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Lisa Marie with her famous parents

Daughter and only child of Elvis and Priscilla Presley died suddenly on January 12, 2023 from cardiac arrest at the age of fifty-four.

Lisa Marie Presley’s Golden Globes appearance


Lisa Marie’s final public appearances were Sunday, at Graceland celebrating her father’s eighty-eighth birthday and Tuesday’s Golden Globes ceremony.  Austin Butler would win best actor in a dramatic film for his portrayal of her father in “Elvis” (2022.)

Lisa Marie Presley : To Whom It May Concern CD (2003) - Capitol |

Lisa Marie Presley - Now What by WinterWarriorAngel on DeviantArt

Storm And Grace Pop, CD | Sanity

Lisa Marie Presley’s three albums.

She had been married four times to:  Danny Keough, Michael Jackson, Nicholas Cage and Michael Lockwood.  Her four children include actress/model Riley Keough, twins Finley and Harper Lockwood and her only son Benjamin Storm Keough who took his own life in 2020.  This tragedy may have led to Lisa Marie’s early demise.

Mom with son who would kill himself at the age of 27

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Ashli Babbitt’s Mother Arrested

On the second anniversary of the January 6 2021 Capitol riots, the mother of Ashli Babbitt was arrested for “refusing to obey orders”, “obstructing traffic” and “jaywalking”.

Left eats it up when Ashli Babbitt’s mother arrested by Capitol Police ...

Micki Witthoeft arrested

Arrest of Ashli Babbitt's mom on Jan. 6 anniversary 'doesn't smell ...

Micki Witthoeft was there holding a poster of her daughter’s picture.

Ashli Babbitt was shot to death by Capitol police Lt. Michael Byrd for entering a window through the Speaker’s lobby.  There was no trial.

Journalist Tayler Hansen Reveals What He Witnessed with Ashli Babbitt ...

Additionally, Democrats are celebrating Jan. 6th as the date “Trump’s insurrection was stopped.”  Dems fraudulently claim five police officer were killed that day.  It never happened.

This arrest was politically motivated – designed to humiliate the mother of the martyred.  But, it didn’t  It only proved the evil of this administration.  The initial (bogus) charge was “Protesting without a permit”.  Where is that in the First Amendment?

The riot occurred because of a stolen election.  There’s a mountain of evidence out there proving the election of Joe Biden is fake.  I wrote about it in late 2020 – early 2021, but the MSM didn’t.  For the left, 2020 was the first election in U.S. history where no cheating took place.

For Pres. Trump’s response, CLICK HERE.

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The Beatles “Get Back”


January 1969.  The Let It Be album/documentary/album began as a film/TV special for the Beatles.  Subsequently, the project ended the most popular rock group of its time.

Record producer Phil Spector would piece together miles of recording tape into their final album.  All the released singles were Paul McCartney’s including “The Long and Winding Road”, “Let It Be” and “Get Back”.  The movie won an Oscar for Best Original Score.

One of the film’s highlights is when George Harrison quits the band after Paul McCartney suggests replacing him with Eric Clapton.  After George walks out, Yoko Ono sits up on an amp and shrieks out her idea of “singing”, accompanied by the Beatles.

The Beatles: Get Back Debunks The Oldest Yoko Ono Myth

While the Beatles were able to patch up their differences for Abbey Road (Summer ’69), it was the end.  John Lennon would unofficially quit the group (most believe at the behest of Yoko Ono.)  The other three bandmates convince him to remain quiet about it.

April 1970.  Upon the release of “Let It Be”, (the title song John called “a bore”), Paul McCartney officially quits.

Talk of rejoining the famous band ends when John Lennon is gunned down by a madman named Mark David Chapman on December 8, 1980.

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John Lennon & assassin

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What Killed Jeff C?

At one time YouTube was a haven for free speech and the First Amendment.  During those bygone days, Jeff C hosted several channels on YouTube, the first being

(Jeff C, whose real name was Jeff Cleveland, other YouTube channels include Jeff Censored!, Jeff C LIVE!, Jeff Censored ENCORE!, Jeff Censored Again! and Supreme Lord Commander.)

jeffc - BitChute

The real Jeff C

Jeff C was a truther who exposed government, corporate, mainstream media, celebrity culture, Covid-19 and LGBTQ community agendas.  One of his biggest exposes was on the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.  Alex Jones only parroted what others like Jeff C had said.  Sandy Hook was an inside government hit job – i.e., a mass shooting done for the purpose of gun and media control.  The MSM’s poster boy for the shooting was Adam Lanza, a retarded kid who was mentally incapable of carrying out these executions.

jeffc - BitChute

Adam Lanza

The collapse of freedom at YouTube (known as the purge) began in 2017, following the election of Donald Trump.  Suddenly, channels and their videos came tumbling down, including Jeff C’s.  YouTube’s algorithm was changed to favor the MSM’s “authoritarian” networks.  If a truther channel survived the purge, it became static, meaning the views remained the same or greatly diminished.  Jeff C frequetly complained on air about this, calling his channel the most censored on YouTube.  He would move his more controversial videos to BitChute.

On December 23, 2020, Jeff C died from a brain aneurism.  He was only 48.  The enormous stress of what Google (owner of YouTube) did, I think played a part in his death.

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Van Dyke & Company (Funniest Show on Television)

Dick Van Dyke hosted and starred in this short-lived series back in 1976.  Lasting only 12 episodes, it still won an Emmy for Best Variety Show.  What happened?

The pilot episode scored big in the ratings, but in that brief half season, NBC would change its time slot three times.

Bob Einstein (later known as “Super Dave Osborne”) frequently appeared and was on the talented list of writers.  (Steve Martin wrote some of the first show.)

Today the show has become known as the first to give Andy Kaufman his first recurring role.  HIs appearance provides the most laugh out loud moments, his best line being:  “I don’t know if you’re laughing at me or with me.”

A large number of guest stars appeared including Mary Tyler Moore, Lucille Ball, Chevy Chase, Tina Turner, John Denver, Lola Falana, Bobbie Gentry, Hal Linden, Flip Wilson and Freddie Prinze.

Van Dyke & Co. crossed the line between reality, frequently interrupting the show with “Special Bulletins” which was discontinued because the less than hip viewers thought they were the real thing.  (The last bulletin was that a number of L.A. Rams players were being traded for Quasimodo.)

The “Bright Family” was a running gag about the dumbest family on Earth.

Van Dyke would mention guest stars he asked to appear who refused – then he would destroy their image.  (Throwing paint on a portrait of Dean Martin, crushing a statue of Nureyev.)

In the final show, Dick is asked to say goodbye, instead he does an abrupt turn and walks off.  Was this a message?

Van Dyke & Company is available on DVD.

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TRUMP 2024

President Donald J. Trump formally announced his candidacy for the Presidency of the United States.  If successful, Trump will be the second president to serve two non-consecutive terms.  (The other was Grover Cleveland.)

“America’s comeback starts right now. I am your voice. We will not be intimidated.”

What does this mean for Democrats – – those sick-minded, filthy, perverted deviants running our country, right now?  Your days are numbered.  You’ve lost the House of Representative.  Nancy Pelosi is finished.  And Pres. Trump is only two years away.

The mass media has thrown a wet blanket over the 2022 midterms, but there’s one thing they can’t change.   We no longer have one-party rule.  So FUCK YOU, DEVILCRATS!  ROT IN HELL!

Knowing the MSM and what they do, they’ll try, at first, to ignore Trump.  Then, ridicule.  Yes, SNL will excavate murderer Alec Baldwin, they’ll dig him out of moth balls for his lousy Trump impersonation.  Dems can pull whatever they want out of their ass.  None of it will work because the American people are on to them.  They’re common thieves.  Grifters.

Anybody remember the promise of gov’t checks arriving every month for the poor and needy?  What happened to that forgotten promise?  It’s the same thing every four years.  Unkept promises, then tax and spend.  That’s all they know.

As Trump said, our recovery was fragile.  And in two short years, Biden and the leftist scum have squandered America’s treasure.  Other countries no longer believe us.  And young people have lost faith.

I don’t know who’s running against Trump in 2024, but I hope and pray to God, it’s Joe Biden.  I don’t care how many drugs “Dr. Jill” has to inject into him to wake him up, I want to see them debate.  That’ll be one for the ages.  (Text © 2022 – ERN)

’22 Election Ripoff

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Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Georgia.  These 2022’s swing states all went to the Democrats, except for Georgia, which must have a run-off.  Does all of this sound familiar?  It should.  It happened two years ago.

The MSM/DNC said the failed red wave was due to the abortion issue and Trump (MAGA) backlash…the Dems “overperformed” and the GOP “underperformed”…and the moon was in your Uranus.

Tell me something.  Why do we still have “mail-in” drop boxes ala 2020’s so-called Covid crisis?  Why is ballot harvesting still allowed?  What is to prevent an organization to print-up counterfeit ballots and then dump them in these UNATTENDED BOXES?  If you voted in person, you may have been asked to show your voter’s registration card, or give some sort of proof of voter identification.  You are also forbidden to vote more than once.  Where is the security in voter dumps and drop-off points?

See the source image

The DNC is a criminal organization .  In 2020, aided by China’s biological warfare (Covid-19), they took back power illegally with their “mail-in” ballots.  And if it worked in 2020, why not 2022?  And 2024?

2021-2022 has been a disaster for America.  Out of control inflation, gas prices tripled, diesel fuel running out, World War III threatened by the Russians, a lost war in Afghanistan and a delusional President who gets lost walking around on the White House lawn.  Simply stated, the Democrats stole the last two elections by loading boxes with fake votes.

Pundits claim “Republicans vote on election day”, “Democrats votes thru the mail.”  B.S.  How would they know?  Pseudo-info pulled out of their ass.

The new Socialist left have found a way to rip-off our elections and it will continue indefinitely until we have another January 6th that should last as long as the 2020 riots did.

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Gray State – A Movie to Die For

January 2016.  Aspiring filmmaker David Crowley, his wife Komel and five year old daughter Raniya are found dead in their Minnesota home.  The words “Allahu Akbar” are written on the wall in Komel’s blood.  (Allahu Akbar is Arabic for “Our God is the greatest”, meaning also “Our God is better than your God.”)  A Koran and notebook were laid open to the phrase – “Submit to Allah”.

“Gray State” (trailer above) was a proposed film about a future One World Government.  This New World Order becomes a dictatorship where all personal freedom is lost.  Citizens are branded with a triangular-shaped chip.  Director/writer/producer Crowley maintained:  “We’re already in a police state.”  The gray state was the next phase.

Coincidently, David was also a former Iraq/Afghanistan war veteran.  His wife was Pakistani.

The Michael Entertainment Group showed interest in expanding the video into a thirty million dollar theatrical film.

Whether David Crowley was on the verge of success or just another wannabe filmmaker remains to be seen.  What doesn’t add up is this…

Due to circumstantial evidence police concluded that David Crowley went insane and killed his family.  The investigation lasted one year; however, this murder/suicide scenario came to fruition in the first 24 hours.  The news media walked in lockstep with the police.

A .40 caliber gun was used, yet the neighbors heard no gunshot.  Was a silencer used and if so, was this a professional hit?

The biggest question:  Why was “Allahu Akbar” written in blood on the wall?  Crowley was not a Muslim.

Is the obvious being overlooked?

Eventually, “Gray State” was completed as a documentary retitled “Gray State:  The Rise” and is on Vimeo.

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Illuminati’s “Domino Principle” – Predictive Programming-Video

See the source imageSee the source image

“The Domino Principle” (1977) is a theatrical film starring Gene Hackman as Roy Tucker, a prisoner released by authorities and recruited to be an assassin.

It’s a known fact the FBI and the CIA use men from prison with nothing to lose for their covert mission (“Wetwork” if you will.)  These trained killers are promised release in exchange for whatever it is the gov’t wants them to do.

See the source image

Roy Tucker’s mission:  to shoot and kill an unnamed man from a helicopter.  Who is this man?  The movie gives several clues.  The California flag flies outside the estate of the intended victim.  And Tucker was previously imprisoned for killing a man named “Riggen”.  Back in ’77, a few film critics criticized the movie for hinting that the intended victim of this assassination plot was probably the Governor of California.  (Reagan was the governor from 1967 – 1975, but the film was made in ’76, just one year after.)

Four years after the release of “The Domino Principle” Pres. Ronald Reagan (former Governor of California) was shot and nearly killed by John Hinkley Jr.  The Hinkley family happened to be friends with the Bush clan (known members of the Brotherhood), but let’s not talk about that.

At the time of its release, “The Domino Principle” received bad reviews, especially because the storyline wouldn’t name who the mysterious “they” were.  Mickey Rooney’s character “Spiventa” (who is in on it), knows who “they” are.  They’re involved with finance, with control, with making things happen.

See the source image

It’s not surprising the MSM would attack such a film.  Truthtellers are often ridiculed.  Besides, the MSM is mostly controlled by the one-eyed monster.

See the source imageImage result for illuminati symbol on dollar

Director Stanley Kramer knew well enough not to name “them”.  Those who do (Stanley Kubrick of “Eyes Wide Shut”) died before its release, allowing Warner Bros. to edit the final cut.

See the source image

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Midterms 2022

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Voting Drop Box – What could go wrong?

The 2022 Midterm election resulted in a split between Republicans and Democrats with many races too close to call.  As of now, the Senate is divided 48 to 48 with Nevada and Georgia hanging in the balance.  House of Representatives:  203 for Republicans, 187 for Democrats, with the votes still being counted.

Red wave?  The MSM predictably predicted a red wave so they could make a big deal out of it if it didn’t happen.  2021 to 2024 is the Biden era, one of inflation, high crime, no border protection and a lost war.  There is nothing the Republicans could do in two years to turn this mess around.

Pundits admitted that maybe it wasn’t a good idea for Dems (esp. Biden) to call the Republican Party “fascists”, to ignore inflation and push abortion as a “good thing”.

See the source image

John Fetterman (Uncle Fester)

See the source image

It’s no surprise cheating has been reported – the worst being in Pennsylvania with John Fetterman winning over Dr. Mehmet Oz.  Arizona is suspect – the governor’s race currently led by Katie Hobbs vs. Rep. Kari Lake.  Nevada’s election count will continue until Saturday giving Devilcrats plenty of time to cheat.

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During this election season, Dems have been running shameless ads with the old tagline “A woman’s right to choose” and opposing any candidate who is pro-life.  It is fittingly ironic that “Roe vs. Wade” was overturned by the Supreme Court during an ALL DEMOCRATIC ADMINISTRATION.  The facts are this:  Abortion was never a Constitutional right.  If you can find the word “abortion” in the original Constitution, I’ll quit EricReports.

It’s no accident abortion became legal nationwide in January 1973, the same time feminism (then known as “women’s lib”) was in full swing.  That’s what abortion is all about.  Women casting off their God-given roles as “wife and mother” so they can sling hash in a diner.

Work ain’t all glamour

Don’t buy into the claims of the Democrat’s ads about abortion for “rape and incest victims”.  This is a red herring.  Abortion is the left-handed way.  It’s anti-God, anti-life and it’s the work of the devil.

When Life Begins

You might ask:  “When does life begin?”  If you believe there is a soul, then it would be at the time of conception.  If not, the original way was when a heartbeat could be detected, i.e, 5-6 weeks into the pregnancy.  Another way is by the detection of brain waves – 40 days of the life of the fetus.  Whichever method you’re using to detect the beginning of life, doctors are aborting babies up until the time of birth.  That’s murder.  How do you account for that?

When will today’s modern women stand up and be accountable for their actions.  Isn’t abortion about convenience?  When the prospective mother and father shirk their duties as parents to pursue their selfish desires?

The pro-abortion ads polluting the airwaves drone on about women’s rights.  Aren’t some of these unborn babies female?  What about their right to be born?

Feminists have trashed tradition, globbed-on to the fad of the moment and sold their souls for the pursuit of things that will fade.

Thanksgiving is coming up next month, formerly a time of family and a turkey dinner.  But who will cook the turkey?  Grandma?

Citizens, abortion is about death.  It’s the end of everything, of life, of hope, of a future generation.

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Illuminati Bill Gates Prediction – Tied Election, Civil War

See the source image

The Illuminati must warn the public before the event.

Creator of Microsoft’s ‘Windows”, Bill Gates has predicted a “hung 2024 Election” that will lead to a civil war in the USA.

2024 is still two years away.  We can’t be sure who will be running, but I’ll make my own prediction.  A leading presidential candidate will be assassinated.  There are forces out there who don’t want freedom of choice.  They want the status quo.

In 2000, we had a nearly tied presidential race between George W. Bush and Al Gore.  Re-counts were stopped by the Supreme Court.  Could that happen again?

If there’s a civil war, expect the more violent side to start it, the left.

We already know what happened January 6, 2021.  A brief one day riot that quickly fizzled-out after poor Ashli Babbitt was gunned down by Capitol police.

Ashli Babbitt shot and killed for climbing through a window.

You may also recall the six months of rioting over George Floyd.  Guess from which side.

Don’t expect Republicans to allow 2024 to be stolen from them so easily as it was in 2020.  Democrats bray about “voter suppression” and “disenfranchised voters” whenever they lose.  When they win, the election was “above-board with no cheating whatsoever”.

Are you telling me in this electronic age, there’s no way for a free and fair election, where people can be counted to vote one time only?  What about Voter I.D. cards and fingerprint voting?

Dems fight this tooth and nail because they don’t want a fair election.  For them, the more opportunities to cheat, the better.

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Nine Inch Nails “Hurt”

Johnny Cash – “Ain’t No Grave”

A Great Big World, Christina Aguilera – “Say Something”

Yoko Ono – “Walking on Thin Ice”

Jackie Evancho – “I’m Not that Girl”

Dido – “Here with Me”

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers – “Don’t Come Around Here No More”

Melinda Doolittle – “Home”

Joey Heatherton – “Live & Learn”

Biden’s “White Supremacy”

According to faux Pres. Biden, white supremacy is America’s biggest problem.


See the source image


See the source image


See the source image



See the source image


See the source image


The big problem is WHITEY!  When’s the last time you met a white supremist?  Isn’t Biden a white supremacist?  He’s the President – aren’t we living under white man’s rule?  Didn’t VP Kamala Harris call Biden a segregationist during the debates?  Biden and the Democrats are creating an illusionary enemy.  The real cancer from within the United States is the left-wing who are intent on committing national suicide in the name of political correctness.

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Hillary Not Running/Dow Falls 500 Points

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Former failed candidate Hillary Clinton announced that she’s not running for President in 2024.  Of course, Mrs. Clinton’s word is about as bankable as a Confederate dollar.  If it’s true, its because she was told not to run by the DNC.  There are various reasons why she can’t run.

Hillary’s Health – In 2013, HRC suffered a stroke (ignored by the MSM).  After effects led to blackouts, confusion and convulsions.

See the source imageSee the source image

Sore Loser – The Great Satan Hillary continues to grouse about her loss, saying Pres. Trump stole the election with Russia’s help.  The reason Clinton lost was because the Dems cheated in the wrong states.  They learned their lesson and stole the 2020 election in all the battleground states.

Libya – “We came, we saw, he died!”  (laughs)

See the source image

Only Hillary Clinton could arouse sympathy for an Arab terrorist leader like Muammar Gaddafi.

Conspiracy Theories or Conspiracy Facts?

The news stories about the former First Lady and Sec’t of State linger.  Vince Foster.  Jeffery Epstein.  Waco.  Payoffs from Arabs states.  Stealing most of the money sent to the Haiti relief fund under the guise of the Clinton Foundation.  Her marriage of convenience with Bill Clinton.  A lesbian double-life.

See the source image

Huma Abedin, the honey pot spy.

See the source image

Hillary ogles Christina Aguilera

2024.  Who will be the leading Democratic candidate for President?

See the source image

I say, Kamala Harris.  To those who doubt it, she has more going for her than the vegetable Joe Biden.

One.  Kamala Harris would be the first female Prez.

Two.  Kamala Harris is a woman of color.  Big check mark for the Starbucks-drinking-Apple MacBook toting-pseudo-intellectuals.

Three.  Kamala Harris is 57, not exactly young, but compared to Biden, she is.

Four.  Kamala Harris pretends to be African-American and so far, her fakery has worked.

Five.  The MSM will cream all over her.

Hillary Clinton obviously has more experience and despite her age, she hasn’t lost her marbles yet.  It must eat at her to see people like Biden and Harris, (mental midgets), running the world.

See the source image

See the source image

The Dow Jones average fells 500 points today.  The Biden Administration continues to snow-job the American people; however, the recession is here and it’s not going away.  The left who still blame Trump and call this slump transitory, need to get off Willy Wonka’s magical boat ride.

Our current fake President should be impeached by the soon-to-be Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

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Obscure Film Facts

The top ten highest grossing films (adjusted for inflation) are:

  1.  Gone with the Wind
  2. Avatar
  3. Titanic
  4. Star Wars IV:  A New Hope
  5. Avengers:  EndGame
  6. The Sound of Music
  7. E.T.
  8. The Ten Commandments
  9. Dr. Zhivago
  10. Star Wars VII:  The Force Awakens

Only two actors have won posthumous Academy Awards:  Peter Finch for “Network” (1976) and Heath Ledger for “The Dark Knight” (2009.)

Three films have tied for the most Oscar wins:  “Ben-Hur”, “Titanic” and “The Lord of the Rings:  The Return of the King”.

See the source image

“La La land” (2016) was awarded the Best Picture Oscar by mistake.  “Moonlight” won.

Director Alfred Hitchcock was nominated , but never won an Academy Award.  In 1968, he won the Irving G. Thalberg Award, which is given out during the ceremonies, but is not an Oscar.

“Midnight Cowboy” (1969 Best Picture Oscar winner) was originally rated X.  It was changed to an R rating without editing.

See the source image


See the source image


The majority of silent films have been damaged or destroyed due to poor storage, nitrate stock and a lack of care.

Elvis Presley made 33 movies.  The last won a Golden Globe for Best Documentary.  “Elvis in Concert” (1972.)

“Plan 9 from Outer Space” (1959) contains only a few minutes of Bela Lugosi’s last performance.  It had been intended for another film to be directed by Ed Wood.

The first fart joke was in “Cold Turkey” (1971) from Edward Everett Horton who died soon thereafter.

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Shannon Brandt (right photo) uses the new “right-wing extremist” excuse for killing Cayler Ellingson (left photo.)

Shannon Brandt (left photo) uses the new “right-wing extremist” excuse for killing Cayler Ellingson (right photo.)

On September 18, 2022 in McHenry, North Dakota, Shannon Brandt, 41, ran down and killed Cayler Ellingson,18, with his SUV.  Allegedly this was over a political argument.  The charges include

vehicular manslaughter, hit and run, DUI and leaving the scene without aiding the victim.  Autopsy evidence concludes the boy was run over, that is, crushed to death in an alley.

Brandt confessed to the police.  He committed the crime and was arrested at his home on the following day.  There’s no doubt Brandt killed Ellingson.

Brandt spent a whole two days in jail before he was released on $50,000 bond, telling the judge he hoped this incident wouldn’t interrupt his life.

See the source image

Brandt shortly before he was released on bail.

The modus operandi?  Brandt said Ellingson was a “right-wing extremist” – just cause for killing a human being.  Brandt’s absurd story:  Ellingson threatened him and was going to call some MAGA-hat wearing Republicans to “get him”.  So in a pre-emptive strike, he killed him first.

The story falls apart based on a phone call Ellingson made to his mother asking her to save him.  By the time she got there. her son was dead.

Whether their quarrel was over politics, we may never know for sure.  Is this an excuse or a straw man’s argument?

The media (except Fox News) downplayed this news story or in MSNBC’s case, ignored it.

The far-left are giving credence to Brandt’s version of what happened.  Trump voters are “dangerous”.  What else could Brandt do?  The inconvenient fact that the victim is only an 18-year-old kid doesn’t bother them.

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USA.Life Social Network

Biden calls Trump voters “Semi-fascist, right-wing extremists”  (Right corner photo – BLM, ANTIFA riot)

In the past, Dems compared the GOP to the Nazis as a joke.  Now, they’re serious.  Faux-President Biden spoke on September 1st, saying the following…

“Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic.  There’s no question the Republican Party today is dominated, driven and intimidated by Trump and the MAGA Republicans, that is a threat to this country.  What we’re seeing now is either the beginning or the death knell of an extreme MAGA philosophy.  It’s not just Trump, it’s the entire philosophy.  I’m going to say something:  it’s like semi-fascism.”

Back when the foreign-born Muslim Barack Obama was President, he corrupted the Homeland Security Agency.  Their enemy?  “Violent right-wing extremist groups.”  Sound familiar?

Not to be outdone, Hillary Clinton compared Trump’s speaking events to “Nazi rallies”.

Democrats Freaking Out Over Trump's Voter Fraud Commission

From the Conservative Free Press

It’s interesting how the left brings up Hitler so much.  They’re emulating the man they claim to hate so much.  Hitler demonized his enemies (Jews, Communists, Socialists, homosexuals, gypsies and the press.)  They were a threat to the Fatherland and to you.

While Republicans have begin to ring warning bells, the new Democrats aren’t listening.  Those terminal adolescents whose raison d’etre is to piss off Mom and Pop.

Harris speaks on BLM: “They’re not going to let up and they should not.”

What did the VP (and future president) Kamala Harris say when asked, “What if Trump is re-elected?”  Her answer – “Then, the riots will continue.”  Is that their answer to everything?  And why is it, when Republicans demonstrate, it’s called an “insurrection”?  Why is it when Ashli Babbitt was shot to death for trespassing, her executioner wasn’t put on trial?

The far-left are pushing a new idea.  For them, killing a Trump voter is a lesser crime…from murder to manslaughter like killing an animal.  How soon before it’s justifiable homicide?

If you have the so-called POTUS calling them (and us) enemies to democracy, how soon before blood is shed?  The media insinuates that it’s Republicans who wants a Civil War.  No, it’s the far-left who foment violence.  If there’s an event in 2023-2024 that will trigger it, it will be the left that pulls the trigger.

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NBC Tweet Compares Immigrants to “Trash”

In a since deleted tweet from NBC News, author Max Lefeld writes…


Is this far from what the left really thinks of their “dreamers”?  It only took 48 hours for the illegal aliens to be rounded-up and taken away to a military base.  (Shows you what can happen when the government is motivated to do something.)  If the Dems love them so much, why don’t they want them around?  Because “Martha’s Vineyard” is for the filthy rich and everybody else can go “Fuck off!”

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Kamala Harris Humiliated

See the source image

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has sent busloads of illegal aliens to the home of VP Kamala Harris.

While Democrats are happy about unnaturalized immigrants voting for them, (in violation of the Constitution), they don’t want them in their own neighborhoods, stating:  “We don’t have the facilities to care for them.”

This is a major humiliation for the VP who is the border czar, despite the fact that she’s never been there.

Not to be outdone, Florida’s Gov. Ron DeSantis has done the same to Martha’s Vineyard which happens to be the location for the home of former Pres. Barack Obama – the man who began the practice of relocating foreigners to America’s suburbs.

See the source image

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Elvis and “A Star is Born”

See the source image

The role that never was: Elvis in “A Star is Born”

Throughout the years, Elvis Presley was offered a variety of movie roles that were turned down by his manager, Col. Tom Parker.  These include:  The Rainmaker, Thunder Road, West Side Story, Bye-Bye Birdie, Walk on the Wild Side and Midnight Cowboy.

In 1975, Barbra Streisand and Jon Peters would offer the lead role of John Norman Howard in her remake of “A Star is Born”.  Elvis agreed to do it.  What happened?

Col. Tom Parker never wanted Elvis to outgrow him.  That is why he deliberately put him Grade-B musicals with Grade-B actors.  Maximum profit, low cost hamburger.

To kill the “Star is Born” deal, Col. Parker made outrageous demands…  $1 million upfront, $100,000 in expenses, star billing and the right to choose the songs and change the script.  The Colonel wanted all drug references removed.  He didn’t want Elvis’s character seen taking dope.  “The death of irony.”  The character of John Norman Howard is basically Elvis himself.  A mega-star whose career is on the decline because of drugs, booze and self-indulgence.  Just prop Elvis up in front of the cameras and let him be himself.  Did Elvis recognize this fact?

The producers offered the Colonel a percentage of the profits which would have made him and Elvis many millions of dollars.  Parker, of course, turned them down.

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Elvis and the Colonel near the end.

Furthermore, the Parker would put it in Elvis’s head that Streisand-Peters went to him first (instead of the Colonel), to take advantage of him.  This played on Elvis’s worst fears, to be thought of as a “hillbilly rube”.  The Colonel had spent twenty years controlling “his boy”.  He knew how to push his buttons.  It’s especially sad considering the King was already forty years old.

Ego had everything to do with it.  Col. Tom Parker was offended beyond belief that Barbra Streisand would offer a movie deal to Elvis without consulting him.  This, above all else, destroyed it.

Streisand-Kristofferson sing “Evergreen”

Kris Kristofferson replaced Elvis.  The movie went on to be #2 at the box officer for 1976, winning an Oscar for “Best Song” (“Evergreen”) and Golden Globes for Kristofferson and Streisand.

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Barbra Streisand accepts her Golden Globe. Paul Williams (co-winner) accepts for his work on the songs.

If the Colonel had been any kind of a manager, he would have encouraged, even forced, Elvis to do this role.  It would have presented the challenge he needed.  Instead, Elvis would return to his Howard Hughes-style of existence.  In those last two years, he did a few more records and a disastrous TV-special shown posthumously of a crumbling rock star who blew it.

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Elvis 1977

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Elephants, Pangolins Face Extinction

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Different species of animals are being plundered into non-existence in Africa and Asia for fast money.  Poachers, especially from China, are decimating wild animals for their fake cures – herbal medications to cure human illnesses.

You won’t hear about China’s crimes on the mainstream media, who have long ago sold out any credibility they ever had.  Likewise, U.S. politicians (esp. Biden) are in the back pocket of the country that now owns us.  China.

My personal feelings on the matter are this.  Those who kill animals on the endangered spieces list should be shot on sight.  If they go to trial, they’ll have wealthy backers and lawyers ready to bail them out.  It’s better to do it the old-fashioned way.  Kill them.

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