Obama-Clinton’s Future War with Russia

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While the MSM runs gossip stories about Donald Trump, they’re ignoring an encroaching war between the United States and Russia.  The Russian gov’t has already instructed their people in which shelter to take in the event of a nuclear attack.

Regardless of whatever is said, currently the U.S. is backing ISIS attempts to remove Syria’s leader Assad.  With ISIS failing, Obama is threatening to step with military force.  Hillary Clinton wants to establish a “no fly zone” for Russia.  These insane steps spell disaster for us and the Middle East.

Donald Trump has promised to work with Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin and destroy ISIS.  Obama-Clinton are doing the exact opposite.  With the election near, it’s anybody’s guess what could happen.  Even if Trump wins, Obama could start WWIII in the interim.  So much for his 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

I realize conspiracy theorists have been predicting war with Russia since the 1940’s, but this time there’s too much validity to the rumors.  Who could have predicted America would elect a president that hates his own country?  Maybe he wants to leave us in heap of smoldering ruins.

Never before has the mainstream media done a worse job in reporting the news.  2016 has been one long informercial for the election of Hillary Clinton:  the most corrupt, ugly and fraudulent candidate in the history of American politics.

Obama sneers at Putin because Putin knows what Obama is:  an Oreo full of toxic waste.  (Text © 2016 – ERN)

Congress Overrides President’s Veto on 9/11 Families Right to Sue

Good news once and for all from Congress who over-rid Pres. Obama’s veto on 9/11 families, who now have the right to sue those in Saudi Arabia who were involved with the funding of the 9/11 hijackers.  This comes on the heels of the release of the 28 pages withheld from the 9/11 Commission Report.  Within, it states how 15 of the 19 hijackers (Saudis) were secretly funded while living in the USA.  The 28 pages were withheld for 13 years by the federal gov’t (Bush and Obama) for fear of “jeopardizing our relationship with Saudi Arabia.”

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Obama’s excuse for the veto?  Other countries can now sue us.  Example:  for a drone strike.  What Obama leaves out is that other countries already have this right.

The incredible vote in the Senate was 97 to 1 with Harry Reid, the only vote supporting the veto.  The House of Representatives vote was 348 to 77.

Opinion:  This disgraced veto and the attempt to hide the truth about which countries were involved with 9/11 (including our own) is a new beginning for America’s response to our worst terrorist attack.  Also, there are many out there who believe Obama’s veto verifies his allegiance to the Muslim world and that he is a Saudi plant, cultivated for infiltration from within.  Their goal?  Place a Muslim in the White House.

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Antichrist Obama calls for end of U.S. Independence – U.N.-N.W.O.

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Sept. 19, 2016 – United Nations.

In what some are calling President Obama’s “farewell speech” before the United Nations, the President announced that our nation must be willing to accept new “constraints”…then, he lowered the bombshell.

“Sometimes, I am criticized for professing a belief in international norms and multilateral institutions, but I am convinced in the long run, giving up some freedom of action, not giving up our ability to protect ourselves or pursue our core interests, but binding ourselves to the international rules over the long term enhances our security.”

So, again we have our leaders selling us out for “safety and security”.  Why?  Because if we give up our rule of law, there goes the Constitution.  And there goes the 1st and 2nd Amendments.  (What Obama really wants to get rid of.)

Pres. Obama has sought for different ways to circumvent the Constitution.  Executive orders worked for awhile, but that wasn’t enough.  Thus, begins Phase 2 – U.N. control for promises of safety, security and the end of war.  Hey, he gave the Internet away to the U.N.  Why not the USA?

Many hope and pray for a new beginning with a new president; however, I’m not so sure the current occupant is ready to leave, if ever.  How so?  People die.  And who’s to say if certain people die, Obama won’t call off the election?  He’s already had his team of lawyers look into it, if this happens.

With this President, we have riots in the streets.  Islamic terrorism is a daily occurrence.  There are calls for “law and order”.  But what if Obama declares war on the American people?  Do you think your little guns will stop tanks?

My conscience is clear, as I’ve warned you about the evils of this man . . . the son of perdition.

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The “Birther” Issue: Who Started It?

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Beginnings of the “birther” movement.

Back in 2008, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign struggled against newcomer Barack Obama.  Her staff sought ways in which to bring him down.  HRC’s campaign manager, Patti Doyle admits to introducing the “birther” controversy, based on evidence dating back to when Obama ran against Alan Keyes (2004 Illinois Senate.)  In their debate, Keyes accuses Obama of being a foreigner.  Obama answers:  “That’s all right.  I’m not running for President.”

It was the ’08 Clinton campaign that released the Obama photos of him in a Muslim ceremonial robe…

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Barack Obama himself had stated for years that he was born in Kenya.  The proof is from a 1991 promotional booklet released from his literary agency:  “Acton & Dystel.”  Early ad for "Dreams from My Father"This was for his new book “Journeys in Black and White”, the title later changed to “Dreams from my Father” and rewritten by domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.

Back in 1961, the state of Hawaii had a loophole.  Even if you were born in a foreign country, you could still be considered a citizen.  This was a state law, that is no longer valid.

In 1968, Barack Obama moved to Indonesia, changed his name to Barry Soetoro and became a Muslim.

Obama (Barry Soetoro) - Citizen of INDONESIA

Obama’s (Barry Soetoro) school records proving he is an Indonesian Muslim.

Obama denies he was adopted by his stepfather Lolo Soetoro because this would make his an Indonesian citizen.  This is not believable because of the name change.  Further proof:  Obama’s mother applied for an Indonesian passport for her son.

Image result for images, obama passport application 1968, sorbarkah

“Barry” returns to Hawaii four years later after his parents divorce.  There is no indication Barry Soetoro changed his citizenship back to being an American.  When he visited Pakistan in the early 1980’s, he used his foreign passport.

Later in college, “Barry” discovered that his fellow students responded more favorably to him when he became Barack Hussein Obama – the black, Marxist-Muslim, instead of “Barry”, the rich, pampered, Oreo-kid.  The new Obama is reborn.

Obama’s followers still scoff at the facts.  At most, they’ll say he lied about being born in Kenya, so that he would receive a foreign-student scholarship.  Why do you think he had his school records sealed?  Why do you think his past travel records (including his passport) were destroyed?

The government knows Obama is a foreigner.  They will never tell the public.  They betrayed us and the Constitution they were sworn to defend.  Since 2007, the Democratic Party, along with the MSM, have worked together, covering up the facts on BHO.  Somehow, someway, Barack Obama managed to circumvent the process and was elected POTUS.  The federal gov’t won’t admit that he is a foreigner because it would prove our whole political system is corrupt.  The Supreme Court knows the truth and so does most of Congress.

So why did Donald Trump renounce his belief in the birther movement?  Because he would not be accepted by the “club”.  If Trump became president and found out the truth, eight years of Obama’s presidency would have to be erased and the Democratic Party would be ruined.

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Obama: A Double-Agent for Radical Islam (Video)

This YouTube video dates back to April 2, 2011; however, most of it is still relevant today.  Barack Obama eventually did show his birth certificate on April 27, 2011, which he himself admits he had created by “special dispensation”.  Many people (including myself) believe it is a fake.  One must ask why he wasn’t forced to show it prior to the 2008 election.  Was it because it did not exist at that time?

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“They Shall Reap the Whirlwind…”

This video is from Inessa S on YouTube.

I don’t agree with all of this video.  The former leader of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi, wasn’t a good man, but he kept Libya under control.  After Pres. Reagan bombed this country, we had no real trouble until Clinton-Obama declared their illegal war.  He had already surrendered when the U.S. fired a missile at his caravan.  You know the rest.

Florida: SpaceX Rocket Explodes/Moscow: Putin’s Chauffeur Killed – Obama’s Black Ops

Sept. 1, 2016, 9:07 a.m. Cape Canaveral, FL.  In a joint venture with Israel, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and China, a $200 satellite was set to launch, until an unidentified fighter jet fired into its fuel chambers, setting it off into a ball of flames.  The plane is circled.  (Video is by Graphics King on YouTube.)

Image result for images, spacex rocket explodes, ufo,

Why would the Obama Administration wants to destroy it?  Where is it coming from and how would it be used?  By Israel.  A satellite is a fact-finder.  It’s used to locate.  It could have been used to discover other countries hostile intentions.

When all is said and done, Barack Obama wants Israel removed from the Middle East.  He considers them invaders – part of a colony propped up by the USA.  BHO has and always will back the Palestinians.

This unwarranted attack help ruins Israel’s defense system, a country surrounded by Arab-Muslim enemies.


Car crash that killed Putin's chauffeur was assassination ...

Was this an assassination attempt on Putin?  Or was it a message from the Obama Administration, warning Putin what will happen if he tries to abdicate America’s false king?  Many are aware that Putin would be able to bring down the Obama Administration because of what he knows about our illegitimate president.  Putin is the only world leader keeping Obama from a full-out invasion of Syria.


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9/11 – Then and Now

Sunday, September 11, 2016 marks fifteen years since 9/11.  What’s changed since then?

George-W-Bush.jpeg Image result for images, muslim obama  We now have a Muslim President.

Image result for images, world trade center Image result for images, one-world trade center top spiral  Formerly the Twin Towers.  Now, the One World Trade Center with a Muslim spiral at the top.

Image result for images, one-world trade center msulim top spiral

Image result for images, one-world trade center  Image result for images, wtc memorial park  Muslim tower represents a penis, the two craters left by the WTC represent a vagina and an anus.  This atrocity was designed by Muslims.  That’s why Pres. Bush would not authorize it during his presidency.

Image result for images, mexican immigrants crossing the border Image result for images, scary muslim immigrants  Before we had mostly Mexican immigrants.  Now, thanks to Obama, we have Muslim rapists, terrorists and murderers.

Image result for images, USA airport circa 1970's, stewerdesses Image result for images, USA airport circa 1970's, stewerdesses

Image result for images, tsa search Image result for images, tsa search baby

Before we had peace and security.  Now, everybody’s a suspect.  Body scans contain dangerous amounts of radiation.  Rejected by Europe.  TSA gropes women and children.

Image result for images, osama bin laden Image result for images, osama bin laden watching tv On May 2, 2011, in a raid conducted by Leon Panetta, (not Obama), Osama bin Laden was shot and killed by Navy SEALs.  Body dumped in ocean, leaving a big question mark as to whether it was really him.  DNA analysis questionable.  Fingerprints don’t match.

Image result for al-qaeda 2001 in afghanistan Image result for images, scary ISIS  Al-Qaeda the terrorist group that launched 9/11 has mutated into an even more dangerous organization named ISIS.

Image result for images, ISIL caliphate  ISIL:  ISIS establishes their caliphate.  Pres. Obama stands by and watches.

Image result for images, iraq war, shock and awe Image result for images, war in syria Before, the Iraq War.  Now, Syria.

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Prediction – How Trump Wins, How Trump Loses

Image result for images, trump loses  HOW TRUMP LOSES

By his own admission, Donald Trump predicts Hillary Clinton will steal the election because it is rigged.  How so?

COMPUTERIZED VOTING MACHINES.  Rejected in Europe because of the ease with which they can be hacked.  Is it any wonder the last big Republican winner George W. Bush used a paper ballot?  Pres. Obama himself eluded to this by saying, “If Trump loses it won’t be from a state like Texas because voting is controlled by Republicans.”  Read between the lines.   He is saying he would lose in a state NOT controlled by Republicans.

TRUMP IS NOT SPECIFIC AS TO HOW HILLARY IS A LAWBREAKER.  Clearly, she was collecting money as Secretary of State  for her foundation, which she profits from.  I call that embezzlement.  The Clintons are thieves.  Secondly, how is it ethical for a Sec’t of State to be taking money from foreign countries for her future campaign?  And most of these countries are Arab- Muslim.

HER EMAIL SCANDAL.  Back in 1973, Pres. Richard Nixon didn’t destroy his White House tape recordings.  This led to his downfall.  Hillary, on the other hand, erased (or at least tried to) incrimination emails from her private, at-home server.  Legal authorities James Comey (FBI) and Loretta Lynch (DOJ) both chickened-out at the last minute under very suspicious circumstances.  To anyone who knows anything about the law, that woman should’ve been indicted.  The evidence from WikiLeaks and Guccifer more than proves it.

DNC – BERNIE SANDERS – DEBBIE WASSERMAN-SCHULZ SCANDAL.  This years Dem. Convention was one big, bad joke.  Why hasn’t anyone investigated if Hillary Clinton knew and took part in the conspiracy to keep Sanders from winning?  And look what Hillary does the day Wasserman-Schulz is booed off state – she hires her to work on her campaign!  Unbelievable.  WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange has stated that his informer DNC’s Seth Rich was killed for leaking this information.


Image result for images, trump wins  THE DEBATES.  Donald Trump must gain control beforehand or refuse to participate.  No more set-up questions like CNN’s Candy Crowley did with Obama/Romney in 2012.  No more debates controlled by ultra liberal orgs.  (ACLU, NOW, League of Women Voters, etc.)  No third podium with Gary Johnson.  (Remember Perot 1992?)  This cost elder Bush the election.

ATTACK ADS.  HRC has begun her old-school commercials saying that Trump will start WWIII.  (Used by LBJ in 1964.)  Donald Trump has the $ to hire the best ad agencies to go after her.  [Note:  Because Hillary is a woman (sort of), he can’t attack her personally, as she is doing to him.]  Stick to the facts.  Make it abundantly clear, we cannot have a proxy 3rd term Obama.  Hillary is her own worst enemy and would have little chance of winning if the MSM wasn’t backing her.  She is unattractive, a poor speaker, annoying, shrill and mean-spirited.  Trump must show ads of this Hillary.

SPEECHWRITERS.  Trump needs great speechwriters.  He will continually get himself in trouble if he says whatever he thinks.  Hillary is just the opposite, sounding scripted at all times.  She can’t speak without sounding insincere.  Trump must not cater to groups who will not vote for him.  (Black Lives Matter, rabid feminists, LBGT.)  Stay true to his core audience.

Finally, it must become inevitable that Trump will be President.  Egomaniac Hillary has no problem acting this way.  Trump must stop playing the underdog.  Hillary should be treated as the scoundrel she is.  Trump is the good guy, Hillary the villain.

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Obama Hillary’s Puppetmaster

Image result for images, hillary obama's dummy Many voters are breathing a sigh of relief that Obama’s 2nd term will be over soon.  Democrats believe Hillary Clinton will fix everything.  Wrong.  Because HRC was arrogant enough to work for Obama, he was able to collect information on her that could be very damaging.  The first half of 2016 will be remembered for when the Obama Administration let her twist in the wind and for when Bernie Sanders nearly took the nomination away from her.  What did Mrs. C agree to, in order to get the endorsement of the President?  HRC has already publically stated that “We are not at war with the Muslims.”  She wants to bring in 65,000 more Muslim “refugees”.  (Murdering rapists and psychopaths.)  New info from WikiLeaks proves she made $100,000 arming ISIS to fight Assad.  In 2012, then Sec’t of State Clinton helped Libya become a terrorist nation, laughed about the bloody murder of Gadhafi and then lied about what caused Benghazi.  This is whom the so-called left-wing intellectual wants as our President?  As you can see there is little, if any difference between her and our current President.

It’s my belief that Hillary’s closest aide Huma Abedine also plays a key role in this.  Her lesbian relationship is an open secrets in Washington, D.C.  Obama knows more than what he’s saying.  A homosexual secret betrayal?

Image result for images, hillary clinton and huma abedine, lesbians Image result for images, hillary clinton and huma abedine, lesbians

Thus, we have (potentially) the 44th President controlling the 45th by keeping silent on what people already know.

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Khizr Khan: Islamic Shill

Image result for images, khizr khan and ghazala khan

Battle lines are drawn: Free America versus the Islamo-Fascists/Democrats. That is where we are. If the U.S. is to survive, we must eradicate the Islamic menace, promising Jihad and death.
In 2008, the DNC propped up a foreign-born, Muslim, homosexual dictator to be our president. In 2016, the mask Obama wears is slipping off.

Image result for images, obama's mask
Hillary Clinton’s Muslim poster boy, Khizr Khan, a proven liar who pushes Sharia Law and is an immigration lawyer tries to shut up Trump–?!
You can believe the false MSM dead-son-soldier-story.  I don’t.  It’s as unverified as our President himself.
Elect Hillary and destroy America. Elect Trump and kill ISIS. That’s your choice.
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Andrew Breitbart: Too Dangerous to Live

Journalist Andrew Breitbart had promised to vet Obama in 2012.  In his speech before CPAC, he tells a cheering audience that our radicalized President is a front man for the Weather Underground, a domestic terrorist group.  (Headed by Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.)  Two weeks later, Andrew Breitbart is dead.

YouTube pretty much buried this video (201 views?), I did as stropercire.

“Black Lives Matter” is a Terrorist Group

Image result for black lives matter terrorist group Since the police killings in Dallas and Baton Rouge, it has become apparent what “Black Lives Matter” is all about.  They are a domestic, Marxist, black revolutionary terrorist organization designed to tear down our great country.

Image result for black lives matter terrorist group

from themillenniumreport.com

Where did they come from?  How were they formed? 

Barack Obama warned of this in his 2008 speech about a “civilian national security force.”  Quote:  “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set.  We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong and well funded.”

Black Lives Matter is that civilian force.

Is 2016 our 1968?  No, because the powers-that-be of ’68 wouldn’t let our nation fall to a bunch of communist thugs.  The powers of ’16 would like to.

The sub-human that inhabits the White House has no intention of leaving quietly and peacefully.  If he leaves at all, he would like to leave the U.S. in a heap of smoldering ruins.

On the Internet, there are many predictions for Election 2016.

One.  Obama will declare Martial Law, postpone the election and never leave.

Two.  Hillary Clinton will win, carrying on Obama’s policies.

Three.  Donald Trump wins.

Image result for president donald trump in oval officeImage result for images, hillary clinton as a pig

What about #3?  What happens if the Donald wins big time?  I can tell already the DNC-MSM are afraid, as well they should be.  They are stuck with a candidate that nobody likes with the charisma of a soggy pickle.  The 2016 Republican Convention was everything the Democratic Convention was not.  Trump is a two-fisted, barroom brawler and he’s ready to tear Hillary apart.  Of the three predictions, I don’t think Hillary can win.  Her treachery is too well known.  That doesn’t mean I don’t think #1 won’t happen.  People are finally waking up to who the real Obama is – and he’s not beyond trying to set up a Hugo Chavez-type dictatorship, if he think he can get away with it.

Thus, from October on, he could release orders for certain incidents to take place; incidents designed to enflame the black population.  If riots break out across America and Martial Law is declared, our Constitutional rights are suspended.  So is the election.

Am I saying this is going to happen?  No, I’m saying it could happen.  We are at a crisis point.  What I do know is that we have someone completely evil in the White House.  As long as the creature is there, we are at risk of reaching a dead-end road, where there’s no way out.  (YouTube videos are by TakeBackTheRepublic and BOnoWAY2008)

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Image result for images, nice france truck attack, july 14 2016

Covered bodies killed by Muslim terrorist

July 14, 2016, Nice, France.  On Bastille Day, a celebration turned into another Muslim massacre when Mohamed Bouhlel rammed his 25-ton truck into helpless onlookers.  The road, littered with bodies, resembled a nightmare.  Police gunned down the driver after a mile and a half of carnage.

This photo made available by Kapitalis shows Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel.

Tunisian Muslim mass murderer named Mohamed Bouhlel

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich reacted strongly saying all those who follow Sharia Law should be deported from the USA.  Pres. Obama scolded Gingrich and made little mention of the man who killed all those innocent people.  Does this finally tell you whose side Obama is on?  How many more of these sleeper cells exist and how many are in our country?

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FAKES! Obama, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Hillary 2016, Jeanine Pirro, Transgenderism in the Military, Ghostbusters

Barack-Obama Pres. Obama, 6-30-16, speaking before the Canadian parliament.  “Politicians, some sincere and some entirely cynical, will tap into that anger and fear, hearkening back to bygone days of order and predictability and national glory.”  Is this globalist rhetoric or has the President just announced our demise?  Also, it’s worth mentioning that Obama and his people helped start “Black Lives Matter”, those who are responsible for the deaths of five police officers in Dallas, TX.

Image result for images, james comey FBI director James Comey found former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “grossly negligent and careless with top secret, classified files” and then lets her off the hook because he can’t figure out her “intent”.  That’s not Comey’s decision.  It’s up to gov’t prosecuting attorneys.  Either way, this may be the defining moment of the 2016 Election.

LorettaLynchBillClinton_590 Att. Gen. Loretta Lynch met secretly (or so they thought) with former Pres. Bill Clinton on cutting a deal by exonerating his wife.  Dirty deal-making doesn’t get any higher than this.  (Lynch said they discussed his grandchildren and golf.)

Clinton-2016-tattoo-595x1056-576x1024 Whether you like him or not, Democratic-Socialist Bernie Sanders’ massive crowds dwarfed an unenthusiastic turnout for Ms. Pantsuit 1975.  There’s a lot of talk and evidence of voter fraud in the Democratic primaries.  It’s not surprising, since “H” felt the 2008 election was stolen from her.

Jeanine-Pirro1 Fox News Judge Jeanine Pirro referred to Hillary Clinton as “the next commander-in-chief” on the Sean Hannity program.  RINO.

transgender-in-military2 Transgenderism in the military.   Clearly, Obama is behind the idea of these soldiers serving openly.  Does this mean uniforms will be replaced with bras and panties?

ghostbusters The least anticipated film of the summer:  a feminist version of “Ghostbusters” filled with fat, ugly, loud, farting, foolish, frauds.  Yes, women can be funny, but these women aren’t.

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Obama’s Muslim Immigrants Rape 5 Year Old Girl

Three Muslim immigrants brutally raped and urinated on a five year old girl in Idaho.


What do you think of that?  I warned all my readers this was going to happen and so it has.  We all know where this is coming from.  Barack Hussein Obama, the bastard son of a slutting-commie-whore.  Who his father is, even he doesn’t know.  Since Obama likes abortion so much, it’s too bad we can’t make it retroactive for him.

The government will not protect you.  It’s up to us.  Now, if you know me, it’s pretty obvious what I think should be done to these three Muslims.  It would make Abu Gharab  look like an episode from “The Brady Bunch”.

Supposedly, according to BHO’s bitch Loretta Lynch, Muslim hate crimes are on the rise.  I wish.  In reality, the highest is among the Jews.

A lot of Christians are against violence, but I, for one, am for it.  America was not founded by the weak and faint-hearted.  Don’t tell me nothing should be done about this.  Don’t tell me the authorities will take care of it.  Like VP Dick Cheney said, “It’s time to go on the dark side.”

Obama will continue to bring in these Muslim immigrant sub-humans, as long as Americans sit by and do nothing.

If you want the U.S. to turn into a third-world nation, if you want Muslim ghettos sprouting up in your neighborhood, if you want your female relatives raped, ignore this.  If you’re a real American, it is time for a sacrifice.

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Transgendered Bathroom Issue Solved


Since North Carolina passed a law stating that only those born with the sexual identity they were given could use the appropriate bathroom, the federal gov’t has gone ape.  According to them, the LGBT community must have the right, nay, the privilege to choose any bathroom they want.  Furthermore, the Obama Administration have expanded this to the public school system.  BHO wants boys and girls to share the same toilets and locker rooms – depending on what gender they are that day.  The mainstream media are also on board championing the rights of the sexually-deranged.  Somehow, the idea of normalcy is disturbing to them.

According to the new toilet police, sexuality is “fluid”, meaning that it’s changing all the time.  When does this change occur?  During a full moon?

 You know where this is all coming from, right?  Because our First Lady is transgendered, the Obamas have decided we must change so that she-males can share with the ladies.  Does this all make sense now?

What do I mean when I say this issue is solved?  The only way is to build separate transgendered bathrooms only.  Not only would this create jobs, it should make the PC-crowd happy.  Right?  Wrong.

Obama and his cohorts don’t want a common sense solution.  They want everybody inconvenienced.  If the President isn’t pissing off white, middle-class America, he isn’t satisfied.  Obama-bots will say “transgendered only bathrooms would stigmatize users” and “cause them to become second-class citizens.”  For the far-left, we the public must suffer.  Who suffers the most.  Women!

targets-new-transgender-friendly-bathroom-sign  Shame on them, especially mothers for not speaking up.

Why is the government allowing sexual perverts (posing as the sexually-confused) into the Ladies Room?  Are you comfortable with a psycho in the bathroom with your wife, sister or daughter?  Ready for your little girl to see a deranged she-male?  penis-tuck-silence-of-the-lambs

The Feds (Obama’s tool-no pun intended) are forcing social change.  Change that is unwanted and should not be tolerated.  It would quickly stop if the ones that are being targeted – normal women – made their voice heard.

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How Obama Could Inherit a 3rd Term Presidency

President Barack Obama.jpg  The 22nd Amendment states that a President cannot be elected for more than two terms. It does not state who would be president if the new President-elect is unable to fulfill his or hers duties.
Let’s assume Hillary Clinton is elected. Everyone out there knows of her email scandal, of erasures, of placing top secret gov’t documents on her private server, of withholding evidence, of obstruction of justice. Most assume this will all go away, because those in charge of the investigation (Att. Gen. Loretta Lynch and Obama) would rather see Hillary elected than Trump.
Let’s also assume “new information” comes forth between Nov. 2016 – Jan. 2017. If this information proves Hillary’s malicious intent then she would be indicted, stand trial and possibly go to prison. If that did occur, who would be president? If HRC is never sworn in, her candidacy is made invalid; therefore, Barack Obama would remain President.

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Omar Mateen with his wife and son casing Disney World

The MSM/Obama are doing everything they can to find a motive for the bloody rampage of Omar Mateen…except for the motive Mateen himself admitted for why he killed fifty homosexuals on June 12.  His 9-1-1 is his confession and yet the MSM doesn’t seem to care about it.  Why?  Because it doesn’t fit their narrative for banning guns.  According to our Muslim Pres. Obama, it is not the fault of terrorism, it is the fault of our 2nd Amendment.

Worst of the MSM:  CNN’s gay anchorman Don Lemon making up the news – on the air – stating that Mateen was probably “a gay man” because he had visited the Pulse nightclub before.  (Yeah, visited it with his accomplice wife.)  Lemon’s theory is that the shooter was a closeted, frustrated, gay man, and that once the investigation was complete, Islam would have nothing to do with the crime.  A fellow reporter reminded Lemon that Mateen had been investigated by the FBI for his involvement with a Muslim suicide bomber and for saying he’d like to go to paradise after an FBI shootout.  Liberals never let facts get in the way of their hypothesis.  Likewise, the LGBT crowd announce they are “shocked and saddened” that the Muslim world wants to kill them.  They are saving their hate and anger for Christians.

Obama/Hillary Clinton’s immediate calls for gun control demonstrate their lowness and their sick-minded cynicism.  “Never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

In defiance of all this, Obama has decided to “speed up the process” for the 10,000 Syrian-Muslim “refugees” he’s bringing into the USA.  It doesn’t take much imagination to see what Obama is doing – he’s repopulating the earth with Muslims.  First Europe, next the U.S.

Omar Mateen, Muslim assassin vowed allegiance to ISIS.

June 12, 2016.  Orlando, FL.  Pulse nightclub.  From 2 to 5 a.m., Omar Mateen held the gay nightclub “Pulse” hostage, killing at least fifty people, with fifty-three injured.  Police eventually crashed through the building using an armored vehicle, killing the suspect.

This is the culmination of seven and a half years of Obama, who is bringing foreign-born “refugees” by the thousands every day.  What more does it take for Americans to realize we are war against Islam?  The MSM have ignored the fact that Mateen is a Muslim.  There is some doubt about whether he is a natural born citizen or naturalized.  (Just like our President.)

It is Obama’s policy of allowing radical Islam to run rampant all over the world that caused this to happen.  Many ignored (esp. Democrats) the wholesale slaughter of Christians in the Middle East.  Now, it has come to our nation.

Next election, are you going to vote for Hillary Clinton, who has promised to follow the same policies of Obama?  How much longer is this going to go on?  Or are you going to vote for Donald Trump who promised to stop the immigration of Muslims who only want to kill us?

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Obama Betrays Us Once Again

Obama winks from Vietnam

America’s worst President, Barack Obama toured the lands of our former enemies, Vietnam and Japan.  Obama bowed and groveled, humiliating our country in ways that seemed impossible before.

President Obama bows before the Emperor of Japan

In Vietnam, he announced a military arms sale to this Communist dictatorship.  Those with a memory will recall our war with Vietnam.  (1963-1973.)   Marxist Obama must have felt right at home there.  Why can’t Democrats move to these countries instead of ruining ours?

   In Hiroshima, Japan, the President hugged a survivor of the atom bomb.  Obama seemed to condemn the U.S. bombing which brought WWII to an abrupt end.  No mention of how or why the war started by Japan bombing Pearl Harbor.  In part, he said:  “Seventy-one years ago, on a bright cloudless morning, death fell from the sky and the world was changed.  A flash of light and a wall of fire destroyed a city and demonstrated that mankind possessed the means to destroy itself.”

“Those who died, they are like us.  Ordinary people understand this, I think.”  [Ordinary people?  Yes, Obama thinks we’re ordinary.  Isn’t that sad?]

“No religion has been spared from believers who have claimed that their faith is a license to kill.”  [Every religion except Islam.]

If you examine what BHO said, he makes no distinction between the good guys and the bad guys.  Upon closer examination, it’s apparent he thinks we’re the bad guys.  “Death fell from the sky?”  Does this remind you of something?

  Of course, Obama said that al-Qaeda “taught us a valuable lesson” on 9/11.  If you voted for this man, how do you defend his statements?

In America, the great debate is on transgendered toilets.  Make no mistake, Obama is using this side-issue to distract us, while he is up to something far worse.  If Donald Trump wins the election, what will Pres. 0 leave him?  A destroyed economy?  Riots in the streets?  A Muslim invasion?  World War III?  In this November – January time period, this agent for Islam intends to destroy us.

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Obama Imports 1,000 Syrians (Arab-Muslims) to the U.S.

In response to the Syrian War (USA-ISIS vs. Russia-Assad, a war we lost by the way), Pres. Obama has brought 1,000 Syrian “refugees” to Kansas City, Missouri.  (April 6, 2016.)  The President said he wants to increase this ten-fold.


Given the disastrous outcome of what happened when Europe opened its doors to the Muslim immigrants, it may seem to some that this defies logic.  In reality, Obama is only fulfilling his promise of “fundamentally transforming America.”  His goal is to bring in as many foreigners as possible to…

  • shrink the white-Christian-middle class he hates so much.
  • turn us into a welfare state.
  • grow the Muslim population to such an extent that we become Sharia law compliant.
  • CAR-Muslim-attack-machete Will this occur in the streets of our nation?

Even worse, there’s no doubt that some of the immigrants will be agents of ISIS.  Is another San Bernardino-style attack just around the corner?

Hello infidels!

What I recommend:  there are limits to what I can write without being thrown off this website; however, it’s up to us – the real Americans – to make the lives of foreign-born Muslims as uncomfortable as possible.  The Obama Administration is relying on us to be complacent and do nothing as the Muslim ghettos and mosques begin springing up all over the country.  We cannot allow that to happen.


To the far-left, those enablers who say, “We should welcome everybody,” I say, “What are you going to do when these invaders rape your women and children?”  It’s happening in Europe – why can’t it happen here?

Of all the countries in the world, 9/11 should have taught us something.  911fallingman

For some, they’ll never learn until it happens to them.

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Most Important News of the Week

With time running out, we must expose Barack Obama for the fraud he is. It’s impossible for the media not to know; therefore, they are conspirators in his treason. 2016: The final stages of the Muslim agenda from the most evil man in the world.

The following links are from:

Mr. L:  Obama Wants to Defeat USUS Not ISIS from mrltavern  (youtube)


A Time for Heroes

Citizens, we are approaching a crossroads. Our choice is to be a victim or to be something else.

 March 12, Columbus, Ohio.  A psychopath named Thomas DiMassimo, 22, manages to jump across a railing, making it to the stage where Presidential candidate Donald Trump is speaking.  Secret Service agents apprendeded the man seconds before, what could have been a fatal attack.  DiMassimo, a Bernie Sanders supporters, with possible ties to Muslim extremists, claims he only wanted to take the microphone away from Trump.

If this had been Pres. Obama, there’s no doubt this assailant would’ve been shot and killed.  Instead, he appears on CNN and MSNBC as a minor celebrity.



Approximately 3,000 protesters appear in an effort to stop Donald Trump from speaking.  They are a combination of “Black Lives Matter”, “MoveOn.org”, and Bernie Sanders-Hillary Clinton voters.  Mr. Trump calls off his speech because he said a riot was ready to break out, but is this why?  Could the police be depended on to defend him in a city as corrupt as this?  With these events, we have concrete proof of what the Democratic Party has become:  a hotbed of anarchists, revolutionaries, Communists, Muslims, and criminals.

This is who should be the President right now.

Sarah Palin called their actions, “punk-ass thuggery.”  God bless her.

For the last seven years, we’ve seen what happens when the Democrats are allowed to run our country…into the ground.  Barack Obama, a junior senator, formerly a black power-agitator, a foreign-born Muslim with ties to terrorists becomes the President of the United States.  He does little for his own people except inspiring them to riot.

The Middle East has turned to rot.  ISIL, ISIS, Libya, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Arab Spring, Benghazi, Syria, Afghanistan, the “refugee” crisis and the slaughter of thousands of innocent Christians.  The fundamental change Obama promised is destruction.

  The Hillary Clinton deal has been planned since 2008.  There will be no indictment on her email scandal.  That was done to force her to adopt Obama’s so-called “legacy”.  He owns her.

Democrats expected the usual Republican loser to get the presidential nomination.  Why not after McCain and Romney?  Instead, they may get Donald Trump who will win if the Republicans don’t blow it at the convention.

Obama/Clinton will do whatever they can to retain their power and control.  Real Americans must push back against an obvious takeover from the left-wing degenerate and the Black Panther Muslim.

Citizens, it’s time for you to be that something else.  It’s a time for heroes.  That time will come sooner than you think.

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