Boogeyman Michelle Obama

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With former Pres. Trump leading in all of the polls, pathetic Devilcrats have to stay relevant by insisting that Obummer’s “First Lady” is going to save the day by running for President.


One.  Michelle Obama has not said one time that she wants to run for President.

(Dems source:  Fake news stories from “insiders” that swear Big M.O. told them she’s running.)

Two.  Michelle Obama has skeletons in her closet.

There’s a lotta stuff out there about Moo-chelle that she doesn’t want normies to know about.  Mrs. Oboo prefers to be the silent power behind the throne.

Three.  VP Kamala Harris

Word-salad Queen Kamala isn’t going away and has no intention to.  She was chosen because she checked off all the PC-boxes back in 2020.  Woman of “color” (colored woman?), far-left, fast mouth, foreign without being too foreign (like Mombasa-born Barack.)

Four.  No experience.

Michelle Obama has never held public office.  While some may say the same for Trump, that was before, not now.  Trump was the 45th President of the United States.

Five.  What makes you think Michelle Obama could win?

I’ve heard all the hype, that M.O. could win sleepwalking.  Maybe before, not today.  People are fed up.  Border crisis, inflation, losing wars, lost of prestige worldwide, far-left policies that never work, false promises that never pan out.  The American people want Donald J. Trump.  Yes, Michelle O. could do better than Biden.  Anybody could do better than Biden.  That’s faint praise.

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