Matthew Perry Drowns in Hot Tub – (Illuminati)

Matthew Perry’s last eerie post for Instagram before he died at the age 54.   Caption:  “Oh, so warm water swirling around make you feel good? I’m Mattman.”

Matthew Perry, one of the ensemble case of the hit TV show “Friends” (1994-2004) was found dead October 28th.  What caused him to drown in a hot tub has yet to be determined.  Ironically, Perry’s autobiography titled “Friends, Lovers and the Big, Terrible Thing” was supposed to be a new beginning for the actor who had kicked his drug and drinking habits.  In the book, he chronicles his addictions, saying he nearly died twice when his heart stopped and his colon burst.  Sadly, this is the end for many who achieve too much success and too much fame.  In the last two seasons of “Friends”, each actor received one million dollars per episode.  That’s $44 million for two years work.  In the 2021 “Friends” reunion special, the actors appeared unusually old and way past their glory days.  Just a bunch of old farts.  That’s the ultimate joke played on all of us…except  me.

ILLUMINATI LINK.  Those of you will remember the untimely death of Whitney Houston, who died in a bathtub shortly before her Grammy award show appearance.  What does this mean?  The water is a symbolic of rebirth.  Once the Illuminati is through with you, you are expected to pay them back.  The ultimate sacrifice.

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Useful Idiots

Hundreds of pro-Palestine protesters rally outside Sydney Opera House | 7 News Australia - YouTube

First, the facts.

There is no state of Palestine.  There are no more Palestinians.  What was Palestine was owned by Great Britain until 1948.  This Israeli homeland was given to the Jews, who originally owned it since Biblical times.  The Arabs calling themselves Palestinians live in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank run by two terrorist organizations known as Hamas and Hezbollah.   (They are backed by Iran.)  The Hebrews (Jews) and Arabs have been enemies for thousands of years.

The future.  Most are aware that the Islamic refugees dumped into Europe have set off a crime wave of rape, murder, violence and terrorism.  Back then, they called it “diversity”.  Today, there is talk of bringing the so-called Palestinians who are to be evacuated from Gaza, here to the USA.  How many?  AOC wants one million.  Why not bring them all – Hamas included?  You all must see where this is going.  Nineteen terrorists set off 9/11.  How about a million?

There are forces out there who want to bring about the destruction of the United States.  Some blame Biden.  Biden, who should have been declared mentally incompetent a year ago, is Obama’s stooge.  That’s why Biden remains.  As long as Biden has a pulse, he’ll be allowed to continue.

The protestors here in America.  What are they?  They’re useful idiots.  They’re the same fools who caused us to lose the Vietnam War.  The same fools who are causing us to lose the war on terror.  Can anything be done to stop it?  The loudmouth left are relying on the silent majority to do nothing and let them take the driver’s seat, i.e., they’re driving us off the edge of a cliff.

A few weeks ago at the Australia opera house protest, they chanted “Gas the Jews.” Rush Limbaugh used to say, words  mean something.  Call them out for what they are.  Because if we don’t, we’re next.

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Dead Babies

The Reason for the Rockets - * Palestine * 911 Truths be Told * Israel

Bodies of 40 Babies Found in Israeli Town of Kfar Aza – Some of Them ...

Despite all the video evidence proving Hamas killed 1,200+ in their Oct. 7th unprovoked attack on Israel, the lunatic left are in denial mode.  What do the new Holocaust deniers think the invaders were there for?  A pajama party?

Most contentious is the dispute about beheaded babies.  Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, who has seen the photos of the butchered babies said, “If a picture is worth a thousand words, these are worth a million.”

This is not enough for the willful idiots who support the bloodlust of the Palestinians.  They say they’re computer-generated A.I. photos.

The executioners, the terrorists themselves, said the babies heads weren’t chopped off.  They were shot off.  WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE??!!

That farting fool Biden called Netanyahu, telling him not to invade Gaza until everyone is evacuated.  THEN, WHAT’S THE POINT OF BOMBING THEM??!!

Netanyahu must know Biden is being controlled by Obama.  The only thing to do is ignore him and kill any and all of those who were involved with this October 7th massacre.

If President, what should be done about the American hostages?  Set a deadline, asking for the return of every hostage and make it clear that all those responsible will die a painful and excruciating death if they are one minute late.  Even Pres. Carter attempted a rescue back when 52 hostages were taken in Iran. (1979-1981.)

We need a man as president.  Neither Biden or Obama fit the bill.  One is a senile old turd ready to croak, the other is a foreign-born Muslim Judas Commie traitor.

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Insane Left Reacts to War

Predictably and most notably, the “college elite” (Harvard’s educated trash) have sided with Hamas in the conflict with Israel.  There have been comparisons to BLM with the Palestinians, calling Israel the “oppressor”.  While the word “Nazi” is a favorite insult from progressives, what do they think the real Nazis were trying to do in WWII?  Besides world conquest, they wanted to kill all the Jews.

The left always take the other (wrong) side for various reasons:  to be cutting edge, to be controversial and to get attention.  But this time they have gone too far.  Words have consequences.  What you put down on the Internet stays there forever.  People will remember this betrayal.

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Oct. 7, 2023.  By now, you’ve all seen the videos of Hamas invading Israel.

Iran has funded their operation, coming one month after it was announced that Biden would unfreeze $6 billion for the release of five hostages held prisoner in Iran.  2+2 =4.  LINK

Location of the Gaza Strip

While the MSM won’t show it, Hamas murdered, raped and beheaded men, women, children and babies.   What do you think of that?  Most soldiers would not commit these kinds of atrocities.  This hasn’t stopped Democrats from saying Israel shouldn’t be there anyway.

The usual suspects (the “Squad”) have called for peace.  It’s a little late for that.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (MI), won’t comment and that doesn’t surprise me, because obviously she supports the Palestinians no matter what.  Most were surprised by the October 7th attacks.  I wasn’t.  A leopard can’t change its spots.  The Biden-Obama administration look like what they are:  capitulators and collaborators.  Obama has done this before.

  Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has, for this brief moment in time, the world’s support.  The terrorist gov’t of Hamas should be destroyed by any means necessary.

Final Analysis.  We, here in the United States, have in our midst, an untold number of illegal immigrants, terrorist cells, plotting against us.  It’s only a matter of time.  The 2024 General Election could be a deciding factor as to how we will deal with this enemy from within.

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Too Little, Too Late

Two miles of Trump’s wall is rebuilt by Biden

When asked about two miles of the border wall being erected on the U.S./Mexico border, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has stated the Biden Administration is now complying with the Dept. of Homeland’s Security’s “rule of law”.   This means they have NOT complied for the last two and a half years, doesn’t it?

Back in Jan. 2021, Dems were thrilled with our new open border policy.  The bad orange man was gone.  Now, America was open to as many immigrants as could and would be allowed.  As everyone knows, most of these foreigners could be counted on to vote for the big “D”.  Let’s drown the Republicans in a sea of the great unwashed masses.

What Went Wrong?

2023.  Suddenly, the left realized these refugees might actually affect them.  In fact, they may be transported to their state!  Their city!  Their neighborhood!

Blacks, homeless, retired veterans and the poor were being pushed aside – ignored – while the human filth of the world were being dumped into the good, ol’ USA.  People who are illiterates, diseased, or worse looking for a free ride (welfare, food stamps) and finally – terrorists.  Didn’t we learn anything from 9/11?

The left frequently quote what’s written on the Statue of Liberty:  “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, etc.”  THIS IS NOT THE LAW OF THE LAND – THE U.S. CONSTITUTION IS.  There’s a legal process, where those who want to immigrate have to be vetted, screened, inoculated and wait.  Does anyone think the millions of illegals brought in during Obama (2009-2015) and Biden (2021-present) were vetted?

The damage is done.  Building a two mile piecemeal bit of wall won’t make up for the anti-American elements we’ve brought in at the behest of – let’s face it- Barack Obama – the America hater who sold his ass to rich white men in Hawaii for cocaine and is now getting back at us for his pain and guilt.

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Jamaal Bowman – Liar, Liar

WATCH: Rep. Jamaal Bowman caught pulling fire alarm in House Video

Sept. 30, House of Representatives.  N.Y. Rep. Jamaal Bowman is caught on a security camera pulling a fire alarm switch, causing an evacuation and delaying a vote.  House Democrats wanted to delay a vote to prevent a government shutdown.

Since then, Bowman has been accused of a criminal offense, similar to what protestors were charged with for the Jan. 6th protest march.  (Dems call J6 “an insurrection.”)

Bowman’s excuse:  The door was locked, so he panicked, pulling the fire alarm, thinking the doors would open.  This argument fails because Bowman was formally a middle school principal and knows fire alarms don’t open doors.

Bowman’s office issued some talking points for House Democrats telling them what to say on social media and referred to MAGA Republicans as “Nazis”.  Again, he walked back this statement.

Dems and the MSM have done what they always do, circled the wagons and rushed to his defense, saying Bowman made a mistake and was only confused.

Analysis.  If the Dems had been smart, they would’ve said nothing.  His act speaks for itself.  A third grader would know he’s lying.  Instead, Democrats lower themselves to his level.  They are duplicitous scam artists.

There’s a video of Bowman laughing like a hysterical 13 year old when Trump’s mug shot was show on TV.  “We got him,” he burbles, then keeps on laughing.  This pretty much sums up the kind of people who are after Trump.

This is the GOP’s chance to have all the J6ers released if Bowman goes unpunished.  You can’t have two sets of laws for the people you favor.  If Bowman is punished by censure, it hardly equals what the J6ers are going through locked up by the corrupt Biden-Obama administration.

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