Nikki Haley – Judas Goat

Mordechai Krispijn: The Dutch Judas Goat. – Het JournaalUS says Myanmar’s denial of ethnic cleansing ‘preposterous’, Latest World News - The New Paper

It’s no secret RINO Nikki Haley is being funded by Democrats to ruin Trump’s nomination.  Top Democrat donors are, at this point, the only ones keeping her campaign going.  (Reid Hoffman gave $250,000.)  Some far left wackos are voting for her in the primaries.  It is isn’t enough for her to win.

Haley’s role model and reason for running, she said, was Hillary Clinton.  Would a Republican say that?

Her main talking point is that Trump can’t beat Joe Biden.  And she can?!

While I still believe VP Harris will run, if Biden runs and wins, it is solid proof the Dems stole it in 2020.  Biden has the thinking power of a ball of cheese.  There’s no way possible for him to win in 2024 without cheating and the left know it.

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Oscars – Past & Present

Oscar The Oscars GIF - Oscar The Oscars Oscar Winner - Discover & Share GIFs


In recent years, the Academy Awards (nicknamed “Oscars”) have become increasingly irrelevant.  New rules of “woke-ism” have been created to ensure that the “right” films win.  Who is the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts & Sciences to tell me a movie is better because it agrees with their ideology?

In the past, the show was more watchable, had more “movie stars” and seemed more important.  There have also been some good choices.  Examples, below…

Sandy Dennis for “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” (1966)

Peter Finch for “Network” (1976)

Timothy Hutton for “Ordinary People” (1980)

George C. Scott for “Patton” (1970)

Charlton Heston for “Ben-Hur” (1959)

Cliff Robertson for “Charly” (1968)

Liza Minnelli for Cabaret (1972)

Eileen Heckart for “Butterflies are Free” (1973)


Poor Choices and who should have won…

Goldie Hawn won for “Cactus Flower” (1969)

The better choice that year was Cathy Burns for “Last Summer” (1969)

Glenda Jackson won twice for “Women in Love” (1970) and “A Touch of Class” (1973)

Carrie Snodgress should’ve won for “Diary of a Mad Housewife” (1970)

Ellen Burstyn should have won for “The Exorcist” (1973)

Paul Scofield in

Paul Scofield won for “A Man for All Seasons” (1966)

Richard Burton should have won for “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” (1966)

Dustin Hoffman won for “Kramer vs. Kramer” (1979)

Peter Sellers should’ve won for “Being There: (1979)

Diane Keaton won for “Annie Hall” when she should have won for….

“Looking for Mr. Goodbar” (1977)

Cloris Leachman won for “The Last Picture Show” (1971)

The better choice: Ann-Margret for “Carnal Knowledge” (1971) or…

Barbara Harris for “Who is Harry Kellerman and why is he saying those terrible things about me?” (1971)

Jack Lemmon won for “Save the Tiger” in 1973.

Marlon Brando should have won for “Last Tango in Paris” (1973)

Dustin Hoffman won (again) for “Rain Man” (1988)

The Oscar should’ve gone to Jeremy Irons for “Dead Ringers” (1988)

1972 was a big year for “The Godfather” and “Cabaret”.  What about “Deliverance?”

3. The Mob Doesnt Take All_Godfather.Cabaret-FTROriginal one sheet poster

What about those performances that weren’t even nominated?

Jack Nicolson & Shelly Duvall for “The Shining” (1980)

Dustin Hoffman and Susan George for “Straw Dogs” (1971)

Malcolm McDowell for “A Clockwork Orange” (1971)

Mia Farrow for “Rosemary’s Baby” (1968)

Genevieve Bujold | Geneviève bujold, Classic film stars, Old movie stars

Genevieve Bujold for “Obsession” (1976)

John Wayne for “The Shootist” (1976)

2024 prediction:  the big winner for this year’s Oscars will be “Oppenheimer” (Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor.)

Hilarious Cartoon Shows HARD TRUTH About Evolution of Oscars

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DOJ declares Biden – “Elderly man with a poor memory…”

How Joe Biden will float to victory.

Feb. 8, 2024.  Department of Justice Special Council Robert Hur announced that criminal charges would be dropped against (faux) President Joe Biden, because a jury would not convict him based on his “poor memory”.   In the report, Biden was faulted with recklessness in his handling of classified documents he brought to his home and stored in his garage.  (To be used for his autobiography.)  Biden would read off this “Top Secret” information to his ghostwriter in violation of Federal Law.

It was also commented on that Biden couldn’t remember when his son Beau died or what years he was vice-president.

Biden would fight back in an ill-advised press conference, wherein he appeared, as previously described – old, forgetful, confused and cantankerous.

50 Most Fantastic Joe Biden Memes - Funny Pictures –


Under normal circumstances, Biden would be removed from office based on the U.S. Constitution’s 25th Amendment.   But, the DNC has significant clout as does First Lady Jill Biden, who wants her husband to run and win again.  Reportedly, “Dr.” Jill hates Trump and while knowing her husband is in the advanced stages of senility, pushes him to continue as President, when he is no longer capable.  It’s clear Biden’s (Obama’s) inner circle is running the show.

Also, isn’t it a foregone conclusion that if the same apparatus that won it for Biden in 2020, would do the same for him in 2024?

To make it seem less obvious, the cheaters will allow Trump to win more swing states than last time.  Make it a squeaker.  Biden wins by one state, e.g. Pennsylvania.

The MSM is 100% in Biden’s camp.  When Biden is declared the winner – history repeats itself all over again.

The DNC, Biden, Obama, and others involved will continue on with the second biggest steal of the century.

What are the Republicans going to do about it?  Another January 6th?  Don’t think so.  An investigation?  They did that last time.  The so-called investigation found that there was cheating, but not enough to change the election, which is an oxymoron.  If you admit there was cheating, why don’t you say how much?  Is it because you don’t know or don’t want to say because it would destroy the system?

As the deep-state swamp was forced to accept Obama as President, even though he is foreign-born, likewise, they were forced to accept the stolen 2020 Election, to save the system.

The best chance Trump has to win is if Biden has a stroke and is a total vegetable.  Trump vs. Kamala Harris.  Something, the DNC fears and dreads.

Kamala Harris responds to Trump calling her 'nasty' - CNN Video

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Boogeyman Michelle Obama

Monster Creature GIF by Death Wish Coffee - Find & Share on GIPHY


With former Pres. Trump leading in all of the polls, pathetic Devilcrats have to stay relevant by insisting that Obummer’s “First Lady” is going to save the day by running for President.


One.  Michelle Obama has not said one time that she wants to run for President.

(Dems source:  Fake news stories from “insiders” that swear Big M.O. told them she’s running.)

Two.  Michelle Obama has skeletons in her closet.

There’s a lotta stuff out there about Moo-chelle that she doesn’t want normies to know about.  Mrs. Oboo prefers to be the silent power behind the throne.

Three.  VP Kamala Harris

Word-salad Queen Kamala isn’t going away and has no intention to.  She was chosen because she checked off all the PC-boxes back in 2020.  Woman of “color” (colored woman?), far-left, fast mouth, foreign without being too foreign (like Mombasa-born Barack.)

Four.  No experience.

Michelle Obama has never held public office.  While some may say the same for Trump, that was before, not now.  Trump was the 45th President of the United States.

Five.  What makes you think Michelle Obama could win?

I’ve heard all the hype, that M.O. could win sleepwalking.  Maybe before, not today.  People are fed up.  Border crisis, inflation, losing wars, lost of prestige worldwide, far-left policies that never work, false promises that never pan out.  The American people want Donald J. Trump.  Yes, Michelle O. could do better than Biden.  Anybody could do better than Biden.  That’s faint praise.

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TRUMP, the 14th Amendment & the 2024 Election

Pres. Trump’s tweets on January 6, 2021, when the Democrats claim he was planning an insurrection.

Former President Donald J. Trump is on the precipice of being the Republican nominee for President except for one thing:  he may not be allowed to run.  Forget about the Presidential papers at Mar-a-Lago, forget about how the January 6th speech was “an incitement to riot.”  These are all Democratic talking points.  Trump’s opponents are using the 14th Amendment to disqualify him from running again.

14th Amendment – Section 3

No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.

Q.  Was there any serious attempt for an insurrection?

Supposedly, Trump and his lawyers told VP Mike Pence not to ratify the Electoral College votes for Joe Biden.  If this had occurred, it would not have prevented Biden from become President, it would have delayed it.

State of Mind – Intent

If Trump believed he won the 2020 Election, than it was not an insurrection.  If there is proof of evidence that he knew or did not believe he won than Trump could be barred from running for office. has numerous articles naming the reasons why Pres. Trump would believe the 2020 Election was stolen, despite the MSM saying “it was the first election in U.S. history that was above board with no cheating.”

For those who recall it, Biden won every swing-state with the notorious Covid-inspired “drop-off ballots”.  They were not absentee ballots which require proof of address.  These easy to counterfeit ballots were cooked up by those who wanted Trump to lose.  (Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was one of them.)

Thousands and thousands of these ballots contained Biden’s name only.   Tell me, when you vote, do you only mark down one candidate?

In some districts where Biden was losing, the voting was stopped.  When it resumed, all of a sudden, Biden began winning.  New ballots magically appeared, most, if not all, for Biden.

AP-NORC poll: Most Republicans doubt Biden's legitimacy | AP News

Eventually, it will be up to the Supreme Court to decide if any insurrection took place and if Trump was a part of it.


Ron DeSantis and Nikki Halley are waiting on the sidelines, just in case Trump isn’t allowed to run.  (Gov. DeSantis has quit and endorsed Donald Trump.)

It is rumored Biden plans to hand over his primary votes to Gov. Gavin Newsom after the Super Tuesday primaries, i.e., call of the campaign for “health reasons.”

Finally, if Biden dies or becomes incapacitated, VP Kamala Harris becomes the 47th POTUS.

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2023 – A Sucky Year

Israeli Leader Vows to Intensify Gaza Attacks on Hamas - The New York Times


In Pictures: Palestinian solidarity rallies around the world | Israel-Palestine conflict News ...

Lead story of the year:  October 7.  “Palestinian” savages invade Israel, killing 1400+.  The progressive left go insane and side with Hamas.

Hawaii volcano: Man hit by lava in first serious Kilauea injury - BBC News

Hawaii burns – Government sleeps.

The IRS May Reschedule the Death of the US Dollar - Humans Are Free

Economy goes six feet under.

Matthew Perry Seen Relaxing In Jacuzzi In Last Insta Post Before Death

Matthew Perry found drowned in his hot tub.

Lisa Marie Presley Gets Dramatic With Cape Dress at Golden Globes 2023 – Footwear News

Lisa Marie Presley dies from a colon obstruction.

Cartoon Offers Hilarious and Never Before Seen Insider's Tour of Joe Biden's Brain

Biden’s continual mental decline.

How To Watch 'Sound Of Freedom' (2023) Free Online Streaming Here's Where

“Sound of Freedom” surprise summer hit offends the left who, I guess, support sex trafficking.

Donald Trump speaks with IOC chief to voice support for 2024 Los Angeles bid

Trump leads polls to win in 2024, despite being indicted.

Hunter Biden's Flirty Text Messages With Chinese-American Assistant Leaked

Hunter Biden text implicated fake Pres. Biden in bribery.

Raquel Welch

Raquel Welch, Hollywood’s last sex symbol, dies.

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Ryan O’Neal Dead – 12/8/23

Actor Ryan O’Neal, whose popularity peaked in the 1970’s, died at age 82 from prostate cancer.

Remembering Ryan O'Neal: His Film & TV Career In Photos – Deadline

Pop Culture Graphics Love Story Movie Poster, 11 x 17

“Love Story” (1970) opposite Ali McGraw. (His only Oscar nomination.)

Poster for “What’s Up, Doc?” (1972) with Barbra Streisand

What's Up, Doc? (1972) - IMDb

Paper Moon Movie Poster 1973 Half Sheet (22x28)

“Paper Moon” –  Ryan O’Neal co-starred with his daughter Tatum. She won the Oscar. (Best Supporting Actress, 1973.)

Paper Moon (1973) - IMDb

The Hip Pocket #29: BARRY LYNDON - by Drew McWeeny

Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon – O’Neal starred with Marisa Berenson


Our Next President

Question Mark Face Illustrations, Royalty-Free Vector Graphics & Clip Art - iStock

The major contenders for the 2024 Presidency are former President Donald Trump, current (faux) President Joe Biden, Gov. Ron DeSantis, Gov.  Nikki Haley,  Robert Kennedy Jr., Marianne Williamson, (undeclared…) VP Kamala Harris, Gov. Gavin Newsom and former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Current polls choose Trump as the winner of the election if it were held today.  Biden is 81 years old, Trump is 77.   What will be the factors for the eventual winner a year from now?

First off, it won’t be Nikki Haley.  She is hoping for the VP spot.

It won’t be Marianne Williams or RFK Jr.  Those two are protest votes, period.

Gov. Gavin Newsom would be declared a spoiler if he enters the race, whatever happens.  Forget it.

Michelle Obama has the best chance on the Democratic side, but there are many skeletons in her/his closet.  I doubt it.

It won’t be Joe Biden for obvious reasons.  Besides being a complete failure, he doesn’t know where he is and hasn’t done one thing right so far.  Leading Democrats are giving out heavy hints for him to drop out.  If his health maintains, he will be allowed to finish his term.  That’s as far as it goes.  He won’t be allowed to run.

Former President Donald Trump.  As I have written before, I don’t think Trump will be allowed to run either.  He is a threat to the system.  He may be declared as an insurrectionist based on his January 6, 2021 speech plus his alleged urging for VP Pence to not finalize the electoral college votes.

VP Kamala Harris.  We sometimes get the leader we deserve.  The USA is at that tipping point.   Harris is a very confused product of our “woke” times.  If Biden quits because of health related reasons, VP Harris will be forced to step up to the plate.  What will happen?  The MSM will be 100% for her.  If you’re against her you will be declared as anti-woman and a racist.  (Her father is Jamaican, her mother is Indian.  She identifies as an African-American because that’s where the money is.)

Kamala Harris is an amalgamation of woke politics, far-left policies, black power issues and identity politics.  Optically, she will appear better than Biden because you can’t get any worse.

Foreign policy will be a disaster for Harris.  She will seek to placate our enemies  They will see this as a sign of weakness.  It will be similar as it is now, only worse.  She will react after the disasters happen, which does nothing to prevent them.  Aggressive terrorist nations will see as sitting ducks.  America will be attacked militarily big time.  The only good thing about it, is that the Democratic Party will be in ruins and woke-ism will come to an end.  But, like 9/11, we will be changed forever.

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The Tragedy of Matthew Perry

Published Nov. 1, 2022, almost one year before his death. A sign?

What killed actor/writer Matthew Perry on Oct. 28th 2023?  Friends have stated he had turned his life around, was no longer on drugs and had plans to turn his life (already a book) into a TV movie.  No known major event preceded what happened to him on his last day.  After playing an hour’s worth of pickleball, he sent his assistant off on some errands and then relaxed in his hot tub.  What happened then?

Possible Causes of Death

Having read his autobiography, it’s possible his body just gave out after decades of drug abuse.  Heart failure?

Could Perry have been secretly back on drugs or alcohol?  A relapse?  Another O.D?

Foul Play?  Matthew Perry’s final online messages are cryptic.  Shortly before his death, he posted a picture of the moon with the caption:

“Do you understand what I’m trying to tell you? – I’m Mattman.”

The last photo is, of course, of him in the hot tub where he drowned.

“Oh, so warm water swirling around make you feel good? I’m Mattman.”

Perry often referenced himself as his alias “Mattman” (Batman), because he was rich and lived alone.  It was the title of the final chapter of his book.

What’s the message here?

On August 11, 2014, Robin Williams, star of the late 1970’s sitcom “Mork & Mindy” was found hanged in his bedroom  Ruled as a suicide.  He was not discovered until the next morning by his assistant.  His wife, who slept in a separate bedroom, returned later.

On January 9, 2022, Bob Saget, star of the 1980’s sitcom “Full House” was found dead in his hotel bed.  Ruled as blunt force trauma to the head, supposedly caused by him falling down before he went to sleep.  No explanation as to how the injury went around his head.

October 28, 2023.  Matthew Perry, one of the stars of the 1990’s-early 2000’s sitcom “Friends” is found drowned in his hot tub with no further explanation.  Notice a pattern here?

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Can You Name Which TV Shows Matthew Perry Said These Quotes On?

Viva Las Vegas (1964)

Many are aware of and most of you have heard of this movie.  Elvis teams up with Ann-Margret, reigniting his stagnating film career.  The two of them would have an affair that nearly ended his engagement with teen-queen Priscilla Beaulieu.

“Viva Las Vegas” is part of the big four including Jailhouse Rock, King Creole and Blue Hawaii, the biggest of the thirty-one motion pictures (not including the two documentaries) Elvis made.

The AFTERMATH of VIVA LAS VEGAS – What Went Wrong?

Col. Tom Parker wasn’t happy about sex-pot Ann-Margret stealing the spotlight from “his boy”.  From here on, Elvis would be teamed with unknowns, has-beens, B-movie and TV actors.

Additionally, Parker thought the movie cost too much money.   Following this, budgets would be cut.  The movie that followed, “Kissin’ Cousins” was shot in a few weeks and looks like an episode of “Hee-Haw”.

Ann-Margret hinted in an interview that marriage with the King was a possibility.  This set Elvis off.  He believed a man decides when and if a marriage takes place.  Also, Elvis thought marriage to another celebrity would end in divorce, not realizing that his future blushing bride would soon want to be a celebrity on her own.

“Viva Las Vegas” was a big hit.  It also marked the end of what could have been.

Movie Review: Viva Las Vegas — The Sports Chief

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Priscilla (2023)

“Priscilla” is based on “Elvis and Me”, Priscilla Presley’s version of her life with Elvis.  



Executive Producer of Priscilla is Elvis’s ex-wife Priscilla Presley

Writer/director Sofia Coppola

REVIEW.  (CONTAINS SPOILERS)  The first third of Priscilla is the part that works.  Director/screenwriter Sofia Coppola captures the time, the place and the characters.  She has the eye and is keen on detail.

1959.  Elvis, soon after the death of his mother, meets Priscilla Beaulieu in Germany while in the Army.  The wound left open by his mother’s passing leaves him open and vulnerable.  He sees in Priscilla (believe it or not), a new mother figure – someone he can cast all his pain and sorrow.

Cailee Spaeny Receives Golden Globe Nomination for Best Dramatic ...

Actress Cailey Spaeny as Priscilla is the film.  Jacob Elordi has the look of Elvis and is able to carry it off in the beginning.  But, this is Priscilla’s story and is Elvis is forced to take a back seat.  There is very little of him singing.  What we have here is a more personal story.

Cailee Spaeny as Priscilla

In 1961, Elvis talks Priscilla’s parents into her letting her come live with him in Graceland.  This will be her new home until their separation in 1972.

Priscilla begins to falter by making Elvis too downbeat and gloomy.  Yes, that was a side to him.  Why is he always like that?  Those who knew him called him fun-loving, always laughing, someone who played practical jokes.  Elordi’s Elvis should have been a mortician.

Jacob Elordi as Elvis Presley

Priscilla’s “Elvis” studies philosophy and refuses to have sex with her.  All of this is true.  Elvis was old fashioned at heart and wants his bride to remain a virgin and so she did until their marriage in 1967.  Nine months to the day after, Lisa Marie is born.

Here we come to the final third, where the relationship begins to fray.  It should be made clear – both cheated on each other.  But Priscilla focuses on Elvis’s infidelity.

Following Lisa Marie’s birth, Elvis expected Priscilla to be a stay-at-home mom while he went on tour.  That was not the life she wanted.  Peculiarly, Elvis imparts another rule – that he doesn’t like having sex with a woman who has had children.  Where does that leave Priscilla?

The film barely touches on her affair with Mike Stone, her karate instructor.  This affair began in 1970.  Elvis remained ignorant of it until one of his bodyguards told him after their separation.

December 1971.  Priscilla tells Elvis she doesn’t love him anymore.  And it is over.

Dolly’s Parton’s “I Will Always Love You” ends the film:  a song submitted to Elvis back in 1975.  It would fall through because Dolly wouldn’t give up the copyright to Col. Tom Parker.

The film’s strongest points are the direction (Sofia Coppola is a favorite of mine) and the cinematography by Phillippe Le Sourd.  It has that glossy sheen.  There are many beautiful camera shots.

Weaker points:  Elvis isn’t always portrayed in a good light.  His fans may not like this film.  Feminists will argue that – in the end – his wife was right to leave him.  Others will argue that Elvis gave her everything and that she betrayed him.

It would have been interesting to show that final year – 1977.  Elvis and Priscilla still maintained a relationship.  The last thing he said (not in the movie) was that they’d reunite in another place and in another time.

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Who was Mr. Delicious?

Mr. Delicious was the spokesman for “Rak” Restaurants, a food chain that resembled Arby’s and Wendy’s.   Contrary to popular belief, the Mr. Delicious ads had nothing to do with the demise of “Rak”.   “Rak” was acquired by “Hardee’s”, which planned to convert them, but through various attempted acquisitions  (even Wendy’s), “Rax” filed for bankruptcy.  There are still a half-a-dozen “Rax” restaurants left, mostly in Ohio.

Illuminati Sacrifice – Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry’s sudden and unexplained drowning in a hot tub has raised questions among his fans, although the MSM-Illuminati has chalked it up to just another celebrity who died.

What doesn’t add up?

Police immediately declare “no foul play”.  When a millionaire dies (alone?) in his hot tub for no good reason, there is reason to investigate.  Perry conveniently sent his assistant away for a few hours leaving a window of opportunity open for murder.  At first, Perry is declared “unresponsive”.  “No drugs involved.”  Now, prescription drugs were found.

On “Friends”, there has been dialog found:  the first is the character of Monica calling Chandler (Perry), “a drowning moron.”

Another, where Chandler (Perry) said, “Am I the first to die?”

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Matthew Perry Drowns in Hot Tub – (Illuminati)

Matthew Perry’s last eerie post for Instagram before he died at the age 54.   Caption:  “Oh, so warm water swirling around make you feel good? I’m Mattman.”

Matthew Perry, one of the ensemble case of the hit TV show “Friends” (1994-2004) was found dead October 28th.  What caused him to drown in a hot tub has yet to be determined.  Ironically, Perry’s autobiography titled “Friends, Lovers and the Big, Terrible Thing” was supposed to be a new beginning for the actor who had kicked his drug and drinking habits.  In the book, he chronicles his addictions, saying he nearly died twice when his heart stopped and his colon burst.  Sadly, this is the end for many who achieve too much success and too much fame.  In the last two seasons of “Friends”, each actor received one million dollars per episode.  That’s $44 million for two years work.  In the 2021 “Friends” reunion special, the actors appeared unusually old and way past their glory days.  Just a bunch of old farts.  That’s the ultimate joke played on all of us…except  me.

ILLUMINATI LINK.  Those of you will remember the untimely death of Whitney Houston, who died in a bathtub shortly before her Grammy award show appearance.  What does this mean?  The water is a symbolic of rebirth.  Once the Illuminati is through with you, you are expected to pay them back.  The ultimate sacrifice.

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Useful Idiots

Hundreds of pro-Palestine protesters rally outside Sydney Opera House | 7 News Australia - YouTube

First, the facts.

There is no state of Palestine.  There are no more Palestinians.  What was Palestine was owned by Great Britain until 1948.  This Israeli homeland was given to the Jews, who originally owned it since Biblical times.  The Arabs calling themselves Palestinians live in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank run by two terrorist organizations known as Hamas and Hezbollah.   (They are backed by Iran.)  The Hebrews (Jews) and Arabs have been enemies for thousands of years.

The future.  Most are aware that the Islamic refugees dumped into Europe have set off a crime wave of rape, murder, violence and terrorism.  Back then, they called it “diversity”.  Today, there is talk of bringing the so-called Palestinians who are to be evacuated from Gaza, here to the USA.  How many?  AOC wants one million.  Why not bring them all – Hamas included?  You all must see where this is going.  Nineteen terrorists set off 9/11.  How about a million?

There are forces out there who want to bring about the destruction of the United States.  Some blame Biden.  Biden, who should have been declared mentally incompetent a year ago, is Obama’s stooge.  That’s why Biden remains.  As long as Biden has a pulse, he’ll be allowed to continue.

The protestors here in America.  What are they?  They’re useful idiots.  They’re the same fools who caused us to lose the Vietnam War.  The same fools who are causing us to lose the war on terror.  Can anything be done to stop it?  The loudmouth left are relying on the silent majority to do nothing and let them take the driver’s seat, i.e., they’re driving us off the edge of a cliff.

A few weeks ago at the Australia opera house protest, they chanted “Gas the Jews.” Rush Limbaugh used to say, words  mean something.  Call them out for what they are.  Because if we don’t, we’re next.

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Dead Babies

The Reason for the Rockets - * Palestine * 911 Truths be Told * Israel

Bodies of 40 Babies Found in Israeli Town of Kfar Aza – Some of Them ...

Despite all the video evidence proving Hamas killed 1,200+ in their Oct. 7th unprovoked attack on Israel, the lunatic left are in denial mode.  What do the new Holocaust deniers think the invaders were there for?  A pajama party?

Most contentious is the dispute about beheaded babies.  Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, who has seen the photos of the butchered babies said, “If a picture is worth a thousand words, these are worth a million.”

This is not enough for the willful idiots who support the bloodlust of the Palestinians.  They say they’re computer-generated A.I. photos.

The executioners, the terrorists themselves, said the babies heads weren’t chopped off.  They were shot off.  WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE??!!

That farting fool Biden called Netanyahu, telling him not to invade Gaza until everyone is evacuated.  THEN, WHAT’S THE POINT OF BOMBING THEM??!!

Netanyahu must know Biden is being controlled by Obama.  The only thing to do is ignore him and kill any and all of those who were involved with this October 7th massacre.

If President, what should be done about the American hostages?  Set a deadline, asking for the return of every hostage and make it clear that all those responsible will die a painful and excruciating death if they are one minute late.  Even Pres. Carter attempted a rescue back when 52 hostages were taken in Iran. (1979-1981.)

We need a man as president.  Neither Biden or Obama fit the bill.  One is a senile old turd ready to croak, the other is a foreign-born Muslim Judas Commie traitor.

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