Illuminati Bill Gates Prediction – Tied Election, Civil War

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The Illuminati must warn the public before the event.

Creator of Microsoft’s ‘Windows”, Bill Gates has predicted a “hung 2024 Election” that will lead to a civil war in the USA.

2024 is still two years away.  We can’t be sure who will be running, but I’ll make my own prediction.  A leading presidential candidate will be assassinated.  There are forces out there who don’t want freedom of choice.  They want the status quo.

In 2000, we had a nearly tied presidential race between George W. Bush and Al Gore.  Re-counts were stopped by the Supreme Court.  Could that happen again?

If there’s a civil war, expect the more violent side to start it, the left.

We already know what happened January 6, 2021.  A brief one day riot that quickly fizzled-out after poor Ashli Babbitt was gunned down by Capitol police.

Ashli Babbitt shot and killed for climbing through a window.

You may also recall the six months of rioting over George Floyd.  Guess from which side.

Don’t expect Republicans to allow 2024 to be stolen from them so easily as it was in 2020.  Democrats bray about “voter suppression” and “disenfranchised voters” whenever they lose.  When they win, the election was “above-board with no cheating whatsoever”.

Are you telling me in this electronic age, there’s no way for a free and fair election, where people can be counted to vote one time only?  What about Voter I.D. cards and fingerprint voting?

Dems fight this tooth and nail because they don’t want a fair election.  For them, the more opportunities to cheat, the better.

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Bill Gates “Plan”

Just as predicted, the so-called “2nd Wave” of the coronavirus is here, mere weeks after the reopening of businesses.  As predicted, social distancing and wearing masks has become the “new normal”.

How long is the government going to prolong this man-made event?

Quote by BILL GATES:  “The world today has 6.8 billion people.  Now if we really do a good job on new vaccines, health care, and reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps ten or fifteen percent.”

The powers-that-be want to make our lives so miserable, we would eagerly accept the vaccine.   The MSM is already panting, waiting in anticipation for Gates “miracle cure”.   Recently, Gates announced that “people of color” will get the vaccine first.  (There’s a joke there, if you can figure it out.)

What will be the side-effects?  Doesn’t it take years of testing to ensure safety?  Not this time.

If a Democrat is elected president, expect mandatory vaccinations or be banished from public life.

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Breaking Point

Ordinary, law-abiding citizens are being arrested for no reason.  Why?  For breaking “rules” established by local governors and mayors.

You can be apprehended if you don’t wear a mask, are outside on “non-essential” business or congregating in groups of ten or more.

There’s a limit on how much you can push people around.

The left and the MSM aren’t complaining, however.  The longer the lockdown lasts, the better they like it.  California’s Twitter hashtag – #3MoreMonths.

One day, there’s going to be violence.  You can’t expect Americans to sit home all day like a bunch of babies.  And what has the left become?  A bunch of spoiled, rotten infants who don’t want to work, then sit home all day accepting government checks.

Work gives people a sense of purpose.  Shutting everything down takes away our value system.

I watched the “Today” show for five minutes and couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  The generic talking-heads happily smiling, saying “This is our new normal,” and “It will go on forever.”  Then, they got some kid, bundled him up in a mask, gloves and plastic coat, so he could hug his grandparents.  STAGED.

Where is all this going?  After the controllers have played out the forced isolation and house-arrests, Bill “Dr. Mengele” Gates will come out with his “magic” vaccine full of God-knows-what.  He admits there will be “tracers” and “living organisms”.

That will be the breaking point.

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Card Now, Chip Later

The Rockefeller Foundation is pressuring lawmakers to establish a new identity card which would be used as a “pass” for you to gain entry into the outside world.  The plan is forced mass testing for the Covid-19 virus, followed by a vaccine.  Afterward, you are awarded this card.

Pres. Trump has already announced the military’s involvement in a future vaccine program.

The question is:  what’s in the Bill Gates vaccine?  Gates has publicly stated that his vaccines are part of a longterm program to reduce the population by 15 percent.

Also, is this card a precursor for the I.D. chip?

The government is relying on the public acceptance of these 1984-style dictictorial regulations, especially with the media’s feel-good presentation.

Will you accept their new normal?

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Upside-Down World

Since Covid-19, ordinary people have been arrested by the police for leaving their homes, not safe-spacing, and conducting non-essential business.

On the other hand, criminals are being released from prisons because of “overcrowding and charges of racism”.  This is caused by weak, liberal judges and politicians who are breaking down our system of law.  We’re living in an insane world where everything is reversed.

Quarantine the healthy.

LGBTQ think they’re normal.

Abortion is a right.

Violence from the left (ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter) is allowed by the police.

1st, 2nd and 4th Amendments are trashed for false promises of “safety and security”.

Unelected officials (Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci) are making laws indiscriminately.

When does this end?

Eventually, the people must rise up and take back what is theirs.  If we don’t, those in control will continue to take more and more of our basic, God-given rights.  What’s the point of living in a “free country” if you need permission to leave your home?

What will you do?

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Tom Hanks “Vaccine”

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Actor Tom Hanks who supposedly had Covid-19 and who became “the face of the coronavirus” is donating his anti-bodies (blood serum) for the “cure”.

What is the hidden meaning behind this?

It’s what the ILLUMINATI wants.  Their symbolic blood sacrifice – a mockery of Christianity.  The secular Hanks vs. Jesus Christ.  His blood heals us all.

How much more obvious can you get?  And why wouldn’t the sheeple eagerly take the Tom Hanks remedy?  Didn’t he suffer for all of us to take away the sins of the world?

I doubt Hanks or his Satanist wife ever had the illness.  The elite, the top 1% received the real vaccine – while us common-folk get the Bill Gates vaccine – full of pig cells and monkey embryos.

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NWO 1984 Future unless…

The new “One World” government that suddenly cropped up after China’s Covid-19 outbreak is planning their own version of a “Brave New World”.

Item – Scanners placed outside every building that read your vital signs.  If you’re deemed unhealthy, you don’t enter.

Item – Forced vaccinations on all “world citizens”, courtesy of Bill Gates.

Item – ID2020.  Plan to microchip everybody by 2030.

Item – Restricted travel (except for the top 1%.)

Item – Continued “social distancing” even after the disease ends.

Item – World Health Organization proposed plan for taking those with Covid-19 out of their homes (whether they want to or not), placing them in “quarantine centers”.  [Death camps.]

Item – Newborn babies separated from their mother because she may be a “silent carrier”.

Item – Government takeover of farms.

Item – Force everyone to wear a face mask at all times.  (No proof this works.)

All of this and more will continue until the general population wakes up and refuses to go along with this global dictatorship.  Unfortunately, the left, so far, have swallowed the bait, hook, line and sinker.

The MSM is trying to portray protestors as “conspiracy theorists”, “anti-science”, or “MAGA hat wearing weirdos”.

I ask:  Is this the future you want for the next generation?…a totalitarian system set up by the elites, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the Illuminati, the United Nations, the Bilderberg Group, the Club of Rome, the billionaire class, the MSM, the “descendants of Nimrod” and Bill Gates.

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The Chip is Here!

Microsoft’s crypto-currency has received its patent number:  W02020-060606.

666 – Mark of the Beast.  Revelation 13.

Bill Gates microchip is, according to the U.S. Patent Office, “a processor, a memory storage unit, a sensor, a device which mines data, communicates and measures brain waves, heartbeat and body fluids.”  [Body activity data.]

Bill Gates has also announced that the vaccine for Covid-19 (aka the Wuhan virus) will be ready “for everyone” by the end of next year.

Does this explain the government’s overreaction to the virus?  That if you don’t take the chip and the vaccine “you will die.”

By the end of 2021, we could have a new president and I believe we will, because Trump would never approve of such an Orwellian scheme.  But. a Democrat would.

Here is a direct quote from then-Sen. Joe Biden during the confirmation hearings for Judge John Roberts…

Biden:  “Can a microscopic tag be implanted in a person’s body to track his every moment?  There’s actual discussion about that.  You will rule on that, mark my words, before your tenure is over.”  (2005)

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Soros Funds Wuhan Lab

New links have been discovered between Microsoft’s Bill Gates, billionaire George Soros and Dr. Anthony Fauci (advisor to the President.)

New evidence traces a laboratory in Wuhan, China, funded by Soros.

There is a major push for a Coronavirus vaccine by Bill Gates, who is a close associate of Dr. Fauci.  The Gates Foundation has spent billions of dollars on controversial vaccines.

Q.  Is President Trump being tricked into a worldwide vaccination program with potentially disastrous results?

Q.  Has Trump been ill-advised into shutting down the economy, creating unemployment and a future depression?

Q.  Was this virus deliberately released?

Q.  Is this “plandemic” being used to usher in a new global government?

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