Trump Meets Obama (and I don’t like what I heard)

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Nov. 10, 2016, Washington, D.C., the White House.  President-elect Trump met with current Pres. Obama in what was supposed to be a short meeting.  Instead, it lasted ninety minutes with Trump appearing overwhelmed and unduly awed.  He said that it was a “great honor” to meet the President, that he had “great respect” for him and was “looked forward to dealing with him”, in regards to “council.”  What?!

Some will say this was done to quell the rioting protesters.  Some would ask, “What could he say?  Did you want him to be rude?”  No, but this is not what Trump voters wanted.  This isn’t what we have waited eight years for.  Obviously, Obama schmoozed Trump – that’s what this phony has done his whole life:  ingratiated himself to get ahead.  Did Trump fall for it?  I don’t know.  I hope not.

Apparently, Hillary Clinton will not be indicted for her crimes.  This “gentlemen’s agreement” may have been part of an election deal.  If so, the Clintons should be forced to shut down their crooked foundation that is no charity.  It’s a money-making machine.  Also, it should be made clear that she never run again.  (Notice no mention of those “Russian hackers” trying to ruin our election.  Where’d they go?)

Next time, Trump needs to bring in his staff to handle Obama because BHO cannot be trusted.

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The Donald Trumps Hillary becoming our 45th President

Election Night Victory for Donald Trump with family

Nov. 8, 2016.  Billionaire Donald Trump crushed Hillary Clinton in an incredible win that the MSM got wrong for over a year.  Election 2016 will go down in history as the meanest, one-sided campaign ever, all stacked against the eventual victor.  Even I got it wrong, but will we ever know how much the Clinton machine tried to steal it with fake votes, people voting multiple times and the illegal alien vote.  (Encouraged by Pres. Obama.)

As election night dragged on and the MSM refused to give Trump the win “until they were sure”, eventually HRC’s campaign manager John Podesta told a bewildered crowd that the vote counting was not over and to go home.  WTF?  The Associate Press and the New York Times had already declared the winner online.

Image result for images nov. 8, 2016, john podesta  John Podesta, Satanic sex pervert.

Hillary Clinton phoned the Donald one hour later, conceding the election.  I think Hillary was physically incapable of going before her crowd.  She was too sick, too old and had basically had it.

Nov. 9, 2016. Hillary Clinton quits.  Former Pres. Bill Clinton looks on.

What lost it for Hillary?

One.  Her insane plan to bring in one million Muslims.  Hillary said her favorite world leader is Germany’s Angela Merkel, who has all but destroyed a great nation with filthy, rotten, Arabic, rapist-murderers.


HRC with Angela Merkel. (Separated at birth?)

Two.  A campaign of hate.  Mrs. C couldn’t run on her empty record of accomplishments, which meant she could only go after Trump, demonizing him as the most evil man who ever lived.

Three.  Charisma deficit.  This really turned off millennials who saw a sick, ancient throwback from the 1970’s.

Four.  Hypocrisy.  While trying to accuse Trump of sexism, how did this make sense when she has a sexual abuser husband like Bill Clinton?

Five.  Benghazi, our second 9/11.  Four dead Americans, including our Ambassador.  Nothing was done to save them, but, as she said, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

Six.  Libyan war, the Arab Spring and a dead Gadhafi.  “We came, we saw, he died!”

Seven.  WikiLeaks.  Proof of an out-of-control campaign and a crooked DNC that shoved Bernie Sanders aside.

Eight.  The 33,000 deleted emails.

Nine.  The Clinton Foundation.  A massive money-laundering, slush fund posing as a charity.

Image result for images, seth richTen.  Seth Rich, the DNC leaker you can add to the long list of those killed off by the Clinton crime family.


There’s plenty of sour grapes from leftists who are going to hell.  May they meet a bad end beyond their worst nightmares.

Peaceful protests are allowed, but when the violence starts, it’s time to roll out the tanks.  The decent, law-abiding citizen must be able to walk the streets without fear.  If the streets must be washed with the blood of those who attempt to destroy our country, so be it.


Kim Clement: the LAST PROPHECY of Kim Clement - God in a ...

Nov.  7, 2016.  Janet Reno, Bill Clinton’s former Attorney General died just a day before the election.  You cannot tell me this wasn’t a foretelling of H’s defeat.  (Reno, along with the Clintons, are responsible for the eighty deaths at the Branch-Davidian church near Waco.)

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FBI – Clinton Email Investigation – “The Biggest Scandal since Watergate”

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Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner

You can’t make this shit up.  Oct. 28, 2016.  A week and a half before Election Day, Democratic Presidential candidate, Hillary R. Clinton is under an FBI investigation for emails found on the laptop computer owned by Huma Abedin and her estranged husband ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner.  (Emails found inadvertently because of an investigation into Weiner who sexted a fifteen year old girl.)

Why is it serious?  The MSM has failed to report that the charges against Clinton are:  providing false information in a federal investigation and pressuring a third-party to conspire in a cover-up.  If found guilty, Mrs. Clinton could receive a five year prison sentence.

Republican candidate Donald Trump has called it the “The biggest political scandal since Watergate.”

Image result for images, hillary clinton, oct. 28 2016, press conference  Hillary Clinton dodged a few questions at a “press conference” and in a speech, demanded to know what the FBI had on her.  Her campaign chairman John Podesta told FBI director James Comey “To put up or shut up.”

How did the emails get on the Abedin/Weiner computer?  Abedin said it was difficult to print out from the State Dept., so she (illegally) forwarded it to her private Yahoo email.  It’s likely these emails were classified top secret.  Assuming Hillary Clinton knew this, she is guilty of mishandling classified information.  Q.  Wasn’t this previously dismissed by Comey on July 3rd?  Yes, but under a storm of controversy.  Comey found her to be “extremely careless”, but without criminal intent.  What has changed since then?   The “WikiLeaks dumps”, proving an out-of-control Clinton campaign.  It is rumored that Julian Assange has the 33,000 “deleted” emails and is ready to release them.  It’s possible some of these docs may be discovered on the laptop computer.  It seems unlikely the FBI probe will be over by Nov. 8 because of the tens of thousands of files found.  It will put Hillary under a dark cloud of suspicion until it is resolved.  It’s unknown how much it will affect the presidential race and if she is found guilty, will current President Obama pardon her?

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Video Proves Voter Fraud + WikiLeaks Link

Democrats Busted on Camera Stuffing Ballot Boxes – Video by Texas Veteran on YouTube.

Here is a must watch video of Democratic poll workers caught on surveillance cameras.  Ask yourself, do these women look like villains or do they look like someone you might bump into shopping at WalMart?  There’s an old expression about “the banality of evil” and here it is for everyone to see.  The reason you haven’t seen it on your local MSM news station is obvious:  these are Hillary Clinton’s people.

Warning to Voters, Especially Women

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A good many of you are voting for Hillary Clinton because she is a woman.  It’s fair to say that many of you voted for Barack Obama because he is black.  It seems not to matter what their record is, as long as they have received the endorsement of the MSM.  What has Pres. Obama done in the last eight years?

Many point to the death of Osama bin Laden, founder of al-Qaeda/9-11 architect.  In reality, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta planned the raid.  Obama along with fellow Muslim, Valerie Jarrett tried to stop it.

ObamaCare:  the “Affordable Care Act”.  Pres. Obama lied to push it thru Congress.  Premiums are going thru the roof.  Even Pres. Bill Clinton called it “the craziest thing in the world.”  More worrisome, for those who have read it, is that when you become old and serve no useful purpose, the gov’t can pull the plug on you.  Fact:  those who no longer have “the funds” and are terminally ill will face the “death panels”.

Obama bragged about ending the Iraq War.  What about the new caliphate known as ISIL?  What about ISIS?  (Now in thirty-two countries.)  Why did he let them decimate all non-Muslims living in the area?  Was that his plan all along?

What about Benghazi, Libya?  Four dead Americans, but as Hillary said, “What difference does it make?”  This was formerly a stable country.  Now it’s a hotbed for terrorism.

Our military has been weakened to pre-WWII levels.  He’s fired all our patriotic generals and replaced them with PC ones.  Gays and transgenders have free reign.  Sounds like a bad porno movie.

BHO has brought in 10,000+ Syrian-Muslim “refugees” without vetting them.  ISIS has said they will infiltrate us this way.

“Black Lives Matter” is nothing but a terrorist group, disguised as a civil rights group.  Killing, burning, looting occur every time a black person is shot by the police, regardless of the circumstances.  That’s our new normal.

The economy.  A stagnant GNP stuck at 1%.  Welfare and food card use have gone sky high.


Rebuild our infrastructure.  New highways crisscrossing from Canada to Mexico.

Help heal the divide between us and the Muslim world.  (Obviously, he’s one of them.)  Instead, he’s made it worse, condemning Christians as hypocrites and calling Islam “the religion of peace.”  San Bernardino, Orlando, Paris.  His non-appearance at the 2015 Paris Peace March spoke volumes.

Cure for AIDS.  Obama, being a closet gay, should’ve had this at the top of his list.

Space travel.  Obama discontinued it.  Now we must “hitch hike” on Russian rockets.

Improve our schools.  Test scores continue to decline.  Students are bored and unmotivated.  More $, less results.

Discourage drug use.  Obama is a dismal failure on this.  He laughs about formerly smoking marijuana and snorting cocaine (which he still uses.)  What a role model!  He’s releasing hundreds of drug dealers from prison calling their terms, “racially motivated”.

Be a good man.  Compare the 2008 Obama to the 2016 Obama.


A small majority of people like me warned that the 2008 Obama was a fake, just a really good actor.  The real Obama is aloof, uncaring, snobby, elitist, dishonest and clever in all the worst ways.  The man golfs after an American is beheaded by a Muslim terrorist.  That should tell you everything.

th8r74f0ga  The two faces of Hillary Clinton.

HILLARY CLINTON has promised to carry on Obama’s legacy.  Being his former Sec’t of State (2009-2012), she must own up to her foreign policy decisions.

THE ARAB SPRING.  Back in 2011, Mrs. C bragged about it.  Today, the expression is an embarrassment.  After Pres. Bush, our problems have compounded.  The only reason we haven’t had another 9/11 is because the Arab-Muslim terrorists know Obama is a Muslim.

Benghazi is the worst of Hillary’s disasters.  New info is that Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed because he was about to go public about Obama’s plan to “arm the rebels”  [Create ISIS]  and then gas Syrian children, framing Assad.

Mrs. Clinton had Libya’s leader Muammar Gaddafi killed by a mob – AFTER he signed a ceasefire agreement.  Then, she laughed about it.

Hillary threatens Russia, blaming them for WikiLeaks, and saying they’re trying to hack into our election – WITHOUT A SHRED OF EVIDENCE.  None!

Russian troops are already in Syria, defending Assad’s regime.  HRC wants to establish a “no fly zone” for them, meaning she plans on shooting down any Russian military jets in that air space.  That could start WWIII.

DONALD TRUMP has promised to work with Russia and help establish peace.  What’s wrong with that?

Because Hillary Clinton is a Democrat, many want to vote for her.  Did you know that Hillary used to be a Republican?  Did you know that Trump used to be a Democrat?  If the Donald was still a Democrat, I think he’d be ahead in the polls.  Partisan politics rule the day.

Hillary Clinton has vowed to shut down websites that criticize her because she said they’re not telling the truth.  Q.  Where do you think WikiLeaks will be a year from now if she’s elected president?  What about Project VERITAS?  The Drudge Report?  The First Amendment protects free speech, but what if “H” rules “free speech” as what she deems (in her opinion) to be “true”?  What if “opinion” becomes “hate speech” becomes “against the law”?

We are treading on very dangerous ground here.  The MSM have openly campaigned for her.  The media (the ones that are supposed to be looking out for us) have been subverted.  If the news you hear on TV and read in the newspaper can’t be trusted, where do you go?  The alternative media.  The alternative media is being severely threatened.  As of Oct. 1, 2016, Obama has given away control of the Internet to the United Nations.  The only reason for doing so is censorship.  How will you feel later if the USA has the same censorship rules of China or Saudi Arabia?

Donald Trump has been demonized by the other side and while not perfect, he’s our last, best chance.  What Ronald Reagan was to the 1980’s, Trump could be to our time:  A thriving economy, a strong military, ISIS destroyed, peace among the super-powers, America #1 again.

In the past, voting Democrat meant standing up for the common folk.  Today, the DNC is rife with corruption, and “common folk” are now illegal aliens and Muslim terrorists.  “Common folk” have become marauders – burning down buildings, looting, and shooting the police.  “Common folk” have turned into selfish, entitled, “snowflakes” wanting everything free.

Election 2016 is where we, in Trump’s words, “become great again.”

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Debate 3 – Good vs. Evil

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Debate 3, Las Vegas, NV.  As I predicted, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton came at each other fired up on all cylinders.  Now America is faced with an important choice.  HRC is the most distrusted, dishonest and hated presidential candidate ever.  Her only chance of winning is by quota – i.e., “the first woman president”.  Otherwise, she would not stand a chance.  In the debate, she looked tired, angry and mean.  Her usual self.  (There is some talk that a special camera filter was used to make her seem more presentable.  I noticed a strange, orange hue on her white pantsuit.)  Again, Mrs. C tried her “victory smile” which resembled a sick Jack-o-Lantern.  There was no Debate One “happy dance shimmy” (In reality, a suppressed convulsion.)

Image result for images, hillary debate, shimmy  (Some say The Donald muttered “seizure” when she did this.)

Trump’s best moments:

Accusing a speechless Hillary of sending thugs to start riots at a Chicago rally.  Obama-Clinton allowing ISIS/ISIL to form after leaving Iraq.  Asking her to give money back to Arab countries which support terrorism and kill/torture women and gays.  Reminding us on how she wants to admit 65,000 Muslim immigrants.

Hillary’s best moments:

Hillary’s lawyer training comes in handy here.  She has a way of hammering away on her talking points.  (Whether they’re true or not.)  Saying Trump used “Chinese steel” and “foreign workers” didn’t help him.  Saying Trump is “dark” and “dangerous” might frighten off some nervous soccer moms.

HRC repeated herself too often from what worked in Debate One, e.g., dragging up his father’s million dollar loan.  Saying Trump might set off a nuke is ludicrous, considering we’re on the brink of war with Russia, thanks to Obama-Clinton-Kerry-Biden.

Moderator Chris Wallace brought up the unproven accusations  of women being kissed without written permission by Trump.  It went nowhere.  Wallace/Clinton tried to paint Trump in a corner by asking him to pledge he’d accept the vote count on Election Day.  Trump wisely refused.  Knowing how Dems cheat, there’s a chance he might have to contest the election, as Al Gore did in 2000.  (No, it’s not “unprecedented” as she said.)

Opinion.  For those saying, “Well, if Hillary is elected, we can survive it,” I say, “Where will we be afterwards?”  We, as a nation, cannot survive choosing leaders who are criminal in nature.  HRC should be in a federal prison.  She destroyed evidence, lied to the FBI, colluded with criminals to disrupt Trump rallies and stole money laundered through the Clinton Foundation.  The Middle East is a disaster and if she’s president it can only get worse.  There’s no doubt in my mind, war is right around the corner if we elect another President Clinton.

Final Results – Debate Winners

Debate 1 – Clinton.

Debate 2 – Trump.

Debate 3 – Trump.

Best line overall was from Debate 2:  Hillary Clinton said, “It’s awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country.”

Donald Trump’s response:  “Because you’d be in jail.”

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Is Hillary Clinton Controlled by the Devil?


If, after running for president for her whole life, Hillary Clinton is elected, it will be because she cheated.  She can’t win otherwise.  I’ve been to Trump rallies – the excitement is overwhelming.  Hillary, on the other hand, has run on a campaign of hatred.  No hope or change here.  Just pure contempt for Trump.  HRC is a propped-up, cardboard cut-out for globalist’s greed.

Because Mrs. Clinton is sick and old, she knows she has a limited amount of time, so expect sweeping changes quickly.

An influx of 1 million Arab-Muslim immigrants.  Her purpose is to flood us with people whom she believes will be future Democrats.  This people will not assimilate.  They will be openly and a destructive force to real Americans.

War.  Syria, Russia, Ukraine, Iran, China.  Take your pick.  Sooner or later, you know it’s going to happen.  I think she’d get a kick out of going nuclear.

Internet curtailed.  HRC has been very vocal about shutting down the “alt right” and said the Drudge Report and have no reason to exist.  To quote her:  “Hate speech is not protected by the First Amendment.”

More taxes.  Hillary has already promised that everybody must “pay their fair share.”  Everybody but people like her, I guess.  Every election, Dems think the top 1% will pay and it always falls down to the shrinking middle-class.

“Black Lives Matter” terrorism.  With Obama gone, “BLM” will be acting out more, as they will have lost their true leader.  More riots will spread, especially to the suburbs.  Expect the many Muslim “refugees” to join with them.  They will become a formidable force.

More LGBTQ madness.  Possibly a Constitutional amendment about “sexual orientation and anti-discrimination law.”  (We already have such laws.)

More hatred against “White Male Privilege”, which hasn’t been around since the 1950’s.  This won’t stop “social justice warriors” and “snowflakes” from complaining about every conceivable offense.

Increased abortiontaxpayer funded.  Talk about “anti-science”.  It’s Dems who are anti-science if they say a partial birth abortion isn’t murder.  How can Hillary Clinton say a nine-month old fetus has no rights?

MSM goes off the rails.  The one good thing about the 2016 Election is that it proved how phony and biased the mainstream media are.  Once Hillary is president, they must protect her for the 2020 election.  So, the nightmare begins all over again…

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Obama-Clinton’s Future War with Russia

Image result for images, putin, obama, hillary clintonFeel the love?

While the MSM runs gossip stories about Donald Trump, they’re ignoring an encroaching war between the United States and Russia.  The Russian gov’t has already instructed their people in which shelter to take in the event of a nuclear attack.

Regardless of whatever is said, currently the U.S. is backing ISIS attempts to remove Syria’s leader Assad.  With ISIS failing, Obama is threatening to step with military force.  Hillary Clinton wants to establish a “no fly zone” for Russia.  These insane steps spell disaster for us and the Middle East.

Donald Trump has promised to work with Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin and destroy ISIS.  Obama-Clinton are doing the exact opposite.  With the election near, it’s anybody’s guess what could happen.  Even if Trump wins, Obama could start WWIII in the interim.  So much for his 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

I realize conspiracy theorists have been predicting war with Russia since the 1940’s, but this time there’s too much validity to the rumors.  Who could have predicted America would elect a president that hates his own country?  Maybe he wants to leave us in heap of smoldering ruins.

Never before has the mainstream media done a worse job in reporting the news.  2016 has been one long informercial for the election of Hillary Clinton:  the most corrupt, ugly and fraudulent candidate in the history of American politics.

Obama sneers at Putin because Putin knows what Obama is:  an Oreo full of toxic waste.  (Text © 2016 – ERN)

Debate 2 – Trump Returns with a Vengence

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October 9, 2016.  St. Louis, 2nd Presidential Debate.  Whatever you may hear about the debate, there’s no doubt that Donald Trump was the winner.  Hillary Clinton also realized this was not her night.  Towards the end, she was no longer smiling, seemed old and sad, and probably wishes she hadn’t forced Trump into saying what must be said.  Likewise former Pres. Bill Clinton looked ashen, when Trump mentioned his many sex crimes.

ST LOUIS, MO - OCTOBER 09: (L-R) Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broaddrick sit before the town hall debate at Washington University on October 9, 2016 in St Louis, Missouri. This is the second of three presidential debates scheduled prior to the November 8th election. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Bill’s victims sat in the audience:  Kathleen Wiley and Juanita Broaddrick.

I can’t help but think HRC would’ve stood a much better chance of winning, if she had remained Senator, rather than trying her hand at foreign affairs.  The Middle East is in utter turmoil today, thanks partially to the Obama-Clinton years.

Hosts were Anderson Cooper and super-bitch Hillary-supporter Martha Raddatz who made a jackass out of herself.  She argued with Trump that sometimes it is better to tell the enemy what you’re going to do in warfare.  Ever hear of D-Day?

Right off the bat, Trump was asked about statements made in 2005 – language caught on a hot mic.  This was pure tabloid journalism and did not belong in the debate.  Of course, CNN/Clinton wanted it more than anything.  11 years ago, Trump made some off-color remarks, language used sometimes by men when they talk about women.  By now, most females know what men are like or at least they should.  Anybody offended by Trump needs to grow up and live in the real world.  (Including those beta-male Republicans quitting on Trump.)

Rightly said, Mr. Trump spoke about “ISIS chopping off heads and drowning people in cages.”  This is what America should be worried about because Hillary wants to bring in 65,000 Syrian Muslims here to the USA.  Europe is in chaos because of these filthy “refugee” rapists, murdering scumbags.

Trump mentioned the Syrian “rebels” we’re arming to fight Assad.  I’ve said this going back to 2012 – they’re terrorists and that is why Trump said Obama is the creator of ISIS.

Mrs. Clinton had little to nothing to say about her 33,000 deleted emails or how she was Bill Clinton’s enabler in covering up his sex crimes.  Why?  Because she’s guilty as hell.

Image result for images, blm riot

Our inner-cities are crime ridden; some little better than war zones; the direct result of soft Democratic leadership.  Where are the solutions?  All “H” can do is name call:  “Racists, sexists, xenophobe, homophobe, Islamaphobe.”  The police back Trump.  “Black Lives Matter” back Clinton.  Need I say more?

The lying MSM called it for Clinton.  I’m not sure which debate they attended.  It couldn’t have been this one.

Image result for images, debate 2 2016, oct. 9 2016, clinton , trump, fly lands on clinton

Lord of the Flies

My favorite moment?  A fly landed on Hillary Clinton.  This happened to Pres. Obama before, a number of times.  The meaning of that is unmistakable.

Debate 3 will be held in Las Vegas.  Prediction?  Split decision.  Hillary went into debate two expecting an easy win and was trounced.  She’ll be fully loaded with whatever drug they’re giving her to keep her on her feet.  Trump will also be one-hundred per-cent.  Expect fireworks.

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Image result for images, julian assange, wikileaks Image result for images, julian assange, wikileaks

Nov. 2010.  As Secretary of State, current Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary R. Clinton asked Obama’s officials about droning WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, describing him as a “soft target”.  “Can’t we just drone this guy?” may become the quote of 2016.

thtfo5gwlfFrom WikiLeaks

News of this startling report has delayed WikiLeaks from revealing information on HRC – info that could ruin her candidacy.  And yet, this report by itself is proof enough of her treachery.  The big question:  Is this who America wants as their next president?  Assange reveals the truth about political corruption and must live cloistered in London – fearing death – while Hillary smiles to her fooled audiences.

THIS WOMAN IS A MURDERER.  I’ve been saying this for years.  Whose idea do you think it was to burn down the Branch-Davidians in Waco?  Whose idea was it to topple the Libyan regime and kill Gadhafi?  Who voted yes for the Iraq War?

There’s an old saying that if women ran the world, there would be no war.  Whoever said it, never met Hillary Clinton.  She has already proposed new wars with Iran and Russia.

The U.S. is in a precarious position.  I truly believe if the American people are insane enough to make her president, we will have reached our final chapter.

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Debate 1 – Excursion into Hell

Image result for images, hillary clinton as the devilImage result for images, donald trump debate 1

Donald Trump vs. the devil.  Republicans chose Mr. Trump to crush Mrs. Clinton, not play verbal volleyball.  He’s getting bad advice from his advisors.  With all her corruption and scandals, not to go full-out on her was beyond belief.  It took over an hour before Trump finally said anything that hurt the Great Satan Hillary…that is, how she, the DNC and Debbie Wasserman-Shultz stole the nomination away from Bernie Sanders.  That wiped the crooked smile off her face.  Yes, there were other moments, such as when he said he would show his tax returns when she showed her 33,000 deleted emails, but–

Hillary Clinton, feminist, painted a dark portrait of Donald Trump – a man who doesn’t pay his taxes, hates women and blacks, inherited his money, wants to blow up the world, etc.

This was his big chance to destroy the political career of HRC and he didn’t do it.  My only theory is this.  Now that, Mr. T is a member of the “club”, he can’t mention those toxic issues that would bring her down.  Namely:

The Clinton death list.

The Clinton Foundation money laundering scheme.  (They outright stole the Haitian relief funds.)

The Clintons are waist-deep in Arab $.

Her medical records.

Clinton’s plan to control the Internet.  (If she wins, this website is gone.)

Clinton’s plan to ban all religious teaching that says abortion is wrong.

Benghazi – having Gadhafi killed – ruining Libya.  “We came, we saw, he died!”  (laughs)

Mrs. C brags about the Clinton 90’s.  Anybody remember her husband’s impeachment in the House of Representatives?  That he was nearly thrown out of office for obstruction of justice, witness tampering and hiding evidence?  Another missed point.

Trump brought up ISIS.  HRC just grinned knowing no one believe him and how her cohort in crime Obama helped create them.

It was bad, very bad.  Only Trump knows what happened.  He’d better win the next two debates, hands down, or we’re going to end what was the greatest nation of all time.

Hillary’s Mistakes – You won’t hear anything negative about the evil queen from the MSM.  Here’s what she did wrong.

Image result for images, hillary clinton red pant suit at the debate with trumpImage result for images, cartoon red devil

The solid red pant-suit.  Hillary looked like the devil.  Red – the color of fire and blood.  Feminists think this is a “power color”.  It just made her look even more diabolical.

Image result for images, rosie odonnell picking her nose  Towards the end, Hillary brings up the old insults of Rosie O’Donnell.  “Y’know, Donald Trump calls women pigs, slobs and dogs.”  If Rosie O’Donnell stands for all women, we’re in big trouble.  This made H look childish, mean and dumb.

Image result for images, smug smile hillary clinton at debate 1 Her usual condescending tone, smug smile, bragging about thirty years of experience.  “Bad experience”, Trump called it.

Democrats reside on the left.  Satanists call their lifestyle, “the left-handed way.”  That’s what this is all about, folks.

The “Birther” Issue: Who Started It?

Image result for images, hillary clinton is a birther

Beginnings of the “birther” movement.

Back in 2008, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign struggled against newcomer Barack Obama.  Her staff sought ways in which to bring him down.  HRC’s campaign manager, Patti Doyle admits to introducing the “birther” controversy, based on evidence dating back to when Obama ran against Alan Keyes (2004 Illinois Senate.)  In their debate, Keyes accuses Obama of being a foreigner.  Obama answers:  “That’s all right.  I’m not running for President.”

It was the ’08 Clinton campaign that released the Obama photos of him in a Muslim ceremonial robe…

Image result for images, hillary clinton is a birther

Barack Obama himself had stated for years that he was born in Kenya.  The proof is from a 1991 promotional booklet released from his literary agency:  “Acton & Dystel.”  Early ad for "Dreams from My Father"This was for his new book “Journeys in Black and White”, the title later changed to “Dreams from my Father” and rewritten by domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.

Back in 1961, the state of Hawaii had a loophole.  Even if you were born in a foreign country, you could still be considered a citizen.  This was a state law, that is no longer valid.

In 1968, Barack Obama moved to Indonesia, changed his name to Barry Soetoro and became a Muslim.

Obama (Barry Soetoro) - Citizen of INDONESIA

Obama’s (Barry Soetoro) school records proving he is an Indonesian Muslim.

Obama denies he was adopted by his stepfather Lolo Soetoro because this would make his an Indonesian citizen.  This is not believable because of the name change.  Further proof:  Obama’s mother applied for an Indonesian passport for her son.

Image result for images, obama passport application 1968, sorbarkah

“Barry” returns to Hawaii four years later after his parents divorce.  There is no indication Barry Soetoro changed his citizenship back to being an American.  When he visited Pakistan in the early 1980’s, he used his foreign passport.

Later in college, “Barry” discovered that his fellow students responded more favorably to him when he became Barack Hussein Obama – the black, Marxist-Muslim, instead of “Barry”, the rich, pampered, Oreo-kid.  The new Obama is reborn.

Obama’s followers still scoff at the facts.  At most, they’ll say he lied about being born in Kenya, so that he would receive a foreign-student scholarship.  Why do you think he had his school records sealed?  Why do you think his past travel records (including his passport) were destroyed?

The government knows Obama is a foreigner.  They will never tell the public.  They betrayed us and the Constitution they were sworn to defend.  Since 2007, the Democratic Party, along with the MSM, have worked together, covering up the facts on BHO.  Somehow, someway, Barack Obama managed to circumvent the process and was elected POTUS.  The federal gov’t won’t admit that he is a foreigner because it would prove our whole political system is corrupt.  The Supreme Court knows the truth and so does most of Congress.

So why did Donald Trump renounce his belief in the birther movement?  Because he would not be accepted by the “club”.  If Trump became president and found out the truth, eight years of Obama’s presidency would have to be erased and the Democratic Party would be ruined.

Image result for images, hillary clinton is a birther

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Hillary Clinton’s 9/11 Collapse

See the source image

Sept. 11, 2016 – Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton cut short her NYC 9/11 tribute ceremony due to lingering health problems.  HRC collapsed while being guided into her medical van.  A video of the event proved once and for all that her illnesses are not a “conspiracy theory.”  EricReports stands by his diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease.  (The Clinton campaign blamed it on “pneumonia”.)

Upon close examination of the video, Hillary totters, tries to move, then goes limp, falling forward into the van.  This would coincide with Parkinson’s symptoms.

The DNC is scrambling for a possible replacement, but let me state categorically that Hillary Clinton will not step down or quit unless she’s forced to.

Q.  What if the 9/11 fainting spell was no accident?  What if the powers-that-be, the people who really run the world, know she can’t win?

largeeye unitednationstruth-5 fe004-the2520united2520nations2520in2520a2520new2520world2520order RothschildCoatofArms

trilateraliuGPAYB2WL iuB4JALKZT th22WRHRAR

Or is God himself pulling the plug on the Clintons?  Is God sick and tired of seeing this country destroyed by the most evil leaders on Earth?

Hillary death hoax

ABC News mistakenly reported Hillary Clinton’s death on 9/11.  Was this a hoax or a warning from the secret societies illustrated above?

Does Hillary Clinton have a lookalike? Conspiracy theories ...

Fake Hillary on the left, real Hillary on the right

More accurately, Mrs. Clinton used a body double because of her illness in an attempt to fool the public into believing she is healthy.  The above photos illustrate the differences between the two women.  The woman who is trying to impersonate HRC is slimmer, younger with different features.

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Hillary Clinton has Parkinson’s Disease

Proof:  Hillary Clinton searched for a drug designed to treat Parkinson’s Disease –  Provigil.

Image result for images, hillary clinton seizures Image result for images, hillary clinton seizures Hillary’s uncontrolled seizures.

Image result for images, hillary clinton brain freezeImage result for images, hillary clinton brain freeze

Hillary can’t remember what she is saying.  Black medical aide (disguised as Secret Service) must prompt her.

Image result for images, hillary clinton seizures

Hillary’s coughing fits – common among those with Parkinsons. She cannot swallow.

Image result for images hillary clinton stairs Image result for Hillary Clinton Falls Boarding Plane

Hillary loss of balance, another symptom of Parkinson’s.

Image result for images, hillary clinton crazy laughter

Uncontrolled laughter for no reason.

Image result for Hillary Clinton drinking special water

Needs special water – cannot swallow water out of a bottle.

Image result for images, hillary clinton dementia

Parkinson’s Disease eventually leads to dementia. Is this who you want as President?

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Prediction – How Trump Wins, How Trump Loses

Image result for images, trump loses  HOW TRUMP LOSES

By his own admission, Donald Trump predicts Hillary Clinton will steal the election because it is rigged.  How so?

COMPUTERIZED VOTING MACHINES.  Rejected in Europe because of the ease with which they can be hacked.  Is it any wonder the last big Republican winner George W. Bush used a paper ballot?  Pres. Obama himself eluded to this by saying, “If Trump loses it won’t be from a state like Texas because voting is controlled by Republicans.”  Read between the lines.   He is saying he would lose in a state NOT controlled by Republicans.

TRUMP IS NOT SPECIFIC AS TO HOW HILLARY IS A LAWBREAKER.  Clearly, she was collecting money as Secretary of State  for her foundation, which she profits from.  I call that embezzlement.  The Clintons are thieves.  Secondly, how is it ethical for a Sec’t of State to be taking money from foreign countries for her future campaign?  And most of these countries are Arab- Muslim.

HER EMAIL SCANDAL.  Back in 1973, Pres. Richard Nixon didn’t destroy his White House tape recordings.  This led to his downfall.  Hillary, on the other hand, erased (or at least tried to) incrimination emails from her private, at-home server.  Legal authorities James Comey (FBI) and Loretta Lynch (DOJ) both chickened-out at the last minute under very suspicious circumstances.  To anyone who knows anything about the law, that woman should’ve been indicted.  The evidence from WikiLeaks and Guccifer more than proves it.

DNC – BERNIE SANDERS – DEBBIE WASSERMAN-SCHULZ SCANDAL.  This years Dem. Convention was one big, bad joke.  Why hasn’t anyone investigated if Hillary Clinton knew and took part in the conspiracy to keep Sanders from winning?  And look what Hillary does the day Wasserman-Schulz is booed off state – she hires her to work on her campaign!  Unbelievable.  WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange has stated that his informer DNC’s Seth Rich was killed for leaking this information.


Image result for images, trump wins  THE DEBATES.  Donald Trump must gain control beforehand or refuse to participate.  No more set-up questions like CNN’s Candy Crowley did with Obama/Romney in 2012.  No more debates controlled by ultra liberal orgs.  (ACLU, NOW, League of Women Voters, etc.)  No third podium with Gary Johnson.  (Remember Perot 1992?)  This cost elder Bush the election.

ATTACK ADS.  HRC has begun her old-school commercials saying that Trump will start WWIII.  (Used by LBJ in 1964.)  Donald Trump has the $ to hire the best ad agencies to go after her.  [Note:  Because Hillary is a woman (sort of), he can’t attack her personally, as she is doing to him.]  Stick to the facts.  Make it abundantly clear, we cannot have a proxy 3rd term Obama.  Hillary is her own worst enemy and would have little chance of winning if the MSM wasn’t backing her.  She is unattractive, a poor speaker, annoying, shrill and mean-spirited.  Trump must show ads of this Hillary.

SPEECHWRITERS.  Trump needs great speechwriters.  He will continually get himself in trouble if he says whatever he thinks.  Hillary is just the opposite, sounding scripted at all times.  She can’t speak without sounding insincere.  Trump must not cater to groups who will not vote for him.  (Black Lives Matter, rabid feminists, LBGT.)  Stay true to his core audience.

Finally, it must become inevitable that Trump will be President.  Egomaniac Hillary has no problem acting this way.  Trump must stop playing the underdog.  Hillary should be treated as the scoundrel she is.  Trump is the good guy, Hillary the villain.

Image result for images, trump good, hillary evil

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Obama Hillary’s Puppetmaster

Image result for images, hillary obama's dummy Many voters are breathing a sigh of relief that Obama’s 2nd term will be over soon.  Democrats believe Hillary Clinton will fix everything.  Wrong.  Because HRC was arrogant enough to work for Obama, he was able to collect information on her that could be very damaging.  The first half of 2016 will be remembered for when the Obama Administration let her twist in the wind and for when Bernie Sanders nearly took the nomination away from her.  What did Mrs. C agree to, in order to get the endorsement of the President?  HRC has already publically stated that “We are not at war with the Muslims.”  She wants to bring in 65,000 more Muslim “refugees”.  (Murdering rapists and psychopaths.)  New info from WikiLeaks proves she made $100,000 arming ISIS to fight Assad.  In 2012, then Sec’t of State Clinton helped Libya become a terrorist nation, laughed about the bloody murder of Gadhafi and then lied about what caused Benghazi.  This is whom the so-called left-wing intellectual wants as our President?  As you can see there is little, if any difference between her and our current President.

It’s my belief that Hillary’s closest aide Huma Abedine also plays a key role in this.  Her lesbian relationship is an open secrets in Washington, D.C.  Obama knows more than what he’s saying.  A homosexual secret betrayal?

Image result for images, hillary clinton and huma abedine, lesbians Image result for images, hillary clinton and huma abedine, lesbians

Thus, we have (potentially) the 44th President controlling the 45th by keeping silent on what people already know.

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Hillary Clinton Set for Brain Surgery

Image result for images, hillary clinton brain surgery

Due to the upcoming debates with Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton is preparing for an urgent medical procedure in an attempt to halt her epileptic seizures.  According to reports, HRC’s attacks are being brought on by stress, over-stimulation of the brain and a blood-clot/concussion in Dec. 2012.

Although the MSM had at first ignored Hillary’s health problems, two videos surfaced on the Internet, proving her mental condition.

Nevertheless, the media is downplaying her illness as a “conspiracy theory”.  There is a mainstream media blackout for this and anything else that would jeopardize her campaign.

Hillary’s greatest fear is that she will lose control of her mental faculties during the scheduled debates.  This would effectively prove she is medically unfit for America’s highest office.  Link below:“swarms”-top-hospitals-as-hillary-clinton-brain-surgery-fears-rise

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Whomever wins, many millions will be voting for Dem. Hillary Clinton for various reasons.  These people are more than ignorant.  They are willfully dumb.  Stupid.

If you’re voting for HRC because she’s for women’s rights, you are helping an enabler, a cover-up artist.  Bill Clinton is a sex-offender, a rapist.

Image result for images, female victims of bill clintonImage result for images, female victims of bill clinton

Hillary Clinton has sold out to Wall Street and worse for Arab-Muslim funding.  The Clinton Foundation is the biggest charity rip-off of all time.

Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy (as Secretary of State) was a disaster.  She turned Libya into a haven for terrorists, murdered its leader Muammar Gaddafi and set the stage for Benghazi.

Hillary says she’s for children’s rights and yet she’s for partial-birth abortion (right up to the ninth month) because, in her words, “It’s the law.”

Hillary is not for free speech.  According to her, “Hate speech is not protected by the First Amendment.”  (Or whatever she deems to be hate speech.)

She wants the Second Amendment changed to what Australian law is.  (A gov’t buy-back gun grab.)  Criminals don’t care what the law is.  She’s really taking guns away from law-abiding Americans.  Citizens, if we lose the First and Second Amendments, America is gone.  The 1990’s were one Clinton scandal after another, culminating in a vote for impeachment by the House of Representatives.  (The Senate chickened out.)  Do you want to repeat that?  When does this nightmare end?  First, eight years of Obama; then, Hillary Clinton?  It’s worth noting that if she’s elected, it’s not for one term.  She’ll own the system for two terms.  Worst of all, HRC wants to bring 65,000 Muslim immigrants from the Middle East, some of whom are terrorists.  Obama-Clinton are turning us into a third-rate, third world, one-party, Socialist dictatorship.  If you’re a Democrat and can’t vote for Trump, don’t vote at all.  Our nation cannot survive a Hillary Rodham Clinton presidency.

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Hillary Clinton’s Medical Report Leaked!


EricReports has obtained (from reliable sources) a copy of the health records for Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Within this report, it states the following…

Present Complaint:  Dizziness, fatigue, mini-seizures, memory loss.  Patient is starting to become more depressed and frustrated.  She states that she has been experiencing more mini-seizures, causing her to black-out for short periods of time.

Diagnosis:  Complex Partial Seizures Medical definition  and Subcortical Vascular Dementia.  (Medical definition)

Treatment:  Anti-coagulants and anti-seizure medication.

Plan:  Travel with a medical team.  Recommend anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds.

While the mainstream media may avoid or ignore this damning evidence, it’s plain for all who read this that Mrs. Clinton’s health has been compromised – that, in fact, she would fail any serious medical exam.

Khizr Khan: Islamic Shill

Image result for images, khizr khan and ghazala khan

Battle lines are drawn: Free America versus the Islamo-Fascists/Democrats. That is where we are. If the U.S. is to survive, we must eradicate the Islamic menace, promising Jihad and death.
In 2008, the DNC propped up a foreign-born, Muslim, homosexual dictator to be our president. In 2016, the mask Obama wears is slipping off.

Image result for images, obama's mask
Hillary Clinton’s Muslim poster boy, Khizr Khan, a proven liar who pushes Sharia Law and is an immigration lawyer tries to shut up Trump–?!
You can believe the false MSM dead-son-soldier-story.  I don’t.  It’s as unverified as our President himself.
Elect Hillary and destroy America. Elect Trump and kill ISIS. That’s your choice.
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“Black Lives Matter” is a Terrorist Group

Image result for black lives matter terrorist group Since the police killings in Dallas and Baton Rouge, it has become apparent what “Black Lives Matter” is all about.  They are a domestic, Marxist, black revolutionary terrorist organization designed to tear down our great country.

Image result for black lives matter terrorist group


Where did they come from?  How were they formed? 

Barack Obama warned of this in his 2008 speech about a “civilian national security force.”  Quote:  “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set.  We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong and well funded.”

Black Lives Matter is that civilian force.

Is 2016 our 1968?  No, because the powers-that-be of ’68 wouldn’t let our nation fall to a bunch of communist thugs.  The powers of ’16 would like to.

The sub-human that inhabits the White House has no intention of leaving quietly and peacefully.  If he leaves at all, he would like to leave the U.S. in a heap of smoldering ruins.

On the Internet, there are many predictions for Election 2016.

One.  Obama will declare Martial Law, postpone the election and never leave.

Two.  Hillary Clinton will win, carrying on Obama’s policies.

Three.  Donald Trump wins.

Image result for president donald trump in oval officeImage result for images, hillary clinton as a pig

What about #3?  What happens if the Donald wins big time?  I can tell already the DNC-MSM are afraid, as well they should be.  They are stuck with a candidate that nobody likes with the charisma of a soggy pickle.  The 2016 Republican Convention was everything the Democratic Convention was not.  Trump is a two-fisted, barroom brawler and he’s ready to tear Hillary apart.  Of the three predictions, I don’t think Hillary can win.  Her treachery is too well known.  That doesn’t mean I don’t think #1 won’t happen.  People are finally waking up to who the real Obama is – and he’s not beyond trying to set up a Hugo Chavez-type dictatorship, if he think he can get away with it.

Thus, from October on, he could release orders for certain incidents to take place; incidents designed to enflame the black population.  If riots break out across America and Martial Law is declared, our Constitutional rights are suspended.  So is the election.

Am I saying this is going to happen?  No, I’m saying it could happen.  We are at a crisis point.  What I do know is that we have someone completely evil in the White House.  As long as the creature is there, we are at risk of reaching a dead-end road, where there’s no way out.  (YouTube videos are by TakeBackTheRepublic and BOnoWAY2008)

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HILLARY CLINTON Suffers Grand Mal SEIZURE on Video!

Friday, July 22.  While speaking to reporters, Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton went into convulsions, caught on video.  It is most noticeable at the beginning, when she closes her eyes and cannot stop it.  Hillary tries to pass it off as a “brain freeze”, saying “You’ve guys have gotta try the cold chai.”  But, the fake sip she takes is after the seizure.  This occurred just days before she’s officially nominated as the Democratic Presidential nominee, yet calls into question her failing health.  The mainstream media has not reported on this event, choosing to ignore it.  The video itself has gone viral on YouTube.  The four YouTube videos are by stateofdaniel, thejohnathankleck, Pastor Dave’s channel and Anthony Brian Logan.

FAKES! Obama, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Hillary 2016, Jeanine Pirro, Transgenderism in the Military, Ghostbusters

Barack-Obama Pres. Obama, 6-30-16, speaking before the Canadian parliament.  “Politicians, some sincere and some entirely cynical, will tap into that anger and fear, hearkening back to bygone days of order and predictability and national glory.”  Is this globalist rhetoric or has the President just announced our demise?  Also, it’s worth mentioning that Obama and his people helped start “Black Lives Matter”, those who are responsible for the deaths of five police officers in Dallas, TX.

Image result for images, james comey FBI director James Comey found former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “grossly negligent and careless with top secret, classified files” and then lets her off the hook because he can’t figure out her “intent”.  That’s not Comey’s decision.  It’s up to gov’t prosecuting attorneys.  Either way, this may be the defining moment of the 2016 Election.

LorettaLynchBillClinton_590 Att. Gen. Loretta Lynch met secretly (or so they thought) with former Pres. Bill Clinton on cutting a deal by exonerating his wife.  Dirty deal-making doesn’t get any higher than this.  (Lynch said they discussed his grandchildren and golf.)

Clinton-2016-tattoo-595x1056-576x1024 Whether you like him or not, Democratic-Socialist Bernie Sanders’ massive crowds dwarfed an unenthusiastic turnout for Ms. Pantsuit 1975.  There’s a lot of talk and evidence of voter fraud in the Democratic primaries.  It’s not surprising, since “H” felt the 2008 election was stolen from her.

Jeanine-Pirro1 Fox News Judge Jeanine Pirro referred to Hillary Clinton as “the next commander-in-chief” on the Sean Hannity program.  RINO.

transgender-in-military2 Transgenderism in the military.   Clearly, Obama is behind the idea of these soldiers serving openly.  Does this mean uniforms will be replaced with bras and panties?

ghostbusters The least anticipated film of the summer:  a feminist version of “Ghostbusters” filled with fat, ugly, loud, farting, foolish, frauds.  Yes, women can be funny, but these women aren’t.

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