Dems Hate Sound of Freedom

President Bill Clinton with Jeffery Epstein

The unexpected hit of this summer is “Sound of Freedom” and it is ruffling some feather amongst the left-wing ruling class.  Perpetual attacks from the MSM calling this film “a conspiracy theory from Q-anon.”  How is human trafficking a theory?  It is and was a well know fact – a news story going back for decades.

“Sound of Freedom” starring Jim Caviezel – the movie Hollywood couldn’t stop.

What troubles those who are against “Sound of Freedom”?  Is it a truth that hits too close to home?  For some time, there have been rumors of certain leaders within the Democratic Party who are involved in some way or another with sex trafficking.

Fake President Joe Biden with the kiddies. MSM ignores it.

Joe Biden’s fetish for small children is well known and joked about amongst the political intelligentsia.  It should come as no surprise, when you poke the bear with a stick, the bear will strike back.

MSM headlines attack “Sound of Freedom” as “Christian Republican right-wing propaganda.”  What is the majority of Hollywood content?  Pagan, left-wing, progressive propaganda.

How demented have the left become when they can’t agree with the right on this one single issue?  How far away is it when child molesting perverts begin demanding equal rights as did the LGBTQers?  Or is that time already here?  If a movie fights against child-sex-intercontinental-prostitution – and it’s a true story, no less – why does it become a target of the “woke”?  Doesn’t this prove the old saying:  “You are defined by who your enemies are.”

The Clintons were frequent visitors to the Island of Perversion. Why is Pres. Trump being indicted?

TRUMP 2024?

Trump wants to run again. Will he?

Six months into the failed Biden Administration (inflation, taxes, Syria bombing, disastrous G7 summit, gun control, immigrants swarming thru the border), former Pres. Trump is already holding rallies and appearing on TV, hinting he may run again.  What does this mean?

Three and a half years from now, will he run against Biden, Kamala Harris, or if rumors persist, Nancy Pelosi?  Yes, if Biden dies or is declared incompetent and Kamala Harris foreign-born parentage invalidates her, Madame Pelosi could step in becoming the 47th President.

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The current President and the two women who want to be president.

Democrats haven’t stopped pursuing Trump – going after his family, lawyers and associates.  The new Socialists know they can’t succeed on their record.  They can only attack.

Trump’s loyal followers, perhaps 40% of Americans, know Biden and the Dems stole the election.  What will be done about it next time?

Years ago, I warned if there was no voter I.D. card, the Dems would steal it and they did through fraudulent mail-in ballots.  Do the math.  Biden overwhelmingly won every swing state with unverifiable mail-in ballots which popped up out of nowhere in the middle of the night. See the source image

Both parties know it.  The Supreme Court knows it.  Congress knows it.  The MSM knows it.  Those who voted for Donald Trump know it.  Why was nothing done to stop it?  [With the exception of the January 6th March to Save America.]

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January 6, 2021

Former Pres. Bill Clinton was asked why he had an affair with Monica Lewinsky.  HIs response:  “Because I could.”  Democrats knew they could steal the 2020 General Election and get away with it.  Who would report otherwise?  Even Fox News betrayed Trump.

2024 is a long way off.  Dems fear and hate Trump.  The big question:  Will he be allowed to run again?

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Biden Out, Hillary In

Drudge Report keeps it classy, responds to Joe Biden’s announcement with sexist swipe at Hillary ...

Despite Trump’s successfully presidency, Dem leaders are doing everything they can to remove him from office.  They know they can’t win the 2020 General Election – not with the list of losers they have.

The elephant in the room:  Hillary Clinton herself.  You know she wants to run again.  She has never officially given up on the idea of running again and I believe she will run again, if Trump is impeached in the House of Representatives.  (I don’t believe he will be impeached by the Senate.)  Assuming this happens, Joe Biden will be forced out as there is already evidence of his “Quid Pro Quo” agreement in the Ukraine, regarding his crooked dealings with his son, Hunter.

I’m also predicting that both Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren will be forced out.

The Great Satan Hillary has never stopped running against Donald Trump.  I’ve been saying this since 2017.  LINK

What is she waiting for?  HRC thinks (as I do) that Pres. Trump will be impeached by the House.  (The same as her husband.)  Following this, the MSM will go ape-shit, saying “Trump is disgraced, he must step down, blah, blah, blah…”

Hillary is already appearing on talk shows with her message:  “Donald Trump is a clear and present danger.”  (Stolen from Tom Clancy’s novel.)  Nothing has changed about her.  She still has that aura of evil.

I must say – the American people will not be fooled.  It’s already coming out (on the Internet, not the MSM), that the Russian collusion story originated with her.  Likewise, the CIA whistle-blowers who ratted-out Trump are Clinton operatives.

Pres. Trump needs to make his case clear before the people.  He must explicitly say there was wrongdoing in the Ukraine by Biden & Son and he must prove it.  Fortunately, there is a 2018 video of Joe Biden himself bragging before the CFR about how he the Ukrainian Federal Prosecutor (Viktor Shokin) fired – the man investigating his son energy firm “Burisma”.  All in exchange for one billion dollars in gov’t aid.

Additionally, Trump needs to replace Rudy Giuliani as his lawyer and hire the best law firm money will buy.  The longer he waits, the worse it gets.

Stop giving out information the enemy can use.

Some of you reading this will call “H” running for president a “conspiracy theory”; that it will still be Biden or Warren.  You know what?  I hope I’m wrong.  But, I’m not.  Just as cancer sometimes returns, so does Hillary Clinton.

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Jeffrey Epstein: Another Name to Add to the Clinton Death List

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On August 10th 2019, the body of Jeffery Epstein was found dead in his prison cell.  Why does this matter?

Jeffrey Epstein:  billionaire and leftist-Democratic donor was in jail for his involvement with underage prostitutes – prostitutes he provided for the rich + famous.  (The most famous being former President Bill Clinton, who visited Epstein’s resort 26 times.  Clinton said it was only 4.)

He owned his own island “Little St. James” (known as “Orgy Island”)…Those he brought there on his “Lolita Express” private jet.

For years, this has been discussed on alternate news websites and the tabloids, but the MSM has stayed far, far away from it.

Once jailed, Mr. Epstein became a major liability and a danger to the Clinton Machine.

You may ask:  Why would the Clintons care now?  Aren’t they out of power?  Don’t kid yourself.  Hillary Clinton still wants to be the president and has her own plans.

Presently, the top contenders amongst the Democratic nominees are:  former VP Joe Biden, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Socialist Bernie Sanders.  If elected, Sanders would be 80 years old upon taking office.  Forget it.  If Biden is somehow taken out of the equation for health reasons (cancer, heart attack, stroke) or worse, sexual allegations, he would be out.

That leaves a very weak candidate, Elizabeth Warren, who most believe has little chance at beating Pres. Trump.

The Democratic National Convention 2020.  A “Draft Hillary” movement begins, started by her own people.  She makes a deal with Warren as her vice-president.  There you have the ultimate female ticket – two women vs. two men.  Who do you think women will vote for?

If Jeffrey Epstein had outed Bill Clinton as a chronic sex abuser of young girls, wouldn’t it follow that Mrs. Clinton knew all about it?  Thus, the Clintons plan to retake the White House would be spoiled.

Many questions have been asked about how Jeffery Epstein could have killed himself.  Why were the guards sent away?  Why were all the video cameras turned off?  Why was he taken off of suicide watch?  Did he try to kill himself in July or was he attacked?  AND THE BIGGEST QUESTION OF THEM ALL:  WAS EPSTEIN ABOUT TO MAKE A DEAL AND NAME NAMES TO AVOID PROSECUTION?

The MSM wants no part of these questions.   Whatever FBI investigation occurs won’t find anything.  The MSM knows full well Epstein’s involvement with the Clintons, except they don’t want to talk about it.

When J. Epstein was arrested, I had great hopes he would finally blow the whistler on the Clintons, bringing their empire down to a crashing halt.  This was his chance to do that.  Why didn’t he?  Did he think he had a chance to make it out of prison alive?  He must have.  What were the last two weeks like for him?  He must’ve known he was in grave danger.

While the lying MSM said back in July that he tried to kill himself, how does this make sense?  This attack was a message:  “Don’t talk.”  I suspect Epstein was about to.  That’s why he’s dead.  And that’s why Hillary Clinton’s aspirations to be the president are still very much alive.

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Is it Time to Pull the Plug on Hillary?

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Let’s cut to the chase.  We all know Hillary Clinton is the one who’s paying women to come forward and say they’ve had affairs with Pres. Trump.  Additionally, the supposed hush-money he paid them, came from campaign funds – grounds for impeachment.  (Because Donald Trump is so poor, he’d have to use it.)

In a recent interview, Mrs. Clinton stated:  “There’s a good chance Democrats will take the House of Representatives in the mid-term elections,” and “then, we’re going to get rid of him.”

What does that mean?  Impeachment or something more?  Trump himself said Dems are planning this, depending on how the elections go.

I (and many others) said after 2016, Trump had to silence HRC.  You see why.  She is the tumor that won’t go away.

2017 was the year we had to endure the Russia-Russia-Russia Putin/Trump collusion story.  All lies.

2018 is now the year of sex scandals.  When is this going to stop?

For you “H” fans out there, thinking she’d make a great president – and make no mistake, this demon still wants to run – let’s look at what she did as Secretary of State.

Image result for Hillary clinton libya  Libya – a war fought for nothing.  (“Kinetic action” they called it.)  Destroying a country’s leader (Gaddhafi) and their infrastructure.  Now, Libya is a haven for terrorism, murder and other crimes.

See the source image   Benghazi.  Amb. Christopher Stevens begged Hillary for increased security.  He got none, and was told that “This would send the wrong message.”  On Sept. 11, 2012, four brave Americans were killed by Muslim terrorists.  No retaliation and she blamed it all on a YouTube video.

Image result for clinton foundation haiti   Haiti.  After the 2010 earthquake, the Clinton Foundation robbed those people of two billion dollars.  Haiti would receive only 10% of their charity funds.

If President, Hillary C. promised to bring one million Muslim “refugees” into the USA…in her first year al0ne!  We’ve already seen what it’s done to Europe.  Sweden is the number one country for rape.

What about the 2nd Amendment?  HRC promised gun laws similar to England and Australia meaning NO GUNS (except for the gov’t and criminals.)  Sound good to you?

Since Hillary likes sex scandals, how about her husband, Bill?  John Podesta?  Maria Abramovic?

People who are aware know how close we came to having a president who kills her enemies.

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So, I ask God – isn’t it time?

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New Old Lies about Waco for the Millennials

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April 19, 1993, Branch-Davidian Church commune burns after gov’t assault. Over 80 killed.

2018 marks twenty-five years since the Clinton Administration murdered the congregation of the Branch-Davidian church near Waco, Texas.  (Mt. Carmel.)  For those of us who watched it on live TV as government tanks armed with flame-throwers incinerated helpless men, women, children and babies – we will never forget.  The MSM, eager to help out a fledgling Democratic regime, produced the false narrative of a psychotic cult (similar to the Manson Family) that was about to go on the rampage and kill us all.  According to them, the Branch-Davidians set the fires themselves, committing mass suicide.

See the source image

David Koresh preaching before the Branch-Davidians.

Today, in order to brainwash an even weaker-minded generation, the MSM is coming forth with “new” information, “proving their intentions.”  That information?  The delivery boy [and his equally traitorous wife] said they knew about the weapons David Koresh ordered and reported them to the ATF.  Q.  Why was Koresh ordering these weapons?  A.  Because somehow he knew the government wanted to kill them all.  AND THEY DID!  The weapons used originally did keep out the ATF, but it couldn’t stop the FBI/U.S. military from going in and committing mass slaughter.

thPD2KLZTF  Attorney General Janet Reno took the blame for the 80+ deaths; however, it was the Clintons who were really responsible.  An Attorney General only does what the President asks for – and at that time – we had two Presidents:  Bill and Hillary Clinton.  See the source image

Hillary was outraged that Koresh had how own “private harem of young wives”; that men were all the leaders and somewhere along the line, she decided to kill as many as possible, especially his children.  Here we have an example of what would have happened if “Madame Hillary” had been elected President.

For those who remember it, during the  51 day standoff, the electricity and water were shut off for the Davidians.  There were negotiations for surrender…but, the White House didn’t want them to surrender.  They wanted them dead.

It came to light that incendiary weapons were used by the FBI – weapons that triggered the blaze.  A bomb was used to blow up the church vault, where the women and babies were hiding.  Following the conflagration, the FBI lowered the church flag and raised their own, something done only during wartime.  Unbelievable.

It’s no accident the MSM has restarted their propaganda attacks against this old news story.  Throughout the years, the Waco tragedy has become the stuff of legend on the Internet.  It is stark evidence of what happens when a government goes mad.  The controllers can’t allow any “alt news” source having the last word.

I can’t tell if these televised “news specials” will have any effect on the people they’re going after:  the 18 to 30 age demographic.  That’s why it’s up to us – the alternative media – to dispute the MSM lies against people who are dead and can no longer defend themselves.

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Hillary Clinton Funds Anti-Trump Super-PAC

The Resistance Really is Useless Now...

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is using up to $1 million left over from her 2016 campaign to start “Resistance”, a political action committee designed to derail President Trump.   Additionally, she is funding “Onward Together” – a so-called resistance movement of left-wing agitators, professional thugs, rioters, protestors and marchers.  Their orders are to cause trouble, incite violence and complain about every Trump decision.

Opinion.  Although, HRC blames her election loss on James Comey, Russia, Bernie Sanders, “self-hating women”, “fake news” and Donald Trump, her hate campaign was flawed from the start.  The “now its time to have a woman in the White House” slogan wasn’t enough.  That woman must have good ideas.  Bringing in one million Muslims in her first year, having a war with Russia and turning our economy into a welfare state weren’t good ideas.

Many, including myself, believe Hillary’s “book tour” is really a trial run for another presidential run.  She’s testing the waters, so to speak.  If, in her delusional mind, she thinks she can win in 2020, she will run.

It also must be in her mind on how to exploit Bill Clinton’s death, if he dies before then.  The grieving widow routine.  “Vote for me – Bill would have wanted it that way.”  No, not even that, is off limits.

Despite all her desperate efforts to remain in the public eye, she’s forgotten one important thing.  Dems want to win this time.  As much as some would like to believe that she’d win, she can’t.  Her lies, her untrustworthiness, her own “crooked Hillary” nature, are too well known.

Don’t expect former VP Joe Biden to step aside this time.  If he’s got the balls (and I think he does), he’ll crush her ’20 campaign early on.

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Hillary Clinton’s Secret Torment

On October 26, 1947, Hillary Rodham was born a FEMALE.  Let me ask a question.  What if she’d been born a male?  What would her position in life be?  Answer:  She has two brothers named “Hugh and Tony”.  They are nobodys, known only for their relationship with their sister and President Bill Clinton.  Bill, whom she barely tolerates, was her ticket to where she wanted to go.  She used feminism for all it was worth as a way to climb her political ladder of success.  This doesn’t explain why she is the incredibly unlikable, unpleasant,  hard-to-get-along-with, do-it-my-way-or-else failed candidate.

Hillary is the way she is because she was born without a penis.  And she can’t get over it.

Image result for sigmund freud, penis envy

So, she makes life miserable for those who place her gender in second place.  There isn’t much reality in her thinking; however.  The psychiatric world is on my side on this issue.  Women who aren’t satisfied with their role in life will act out.  They are discontent and rage against whatever or whomever is stealing their hap-penis.

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Hillary’s Secret Plan to Run Again?

trick Trump isn't using: How Hillary's campaign is (almost certainly ...

FACT:  The “Russia hacked the election” fake news story began with Hillary Clinton – Debate 3. Oct. 19, 2016.  HRC quote “The Russian government has engaged in espionage against Americans…to influence the election.”  She said it came from the “highest levels, from Vladimir Putin” and continued by saying:  “I actually think the most important question of the evening is, finally, will Donald Trump admit that the Russians are doing this and that he rejects Russian espionage?”   (This is in reference to both her and her campaign manager John “Pizzagate” Podesta being hacked.)

There you have the original source of where the “Russia hacked the election” came from.  HRC herself.

Since losing the election, HRC, the failed candidate, has not “Gone gently into that good night.”  She has promoted the idea that Donald Trump stole the election.

FACT:  Many MSM reporters are on the Clinton payroll.  They were contributors to her campaign and are still ardent supporters.

We have a daily onslaught of bogus news reports on Pres. Trump’s “ties to Russia” and “secret Russian deals.”  On June 2017,  three CNN reporters were fired for a fake news report on Russia contributing money to Trump enterprises.  Their names are Thomas Frank, Eric Lichtblau and Lex Haris.

FACT:  At least once a week, HRC pops up on some program, trashing Trump, saying she hopes he’s impeached like Nixon.  (Nixon wasn’t impeached, he resigned.  Bill Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives.)  She should know, “H” was fired from the Watergate investigating committee for trying to steal Nixon’s papers.

Where is all this going?  HRC doesn’t do something for nothing.  She would not be hauling around her old, fat ass all over the country, dumping on Trump without a reason.

FACT:  Hillary Clinton did not run against Bush in 2004 or Obama in 2012, because she thought she’d lose.  It’s difficult to win against an incumbent president.  Therefore, wouldn’t it be to her advantage to run against Mike Pence in 2020?  In other words, do what the Dems did to Nixon in 1973-1974.  Destroy him politically, then run against a “caretaker” president.  It worked for Carter.

Even Democrats admit HRC has a mania to be president.  She can’t let go of it.

Playing devil’s advocate, let’s assume Dems take the House and Senate in 2018.  Let’s assume the MSM beats the “impeach Trump” drum, day in and day out, as they did for Nixon.  Let’s assume the Dems concoct a plan to force Trump out.  (As they already tried to do with Comey-Flynn.)  A jubilant Hillary is there to say, “I told you so!”  Thus, begin her 2020 conquest to get what she thinks is rightfully hers.

HRC realizes time is running out.  In her seventies and in questionable health; for her, the only chance she has to be president is to remove Trump.

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The Hillary Clinton Dream

Image result for hillary old an dying  I dreamt Hillary Clinton died from a heart attack.  This was before the information of Obama’s DOJ tapping into Trump Tower or, more specifically Donald Trump himself.  (Eventually, this bugging will be traced back to Campaign Clinton.)

 A recent photo of “H” showing her with a thousand mile stare, heavily indicates that despite her smug video on the woman’s march, Mrs. Clinton is not a happy camper.  Without the presidency to look forward to, what has she got?  Another boring book tour?  More of the same tired speeches?  For what purpose?

Originally, Hillary Rodham latched onto Bill Clinton for a specific reason.  She knew he could take her to political places; places she could not get to by herself.  He had the charm.  She has – – – ?!

2008 and 2016.  HRC may have convinced herself that the women’s vote would carry her across the finish line.  It became apparent that the Internet provided proof of her evil, dark side.  Of her love for death.  Sane women could not vote for her.  (Video below is by Zig Zag on YouTube.)

That’s why I believe my Hillary Clinton dream will come true.  Her mission in life is over.  It has ended in failure.

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Clintons – Podesta – Spirit Cooking – Satanism – Pedophile Island

Now that Donald Trump is President-elect, he is made privy to hidden knowledge.  The members of the secret societies who run the world are a bunch of psychopathic, devil-worshipping, child-molesting, cannibals.  Maybe, that’s why he’s been so quiet.

Emails Reveal Possible Links to Occult, Rumors of Jewish ...

John Podesta (Hillary’s campaign manager) and Marina Abramovic, holding a Baphomet goat head skull.

No, it’s not about “performance art”.

BREAKING : Clinton Foundation Paid Occult “Spirit Cooking ...

Lady Gaga samples a spirit cooking dinner. (New gal pal of Miss Hillary.)

These revelations were a part of the last WikiLeaks email dump, overshadowed by the election.  Do you think the MSM wants any part of this?

Image result for images, clintons spirit cooking

Click article’s headline to enlarge print.

Do you realize how close we came to having these people in the White House?


Debate 2 – Trump Returns with a Vengence

Image result for images, debate 2 2016, oct. 9 2016, clinton , trump

October 9, 2016.  St. Louis, 2nd Presidential Debate.  Whatever you may hear about the debate, there’s no doubt that Donald Trump was the winner.  Hillary Clinton also realized this was not her night.  Towards the end, she was no longer smiling, seemed old and sad, and probably wishes she hadn’t forced Trump into saying what must be said.  Likewise former Pres. Bill Clinton looked ashen, when Trump mentioned his many sex crimes.

ST LOUIS, MO - OCTOBER 09: (L-R) Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broaddrick sit before the town hall debate at Washington University on October 9, 2016 in St Louis, Missouri. This is the second of three presidential debates scheduled prior to the November 8th election. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Bill’s victims sat in the audience:  Kathleen Wiley and Juanita Broaddrick.

I can’t help but think HRC would’ve stood a much better chance of winning, if she had remained Senator, rather than trying her hand at foreign affairs.  The Middle East is in utter turmoil today, thanks partially to the Obama-Clinton years.

Hosts were Anderson Cooper and super-bitch Hillary-supporter Martha Raddatz who made a jackass out of herself.  She argued with Trump that sometimes it is better to tell the enemy what you’re going to do in warfare.  Ever hear of D-Day?

Right off the bat, Trump was asked about statements made in 2005 – language caught on a hot mic.  This was pure tabloid journalism and did not belong in the debate.  Of course, CNN/Clinton wanted it more than anything.  11 years ago, Trump made some off-color remarks, language used sometimes by men when they talk about women.  By now, most females know what men are like or at least they should.  Anybody offended by Trump needs to grow up and live in the real world.  (Including those beta-male Republicans quitting on Trump.)

Rightly said, Mr. Trump spoke about “ISIS chopping off heads and drowning people in cages.”  This is what America should be worried about because Hillary wants to bring in 65,000 Syrian Muslims here to the USA.  Europe is in chaos because of these filthy “refugee” rapists, murdering scumbags.

Trump mentioned the Syrian “rebels” we’re arming to fight Assad.  I’ve said this going back to 2012 – they’re terrorists and that is why Trump said Obama is the creator of ISIS.

Mrs. Clinton had little to nothing to say about her 33,000 deleted emails or how she was Bill Clinton’s enabler in covering up his sex crimes.  Why?  Because she’s guilty as hell.

Image result for images, blm riot

Our inner-cities are crime ridden; some little better than war zones; the direct result of soft Democratic leadership.  Where are the solutions?  All “H” can do is name call:  “Racists, sexists, xenophobe, homophobe, Islamaphobe.”  The police back Trump.  “Black Lives Matter” back Clinton.  Need I say more?

The lying MSM called it for Clinton.  I’m not sure which debate they attended.  It couldn’t have been this one.

Image result for images, debate 2 2016, oct. 9 2016, clinton , trump, fly lands on clinton

Lord of the Flies

My favorite moment?  A fly landed on Hillary Clinton.  This happened to Pres. Obama before, a number of times.  The meaning of that is unmistakable.

Debate 3 will be held in Las Vegas.  Prediction?  Split decision.  Hillary went into debate two expecting an easy win and was trounced.  She’ll be fully loaded with whatever drug they’re giving her to keep her on her feet.  Trump will also be one-hundred per-cent.  Expect fireworks.

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Nerve Gas Used at Waco


Chimeral Insight: Death Cults

April 19, 1993, Mt. Carmel, TX.  Following a 51-day standoff between David Koresh and the Branch Davidians, the U.S. gov’t decided to end it.  The question is how?  Were there any real plans to save anybody?

Waco Seige of the Branch Dividians 1993

Delta Force

Delta Force is an anti-terrorist military unit designed to combat the enemy.  This was the death squadron used to destroy the Branch-Davidians.

Many have asked, “Why didn’t the Davidians flee the burning building?”  The reason why:  Nerve gas.  Nerve gas is a deadly poison that paralyzes its victims much like bug poison to an insect.  While nine managed to survive, eighty-six didn’t.  The survivors were the ones on the ventilated second and third floors.  It’s my belief that none were meant to live.

Further proof of this is for those killed in the church records vault.  A time bomb was placed on the roof…

After a propane tank was sheered, it exploded – ignited by fire.  The roof blew in.  The force of the blast tore apart the women and children hiding inside.

Special attention was made to kill the leader Koresh, his close associates and his children.

**No Holiday for Old Gunk Monday THSS Mockery Thread ...

David Koresh

The supposed reason for this was over guns that were modified to fire automatically.  Or was it simply because they did not obey?  Who ordered the deaths?  Many blame Attorney General Janet Reno; however, she didn’t have the final authority.  It was the Clintons:  Bill and his co-president Hillary, who passed it down the chain of command.

The Clinton Body Count... -

Some twenty-three years later, the Clintons are attempting a comeback – a return to the White House.  Is this the kind of government we want?  Where wholesale slaughter occurs just to prove a point?  The 1990’s weren’t the good, ol’, days the MSM-Dems try to represent, at least not for the Branch Davidians.

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Hillary Clinton Scandals: Algerian Gov’t Payoff, Russian-U.S.-Canadian Uranium Deal Jeopardizes the World


According to the New York Times, Fox News and the new book “Clinton Cash” – – Hillary Clinton, while serving as Secretary of State, received $500,000 from the Algerian government.  $500,000 fed into the Clinton Foundation.  This exceeds the law, even for the Obama Administration, who did not approve of it.

Clinton Foundation money making machine posing as a charity.

Clinton Foundation money making machine posing as a charity.

More damaging is the uranium deal between Russia, the U.S. and Canada.  From 2009 – 2013, Russia acquired “Uranium One”, a massive Canadian mining company which owns one-fifth of our U.S. supply.  (Russia, in other words, owns American uranium mines.)  Mrs. Clinton received 2.3 million dollars for this deal, which she helped approve through committee.


Also, former Pres. Bill Clinton received a half-million dollars for one speech in Moscow.  Incredibly, the Clinton Foundation total worth comes to 250 million dollars.  (I can see why she erased her e-mails.)  Needless to say, Russia now dominates the uranium market, the element used in nuclear fission.  Russia is also aiding Iran in their construction of a nuclear weapon.

This news coincides with my belief that the Obama Administration knew Hillary would undermine herself in the 2016 election – that Obama, as her boss, knew everything and would use it against her if she decided to run for President.  Why?


As stated before, the only “sure thing” for the next General Election was Hillary Clinton, whom BHO does not want to run against.  Assume Obama tries to overrule the 22nd Amendment, which prohibits a third term.  The President could suspend the Constitution by imposing Martial Law.  (Possible reasons:  war, another 9/11, economic collapse, riots, etc.)


Knowing Obama’s ego, I actually think he would like to run a third time.  March 18 – Obama said he thought it would be a good idea if everyone were forced to vote.  Why would he say that?  Why would he care, unless he wanted to run again?  BHO would love it if he could get the illegal aliens to vote for him.  Illegals can’t vote?  If they can get driver’s licenses today, they’ll get voting privileges tomorrow.

As for the Republicans, we have Jeb Bush, Scott Walker and Ted Cruz.  Cruz is not a natural born citizen, he was born in Canada.  Think the Dems won’t use this against him?  Think again.

With Walker or Bush, again we have another Mr. Boring White Guy running against the Black Panther-Muslim-Communist-President.  You remember how that turned out in 2012, right?

In conclusion, Hillary Clinton was foolish to work for Obama to beef up her resume.  She should have known she was walking into a trap.  Why else would he have used her and then throw her under the bus?  That’s Obama’s way.


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