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The major contenders for the 2024 Presidency are former President Donald Trump, current (faux) President Joe Biden, Gov. Ron DeSantis, Gov.  Nikki Haley,  Robert Kennedy Jr., Marianne Williamson, (undeclared…) VP Kamala Harris, Gov. Gavin Newsom and former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Current polls choose Trump as the winner of the election if it were held today.  Biden is 81 years old, Trump is 77.   What will be the factors for the eventual winner a year from now?

First off, it won’t be Nikki Haley.  She is hoping for the VP spot.

It won’t be Marianne Williams or RFK Jr.  Those two are protest votes, period.

Gov. Gavin Newsom would be declared a spoiler if he enters the race, whatever happens.  Forget it.

Michelle Obama has the best chance on the Democratic side, but there are many skeletons in her/his closet.  I doubt it.

It won’t be Joe Biden for obvious reasons.  Besides being a complete failure, he doesn’t know where he is and hasn’t done one thing right so far.  Leading Democrats are giving out heavy hints for him to drop out.  If his health maintains, he will be allowed to finish his term.  That’s as far as it goes.  He won’t be allowed to run.

Former President Donald Trump.  As I have written before, I don’t think Trump will be allowed to run either.  He is a threat to the system.  He may be declared as an insurrectionist based on his January 6, 2021 speech plus his alleged urging for VP Pence to not finalize the electoral college votes.

VP Kamala Harris.  We sometimes get the leader we deserve.  The USA is at that tipping point.   Harris is a very confused product of our “woke” times.  If Biden quits because of health related reasons, VP Harris will be forced to step up to the plate.  What will happen?  The MSM will be 100% for her.  If you’re against her you will be declared as anti-woman and a racist.  (Her father is Jamaican, her mother is Indian.  She identifies as an African-American because that’s where the money is.)

Kamala Harris is an amalgamation of woke politics, far-left policies, black power issues and identity politics.  Optically, she will appear better than Biden because you can’t get any worse.

Foreign policy will be a disaster for Harris.  She will seek to placate our enemies  They will see this as a sign of weakness.  It will be similar as it is now, only worse.  She will react after the disasters happen, which does nothing to prevent them.  Aggressive terrorist nations will see as sitting ducks.  America will be attacked militarily big time.  The only good thing about it, is that the Democratic Party will be in ruins and woke-ism will come to an end.  But, like 9/11, we will be changed forever.

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The Tragedy of Matthew Perry

Published Nov. 1, 2022, almost one year before his death. A sign?

What killed actor/writer Matthew Perry on Oct. 28th 2023?  Friends have stated he had turned his life around, was no longer on drugs and had plans to turn his life (already a book) into a TV movie.  No known major event preceded what happened to him on his last day.  After playing an hour’s worth of pickleball, he sent his assistant off on some errands and then relaxed in his hot tub.  What happened then?

Possible Causes of Death

Having read his autobiography, it’s possible his body just gave out after decades of drug abuse.  Heart failure?

Could Perry have been secretly back on drugs or alcohol?  A relapse?  Another O.D?

Foul Play?  Matthew Perry’s final online messages are cryptic.  Shortly before his death, he posted a picture of the moon with the caption:

“Do you understand what I’m trying to tell you? – I’m Mattman.”

The last photo is, of course, of him in the hot tub where he drowned.

“Oh, so warm water swirling around make you feel good? I’m Mattman.”

Perry often referenced himself as his alias “Mattman” (Batman), because he was rich and lived alone.  It was the title of the final chapter of his book.

What’s the message here?

On August 11, 2014, Robin Williams, star of the late 1970’s sitcom “Mork & Mindy” was found hanged in his bedroom  Ruled as a suicide.  He was not discovered until the next morning by his assistant.  His wife, who slept in a separate bedroom, returned later.

On January 9, 2022, Bob Saget, star of the 1980’s sitcom “Full House” was found dead in his hotel bed.  Ruled as blunt force trauma to the head, supposedly caused by him falling down before he went to sleep.  No explanation as to how the injury went around his head.

October 28, 2023.  Matthew Perry, one of the stars of the 1990’s-early 2000’s sitcom “Friends” is found drowned in his hot tub with no further explanation.  Notice a pattern here?

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Can You Name Which TV Shows Matthew Perry Said These Quotes On?

Illuminati Sacrifice – Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry’s sudden and unexplained drowning in a hot tub has raised questions among his fans, although the MSM-Illuminati has chalked it up to just another celebrity who died.

What doesn’t add up?

Police immediately declare “no foul play”.  When a millionaire dies (alone?) in his hot tub for no good reason, there is reason to investigate.  Perry conveniently sent his assistant away for a few hours leaving a window of opportunity open for murder.  At first, Perry is declared “unresponsive”.  “No drugs involved.”  Now, prescription drugs were found.

On “Friends”, there has been dialog found:  the first is the character of Monica calling Chandler (Perry), “a drowning moron.”

Another, where Chandler (Perry) said, “Am I the first to die?”

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Matthew Perry Drowns in Hot Tub – (Illuminati)

Matthew Perry’s last eerie post for Instagram before he died at the age 54.   Caption:  “Oh, so warm water swirling around make you feel good? I’m Mattman.”

Matthew Perry, one of the ensemble case of the hit TV show “Friends” (1994-2004) was found dead October 28th.  What caused him to drown in a hot tub has yet to be determined.  Ironically, Perry’s autobiography titled “Friends, Lovers and the Big, Terrible Thing” was supposed to be a new beginning for the actor who had kicked his drug and drinking habits.  In the book, he chronicles his addictions, saying he nearly died twice when his heart stopped and his colon burst.  Sadly, this is the end for many who achieve too much success and too much fame.  In the last two seasons of “Friends”, each actor received one million dollars per episode.  That’s $44 million for two years work.  In the 2021 “Friends” reunion special, the actors appeared unusually old and way past their glory days.  Just a bunch of old farts.  That’s the ultimate joke played on all of us…except  me.

ILLUMINATI LINK.  Those of you will remember the untimely death of Whitney Houston, who died in a bathtub shortly before her Grammy award show appearance.  What does this mean?  The water is a symbolic of rebirth.  Once the Illuminati is through with you, you are expected to pay them back.  The ultimate sacrifice.

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Dead Babies

The Reason for the Rockets - * Palestine * 911 Truths be Told * Israel

Bodies of 40 Babies Found in Israeli Town of Kfar Aza – Some of Them ...

Despite all the video evidence proving Hamas killed 1,200+ in their Oct. 7th unprovoked attack on Israel, the lunatic left are in denial mode.  What do the new Holocaust deniers think the invaders were there for?  A pajama party?

Most contentious is the dispute about beheaded babies.  Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, who has seen the photos of the butchered babies said, “If a picture is worth a thousand words, these are worth a million.”

This is not enough for the willful idiots who support the bloodlust of the Palestinians.  They say they’re computer-generated A.I. photos.

The executioners, the terrorists themselves, said the babies heads weren’t chopped off.  They were shot off.  WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE??!!

That farting fool Biden called Netanyahu, telling him not to invade Gaza until everyone is evacuated.  THEN, WHAT’S THE POINT OF BOMBING THEM??!!

Netanyahu must know Biden is being controlled by Obama.  The only thing to do is ignore him and kill any and all of those who were involved with this October 7th massacre.

If President, what should be done about the American hostages?  Set a deadline, asking for the return of every hostage and make it clear that all those responsible will die a painful and excruciating death if they are one minute late.  Even Pres. Carter attempted a rescue back when 52 hostages were taken in Iran. (1979-1981.)

We need a man as president.  Neither Biden or Obama fit the bill.  One is a senile old turd ready to croak, the other is a foreign-born Muslim Judas Commie traitor.

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Insane Left Reacts to War

Predictably and most notably, the “college elite” (Harvard’s educated trash) have sided with Hamas in the conflict with Israel.  There have been comparisons to BLM with the Palestinians, calling Israel the “oppressor”.  While the word “Nazi” is a favorite insult from progressives, what do they think the real Nazis were trying to do in WWII?  Besides world conquest, they wanted to kill all the Jews.

The left always take the other (wrong) side for various reasons:  to be cutting edge, to be controversial and to get attention.  But this time they have gone too far.  Words have consequences.  What you put down on the Internet stays there forever.  People will remember this betrayal.

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Oct. 7, 2023.  By now, you’ve all seen the videos of Hamas invading Israel.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NybU9LlDf8g

Iran has funded their operation, coming one month after it was announced that Biden would unfreeze $6 billion for the release of five hostages held prisoner in Iran.  2+2 =4.  LINK

Location of the Gaza Strip

While the MSM won’t show it, Hamas murdered, raped and beheaded men, women, children and babies.   What do you think of that?  Most soldiers would not commit these kinds of atrocities.  This hasn’t stopped Democrats from saying Israel shouldn’t be there anyway.

The usual suspects (the “Squad”) have called for peace.  It’s a little late for that.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (MI), won’t comment and that doesn’t surprise me, because obviously she supports the Palestinians no matter what.  Most were surprised by the October 7th attacks.  I wasn’t.  A leopard can’t change its spots.  The Biden-Obama administration look like what they are:  capitulators and collaborators.  Obama has done this before.  https://www.cbsnews.com/news/u-s-paid-1-3-billion-to-iran-two-days-after-cash-delivery/

  Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has, for this brief moment in time, the world’s support.  The terrorist gov’t of Hamas should be destroyed by any means necessary.

Final Analysis.  We, here in the United States, have in our midst, an untold number of illegal immigrants, terrorist cells, plotting against us.  It’s only a matter of time.  The 2024 General Election could be a deciding factor as to how we will deal with this enemy from within.

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Too Little, Too Late

Two miles of Trump’s wall is rebuilt by Biden

When asked about two miles of the border wall being erected on the U.S./Mexico border, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has stated the Biden Administration is now complying with the Dept. of Homeland’s Security’s “rule of law”.   This means they have NOT complied for the last two and a half years, doesn’t it?

Back in Jan. 2021, Dems were thrilled with our new open border policy.  The bad orange man was gone.  Now, America was open to as many immigrants as could and would be allowed.  As everyone knows, most of these foreigners could be counted on to vote for the big “D”.  Let’s drown the Republicans in a sea of the great unwashed masses.

What Went Wrong?

2023.  Suddenly, the left realized these refugees might actually affect them.  In fact, they may be transported to their state!  Their city!  Their neighborhood!

Blacks, homeless, retired veterans and the poor were being pushed aside – ignored – while the human filth of the world were being dumped into the good, ol’ USA.  People who are illiterates, diseased, or worse looking for a free ride (welfare, food stamps) and finally – terrorists.  Didn’t we learn anything from 9/11?

The left frequently quote what’s written on the Statue of Liberty:  “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, etc.”  THIS IS NOT THE LAW OF THE LAND – THE U.S. CONSTITUTION IS.  There’s a legal process, where those who want to immigrate have to be vetted, screened, inoculated and wait.  Does anyone think the millions of illegals brought in during Obama (2009-2015) and Biden (2021-present) were vetted?

The damage is done.  Building a two mile piecemeal bit of wall won’t make up for the anti-American elements we’ve brought in at the behest of – let’s face it- Barack Obama – the America hater who sold his ass to rich white men in Hawaii for cocaine and is now getting back at us for his pain and guilt.

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Jamaal Bowman – Liar, Liar

WATCH: Rep. Jamaal Bowman caught pulling fire alarm in House Video

Sept. 30, House of Representatives.  N.Y. Rep. Jamaal Bowman is caught on a security camera pulling a fire alarm switch, causing an evacuation and delaying a vote.  House Democrats wanted to delay a vote to prevent a government shutdown.

Since then, Bowman has been accused of a criminal offense, similar to what protestors were charged with for the Jan. 6th protest march.  (Dems call J6 “an insurrection.”)

Bowman’s excuse:  The door was locked, so he panicked, pulling the fire alarm, thinking the doors would open.  This argument fails because Bowman was formally a middle school principal and knows fire alarms don’t open doors.

Bowman’s office issued some talking points for House Democrats telling them what to say on social media and referred to MAGA Republicans as “Nazis”.  Again, he walked back this statement.

Dems and the MSM have done what they always do, circled the wagons and rushed to his defense, saying Bowman made a mistake and was only confused.

Analysis.  If the Dems had been smart, they would’ve said nothing.  His act speaks for itself.  A third grader would know he’s lying.  Instead, Democrats lower themselves to his level.  They are duplicitous scam artists.

There’s a video of Bowman laughing like a hysterical 13 year old when Trump’s mug shot was show on TV.  “We got him,” he burbles, then keeps on laughing.  This pretty much sums up the kind of people who are after Trump.

This is the GOP’s chance to have all the J6ers released if Bowman goes unpunished.  You can’t have two sets of laws for the people you favor.  If Bowman is punished by censure, it hardly equals what the J6ers are going through locked up by the corrupt Biden-Obama administration.

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Reagan vs. Biden

Pundits (MSM, et al) have been commenting for some time that Pres. Ronald Reagan had Alzheimer’s Disease during the second term of his Presidency.  This is a false claim and always has been.  Reagan’s diagnosis occurred in 1994.  Unlike Joe Biden, Ronald Reagan submitted to cognitive tests while President at the behest of the Democrats and he always passed with flying colors.

Biden, on the other hand, has refused to take any cognitive test for obvious reasons.

As further proof, the above video is of Pres. Reagan at the 1992 Republican Convention:  FOUR YEARS AFTER HIS PRESIDENCY.

Below the Reagan video is Biden’s September 10th 2023 press conference in Vietnam.  Compare the two.

I myself, saw Pres. Reagan speak in person, back in 1989.  He was as sharp as a tack, making more sense than Biden ever has.

Biden’s mental decline has and will continue to become more pronounced.  His inability to lead and continued self-confessions that he’s only “following orders” is proof Biden is a fake president, led by other unelected forces.

It should be made mandatory for this and any other president to submit to tests which demonstrate his mental powers.  This should go hand-in-hand with the Republicans impeachment of Biden in the House of Representatives.

Joe Biden is unfit to be president.  He is a potential danger to us, if and when he ever decides to launch some type of military attack on a foreign country or any perceived enemy, real or imagined.

70% of Americans believe Biden should not seek a second term.  If Biden’s mental health were made known to the public, most would demand he step down for the good of the country and stop being forced to campaign as “the safe candidate who beat Trump.”  Trump is not the enemy and the adults in the room know this.

The enemy is from without and within.  It is from those who seek to “fundamentally transform” us.  It is from those foreign powers who have declared us as their enemy – the same regimes the Democrats want to make friends with.  Radical Islam, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Nigeria, Yemen, Egypt, Pakistan, Libya, Mali and Iraq – all Arabic terrorist nations.  While China, North Korea and Russia pose their own threats – if WWIII begins – it will begin from Muslims who continue to view us as the Great Satan.

You think democrats/liberals are intolerant now? Just you wait. – Freedom Is Just Another Word…

Barry Explains Cloward-Piven StrategyKYFHO

If Biden isn’t running the country, who is?  With Biden’s cabinet filled with Obama appointees, including VP Kamala Harris, the truth is clear.  We are living under a proxy presidency.

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Dems Forget 9/11, Remember Jan. 6

First federal charges filed in US Capitol riot

Faux President Biden would, for the first time since 2002, be the first President not to appear at any of the sites where the 9/11 terrorist attacks occurred.  This non-message is its own message, loud and clear.  The devastation of what happened twenty-three years ago has not only been forgotten by Democrats, it has been replaced.  Who do the Democrats regard as their enemy?  The Republicans.  A made-up white supremacy movement.  Former President Donald J. Trump.  And anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

January 6, 2021. Americans First Amendment Right.

JANUARY 6TH.  The madness of  leftist’s rage against the an insurrection that never took place.  The lunacy of locking up good Americans without any right of habeas corpus – a legal action to challenge the lawfulness of detention or imprisonment.  The stupidity of impeaching Pres. Trump for making a speech.

Of course, it goes on with the continued indictments of Trump.  For what?  Questioning the legitimacy of the 2020 election?  Isn’t that what Democrats did for two and a half years with the phony Russian collusion story cooked up by the Great Satan Hillary Clinton?  What about Obama and Clinton spying on Trump before and after he was President?  Wasn’t Nixon forced to resign over less?  What about “Creepy Joe Biden’s” announced plan to make sure Trump never assumes office again?

For over two and a half years, the Republicans have had control over the House of Representatives, and thus far, there has been no impeachment vote for the many provable crimes of Joe Biden.  Biden is on the record for denying the crooked business dealings he made with Hunter Biden, with Burisma, with China, with Ukraine.  What are the Republicans waiting for?

Even former President Obama and former wannabe president Hillary Clinton have voiced their concern about how their party is vulnerable from wokeness, from identity politics, from trans issues, and from the sick perversions that have taken over the Dems.  2024 could and should be a landslide for the GOP, if only from the near destruction of the dollar and inflation.  But it will be a repeat of 2020, unless the Republicans grow a spine and stop the sick, deviant culture of the far left from taking over our country.

George Floyd riots that lasted for six months

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What If 9/11 Never Happened?

Rescue workers climb through rubble and smoke at the World Trade Center site, and an American flag flies at left

No one seems to ask this question:  What if our government had done its job and protected the public from the September 11th terrorist attacks?  9/11 as the 9/11 Commission Report admitted was our government’s failure to think outside the box.  That’s if you buy into the notion they didn’t know or see it coming.  But, what if the 9/11 hijackers had been captured or killed?  What if Osama bin Laden had been assassinated before he had a chance to formulate his plan against the United States?  What if 9/11 had never happened?


Shock And Awe: Images Of The 2003 Invasion Of Iraq

Most forget Pres. George W. Bush had congressional approval for the war in Iraq.  Without 9/11, he surely would not have received it.


Photo Essay: The Bush Record

9/11 was Bush’s mandate.  I suspect either John Kerry or Hillary Clinton would have defeated him in 2004.


Iran says EU needs to do more to save nuclear deal

Destroying Saddam’s Hussein’s regime left Iran the controlling force in the region.  Today, Iran seeks nuclear power and not for energy.  For ICBMs.  This may be the only country in the world insane enough to start World War III.


TSA airport body scans

Airport search

Obviously, 9/11 was used to clamp down on our security.  In truth, it curtailed our Constitutional Rights and freedoms.  The Muslim fanatics weren’t punished.  We were.


How Do the Media and Police Estimate Crowd Sizes?

Those killed on 9/11 would have gone on to live their lives, have children and so on.  How the world would have been affected by them, we’ll nver know.


Photo of Obama in Muslim garb shows deep ties to faith, O'Reilly says | Fox News

In 2008, then junior-Senator Barack Obama ran against one of the weakest presidential candidates the GOP ever had.  John McCain.  For whatever crazy reason, the American public, despite being warned about Obama’s foreign born status, his Islamic roots, his Communist background and worst of all, being the front-man for the Weather Underground, they elected him for past wrongs done to African-Americans and for their disappointment with the war in Iraq.  Without 9/11, as previously stated, another more traditional candidate would have been elected president.


Send Us Your Twin Towers Photos | Madison, NJ Patch

The WTC had become symbols of America’s financial strength.  That’s why Osama bin Laden chose it for destruction.  Manhattan’s skyline changed forever.  The grotesque new One World Trade Center with a Muslim spiral on top was put there to prevent it from being destroyed.  The remains of the Twin Towers are two gaping holes filled with water:  symbols of failure and defeat.

Flight 93.  Because of the brave actions of the passengers of United Airlines Flight 93, the fourth target located in Washington, D.C. was left unharmed.  How ironic that the public saved a part of our gov’t when the gov’t did nothing to save them.

Those aboard Flight 93

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Biden’s Hawaii Visit — Another Disaster

The mollusk-brained Biden visited Hawaii to oversee the worst disaster in U.S. history.  His out-of-touch behavior further proved we have no President.  Just a husk of  the what is the worst kind of politician.  A pathetic “flim-flam man”.  It is divine justice that Biden’s brain is fading out fast.  The MSM knows it, of course.  They are relying on die-hard Democrats to not care who is in office as long as it’s one of them.   Biden can’t relate to the common man, although he pretends to.  Folks in Maui lost everything and our faux President compares his small kitchen fire twenty years ago to the devastation that has destroyed a city.

Lahaina destroyed because an Obama official didn’t want to use water to put out the fire because water is sacred. Fire alarms and sirens weren’t used because “they’re for tsunamis.”

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Dems Hate Sound of Freedom

President Bill Clinton with Jeffery Epstein

The unexpected hit of this summer is “Sound of Freedom” and it is ruffling some feather amongst the left-wing ruling class.  Perpetual attacks from the MSM calling this film “a conspiracy theory from Q-anon.”  How is human trafficking a theory?  It is and was a well know fact – a news story going back for decades.

“Sound of Freedom” starring Jim Caviezel – the movie Hollywood couldn’t stop.

What troubles those who are against “Sound of Freedom”?  Is it a truth that hits too close to home?  For some time, there have been rumors of certain leaders within the Democratic Party who are involved in some way or another with sex trafficking.

Fake President Joe Biden with the kiddies. MSM ignores it.

Joe Biden’s fetish for small children is well known and joked about amongst the political intelligentsia.  It should come as no surprise, when you poke the bear with a stick, the bear will strike back.

MSM headlines attack “Sound of Freedom” as “Christian Republican right-wing propaganda.”  What is the majority of Hollywood content?  Pagan, left-wing, progressive propaganda.

How demented have the left become when they can’t agree with the right on this one single issue?  How far away is it when child molesting perverts begin demanding equal rights as did the LGBTQers?  Or is that time already here?  If a movie fights against child-sex-intercontinental-prostitution – and it’s a true story, no less – why does it become a target of the “woke”?  Doesn’t this prove the old saying:  “You are defined by who your enemies are.”

The Clintons were frequent visitors to the Island of Perversion. Why is Pres. Trump being indicted?

Mystery of Obama Chef Deepens

Police and media coverup involving the death of Obama’s chef, Tafari Campbell

What we now know.

July 23, 2023.  In the early evening hours, Tafari Campbell and another unknown paddle-boarder went swimming near the former President’s beach front estate.  Around nine p.m., a female called 911, reporting the death of Campbell.  This phone call took place two miles away.

Contrary to initial reports, the Obamas were home and were cleared out by the Secret Service.

For whatever reason, police left the reason for the 911 call blank and will not reveal the identity of the other swimmer.

Tafari Campbell’s body wasn’t found until ten a.m. the next morning.  His face showed signs of injury.

According to commentator Dinesh D’souza, Campbell had intentions of quitting his job and writing his memoirs about life with the Obamas.  If BHO’s chef posed such a threat, I’d expect this means their future plans for politics are not over.

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Dr Fauci Funded Lab that Created Covid (Video)

It will go down as the joke of the century that Dr. Anthony Fauci, who according to the MSM was “the most trusted man in America” in regards to what we, the public, should do about the Covid-19 outbreak.  Maybe, someday in the future (100 years from now), when the truth can be told, it will be revealed that China, the Democratic Party and Dr. Fauci used germ warfare to win the 2020 General Election and defeat former President Donald Trump.

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News Briefs (Obama’s Chef Dead, Song Edited & Hunter Biden)

Obama and Reggie Love walking on the beach >> What is wrong with this picture? >> TeamNetworks.Net

July 23, 2023.  Tafari Campbell, Obama’s longtime personal friend and chef, drowned off of Martha Vineyard’s shore in an area known as “Edgartown Great Pond”.  His body was found one hundred feet from shore in eight feet of water.  The Obama’s who, (according to the MSM), were not home at the time, said they were “heartbroken”.

Hunter Biden with paid friend

Hunter Biden’s lawyer attempted to impersonate opposing counsel in an attempt to remove charges and claims made by GOP’s whistleblowers.  The matter was dismissed as a “miscommunication”.  Nevertheless, Hunter still faces charges for failure to pay his income taxes from 2017-2018.  The felony charge of purchasing a firearm while under the influence of a controlled substance (cocaine) seems to be off the table.  Likewise, Hunter’s transporting prostitutes across state lines, paid for with the “Big Guy’s” $.  Why use your own moola?  Lawyers attempted to receive “blanket immunity” from Judge Noreika (a Trump appointed judge.)

BLM riot

Jason’s Aldean’s video “Try That in a Small Town” will have all BLM (Black Lives Matter) video removed because of “copyright issues”.  Apparently, someone in Aldrean’s camp chickened-out.

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Try That in a Small Town – CMT Ban (Video)

“Try That in a Small Town” sung by Jason Aldean is #1 on the charts and has been banned by Country Music Television.

CMT has banned “Try That in a Small Town” for being “racist” despite showing actual news clips of ANTIFA and BLM rioting during most of 2020.  The left-wing faggot typically looks for reasons to be offended.  Well, if you’re going to offend somebody, do it in spades.  The fact that this song is number one speaks volumes as to where our country is now and does not bode well for the Democrats.

Opinions on the upcoming 2024 General Election:  the Dems plan to steal it in the same way they did in 2020.  Since then, nothing has been done by the GOP to stop ballot harvesting and the rigged voting machines of foreign origin.

With the rotten job Biden’s done if he wins (or whomever else runs) wins by seven million votes, expect hell to pay.

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Cocaine Found in White House

Vegetable Biden was queried as to how a packet of cocaine was found in the situation room of the White House.  Our faux-Prez gave a shit-eating grin and said nothing.

Hunter Biden (crackhead son of “Sleepy, Creepy Joe”) had been in the White House earlier during the 4th of July celebration and appeared high.  Do the math.

Jill Biden goads Trump, claims he’s ‘afraid to run’ against her husbandEXPLOSIVE! China’s GTV Releases Videos of Hunter Biden Sex Tapes while Smoking Crack - The Tatum ...Photo of Hunter Biden Smoking Crack Released from Abandoned Laptop

The White House has surveillance cameras everywhere.  It would be relatively easy to find out who the guilty party is, if they or the MSM wanted to.  They don’t.

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Hunter Biden’s Text Implicates the President



This is further proof our fraudulent President knew and was involved in his son’s illegal business deals, something he has repeatedly denied.  The FBI and DOJ refuse to investigate.  It is up to the Republicans in Congress to expose the worst President in U.S. history.