Jaime Foxx’s Covid-19 Vaccine Causes Blindness, Paralysis

Jamie Foxx hospitalised after 'medical complication' - Daily Post Naija

Is the threat of COVID vaccine hesitancy getting enough attention? | Penn Today

April 11, 2023.  Actor and Oscar winner Jamie Foxx suffered what the mainstream media calls a “medical complication” after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine for an upcoming film.

May 30, 2023.  Reporter A.J. Benza announced on “Ask Dr. Drew” that Jaime Foxx was left blind and partially paralyzed because of the side effects from the experimental vaccine.

Jamie Foxx Health Scare: Is A COVID mRNA Booster To Blame? AJ Benza ...

Virtual media silence existed until recently when the MSM is now being forced to combat Benza-Dr. Drew’s report as a “conspiracy theory”.

Foxx’s daughter Corrine has tried (unsuccessfully) to dispel rumors by saying her father was released from the hospital – – leaving out the part about him being transferred to a Chicago rehabilitation center.

Youmzain and the fourth horseman on Twitter: "@BurgerLab12 ...


The media, in conjunction with corporate big pharma, is rewriting the story, claiming the actor suffered a stroke.  …But, what caused the stroke?

Benza and Dr. Drew believe the vaccine led to a blood clot in the brain.

Jaime Foxx’s “statement” on Instagram:  “Appreciate all the love!!!  Feeling blessed.”

SUMMATION.  Since it began, EricReports.com has been against any forced plan to vaccinate the public with this experimental vaccine (as fake President Biden did until it was ruled unconstitutional.)  I have not and will not accept the current Covid-19 inoculation.  In the final analysis, it is not safe.

While Foxx could have declined the shot, he was pressured into it for a new film titled “Back in Action”.  (It is doubtful he will ever finish it.)

The MSM has and will continue to push their plan to eventually force everyone to receive the “jab”, whether they like it or not.

The media black-out on what really happened to Jaime Foxx is obvious censorship.  If you don’t like a news story, rewrite it and call the facts a conspiracy theory.  A few years ago, singer Eric Clapton was also left with frozen, numb, burning hands inhibiting his ability to play the guitar.

It is my hope that Foxx, what’s left of him, makes a public announcement declaring the Covid-19 vaccine as unsafe.

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Four Flies on Grey Velvet

Last in Dario Argento’s animal trilogy series.

“4 mosche di velluto grigio” aka “Four Flies on Grey Velvet” (1972) remained lost to home video until a 2009 DVD release by MYA Communications.  A pivotal extended scene (cut for American audiences) has been restored.

PLOT.  A musician (Michael Brandon as Roberto Tobias) is seen stabbing a man to death in a theater.  From the balcony, someone wearing a mask photographs the killing.  Is it a setup?  Or something more?

Four Flies on Grey Velvet (1971) – MUBI

In keeping with Argento’s previous films, nothing is as it seems.  (“The Bird with the Crystal Plumage” (1969) and “The Cat o’ 9 Tails” (1971.)

‎The Bird With the Crystal Plumage on iTunesThe Cat O' Nine Tails (Special Edition) (Blu-ray)

Roberto tells his wife what happened.  She believes he is imaging it.

Four Flies on Grey Velvet (1971)

Mimsy Farmer and Michael Brandon

Hirng a detective, (John Pierre Marielle as Gianni Arcosio), the mystery leads to a madhouse – – and flashbacks of a child being tormented by their father.

Roberto’s friend Godfrey (nicknamed “God’) loans Roberto a gun and ask if he’ll have the guts to use it.

“I’ll guess I’ll find out.”


Ennio MORRICONE - Four Flies On Grey Velvet (Soundtrack) Vinyl at Juno Records.

Soundtrack for “Four Flies on Grey Velvet”

First of all, you’ll notice an exquisite (the only word to describe it) score by Ennio Morricone.  All three of his works with Argento are a feast for the ears.  “4 Flies” is especially poignant.  During the production, director Argento and composer Morricone had a falling out.  Morricone said some of his music wasn’t being used.  This would be the end of their collaboration.

Four Flies on Grey Velvet (1971) | bonjourtristesse.net

Mimsy Farmer as Nina

Mimsy Farmer began as a typical MGM starlet in the 1960’s.  (Ever see “Hot Rods to Hell”?)  This is her breakthrough performance.  She is almost unrecognizable with her white-blonde shock of hair and trimmer figure.  If you’ve never seen this movie, you’re in for the surprise of your life.

The pacing of this film is unsettling.  “4 Flies” isn’t as smooth as the two previous films, deliberately so.  This, along with the stark imagery, grainy 70’s look and that unmistakable Giallo-Argento feeling make this an experience that is lacking among current cinema.

Four Flies on Grey Velvet (1971) | bonjourtristesse.net

As for the grand finale, a brief comment.  When your in a near-death experience, everything slows down.  Is it true?  It is.

The Cathode Ray Mission: Hump Day Posters: Four Flies on Grey Velvet (1971)

Alternate poster for “4 Flies on Grey Velvet”

Four Flies on Grey Velvet (1971) - Posters — The Movie Database (TMDB)

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Tragic End of Karen Carpenter

On Feb. 4, 1983, singer Karen Carpenter died from the overuse of ipecac syrup – a poison remedy used to induce vomiting.  The continual use resulted in irreversible heart damage.

In 1982-early 1983, friends thought Karen was over her mental illness, except for brother Richard Carpenter who knew her better than anyone else.  He didn’t buy into her “cure” and he was right.

Karen’s obsession with weight began in her teens, due to a negative article that described her as “chubby”.  But there were two events that may have led to her untimely death.

One.  Divorce.  Karen married Thomas Burris in 1980.  Rumors spread that this real estate financier had no money and that he refused to sleep with Karen.  Whether true or not, a failed marriage (with a husband seeking money) must have been a huge blow to her self image.

Two.  Her Solo Album

Pin on Album Covers

While brother Richard underwent detox from his prescription to Quaaludes, Karen embarked on her self-titled album:  a breakaway recording that could have been a new beginning for the singer…except it wasn’t.

When Richard heard about Karen’s debut, he wasn’t happy about it.  It could only mean the beginning of the end of “The Carpenters”.  Upon listening, A & M execs and Richard commented “There are no hits, no singles to promote.”  The album went unreleased.  This crushing defeat may have been the last straw.

Karen and Richard went back to recording two more albums:  “Made in America” (1981) and “Voice of the Heart: (1983), released posthumously.

It may not have made a difference, but not releasing “Karen Carpenter” was crippling to her new identity as a mature woman.  What do you think?

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TRUMP VS. CNN (Viral Video)

May 10, 2023.  CNN Town Hall.  President Donald Trump vs. moderator Kaitlan Collins (video above.)

CNN shot themselves in the foot by unleashing former President Donald J. Trump running on maximum overdrive.  This is the Trump we’ve been waiting for.  He demolished moderator Kaitlan Collins, calling her “a nasty person” and crushed attempts of boxing him in on any negative issues.  Despite the fake sexual assault civil case trial, the public is in on the frame-up.  (Where is the MSM on faux Pres. Biden’s finger-fucking Tara Reade?)

In regards to the Mar-a-Lago raid, Trump spoke of Biden’s undocumented treasure trove of boxes found containing classified information from the days when “Sleepy Joe” was Vice-President or U.S. Senator.  (Meaning they were not protected by presidential privilege.)

Trump mentioned the track record of the Biden Administration.  In just two and a half years, we have disaster on our borders, a lost war in Afghanistan, another lost war (by proxy) in Ukaraine, an energy crisis, inflation, a huge upsurge in crime and an out of control Fentanyl crisis.  All laid out on Biden’s doorstep.

The DNC has locked out all competitors against Biden, betting all their marbles on the “safe choice”: the vegetable Biden.

Joe Biden Puts The Dem In Dementia - Joe Biden - Sticker | TeePublic

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Biden Won’t Debate

Biden's 2024 challengers use Democrats' 'democracy' slogan against them ...

The DNC has announced there will be no primary debates.  Robert Kennedy Jr., who is polling at 19% is being shut out of the race, along with Marianne Williamson (9%.)  The reason why is obvious.  Biden’s mental decline continues.  He needs handlers to tell him where to walk.  He needs cards to tell him what to say.  Our fake President wanders off-stage, lost and unknowing, in front of the MSM, who pretends it isn’t happening.

The DNC’s plan.  To continue to control what the media sees of the vegetable Biden – and that means as little as possible.  The 2020 plan was to keep Biden in the basement during the Covid plan-demic.

2024.  Biden is president now.  He doesn’t have to do anything he doesn’t want to.

What he will do:  film a few campaign ads, make a speech, then return to his potty chair.

The DNC’s hope.  Just as long as our vacant-minded president wins re-election, Kamala Harris inherits the throne.  (After “Sleepy” Joe is declared incompetent.)

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Tucker Carlson Cancelled

Tucker Carlson doesn't realize it, but he just argued against gentrification | Salon.com

The above video clip is from the final broadcast of Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show.

Fox News highest rated news program hosted by Tucker Carlson was cancelled amidst a flurry of speculation.  His last show aired on Friday, Apr. 21, 2023.  This has happened before shortly before an election season.  It is more than coincidental that political commentators are removed, especially by criminal organizations like the DNC.

Videos - The Rush Limbaugh Show

Rush Limbaugh’s TV show was cancelled before Bill Clinton’s ’96 run.  He remained on radio until his death.

Glenn Beck ends Fox News show - CBS News

Glenn Beck was cancelled before Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election time.  Beck has since started his own network on the Internet called the Blaze.

Alfombra Roja: Andrew Breitbart | Política Exterior

Andrew Brietbart conveniently died from a heart attack at the age of 43 before Obama’s 2012 run.  Brietbart reportedly had plans to derail Obama’s 2nd term.

Bill O'Reilly Says People Who Died From Coronavirus "Were on Their Last Legs Anyway"

Following the 2016 election of Pres. Donald Trump, Bill O’Reilly was pressured out of Fox News, supposedly for sexual harassment.  In reality, the final charge was baseless.  Hillary Clinton believed “The O’Reilly Factor” got Trump elected and his show was cancelled as revenge.

Tucker Carlson is a truther and the MSM doesn’t like or want truthers.  Speaking the truth is a dangerous thing.

Fox lost $787 million in the Dominion Voting Machine lawsuit.  It is rumored cancelling Tucker Carlson’s show was thrown in as part of the deal.

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John Candy’s Last Movie

WesternDouble: Wagons East (1994) Şaşkın Kovboylar / DVD-Rip / Tr-Eng Dual

March 4, 1994, Durango, Mexico.  Actor John Candy is found dead, half-out of bed, soon before finishing the conclusion of his last film “Wagons East”.   Cause of death:  heart attack.  The movie was completed using a double.  Although his acting was not affected by his health or whatever was troubling him, a special horse was needed to hold him: his weight exceeded 300 pounds.

John’s last filmed scene  is when he’s hired as a wagon-master.  It was so effective, his co-star Richard Lewis wrote him a note complimenting him on it.  It is, indeed, a funny scene which ends with his co-stars telling him they leave at the break of dawn.  Candy replies, “Noon-ish.”

Drugs (meaning cocaine) did not kill John Candy who stopped using it after the death of friend John Belushi in 1982.  But, he couldn’t stop his excess smoking, drinking and binge eating.  On the set of “Wagons East”, he was seen eating entire chickens and pizza by himself.

Jim Belushi (@JimBelushi) | Twitter

At age 43, Candy anticipated and at the same time, dreaded his fatal heart attack – the same thing that killed his father when he was only five.

In 1991, “JFK” and “Only the Lonely” were dramatic departures for the actor.

JFK-poster.pngOnly the lonely ver1.jpg

“Only the Lonely” was a bittersweet love story co-starring Ally Sheedy (as a make-up artist for the dead.) It wasn’t the hit he’d hoped for.  That’s too bad because it tapped into the melancholic soul he was at heart.

For me, the best of John Candy were his years on “SCTV” (1976-1983), a satire on television and motion pictures.

Now on DVD, SCTV is well worth watching.

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What We Need to Know About the New Left

'Trans Day of Vengeance' rally in DC canceled in wake of Nashville school shooting - 247 News ...


Under any other circumstances, the mass murders at the “Covenant School” would be considered a hate crime.  So far, the only outrage from the left-wing Dems is the improper use of pronouns used for the murderer and the “unfriendly” transgender laws of Tennessee.

Far-left whackos marched on the capitol holding up seven fingers – meaning there were seven victims, including Audrey Hale.  (I only have to hold up one finger for those snowflakes.)

The MSM claims Hale had to do this – to express her anger at being discriminated against…except the shootings had nothing to do with being disenfranchised.  As it turns out, Hale was simply batshit crazy.

The reaction to this school massacre is a big wake-up call for all of us…to indicate where the Democratic Party is and where it’s going.

If you are part of the wrong group (white Christians), it’s okay if you get killed for no reason.  If you are part of the right group (transgendered), it’s okay to kill people, including three children.

This is why we have the gov’t of today.  Inflation, lost wars, no border, lawlessness and a pathetic senile old fool as President.

Ten years from now, who’ll be running the Democrats?

AOC says 'badass' millennials are the true Greatest Generation

AOC – the commie cunt.

Crazy Kamala Harris running for POTUS

Kamala Harris – the non-black black word-salad queen

Pete Buttigieg – a fag and not the first.

Michelle Obama: Jornal divulga foto da primeira-dama com 19 anos - Quem | QUEM NewsMen Can't Have Babies ... More PROOF Michelle Obama Is a MAN!

This sums up why the new left should never be allowed to run anything.

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Trans Shooter Kills 6

Audrey Hale

Audrey Hale, 28, shot and killed six people at The Covenant School, before being killed by the police.

Three of the victims were schoolchildren, all age nine.  Three worked at the school, a teacher, a janitor and the head of the school.

While school shootings usually dominate the news, some for over a year (Sandy Hook e.g.), the Nashville shooting was quickly forgotten by the MSM.  Why is that?  Because the murderer was a trans?  The far left actually came to Audrey Hale’s defense saying she/he must have been persecuted at the aforementioned school as a youngster.  No proof of that.  Explain to me how being picked on at school allows this trans to come back years later and destroy six people?

Faux Pres. Biden’s initial response to the tragedy was to repeat the old joke “I’m Jill Biden’s husband,” and announce that his favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate chip.  Text © 2023 – ERNJoe Biden Sigma Male Grindset | Eat some chocolate chocolate chip - YouTube

Message from President Trump

Some Donald Trump Supporters Are Now Calling Him 'God Emperor' | SpaceBattles Forums

We are living through the darkest chapter of American history.

The Radical Left – the enemy of the hard-working men and women of this country – have INDICTED me in a disgusting witch hunt.

Alvin Bragg, the Soros-funded District Attorney behind the indictment, relied on the testimony of a convicted felon and a disbarred lawyer.

Never before in our Nation’s history has this been done. 

The Democrats have cheated countless times over the decades, but weaponizing our justice system to punish a political opponent who just so happens to be a President of the United States, has never happened before. Ever.

From the time I came down the golden escalator at Trump Tower and even before I was sworn in as your President of the United States, the Radical Left Democrats have been engaged in a witch hunt to destroy our movement.

Ever since I ran for president as a complete political outsider, the corrupt ruling class has tried to shut down our America First movement.

The Deep State will use anything at their disposal to shut down the one political movement that puts YOU first.

With your support, we will write the next great chapter of American history – and 2024 will forever go down as the year we saved our Republic.


The Hot Dog You Like Defines Your Personality

Hot Dog GIF - Hot Dog Hotdogs - Discover & Share GIFs

Hot Dog Freak – You are not the picky eater.

Hotdog Ketchup GIF - Hotdog Hot Dog - Discover & Share GIFs

Ketchup dog.  Tomatoes have lycopene.  Amazing health benefits.

The presidential election and the gifs that keep on giving | US presidential debates 2012 | The ...

Corn dogs.  You have a salty personality.

I Wonder If I Could Do A Week Of Just Simpsons Hot Dog Animated Gifs? | David Atkinson's Blog

A hot dog with everything.  You go for the gusto.

Scooby Doo Animated GIF

Hot dog binge eater.  You’re impulsive.

Hot Dog Fox GIF by Animation Domination High-Def - Find & Share on GIPHY

Sports fan.

Hot Dog Eating Contest Gif - Stiff Competition At Nathan S Hot Dog Eating Contest Animated Gif ...

Michelle Yeoh won an Oscar for Best Actress this year.

What Happened to Marathon Man?

In 1976, Paramount released “Marathon Man”, a film based on William Goldman’s best selling novel.  The cast includes Dustin Hoffman, Roy Schieder, Laurence Olivier, Marthe Keller, and William Devane.

Original Movie Posters, Lobby cards, Film Memorabilia

PLOT.  Briefly, the story concerns a graduate student (Dustin Hoffman as Thomas Babington Levy nicknamed “Babe”) who inadvertently becomes involved in a spy drama.  His brother (Roy Scheider as “Doc”/”Scylla”) works as a courier for “The Division”.  Dr. Christian Szell (Laurence Olivier) is a former Nazi dentist who seeks to retrieve a cache of diamonds locked in a safety deposit box in New York City, but can’t until he knows:  “Is it safe?”

CHANGES FROM BOOK TO SCREEN.  There are several key sequences that were cut or altered prior to the film’s debut.

Doc/Scylla is the Division’s top agent until he becomes a loose cannon.  He kills two agents (unauthorized) for killing off a former colleague.  Doc/Scylla loses it, when he see how his friend was killed – in a toilet stall, with his toupee left behind.  Before he kills them, he screams “Is that the way you’d want to go…on the squat?!”  The eight minute murder sequence was cut after a negative sneak preview in San Francisco.  Unfortunately, it leaves a plot hole.  Why does the Division want Doc/Scylla killed?  This is now left unanswered.

Another scene that was trimmed were some grisly close-up shots of Szell carving up one of his enemies.

Additionally, “Babe” is tortured with an dentist’s drill in order to find out what he knows about Szell’s diamonds.  These scenes were shortened.

Conclusion.  Originally, author Goldman intended for “Babe” to shoot Szell, throw the diamonds away and then be arrested.  Robert Towne was hired to rewrite this, so that Szell accidently kills himself with his own wrist blade.  “Babe” escapes without consequences.  Hoffman requested the new ending, saying he didn’t think “Babe” could shoot Szell.  “I’m a Jew,” explained Hoffman.  Dustin Hoffman is probably ten years too old to be playing this part, but a studio needs bankable stars.  If you don’t think about it too much, it won’t bother you.

Roy Schieder (“Doc”) nearly steals the film, he’s that good.  It’s his best role and I’m surprised he wasn’t nominated for an Oscar, as Olivier was.

Laurence Olivier, (afflicted with numerous illnesses at the time), gives a remarkable performance of controlled evil.  Based, in part, on the real Nazi Dr. Josef Mengele, Olivier as Szell is cultured, refined and  capable of killing anyone at a moment’s notice.  (Which he does.)

“Marathon Man” is a flawed masterpiece.  Director John Schlesinger (former Oscar winner for directing “Midnight Cowboy”) has an incredible eye for detail.  Only Stanley Kubrick and Roman Polanski are equal to it.  Cinematography is by Conrad Hall, a personal favorite of mine, who won three Oscars.  (“Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” “American Beauty” and “Road to Perdition”.)  Film score by Michael Small was never more paranoid – it is his quintessential score.  The screenplay is by William Goldman based on his novel.  Along with “Magic”, this is Goldman’s best work.

marathon man cover 2 ‹ CrimeReads

paperback novel cover

Only in the 1970’s could “Marathon Man’ be filmed as it is – a silver age classic.

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Raquel Welch (1940-2023) Hollywood’s Last Sex Symbol

RAQUEL WELCH SEXY Young 1960S Photo £4.52 - PicClick UK

Raquel Welch, movie star from the mid 1960’s to the late 1970’s died February 15, 2023 of undisclosed causes.  She was 82.

Raquel | Those fabulous redheads... | Raquel welch bikini, Raquel welch movies, Bikinis


Following the death of Marilyn Monroe, the blonde bombshell of the 50’s, Welch injected a new sexual dynamic into the cinema.  She was capable of anything.  Her phenomenal figure (37-24-36) brought fame.

Early films include “A Swingin” Summer” (1965), “Shoot Loud, Louder, I Don’t Understand” (1966) and “One Million Years, B.C.” (1966.)

Swingin Summer.jpgShoot Loud Louder.jpgTheatrical poster with Welch against backdrop of dinosaurs attacking humans

She co-starred in “Fantastic Voyage” (1966) Oscar winner for Best Special Effects, but she was the best special effect.


“Fathom” (1967), “Lady in Cement” (1968) and “Flare-Up” (1969.)

Ladyincementposter.jpgFlareup poster.jpgFathomposter.jpg

Welch’s early roles in the 1970’s began receiving good reviews.  “Hannie Caulder” (1971) a revenge western drama co-starring Robert Culp.


Bluebeard (1972 film).jpg

“Bluebeard” (1972) along side Richard Burton.


The cult-classic “Kansas City Bomber” (1972.)

Last sheila movieposter.jpg

An all-star cast appeared in the who-done-it titled “The Last of Sheila” (1973.)

The Three Musketeers 1973 live-action film poster.jpg

A Golden Globe for “The Three Musketeers” (1973.)

Four Musketeers 1975.jpg

The sequel “The Four Musketeers” (1974.)

The Wild Party.jpg

“The Wild Party” (1975) based on the Fatty Arbuckle-Virginia Rappe case was reportedly ruined in editing.

Mother, Jugs and Speed.jpg

“Mother, Jugs & Speed” (1976), a frantic would-be MASH-like comedy.

Crossed Swords FilmPoster.jpeg

“Crossed Swords” (1977.)

Picture 1 of 3

Raquel Welch 1979

Big trouble began with the new decade:  1980.  In “Cannery Row”, she would be famously replaced by newcomer Debra Winger for being “too old”.  Welch sued MGM Studios and won, but was blacklisted for over twenty years.  She would return later in guest spots and cameo roles in feature films.

In that bleak career time, it was a return to television, starring in two TV-movies:  “The Legend of Walks Far Woman” (1982) and “Right to Die” (1987.)  Miss Welch also appeared on stage in “Woman of the Year” (1981-1983.)

BEYOND THE CLEAVAGE by WELCH, Raquel: Signed by Author(s) - Antic Hay Books

Raquel Welch’s Autobiography

Picture 1 of 3

Raquel Welch 1979

Big trouble began with the new decade:  1980.

In “Cannery Row”, she would be famously replaced by newcomer Debra Winger for being “too old”.  Welch sued MGM Studios and won, but was blacklisted for over twenty years.  She would return later in guest spots and cameo roles in feature films.

In that bleak career time, it was a return to television, starring in two TV-movies:  “The Legend of Walks Far Woman” (1982) and “Right to Die” (1987.)  Miss Welch also appeared on stage in “Woman of the Year” (1981-1983.)

In “Cannery Row”, she would be famously replaced by newcomer Debra Winger for being “too old”.  Welch sued MGM Studios and won, but was blacklisted for over twenty years.  She would return later in guest spots and cameo roles in feature films.

In that bleak career time, it was a return to television, starring in two TV-movies:  “The Legend of Walks Far Woman” (1982) and “Right to Die” (1987.)  Miss Welch also appeared on stage in “Woman of the Year” (1981-1983.)

BEYOND THE CLEAVAGE by WELCH, Raquel: Signed by Author(s) - Antic Hay Books

Raquel Welch’s Autobiography

My opinion on the MSM’s reaction to her death.

Television, being the small-minded medium it is, said all the usual cliches, (esp. about “One Million Years B.C.), but they missed the point.  Feminism killed off stars like Raquel Welch.  There have been a few others to a lesser degree (Farrah Fawcett, Bo Derek.)  Current actresses Scarlett Johanssen and Gal Gadot are contaminated with wokeism.  I feel sorry for today’s beta-males who don’t know any better.  You really missed out on a time.

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Cannery row poster small.jpg

The ill-fated “Cannery Row”

Worst Movie of 2023 – Skinamarink

This movie is a fucking piece of shit.  Do not be taken in by the 1970’s horror show trailer.  The only scary thing about “Skinamarink” is how boring it is.  Almost nothing happens.  I can’t believe I paid real money to see this.  It’s one of the few times I’ve ever walked out of a theater.  But, I saw enough to say that one hour of “Skinamarink” seemed like an eternity in Hell.

Reviewers who compare this to the work of David Lynch know little or nothing or about filmmaking.  Lynch is a genius.  “Skinamarink’s” director (Kyle Edward Ball)  uses grainy images to what effect?  The subject matter has to be interesting.  A doll stuck to the ceiling is not interesting.  You would swear the cameraman must be drunk or high, because most of the time, the angle is deliberately wrong.  The camera is pointed at the carpet, the ceiling, the corner of the room, at people’s feet and so on.

Supposedly, it’s about a dream (or is it?)  If it is, it’s a nightmare on how not to make a movie.  The plot involves children waking up to discover their father is missing.  Upstairs, their insane mother sits on the bed, her back is to the camera.  In between, the kids watch old cartoons on an old TV.  If this sounds like entertainment to you, have at it.

As I sat there in a cold theater with only one other patron, I found myself looking at my watch, wondering when it would be over.

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Kamala Harris Forgets the Declaration of Independence

Vice President Kamala Harris waves as she departs after speaking at the Tribal Nations Summit in the South Court Auditorium on the White House campus, Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2021, in Washington. AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

In the misquote of 2023, VP Kamala Harris spoke on the 50th anniversary of “Roe vs. Wade” (only feminists would celebrate such a day.)

VP Harris said, “America is a promise for freedom and liberty, not just for some but for all.  A promise we made in the Declaration of Independence that we are endowed with the right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

This reverse bowdlerization twists the meaning of the original 1776 document which reads as follows:  “All men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

Why did Ms. Harris forget (deliberately) the words “Life” and “Creator”?  Because the new far left, the next or even current generation of Democrats don’t believe U.S. citizens are guaranteed “LIFE”.  And they sure don’t want messy subjects like God or a Creator standing in their way for their abortion rights.

You may laugh this off as another Harris faux pas, but this ditz may be the President one day.  What then?

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Sharon Tate – Recollection

“Sharon Tate – Recollection” is a pictorial history of the life of actress/model Sharon Tate.  Written and lovingly composed by her sister Debra Tate, unlike other books, it does not mention the lurid event of August 9, 1969, but instead focuses on the positive aspects of the short, yet indelible image of a 1960’s icon whose life was cut short by a talentless gang of hippie psychotics.

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Chinese Spy Balloon

Chinese 'spy balloon' spotted again in US airspace | US News | Sky News

The Biden Administration’s futile fumbling’s and pathetic excuses for allowing an enemy Communist nation to openly spy on U.S. airspace is proof positive faux-President Biden is bought, sold and paid for.  He lives in the back pocket of Chinese officials who knew he was and always will be a grifter, a conman and a liar.

Social - NY Post has obtained some juicy Hunter Biden emails | Page 229 | Sherdog Forums | UFC ...

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How to Save Your Life

Back To Eden: Jethro Kloss: 9780940985100: Amazon.com: Books

The two most important books on alternate medicine and natural remedies are “Back to Eden” and “The Jason Winters Story” (aka “Killing Cancer”.)  Both books have a recurrent theme.  Illness is caused by wrong eating, wrong thinking, and our modern day lifestyles.

Sir Jason Winters was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  Winters rejected surgery and chemotherapy because his doctors told him he would die anyway.  What was the point?

He was able to cure himself with an herbal tea mixture of red clover, sage, chaparral, oolong and special spices (Herbalene.)   These teas are sold online at https://sirjasonwinters.com/

366: Jethro Kloss Back to Eden 1st Edition

“Back to Eden” was first published in 1939 by Jethro Kloss.  Upon reading it, you will see this book is way ahead for its time.  For a while, doctors tried to ban it, which can’t be done because of the First Amendment.  Amazon – Back to Eden.

“Back to Eden” advises that all of mankind’s ills can be remedied through herbal medicine, exercise, diet, enemas, fasting and massage.  I would advise caution for some of these cures.  A few of the herbs recommended for use are poison.  Consult an expert before use.  (Also consider the dangers of radiation and surgery.)

Miracle Medicine Foods by Reese P. Dubin

“Miracle Medicine Food” contains miscellaneous information on alternative medicines.   Amazon – Miracle Medicine Food.

“Left for Dead” focuses on the heart.  The author explains how open heart surgery is potentially more dangerous than realized.  It’s a last resort solution.  (I’m not saying not to have this operation – an operation that could save your life.  It’s better to prevent yourself from having to need it.)

Dick Quinn illustrates how, following open heart surgery, he was left in a gravely weakened condition.  He could barely walk and felt like an old man.  What helped turn his health around was cayenne pepper among other herbs.  This book can be found here.

Doctors and others may ridicule these books and treatments.  Why?  Because they’re losing money if you don’t need them.  My own advice:  stay away from processed foods, food with a high amount of saturated fat, white sugar, excess salt, GMO’s and chemicals.  Any kind of exercise helps.  With computers, video games and TV, we’re become a nation of couch potatoes.  No exercise leads to disease.  Negative thinking can kill you.  Stress is poison to your system.

Life is a gift.  Many throw life away on drugs, deviant behavior and self-destruction.  Learn to love every moment before it slips away.

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