ANTIFA linked with ISIS and al-Qaeda

Photo from Fellowship of the Minds

Far-left anti-Trump radical protest groups met with ISIS and al-Qaeda in Germany, discussing ways to destroy Trump’s presidency.  Bomb making and poison gas were key topics.  Link below.

Since Nov. 2016, I’ve written about the dangers of these domestic terrorist organizations.  What further proof is needed?

The MSM has either ignored or encouraged these angry mobs and they have fabricated an American “Nazi” Party.  (Code word for “Republicans”.)  Democrats cannot wash their hands clean of this – that “bloody spot” will always remain.

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“Black Lives Matter” Worst Domestic Terrorist Group

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The fact that “Black Lives Matter” is now considered one of the most dangerous domestic terrorist groups by the FBI has been buried by the MSM.  According to FBI officials, they actively seek out police officers to kill.

Today we have the same breeding ground of hatred that existed in the late 60’s-early 70’s when another similar group existed:  the “Black Panthers”.

Image result for black panthers 1970, violenceImage result for black panthers 1970

Blacks have lost their leader Barack Obama.  Our former president could help dampen the flames of their rage.  Instead, he has encouraged them in his own special passive-aggressive way.  Along with failed candidate Hillary Clinton, they have bolstered a resistance group of trained thugs, augmented by easily duped college students.

Image result for black lives matter riot

Sooner or later, Pres. Trump will have to come down hard on this movement.  I’ve been saying this since the 2016 election.  It’s them or us.  It’s the law-abiding citizen vs. the Communist radical.  For now, Democrats may side with ANTIFA, BLM, et al, but will they when the skies turn black from their riots?  When cities burn?  That day is coming.

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Hillary Clinton Funds Anti-Trump Super-PAC

The Resistance Really is Useless Now...

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is using up to $1 million left over from her 2016 campaign to start “Resistance”, a political action committee designed to derail President Trump.   Additionally, she is funding “Onward Together” – a so-called resistance movement of left-wing agitators, professional thugs, rioters, protestors and marchers.  Their orders are to cause trouble, incite violence and complain about every Trump decision.

Opinion.  Although, HRC blames her election loss on James Comey, Russia, Bernie Sanders, “self-hating women”, “fake news” and Donald Trump, her hate campaign was flawed from the start.  The “now its time to have a woman in the White House” slogan wasn’t enough.  That woman must have good ideas.  Bringing in one million Muslims in her first year, having a war with Russia and turning our economy into a welfare state weren’t good ideas.

Many, including myself, believe Hillary’s “book tour” is really a trial run for another presidential run.  She’s testing the waters, so to speak.  If, in her delusional mind, she thinks she can win in 2020, she will run.

It also must be in her mind on how to exploit Bill Clinton’s death, if he dies before then.  The grieving widow routine.  “Vote for me – Bill would have wanted it that way.”  No, not even that, is off limits.

Despite all her desperate efforts to remain in the public eye, she’s forgotten one important thing.  Dems want to win this time.  As much as some would like to believe that she’d win, she can’t.  Her lies, her untrustworthiness, her own “crooked Hillary” nature, are too well known.

Don’t expect former VP Joe Biden to step aside this time.  If he’s got the balls (and I think he does), he’ll crush her ’20 campaign early on.

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Hillary Clinton’s Fade-Out

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Hillary Clinton is lying when she says she’s not running for President again.  She’s lied about this many times before.  (Prior to her 2016 run, she said, “I just want to be a Grandma!”)

I’ll tell you how this turns out, even before it happens.  2020 will not be like 2016.  The other candidates aren’t going to be falling all over themselves, making room for the “inevitable candidate”.  The run to be the Democratic presidential nominee will be hard fought and vicious.  And when “H” announces her revenge comeback – it will not be met with cheers.  It will be met with groans.  Everything she’s said and done since her November ass-whipping proves, she’s the same unbearable hag she’s always been.

When it comes time to debate the other Democratic candidates, they’ll tear her to pieces.  Also, the Clinton Foundation will not be able to dupe so many unsuspecting rubes into throwing their money away on a habitual loser.

Symbolically speaking, Mrs. Clinton is going to have her ass handed to her on a silver platter.  I say, “Good,” and a final “fuck you.”

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9/11 Collapse

 Something happened on September 11.  It occurred in Manhattan, NYC.  No, it’s not what happened in 2001.  It was last year at Ground Zero 2016.  Democratic presidential candidate Hillary R. Clinton fell like a ton of bricks, indicative of her campaign.  Just as a turkey can’t fly, either could Mrs. C.  What could be more predictive than this?  While the MSM tried to downplay or outright dismiss it, this and her on-camera brain seizures proved her health was far worse than any of us could imagine.

Image result for hillary brain seizure, gif

Image result for hillary clinton seizure owl

Image result for hillary clinton seizure owl

The demons are alive and well in Hillary Clinton.

One year later, we have an embittered MSM broadcasting daily biased character attacks on Pres. Trump.  We have protests from ANTIFA, far-left anarchists and paid criminals.  And we have Trump voters, the real Americans.  (The MSM calls them “Nazis and white supremacists.”)  Whose side are you on?

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Trump Must be Psychic!

Image result for trump statement predicts george washington statue

“George Washington was a slave owner.  So will George Washington lose his status?  Are we gonna take down statues of Thomas Jefferson?  Do you like him, because he was a major slave owner.  Are we gonna take down his statue?  So, it’s fine.  You’re changing history, you’re changing culture.”  Pres. Donald Trump

The President also commented on the violence.  “What about the alt-left that came charging at, as you say, alt-right?  Do they have any semblance of guilt?  What about the fact that they came charging with clubs in their hands, swinging clubs, do they have any problem?  I thing they do.”

Image result for lincoln memorial spray paintImage result for lincoln memorial spray paint

(Photos above:  Lincoln Memorial spray-painted.)

For Democrats, First Amendment be damned, first they went after and took down the Confederate flag.  Next, went statues of former Confederate leaders.  Now, they’re going after our Founding Fathers.  Again, the Democratic Party owns this.  This is why they lost in 2016 and this is why they will lose in 2020.  The DNC and the MSM are supremely out of touch with real Americans.  They’re great with fringe groups like ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter.  But, with the Average Joe or Jane who works hard, pays their taxes, goes to church – they marginalize them.

Blacks (some, not all) are also stuck with this issue.  Too many black are stuck in the late 1950’s-early 60’s, in a tragic state of arrested development.  They cannot get past those times or get over themselves.  No matter how much the white liberal bows or kowtows to their demands – it’s simply never enough.  Putting an inexperienced, black, junior senator in as President wasn’t enough.  Putting blacks all over the MSM, movies, TV, news, etcetera isn’t enough.  Giving every black man a burgundy Cadillac, a gold Rolex and a big-boobed blonde isn’t enough.  (Okay, maybe that’s enough.)

Destroying America’s history, destroying our past, to rebuild it into a Communist Wonderland is what the Left have in mind.  Don’t kid yourself.  They will go after all that is sacred to erect their false ideology.  And what bothers them most is the election of Pres. Donald J. Trump.

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Image result for fake newsBrief comment:  the mainstream media has gone off the charts by stating on all the major newscasts that the riots in Charlottesville were caused by “white supremacists”.  Where has the MSM been since November?  I seem to recall many violent protests by Democrats, the alt-left and anarchists who didn’t like how the election turned out.  They seem oblivious to it.

President Trump has called them on their lies.  If he had done what he should have, this wouldn’t be happening.  The USA has many enemies, but the worst are right here in our country; those who have been trying to overturn this election since it overturned the foreign-born Muslim revolutionary that never should have been allowed in the White House.

I am also making a complaint against my readers, who are not saying anything to what I am saying.  Are you asleep?  Do you want to go back to the days when the Clintons or the Obamas were running this country?  Where is your support for our President?

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HIllary: What Happened?

Image result for hillary what happened

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is attempting to make more money by bilking readers into reading why she lost in 2016.  Titled:  “What Happened?” (stolen from another book “Elvis:  What Happened?”)  HRC has already said why she think she lost:  blaming it on “fake news” and on FBI director James Comey reopening the investigation into her misdeeds as Secretary of State.  (She refers to her crimes as a “nothing burger”.)

The Real Reason Why Hillary Lost

One.  A lack of self-awareness.  H thinks people only see the cleverly crafted image her PR-firm gives out.  (And not as the cold, calculating bitch she really is.)

Two.  Her accomplishments as Secretary of State and N.Y. Senator were meager.  Her disastrous push into war with Libya (resulting in Benghazi and a terrorist state) led Obama to call this his biggest mistake as President.

Three.  Her campaign.  HRC hated Trump and she wanted you to hate him too.  Hate is a tough sell.  The haters were already going to vote for her.  No positive message to speak of.

Four.  HRC couldn’t care less about white men, unless you were gay, transgendered or a beta-male.  Clinton was/is the feminist/LBTGQ candidate because she is a closet lesbian.  Straight people might have trouble relating to her.

Image result for hillary lesbian

Five.  She is a poor speaker.  HRC has a shrill, harsh, nagging way about her – and when she’s not talking, she’s glowering a possessed hate stare.  The DNC chose her because “It was time to have a woman president,” no matter who it was.  Democrats need to start picking women who don’t turn men’s stomachs.

Image result for hillary stare3

Six.  People hate a phony.  Love or hate Trump, you know who he is.  For some time now, Hillary has tried to pass herself off as a harmless, socialist, grandma who only wants to help you.  There is a long list of dead people who found out the hard way what happens when you get on her wrong side of her.

Ultimately, I think HRC is trying to rehabilitate her image after her sound 2016 thrashing.  She is trying to control the official version of “what happened” with her willing MSM accomplices.  It won’t work.

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Hillary’s Secret Plan to Run Again?

trick Trump isn't using: How Hillary's campaign is (almost certainly ...

FACT:  The “Russia hacked the election” fake news story began with Hillary Clinton – Debate 3. Oct. 19, 2016.  HRC quote “The Russian government has engaged in espionage against Americans…to influence the election.”  She said it came from the “highest levels, from Vladimir Putin” and continued by saying:  “I actually think the most important question of the evening is, finally, will Donald Trump admit that the Russians are doing this and that he rejects Russian espionage?”   (This is in reference to both her and her campaign manager John “Pizzagate” Podesta being hacked.)

There you have the original source of where the “Russia hacked the election” came from.  HRC herself.

Since losing the election, HRC, the failed candidate, has not “Gone gently into that good night.”  She has promoted the idea that Donald Trump stole the election.

FACT:  Many MSM reporters are on the Clinton payroll.  They were contributors to her campaign and are still ardent supporters.

We have a daily onslaught of bogus news reports on Pres. Trump’s “ties to Russia” and “secret Russian deals.”  On June 2017,  three CNN reporters were fired for a fake news report on Russia contributing money to Trump enterprises.  Their names are Thomas Frank, Eric Lichtblau and Lex Haris.

FACT:  At least once a week, HRC pops up on some program, trashing Trump, saying she hopes he’s impeached like Nixon.  (Nixon wasn’t impeached, he resigned.  Bill Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives.)  She should know, “H” was fired from the Watergate investigating committee for trying to steal Nixon’s papers.

Where is all this going?  HRC doesn’t do something for nothing.  She would not be hauling around her old, fat ass all over the country, dumping on Trump without a reason.

FACT:  Hillary Clinton did not run against Bush in 2004 or Obama in 2012, because she thought she’d lose.  It’s difficult to win against an incumbent president.  Therefore, wouldn’t it be to her advantage to run against Mike Pence in 2020?  In other words, do what the Dems did to Nixon in 1973-1974.  Destroy him politically, then run against a “caretaker” president.  It worked for Carter.

Even Democrats admit HRC has a mania to be president.  She can’t let go of it.

Playing devil’s advocate, let’s assume Dems take the House and Senate in 2018.  Let’s assume the MSM beats the “impeach Trump” drum, day in and day out, as they did for Nixon.  Let’s assume the Dems concoct a plan to force Trump out.  (As they already tried to do with Comey-Flynn.)  A jubilant Hillary is there to say, “I told you so!”  Thus, begin her 2020 conquest to get what she thinks is rightfully hers.

HRC realizes time is running out.  In her seventies and in questionable health; for her, the only chance she has to be president is to remove Trump.

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Trump Fires Comey – MSM Goes Nuts

Image result for trump you're fired Image result for james comey

May 8, 2017.  Pres. Trump fired FBI director James Comey for “not doing a good job” and for his failure to indict Hillary Clinton in 2016.  Comey had found Clinton “grossly negligent and careless with top secret classified documents,” yet failed to recommend prosecution for that or for her deletion of over 33,000 emails.  Nevertheless, CNN and MSNBC went on the rampage, comparing it to Nixon’s Watergate and the “Saturday Night Massacre” (the firings and/or resignations of Archibald Cox, Elliot Richardson and William Ruckelshaus.)

The MSM proclaimed (with a straight face) that Trump fired Comey because he was coming “too close to the truth!”  [Based on their theory of Trump colluded with the Russians during the DNC hacking scandal.]  There’s just one thing wrong with their theory.  THERE IS NO INVESTIGATION OF TRUMP BECAUSE THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OF WRONGDOING.  The MSM is flat-out lying.

Reality check:  Hillary Clinton colluded with the Russians, selling them uranium and then pocketing the money for the Clinton Foundation.  I wrote about this when it happened.  //

The MSM is silent, however.

Q.  Why didn’t Obama fire Comey when he renewed (then dropped) his investigation of HRC right before the election?  A.  Mutually Assured Destruction.  The FBI must have had damaging evidence on Obama.

The MSM is being spurred on by Obama, whose “legacy” is being spoiled by Trump and by Hillary Clinton, who will never get to be the first female Commander-in-Chief.

What should Trump do?  The President needs to do a full-on investigation on Obama and Clinton.  They are still dangerous enemies.  HRC has announced her plans to organize and fund a “resistance group” against Trump.

Image result for hillary clinton starts resistance group

“Resist, insist, persist, enlist!” Hillary quote from the candidate who doesn’t know she lost.

Image result for obama wiretaps

click headline to enlarge

Obama is already guilty of bugging Trump and his staff, leading to the firing of Gen. Flynn (the most anti-Muslim cabinet member DJT had.)  Q.  How is it okay for Obama to bug his enemies and not Nixon?

Additionally, it’s been rumored that Obama intends to become the permanent leader of the U.N.  Now is the time for Trump to out Obama before this happens.  The world cannot survive a radical, Marxist Muslim terrorist sympathizer as U.N. chief.

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Malia Obama Twerks, Smokes Weed/Hillary’s Non-Concession

Image result for images, malia obama twerks, smokes pot

7/30.  Malia Obama, 18, youngest daughter of the former president, was caught on video, doing the do at the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago, Ill.

3/27/17.  The Parlor, Soho, NYC.  Additionally, Miss Obama was hustled out of a bar/nightclub after threatening a conservative reporter named Lucian Wintrich who Tweeted, “Malia Obama just scolded me at a club NYC.  Not joking.  She started saying “I wanna punch that dude in the face!”  (Malia is three years under the legal drinking age and was visibly intoxicated.)  The MSM chose to ignore this news story.

Image result for hillary clinton crying  Election Night 2016:  Midnight.  Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was restrained by Secret Service agents after physically attacking her campaign manager John Podesta and his assistant Robby Mook.  She was sedated after going into a drunken frenzy.

Huma Abedin would make the concession call to the Trump campaign.

Image result for huma abedin sexy with hillary clintonImage result for huma abedin hillary clinton are lovers

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YouTube Defunds “Controversial Speech” (the #1 site for videos), has demonetized videos containing content deemed “too extreme” or those containing “hate speech”.  This comes in conjunction with a number of corporations pulling their sponsorship.  (WALMART, STARBUCKS, PEPSI, AT & T, VERIZON, VW, DISH NETWORK, ENTERPRISE, FX NETWORKS, GSK, JOHNSON & JOHNSON and BEAM SUNTORY INC.)  Uploaders who made money using “Ad Sense” have now lost their source of income.  This, of course, does not effect videos YouTube/Google agrees with:  those with a P.C.-leftist point of view.  Where is this coming from?

Hillary, in her new S & M outfit.

This is coming from Hillary Clinton, who believes she lost the election because of “fake news”.  (Anything non-MSM.)  Even she knows the Russians had nothing to do with the election.

I, myself, abandoned my YouTube channel when it became impossible to continue.  The last video…

(Hillary + Waco = Slaughter) fried my computer, disconnected my phone service and shut down the electricity.  It should be noted that I received continuous nuisance phone calls last year which ended after Election Day.

The election of Donald Trump did not end our fight.  The war for free speech continues.

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Donna Brazile Admits to Stealing Debate Questions for Hillary Clinton

Image result for donna brazile and hillary sclinton

Donna Brazile (former head of the DNC) finally admitted to Time magazine that she gave presidential debate questions in advance to Hillary Clinton.

Q.  Didn’t this effect the General Election?   Q.  Does cheating matter if you’re a Democrat?  While the MSM and insane leftists oink about “Trump and the Russians”, here is actual proof of something that adversely affected the election.

Another question:  While the MSM (even CNN) have condemned Brazile, what about Hillary Clinton?  The actual reason the cheating occurred?  Why didn’t Ms. Hillary refuse to participate in the cheating?  Why did HRC set up an environment that cheating would occur?  Why is the MSM entertaining the idea of Hillary running for N.Y. mayor or even running again for president?  Why are people still marching in the streets in protest of the candidate who didn’t cheat?  Why is Brazile acting like it’s no big deal?  She lost her job at CNN over it.

Time to stop the crazy idea of Hillary Clinton running for anything ever again.

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Obama Bugged Trump Tower – The Facts

Image result for obama bugs trump tower

June 2016 – The Obama Administration asks a FISA court for permission to secretly monitor and record then Presidential candidate Donald Trump on the grounds of espionage with the Russian government.  This request is denied.

Oct. 2016 – 3rd presidential debate.  Hillary Clinton accuses Donald Trump of colluding with Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin on wiretapping her and the DNC.

Oct. 2016 – The Obama Administration re-words their FISA court request and it is approved.  Trump Tower has been officially bugged by the U.S. government.

Nov. 2016 – Donald Trump is elected as the 45th POTUS.

Image result for obama bugged trump

Deduction 1.  Pres. Obama and former candidate Clinton must have worked on this strategy together.  This means that a then-current President worked with a presidential candidate to undermine an election.

Deduction 2.  Obama’s weak denial is that he did not “order” the hidden surveillance.  He doesn’t deny knowledge of it.

Deduction 3.  Who ordered the bugging?  It all points to Obama/Clinton.  Wasn’t the purpose of this spying to derail the Trump campaign at the last minute?  Who benefits?  Who would’ve been president?  Whose legacy would have been maintained?  Look for a fall guy to appear; perhaps Att. Gen. Loretta Lynch.

Summation.  Although this reaches Watergate proportions, it probably won’t affect the former President or Clinton.  They are out of power.  The MSM won’t run with it.  Once their scapegoat appears and takes the fall, this story will not be pursued by the media.  What it proves is that the Democrats are hypocrites.  A Democratic administration is now guilty of the same crimes that former Pres. Richard Nixon committed, and the left-wing press doesn’t give a damn.

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Remember 9/11? (Muslim Immigrant Hijackers)

Image result for 9/11

I shouldn’t have to write this article.  Any sane country would understand the need to keep out people who are trying to kill us.  And yet the disgruntled Hillary Clinton voters who didn’t win on Election Day are now getting their revenge on Pres. Trump by blocking everything he does.

January 28.  Pres. Trump does as he promised and imposes travel restrictions on seven countries which pose a threat to the safety and security of our nation:  Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya and the Sudan.  The left go into hysterics, calling it “a ban on Muslims” and “unconstitutional.”  February 3.  Federal Judge James Robart of Seattle blocks Pres. Trump’s executive action.

Islamics, realizing we now have a President who is serious about terrorism, begin flooding into the USA.

American airports have become deluged with protesters saying, “All Muslims should be welcome here,” and they curse Trump.When did so many people become so stupid?  Does anybody out there remember 9/11?  I realize that for eight years Pres. Obama said the 9/11 hijackers “weren’t real Muslims”, but I didn’t think anyone believed him.

What happened?

9/11 Condensed  (2,996 dead)

Image result for osama bin laden

Osama bin Laden

Osama bin Laden, the leader of al-Qaeda, launches his “holy war” (jihad) against the United States by attacking “soft targets”.  The plan:  hijack four passenger jets and use them as missiles on four targets.  The hijackers, all Muslim, 15 are Saudis, 2 are from the Arab Emirates, 1 from Egypt, 1 from Lebanon.

Image result for 9/11 hijackers

On Sept. 11, 2001, AA Flight 11 strikes WTC North Tower which collapses.  UA Flight 175 strikes WTC South Tower, which collapses.  AA Flight 77 strikes the Pentagon.  UA Flight 93 crashes in Shanksville, PN.  Passengers learn of the hijackers plan and storm the cockpit door.  The pilot crashes the plane before it reaches Washington, D.C.

The hijackers were here on flimsy student visas.  Many of their application forms were only partially filled out.  It’s safe to say the U.S. gov’t didn’t take the threats of the Muslim world seriously.  Now we have a President who does take it seriously, but a segment of the public wants to stop him.  It is up to you to make your voices heard.  We cannot allow the spoiled-rotten, Marxist revolutionaries to control what’s happening.

Do you want another 9/11?  Do you want your country filled with Muslim ghettos?  Do you want “Affirmative Action” for foreign-born Muslims? Welfare?  Food stamps?  You see where this is going.

The far-left politicians and celebrities will never have to deal with these kinds of people, because they are protected by their cocoons of wealth.  It is we, the people, who will suddenly find ourselves like Sweden, France, Germany, Italy, Norway and England – surrounded by Islamic immigrants who have no intention of changing their culture.  They want to change ours.

If you’re comfortable with being a third-world nation with customs out of the Dark Ages, ignore this article.  If you want a free America, without Sharia Law, it’s time to make your presence known.

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Democrats Become “Psycho Ex-Girlfriend”

See the source image   Post Election.  A large segment of Clinton-Sanders voters have refused to accept the results of Election 2016.  Although, Mrs. Clinton conceded twice and Jill Stein’s fake recount failed, it’s still not enough for the left.

Analysis – Cause & Effect.  Preconditioning by the MSM, who continually told the public that Donald Trump had no chance of winning.  The buildup:  Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations have been the stuff of feminist legend – going all the way back to her “co-Presidency” in the early 90’s.  Her 2000 Senate win (only because Rudy Giuliani quit the race and John Kennedy Jr. was killed in an airplane “accident”.)  Her near 2008 win – (HRC also won the primary popular vote against Barack Obama.)  Her four years as Sec’t of State.  It all seemed inevitable.  And then, that thing called REALITY.  Why is it that Dems cannot accept the real world?  They smash and break things, hurl insults and attack innocent people:  adolescent tirades from the spoiled spawns of liberal day-care centers and Communist-loving universities.

It’s fair to say this is a form of mental illness – a psychotic break.  Pundits predict they will “settle down” once Trump proves himself not to be the next Adolf Hitler.  I don’t think so.  It’s true the protests must die down, because eventually Pres. Trump will have to stop them for the public’s safety.  Sadly, there’s no chance whatsoever of the fanatics changing their mind.  Like the insane ex-girlfriend who can’t accept the fact that she’s not wanted anymore; the delusional far-left will continue to carry on their “Not My President” mantra.

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Madonna Threatens to Blow Up the White House

Image result for madonna wants to blow up white house, jan. 21, 2017

Jan. 21, 2017, Washington, D.C., the Women’s March.  Pop-star Madonna announced that she’d “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House,” because of her “anger and outrage” over Donald Trump defeating Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Election.  She added a big “Fuck you!” to all those who think the women’s march “will never add up to anything.”

Despite what most people think (including the MSM which laughed it off,) Madonna’s remarks aren’t spontaneous.  They are scripted and thought-out beforehand.  Her comments are not enough to get her arrested, but they’re enough to make headlines and enough to put her sick ideas into an already sick person’s head.

It should be noted that if any celebrity had said this while Obama was in the White House, that celebrity would be ruined.  Madonna (like other anti-Trump protesters) claim that “love trumps hate”, then threaten to kill anyone who disagrees with them.

Many in the “women’s peace march” couldn’t answer what they were marching for – other than they hated Trump and want him out of office.

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Donald Trump, Superstar (Inauguration Day)

Inauguration Liveblog: Donald Trump Is Sworn In as ...

Washington, D.C., January 20, 2017.  At 12 noon, Donald J. Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, by Supreme Court Justice John Roberts.  After a 16-minute speech, singer Jackie Evancho sang the National Anthem.

People are totally divided over Jackie Evancho’s ...

Now that Trump is President, it’s time to clean house.

60+ Democrats from Congress refused to attend the Inauguration.  Was this out of spite or fear?  Numerous threats have been floating around, conspiracy theories about dirty bombs, drone missile strikes, terrorist attacks, etc.  Was this the real reason they didn’t show up?  What did they know, that we didn’t?  CNN announced that ex-Pres. Obama would choose the president, if Trump were assassinated during the Inauguration.  What kind of news story is that?

The left have no intention of working with Trump.  They are already planning on ways to get rid of him.  That is why they have to be crushed.  Dog eat dog.

The silent majority put Trump in the White House.  Democrats argue that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote…and yet conclusive evidence proves of mass voter fraud in California, Nevada, New York and elsewhere.  Illegal aliens voting, ballot box stuffing, voting machines rigged by George Soros, fake names written in, “dead names” used from gravestones and so on.  The fact is, if the election had been honest, Donald Trump would’ve won by a landslide.

Still, the lying MSM won’t let go of their fake news story on Russian hacking.  Seth Rich, a DNC staffer leaked the story on the rigged Sanders-Clinton primaries, not Russia.  [Seth Rich paid for it with his life.  Why doesn’t the MSM investigate that?]

Hillary Clinton lost because she is a charmless, joyless blob – corrupt, full of lies and hate with a long trail of dead bodies who got in her way.

To Hell with the Democrats.


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Image result for images, trump inauguration

Democrats have promised revenge against President Trump on Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017.  Various protests are planned, marches, violence, destruction of property and, yes, there are those who are hoping for assassination.  Who?

Allow me to point my finger at the Hollywood Left.  There are others, but these celebrities have the power of the media.

Martin Sheen, Sally Field, Susan Sarandon, Michael Moore, Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, to name a few.

They are instigating, enflaming the already unbalanced “progressive”.  No Hollywood actor would sully himself with the unwashed masses on Inauguration Day; however, he or she would encourage the “Not My President” crowd to “Take it to the next level”.

Image result for images, trump protests

Already the disgusting MSM, the real purveyors of fake news, have a script planned just in case the unthinkable happens.  The scenario:  if Donald Trump is assassinated it was caused by his own “rhetoric”.  The sensitive and misunderstood “snowflake” was pushed to the limit – he or she just couldn’t stand the “hate speech” from America’s latest “Hitler.”  I guess anytime someone disagrees with a liberal, they are the next Hitler.

For you Democrats reading this, those with a trace of sanity left, aren’t you just a little bit ashamed?  What do you think John Kennedy would say?  (Someone whose politics are similar to Trump’s.)  Kennedy would think you’re crazy.  He would think you’re a bunch of spoiled, rotten infants who should stop complaining, get off your butts and do something with your lives.

As for the women’s march planned…what do I say?  I’d like to put all these women in an Arab-Muslim country and let them find out what the real world is about.  Let’s see if they can find a safe space there.  You feminists wanted Hillary Clinton?  25% of her campaign funding came from Saudi Arabia and China.  That’s a foreign government influencing an election!

Video by Truthstream Media on YouTube.

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Some random thoughts on 2016…

Election Day 2016: Live News and Updates - NBC NewsDisbelief at Hillary Clinton Headquarters as Trump Wins ...  Election 2016.  Donald Trump squashed Hillary Clinton, the 1970’s  women’s lib throwback who never goes away.  Who can forget election night?  The three hour MSM gap when they refused to call any state for Trump.  The talking-heads left stunned.  HILLARY TURNING CHICKEN, unable to face her audience.  Relish those moments, America.  One of the turning points of the election was when Hillary referred to Trump voters as “a basket of deplorables”, showing her contempt for the common man.

Image result for images, muslim terrorist attack The usual Muslim terrorist attacks.  Brussels, Orlando, French truck attack and more.  Islamic maniacs swarm over Europe, spreading rape and violence everywhere.  Obama imports 10,000 right here to the USA.  Angela Merkel has single-handedly turned Germany into a nightmare.  I pray to God this woman is voted out of office in 2017 and forced to live in a Muslim ghetto.

  Facebook/Twitter use Chinese style censorship rules regarding controversial news and opinions.

  WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange proves the DNC rigged the primary election for Clinton instead of Sanders.  Head of DNC Debbie Wasserman-Schultz forced to resign.

Image result for images, prince Prince dead.

Supreme Court Judge Scalia found dead with a pillow over his face.  No autopsy.

Image result for pizzagate  Pizzagate.  Labeled “fake news” by the MSM.  “Pizzagate” came from leaked emails (courtesy of WikiLeaks) and HRC’s campaign manager John Podesta.  [i.e., a code linked to possible child molestation and sex trafficking.]  The Clintons being indirectly involved.  It is alleged some of this activity occurred at “Comet Ping-Pong Pizza” in Washington, D.C.

Beyonce_Super_Bowl_Screenshot_600_by_400-600x400  Beyoncé Super Bowl Satanism.

See the source image  Social Justice Warriors.  Oh, you precious snowflakes.  What would we do without you?  Your purple-pink hair, your endless selfies, your love of socialism, your hatred of white men, your intolerant tolerance.

Image result for images, lena dunham ugly Lena Dunham.  Stupidest quote of the year:  “I haven’t had an abortion, but I wish I had!”

See the source image  Transgendered bathrooms for those who don’t know which sex they are.

  Robert DeNiro went out of his way to trash Trump, saying he’d like to punch him in the face and called him a “mook”.  Time for him to go to the old actor’s home.

Image result for images, miley cyrus illuminati Celebrities moving to Canada…NOT!

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Team Hillary Won’t Admit Defeat

December 19 marks the date the electoral college votes in Donald Trump as President-elect.

Now, that the Jill Stein recounts (funded by Soros-Clinton) have failed, Democrats have moved on to the Russian hacker conspiracy theory.  Without any proof of evidence, Pres. Obama claims that the Russian gov’t (directed by Putin) hacked into DNC computers.  Supposedly, these hackers shared this info with WikiLeaks, swaying the election.  Why is Obama’s claim B.S?

julian-assange-seth-rich-feature One.  WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange has already named SETH RICH as the leaker.  (Murdered on July 10, 2016.)

Two.  Hillary Clinton voters weren’t swayed by Wikileaks.  They had already made up their minds to put a woman, that woman, in the White House.

Three.  Obama won’t show anything that in any way proves his theory.  (Those in the CIA/FBI that agree are doing so only to keep their jobs.)

What we have is a last minute attempt to overthrow an election.  GOP electoral college voters have been threatened with death.  What does that tell you about their opposition?

hqdefault  A group of Hollywood actors (mostly has-beens, some unknowns) are pleading with Republican voters not to vote for Trump.  If so, they will become “heroes” and gain their “respect”.  Why would anyone want respect from a bunch of overpaid, Communist liars?  What is the point of an election, if at the last minute, electoral college voters vote the other way?  What about the will of the people – the American public?

I ask, what if Hillary Clinton had won the election?

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And then, what if Donald Trump voters marched the streets, set fires, and attacked people of another skin color?  What if they called for recounts?  What if they claimed hacking from foreign governments?  What if they called Hillary Clinton names on the MSM and made up filthy jokes and vile threats on the Internet?

God…what did America do to deserve Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton?  What terrible sin?  When will Americans turn away from  evildoers who pretend to be good?

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2016 Election isn’t over yet

Hillary Clinton, who is obviously behind these sickening recounts, wouldn’t be wasting her time on something that appears to be a pathetic, last-ditch effort to win the election.  Why is she doing it?

Assuming by Dec. 19, the “hand-count”, which she prefers is still going on, Donald Trump doesn’t become President-elect.  (This also assumes they find a court corrupt enough to allow a bogus recount.)  Jill Stein, who won less than 1%, shouldn’t be allowed  to contest it, as she didn’t receive the required 5% to qualify.  She also has no chance of winning and no proof of voter fraud.  Money talks however.

Worst case scenario?  The election isn’t certified and goes before Congress.  There’s no guarantee they’ll back Trump and Hillary’s lawyers will say she won the popular vote.  (Look for the “Never Trumpers” to come back out of the woodwork.)  Yes, as insane as this may sound, HRC still has a chance at stealing the presidency.

Opinion:  If Hillary Clinton is elected President, I’d be the first to call for a civil war.  Would you call HRC’s coup d’ etat anything else but treason?  Why won’t this power-mad, hagged-out bitch just go away?

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The Recounts (this is what Donald Trump gets for being Mr. Nice Guy)

President-elect Trump courted disaster by playing it nice following the election.

Nov. 10 – He met with Obama, humbled.  Yes, the Marxist-Muslim President who created ISIS, who helped ruin Europe, who downgraded our military, who gave Iran billions of dollars NOT to build a nuclear bomb (which they are anyway) and dumped untold thousands of Muslim “refugees” into the U.S., is suddenly worthy of “honor and respect”.

Nov. 13.  The ill-advised “60 Minutes” interview. Host Leslie Stahl looked at Trump the way women look at a dead bug.  He looked out of his depth and it was a bad impression to the public.

Nov. 20.  Trump announces he probably won’t hire a special prosecutor for Hillary Clinton.  That’s not my idea of draining the swamp.  Make no mistake – Hillary Clinton is observing all this.  What does she see?  Strength or weakness?

Dec. 1.  The recounts from Green Party’s biggest loser Jill Stein begin.  Is there anyone out there who doesn’t know Stein is Clinton’s proxy?

Donald Trump has to do what he did in the second debate.  Take control.  Reverse his decision not to prosecute Clinton.  He didn’t get elected for being nice.

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A-Hole of the Year

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2016’s Asshole of the Year: Jill Stein

Awarded for prolonging the most torturous election of all time, for getting Democrats hopes up, for infuriating Trump voters, and for stealing money from those dumb enough to give it to her.  Obama and Bernie Sanders have even shunned this recount.  Hillary Clinton, who should be in prison for mishandling top secret documents, is relishing this last bit of misery.

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“You ask for the recounts…and keep all the money that goes unused.”

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Jill Stein’s Green is $

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Former failed Green Party candidate Jill Stein has demanded recounts in three states, even though she only received 1% of the vote.  (Meaning she can’t win.)  Who or what could this recount be for?

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Stein admits there is NO evidence of voter fraud or hacking; so, why do it?  Interestingly enough, at first she asked for 2.2 million, then 3 to 4, now 6 to 7 million dollars.  …and, where is this money really coming from?  Is this an attempt to steal the election as Al Gore tried to do to George W. Bush in 2000?  (Breaking:  Clinton’s people have decided to participate in this recount.)

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