, Campbell had intentions of quitting his job and writing his memoirs about life with the Obamas.  If BHO’s chef posed such a threat, I’d expect this means their future plans for politics are not over.

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Dr Fauci Funded Lab that Created Covid (Video)

It will go down as the joke of the century that Dr. Anthony Fauci, who according to the MSM was “the most trusted man in America” in regards to what we, the public, should do about the Covid-19 outbreak.  Maybe, someday in the future (100 years from now), when the truth can be told, it will be revealed that China, the Democratic Party and Dr. Fauci used germ warfare to win the 2020 General Election and defeat former President Donald Trump.

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