Ashli’s Murder Insurrection Setup

Video analysis by Masako Ganaha – Epoch Times.

Video evidence on the lead-up to the shooting death of Ashli Babbitt in the Capitol building on January 6…What does this evidence reveal?  The two men who broke the glass leading into the Speakers Lobby were NOT Trump protesters.  If not, who are they?

According to Masako Ganaha, they are Antifa, that is, agitators posing as Trump voters,  leading the crowd to violence.

And what is Antifa?  They are the unmentionables.  Hitler had his brown-shirts and the Gestapo.   The Democratic Party has Antifa for their dirty work…their criminal activity.  (Plus, you have a stolen election,  the cause of all this.)

The “Save America March” was a well-known planned event.   What if Democrats planned to turn this around on itself and use it against Trump?  (That is, turn the protest into a riot.  And then turn the riot into an insurrection.)

Antifa infiltrated Trump’s people, posing as them, in order to cause violence – mass chaos – thereby, creating the scenario of an insurrection.  A way to impeach (or at least try to impeach Pres. Trump) a second time.

Consider the timing of the House Impeachment – one week after Jan. 6.  It’s as if this was planned out in advance.

Aftermath.  It’s imperative for the Dems/MSM to brand Trump voters as white-extremists-nationalists-bigots and racists.  This would help thwart a second Trump run for the presidency.

What does it say for Democrats who would go to such lengths, to win at any cost, to cheat, to steal and to kill, in order to win an election?

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2 Futures

The USA and President Trump have a choice.  In the near future,  it will be decided as to whether Americans will be forced to accept a stolen election… OR will the President turn it over to the military?   THE INSURRECTION ACT.  MARTIAL LAW.

I can tell you this.  The Supreme Court (based on their previous refusal to hear the Texas case) will do the same for the latest Pennsylvania lawsuit.   They don’t want to be accused of giving Trump the presidency.   If so, what is SCOTUS purpose?  If a case deciding who runs our country isn’t important enough,  what is?

Assuming all else fails,  will the President declare Martial Law and then accuse the Democrats of insurrection?  If that happens,  expect all hell to break loose.

We know now that Antifa and the BLM are the Democrats “brown shirts”.  We were shown what they can do from the end of May to the beginning of November.

They promised to go after the suburbs.  And I’m sure they’ll go after the White House.

Trump knows this.

On the other hand,  if President Trump accepts the results of the election and Biden becomes president,  there will never be another free election again.  What do you think Kamala Harris will do once she replaces Biden?  (The plan all along. )

The GOP will become powerless.  Whatever election happens in the future will be rigged.   The 2020 General Election was stolen in an obscene,  in-your-face display of arrogance.   They didn’t care who saw it or what the eyewittnesses said.  Because they knew the MSM would cover for them.  They already had a word for it:  “baseless”.

Americans, it must be made known to the President that regardless of the cost (including blood), we cannot lose our country.   And we are rapidly losing it.

Those saying there’ll be a “2024 comeback” don’t know what they’re talking about.   In four years, we’ll be flooded with so many immigrants,  the Republican Party will be overrun.

A 1-Party system.   A Socialist state.  And your vote counts for nothing.   Only President Trump can save us from this disastrous outcome.

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The future is not written yet.  That’s why these coming weeks are vitally important for the United States.  If the DNC is successful at stealing the 2020 General Election,  here is what to expect.

Restrictive new laws.

Gun control or guns outlawed.

Open borders.

Blanket amnesty for illegal aliens.

Wars.  (Deposing Assad is #1 on their list.)

Censorship in social media.

More taxes.

Economic depression.

Travel restrictions.

Mask wearing ’til doomsday.

Forced vaccines.

Riots will continue whenever Antifa,  BLM and the far-left decide to have a temper tantrum.

Biden-Harris will sell out America to China.


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Trojan Horse Biden


See the source image

Many have forgotten who the favorites were during the Democratic primaries.   Back then,  it wasn’t Biden or Harris.  What the hell happened?

Sen. Bernie Sanders, at the top of the polls was edged out and cheated by Mayor Pete Buttigieg (similar to 2016.)

In third place,  Sen. Elizabeth Warren was considered a favorite to be the VP nominee.

Dark horse Amy Klobachar had the Hillary Clinton vote.

And in a distant FIFTH PLACE was former VP Joe Biden whom the MSM called old and washed-up.  He couldn’t gain momentum,  elicit excitement or gather large crowds.

Suddenly,  right before Super Tuesday,  Buttigieg and Klobachar quit, casting their support for Biden who unexpectedly wins big time.

Note:  Sen. Kamala Harris,  once a favorite,  had fallen into disfavor after debating Rep. Tulsi Gabbard.

And then, the Coronavirus…

And then, George Floyd…

Our way of life is turned upside down.   Businesses are shutdown- never to reopen.   Unemployment skyrockets.  The economy is ruined.

Antifa and the BLM take to the streets – looting,  burning,  pillaging, killing- and the blue state mayors and governors refuse to stop it.  Trump seems powerless.

Biden announces his VP candidate must be a “woman of color”.  Suddenly,  Kamala Harris is back again like the proverbial bad penny that won’t go away.  She is chosen as his running mate.

THE FACTS.  Obviously,  it was decided early by the DNC that their future presidential candidate would be Kamala Harris.  But how?

Pick an easy to manipulate “safe” candidate who can be forced to choose her later, i.e., Joe Biden.

Assuming Biden is elected,  how long do you think he will last?  In the beginning stages of Alzheimers disease,  Joe is being kept in his basement,  only to come out in heavily controlled events.  He is made to read everything from a Teleprompter.   The MSM simply ignores the truth.   Joe Biden is a zombie candidate – an empty Trojan Horse with Kamala Harris waiting inside.

In a recent poll, 59% of the people said Biden wouldn’t be able to finish his first term.

Let’s get real.  Biden,  in his condition won’t last a year before the controllers push him out in favor of who they wanted all along.   Kamala Harris:  authoritarian,  NWO, globalist, Beast system.

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Most people don’t see it.  America has been infiltrated.  Back in the 1960’s-early 70’s, subversive elements cropped up before.  Back then, it was dealt with.  Not today.

There could be a myriad of reasons.  During the Obama Administration, he replaced and installed his own kind of social justice into the military echelons, the FBI, the CIA, the judicial branches and the police.

Foreign billionaire interests (George Soros, et al) are also pulling the strings on what the fake news MSM calls “organic demonstrations”.

Years ago, I said BLM (Black Lives Mater) was the most dangerous domestic org.  (Add Antifa.)

As I write this, Republicans seem unable to stop this wave of manic violence sweeping across our country.  Instead, they try to deal with it.

Here’s a good lesson… the Mayor of Seattle Mary Durkan, wrote on her Facebook in regards to CHOP aka CHAZ.  “Seattle is fine.  This is what democracy looks like.”  By the end of June, protesters surrounded her house making their demands.  Guess what happened the very next day?  CHOP/CHAZ was dismantled by the police.  Gone.

See the source image

“CHOP” is gone and good riddance.

You see, when the revolution comes into your own back yard, it’s no longer “democracy”.

Pres. Trump’s election is on the line.  Voters didn’t elect him to stand by and do nothing.  Now is the time for action.

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Is it over?

Never before have I seen America so divided.

On the right, Republicans want a free society where a person has freedom and prosperity.  The left wants more and more gov’t control; yet, on the flip side cheers on anarchy and a Communist revolution…and their doing it with Antifa and BLM.  For years, I’ve been warning they’re domestic terrorist groups.  Following their reaction to the death of George Floyd, we have ample proof of it.  Looting, arson, murder and the police do nothing to stop it.  The gov’t sits idly by and watches these sub-humans take over our cities and destroy historic statues, erasing white history.  The damage is irreversible.

The best Pres. Trump can do is put the National Guard around statues in Washington, D.C…. What about the people?

As bad as that is the Democratic nominee Joe Biden is one hundred times worse.  Propped up by the DNC, Biden’s mental health is being hidden from the public.  There’s no doubt, he’s a feeble-minded idiot.  The real nominee is his VP and the DNC will be choosing whomever it is.

The continued over-reaction to the Chinese-created Wuhan virus never stops.  Every day the MSM bombards us with terse messages:  “Wear your masks,” and “Stay at home,”…unless your a protester.

I see no hope.  The U.S. has taken the wrong path, leading to a very grim future.

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They’re After Blood

Biden: Immigration 'about dignity' - POLITICO

“I lost in Iowa because of white people. Most white farmers.” Former VP Joe Biden

The Democratic Party has begun a racist policy against Caucasians – the white race, especially white men.  You could say this began under Obama.  (A joke unto itself.  He is half-white.)  The left for political reasons, would say that if you didn’t vote for Obama, you were a racist.  That, in fact, if you were a Republican, you must be a racist.

Since Trump’s 2016 victory, the white-haters have ramped up their rhetoric.  Thus began what they called “white privilege”.  This despite the free ride “people of color” get for being a darker skin tone.  The free ride of affirmative action, food stamps and gov’t housing.  Now, it has spread to illegal aliens.  (“Undocumented workers”.)  Illegals have all the privileges of a natural born American citizen – and more so.

AOC’s latest: Only Nazis oppose open borders

AOC quote, “Immigrants are more American than those who seek to keep them out.”

These foreigners are getting freebees – fee food, shelter and gov’t handouts while our homeless starve on the streets.  While Trump’s policies have improved the situation, somehow he is always thwarted by the braying, loud-mouthed, hateful, left who never met an immigrant they didn’t like (including the 9/11 hijackers.)

Worst of all is ANTIFA…

Bombshell: Antifa met with ISIS, planning terror attacks during 2018 midterms | | Media Equalizer

The so-called “anti-fascists” are nothing but cowards in hooded masks.  (Where did they steal that idea from?  The KKK?)  ANTIFA will be the Democratic Party after they lose against Trump in 2020 and believe me, they’re gonna lose big time.

Citizens, that is why we must mobilize against this terrorist group before it becomes an army.


As in Charlottesville, ANTIFA must be crushed.  The MSM speaks of this event as if it was the worst thing that ever happened.  You know why?  Because they got their ass kicked.

Who was responsible for the violence in Charlottesville? Here's what witnesses say - LA TimesWhat you need to know about antifa, the group that fought white supremacists in Charlottesville ...

But, in other circumstances, when these armed thugs brutally attack unknowing bystanders, the MSM pretends it never happened or they blame it on Trump’s rhetoric.

Mark my words.  If the right doesn’t stop the left in their tracks – and I mean soon as in this year – it will no longer be safe to walk the streets.

Good people, I’m talking about self-preservation.  The Socialist Communist “progressives” aren’t playing games.  They’re after blood.  Maybe, yours.

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Tucker Carlson’s Home Attacked by ANTIFA

Nov. 7, 2018.  The residence of Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson was assaulted by a division of ANTIFA, known as “Smash Racism D.C.”  Group members threatened to blow up the house and began attacking the door.  Live video (recorded by the group itself) reminded me of the ghouls in “The Omega Man”.

Image result for omega man

Carlson’s wife, believing she was under a home invasion, called 9-1-1.

Tucker’s weekday program was not broadcast Nov. 8.

Now is the time for Pres. Trump to officially declare ANTIFA  a domestic terror organization.

It’s no accident this occurred one day after the mid-terms.

Citizens, isn’t ANTIFA just a branch of the DNC?  Haven’t the Democrats become a party of gangsters?  Who do we have to thank for this kind of activity?

Image result for maxine water insane

Maxine Waters, who publically encourages violence and tells her obedient followers to chase down and harass Trump supporters and administrators.

The lunatic fringe has gone mainstream.

Regardless of anybody’s feelings about Fox News and Tucker Carlson, ALL Democrats must openly condemn this behavior before we have another Steve Scalise-type incident.

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The Future War

“Politics isn’t like war.  It is war.”   President Lyndon Baines Johnson

On Nov. 8, 2016, voters rejected the status quo candidate named Hillary Clinton.  Against all odds, Donald Trump stood against the devil and spit in her eye.

This was only the beginning.  Since then, the enemy has sought to circumvent Trump’s presidency.  (“Refusing to normalize,” as they call it.)

Examples of this are the Women’s March, ANTIFA, Berkley riots, shooting of Scalise, fake Russia probe, Mueller investigation, GOP Republican train crash, etc.  The list goes on.

Charlottesville, VA.  August 11-12, 2017.  Riots break out between the far right and the far left.  The MSM calls those on the right, “Nazis”.

No one knows what the future brings, but let’s examine one look into what might happen.

Election Year, 2020.  Democrats once again convince themselves that their candidate will win hands down.  After all the hoopla, conventions, debates, polling, commercials and rallies, Pres. Trump is re-elected.  What do you think their reaction will be?  To say Dems came unhinged in ’16, would be an understatement.  In ’20, they will go insane.  Provoked by the MSM fake news, there are many dangerous individuals out there who would see it as their “sacred duty” to stop President Trump by any means necessary.

Assassination?  The presidential death curse by Indian chief Tecumseh.  (Also known as the election year ending in the number “zero’ curse.)  Every U.S. President since William Harrison has died in office, with two exceptions.

One.  Pres. William Harrison, elected 1840.  Died from pneumonia, 1941.

Two.  Pres. Abraham Lincoln, elected 1860.  Assassinated 1865.

Three.  Pres. James Garfield, elected 1880.  Assassinated 1881.

Four.  Pres. William McKinley, elected 1900.  Assassinated 1901.

Five.  Pres. Warren Harding, elected 1920.  Cause of death in dispute, 1923.

Six.  Pres. Franklin Roosevelt, elected 1940.  Fatal stroke, 1945.

Seven.  Pres. John Kennedy, 1960.  Assassinated 1963.

  Pres. Ronald Reagan was nearly assassinated on March 30, 1981.  Reagan miraculously recovered from a bullet wound, one inch from his heart.  Who is to say God did not step in and save his life?  Reagan himself believed this.

  Election Year 2000.  Who was the real winner?  If the Supreme Court had not stopped the recounts, would then VP Al Gore have been elected President?  Many say yes.  If true, George W. Bush was not officially elected.

Election Year, 2020.  If Donald Trump assumes office, once again, as many are predicting, the manic hysteria from the left will be at a fever pitch.

Can the Secret Service be trusted?  If former Pres. Obama infiltrated various gov’t agencies with those who could be considered disloyal, would it be so hard to do the same with the Secret Service?  Will they be given order to stand down in the event of an assassination attempt?  If 9/11 could occur, as our gov’t feigns helplessness, would this aforementioned plot be made impossible?

Hypothetically, let’s suppose the unthinkable happens.  What will the MSM report?  That it was caused by Trump’s “hateful rhetoric”?  That Democrats were pushed over the edge and couldn’t help themselves?  What will be the reaction from Trump protestors?  This, I can say without reservation.  There will be celebrations in the streets.  And if our President is killed, (unlike a former foreign imposter), then it will be time to bring them down.

Notice of warning to Democrats:  if you’re stupid enough to cheer the death of Trump, prepare to suffer the consequences.

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ANTIFA linked with ISIS and al-Qaeda

Photo from Fellowship of the Minds

Far-left anti-Trump radical protest groups met with ISIS and al-Qaeda in Germany, discussing ways to destroy Trump’s presidency.  Bomb making and poison gas were key topics.  Link below.

Since Nov. 2016, I’ve written about the dangers of these domestic terrorist organizations.  What further proof is needed?

The MSM has either ignored or encouraged these angry mobs and they have fabricated an American “Nazi” Party.  (Code word for “Republicans”.)  Democrats cannot wash their hands clean of this – that “bloody spot” will always remain.

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“Black Lives Matter” Worst Domestic Terrorist Group

Image result for black lives matter

The fact that “Black Lives Matter” is now considered one of the most dangerous domestic terrorist groups by the FBI has been buried by the MSM.  According to FBI officials, they actively seek out police officers to kill.

Today we have the same breeding ground of hatred that existed in the late 60’s-early 70’s when another similar group existed:  the “Black Panthers”.

Image result for black panthers 1970, violenceImage result for black panthers 1970

Blacks have lost their leader Barack Obama.  Our former president could help dampen the flames of their rage.  Instead, he has encouraged them in his own special passive-aggressive way.  Along with failed candidate Hillary Clinton, they have bolstered a resistance group of trained thugs, augmented by easily duped college students.

Image result for black lives matter riot

Sooner or later, Pres. Trump will have to come down hard on this movement.  I’ve been saying this since the 2016 election.  It’s them or us.  It’s the law-abiding citizen vs. the Communist radical.  For now, Democrats may side with ANTIFA, BLM, et al, but will they when the skies turn black from their riots?  When cities burn?  That day is coming.

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Eric Bolling’s Son Murdered?

Image result for eric chase bolling

Eric Bolling (former co-host of “The Five”) with his recently deceased son, Eric Chase Bolling, 19.

One day following the firing of Fox News reporter Eric Bolling, his son Eric Chase Bolling, age 19, was found dead from a drug overdose.  How does this add up to murder?

One.  Eric Bolling was on “the list”.  This list contains those who the far-left want removed from the mainstream media.  On top of that list was Bill O’Reilly.  Another is Sean Hannity, who verifies there are people who want him removed.  There are many more.

Two.  Eric Bolling was fired from FoxNews for allegedly sending pictures of male genitals from his cell phone to three female employees of Fox News.   Bolling denies it.  The fact is Smartphones can be hacked.  Also, those involved in the conspiracy at first said it was a picture of Bolling’s penis.  Now it has changed to “just pictures”.  Whenever someone story changes, it means they’re lying.

Three.  The death of his son occurs the following day of his dismissal.  This is a clear message from those behind this.  Bolling’s family should hire a private investigator to find out where the drugs came from and who were the people he saw last.

Four.  Democrats have aligned themselves with a criminal element.  Look at their former Presidential candidate.  The Clintons have had enough people killed to fill a cemetery.  ANTIFA is an arm of the left.  What about their violence?  How far does this have to go until people realize what is going on?

Five.  The MSM is trying to brand this death as a “suicide” – with no evidence.  When politicians have people killed, it is often called a suicide, with no investigation.  It is not believable for anyone to kill themselves over a fraudulent charge involving their parents.

Six.  Fox News is getting rid of their conservative format and that entails getting rid of their most conservative reporters.  Both O’Reilly and Bolling were fired before their cases were proven in court.

With the election of Donald Trump, we are living in dangerous times for those who oppose our President.  They will stop at nothing to renew their agenda, i.e., creating a Socialist welfare state with a crippled military and open borders to “dreamers” who want to turn us into a third-world nation.

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9/11 Collapse

 Something happened on September 11.  It occurred in Manhattan, NYC.  No, it’s not what happened in 2001.  It was last year at Ground Zero 2016.  Democratic presidential candidate Hillary R. Clinton fell like a ton of bricks, indicative of her campaign.  Just as a turkey can’t fly, either could Mrs. C.  What could be more predictive than this?  While the MSM tried to downplay or outright dismiss it, this and her on-camera brain seizures proved her health was far worse than any of us could imagine.

Image result for hillary brain seizure, gif

Image result for hillary clinton seizure owl

Image result for hillary clinton seizure owl

The demons are alive and well in Hillary Clinton.

One year later, we have an embittered MSM broadcasting daily biased character attacks on Pres. Trump.  We have protests from ANTIFA, far-left anarchists and paid criminals.  And we have Trump voters, the real Americans.  (The MSM calls them “Nazis and white supremacists.”)  Whose side are you on?

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Charlottesville Rally.  On August 12, 2017, James Alex Fields, Jr. ran his car, a 2010 Dodge Challenger, through a crowd of left-wing protestors, killing one Heather Hyer.  Since then, he has been diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic.  Q.  Will he be found “Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity” like John Hinckley, Jr. was, who shot a President?  (Hinckley is free now.)  How about O.J. Simpson who killed two people and was let go because of his black celebrity status?  What about Arthur Bremer who shot George Wallace?  (Bremer is free now.)  No, I think Mr. Fields will probably be executed.  Why?  This is all symbolic.

Image result for heather hyer His victim, Ms. Hyer, is the new martyr for the far-left.  She wasn’t ANTIFA.  She was just another liberal-progressive caught up in our loony times.

I can’t answer why Mr. Fields rammed his car through a crowd of angry protestors.  Maybe, it’s because the police haven’t done anything to stop them.  This madness has been going on since November.  These people have gone way past their First Amendment rights.  The left has turned violent.  It was only a matter of time before someone snapped and took the law into their own hands.

How did the MSM report it?  According to them, “the Nazi’s and white supremacists” were the violent ones. Note:  the official “Nazi Party” ended in 1945.  The neo-Nazis are a small fringe group.  Pretty much the same thing for the Ku Klux Klan.  ANTIFA, on the other hand, are well-funded and very much alive.  Follow their money.  It probably leads right up to the DNC.  I’m sure sore loser Hillary Clinton and our abdicated Muslim king Barack Obama have a hand in these protests.

I watched ABC News cover Heather’s funeral.  The reporting was so ridiculous, it would seem more appropriate for SNL.  The “peaceful” crowd were armed with “pink bats and helmets”, just in case those evil “Nazis” showed up.  They didn’t show up because they don’t exist.  Her wild-eyed mother gave the eulogy and it’s not hard to see why her daughter went off the rails.  The MSM have decided that if you’re for Trump, you’re a Nazi white supremacist.

The reality is, this is a battle for what kind of country we want to live in:  A free nation or a socialist, communist dictatorship.  The choice is yours, based on whether you are going to allow the Democratic Party to steal our victory.

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Trump Must be Psychic!

Image result for trump statement predicts george washington statue

“George Washington was a slave owner.  So will George Washington lose his status?  Are we gonna take down statues of Thomas Jefferson?  Do you like him, because he was a major slave owner.  Are we gonna take down his statue?  So, it’s fine.  You’re changing history, you’re changing culture.”  Pres. Donald Trump

The President also commented on the violence.  “What about the alt-left that came charging at, as you say, alt-right?  Do they have any semblance of guilt?  What about the fact that they came charging with clubs in their hands, swinging clubs, do they have any problem?  I thing they do.”

Image result for lincoln memorial spray paintImage result for lincoln memorial spray paint

(Photos above:  Lincoln Memorial spray-painted.)

For Democrats, First Amendment be damned, first they went after and took down the Confederate flag.  Next, went statues of former Confederate leaders.  Now, they’re going after our Founding Fathers.  Again, the Democratic Party owns this.  This is why they lost in 2016 and this is why they will lose in 2020.  The DNC and the MSM are supremely out of touch with real Americans.  They’re great with fringe groups like ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter.  But, with the Average Joe or Jane who works hard, pays their taxes, goes to church – they marginalize them.

Blacks (some, not all) are also stuck with this issue.  Too many black are stuck in the late 1950’s-early 60’s, in a tragic state of arrested development.  They cannot get past those times or get over themselves.  No matter how much the white liberal bows or kowtows to their demands – it’s simply never enough.  Putting an inexperienced, black, junior senator in as President wasn’t enough.  Putting blacks all over the MSM, movies, TV, news, etcetera isn’t enough.  Giving every black man a burgundy Cadillac, a gold Rolex and a big-boobed blonde isn’t enough.  (Okay, maybe that’s enough.)

Destroying America’s history, destroying our past, to rebuild it into a Communist Wonderland is what the Left have in mind.  Don’t kid yourself.  They will go after all that is sacred to erect their false ideology.  And what bothers them most is the election of Pres. Donald J. Trump.

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America’s Done.

Image result for mueller investigate trump comey impeachment

Robert Mueller (left) Special Prosecutor hired by DOJ to investigate Trump-Russia election connection. Occurs nine days after Trump fires FBI director James Comey (middle.)

When ANTIFA marched against Trump committing acts of violence and the President did nothing about it, I knew we were in trouble.

Initially, Trump had the power to do anything and that includes rolling out the tanks.  Once his enemies saw that he was weak, once they heard Trump say the Clintons were “nice people” and that he’d “accept Obama’s council”, it was over.

The left continue to push back and the right sit there and take it.  I WARNED YOU THIS WOULD HAPPEN.  I SAID THE STREETS SHOULD BE COVERED IN BLOOD.

Now, the MSM gets to talk about impeachment for the next three years.  They have no interest in finding the truth.  They hate the truth.

Trump should’ve had Obama and Clinton on the run, hiding in a foreign country.  Instead, they’re on TV, laughing at him.

Whether Trump is impeached or not, his agenda has been derailed.  If you, the Trump voter had any guts, you’d be swarming all over Washington, D.C.  You’d put fear in the hearts of Democrats.  But, like 1974, you’ll wear sad faces, sit home and watch television.  You will see a gradual takeover of our land by the usual suspects:  Socialists, Communists, anarchists, Muslims.  And you will see “Let’s Make America Great Again” die its painful death.

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Ann Coulter vs. Berkeley vs. ANTIFA

Image result for images, ann coulterImage result for images, riots at berkeleyImage result for images, riots at berkeley, antifa

April 27, 2017.  Political commentator Ann Coulter has been rescheduled to speak at UC Berkeley after a previous cancellation.  Why am I against this?  Isn’t this a victory for free speech?  There’s an old saying about casting your pearls before swine, which is what Miss Coulter is doing; however, my main concern is that the police aren’t enforcing the law.

Feb. 1, 2017.  Riots breaks out at UC Berkeley over a planned appearance by Milo Yiannopoulos.  Only one student was arrested.  This does not bode well for Miss Coulter.

Image result for images, riots at berkeley

Hypothetically, let’s say there is a plot.  Let’s say those in charge are aware of it.  What makes you think they’d do anything to stop it?  The left want to silence the right.  Since losing the 2016 General Election, tell me how tolerant they are…how open-minded.  Explain to me how marching in the streets before Donald Trump took office is fair.  In my own opinion, Ann Coulter is being set up.  I don’t trust UC Berkeley’s Dean Janet Napolitano (a former Obama flunky) and I sure don’t trust Berkeley’s Mayor Jesse Arreguin (a member of BAMN, a division of ANTIFA.)

In a recent interview, Miss Coulter said she trusted the police.  How can they be trusted if they’ve been given orders to stand-down?  I don’t see any changes in the way rioters are being treated since Trump took office.  There are few arrests and no real crackdowns.  Where is the National Guard?

The left has gone insane and I don’t think they care how they stop Ann Coulter as long as they stop her.

Text © 2017 – ERN

AUTHOR’S NOTE:  Ann Coulter’s speech was cancelled again by Berkeley on the  26th.  Berkeley’s College Republicans are filing a lawsuit.