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The USA and President Trump have a choice.  In the near future,  it will be decided as to whether Americans will be forced to accept a stolen election… OR will the President turn it over to the military?   THE INSURRECTION ACT.  MARTIAL LAW.

I can tell you this.  The Supreme Court (based on their previous refusal to hear the Texas case) will do the same for the latest Pennsylvania lawsuit.   They don’t want to be accused of giving Trump the presidency.   If so, what is SCOTUS purpose?  If a case deciding who runs our country isn’t important enough,  what is?

Assuming all else fails,  will the President declare Martial Law and then accuse the Democrats of insurrection?  If that happens,  expect all hell to break loose.

We know now that Antifa and the BLM are the Democrats “brown shirts”.  We were shown what they can do from the end of May to the beginning of November.

They promised to go after the suburbs.  And I’m sure they’ll go after the White House.

Trump knows this.

On the other hand,  if President Trump accepts the results of the election and Biden becomes president,  there will never be another free election again.  What do you think Kamala Harris will do once she replaces Biden?  (The plan all along. )

The GOP will become powerless.  Whatever election happens in the future will be rigged.   The 2020 General Election was stolen in an obscene,  in-your-face display of arrogance.   They didn’t care who saw it or what the eyewittnesses said.  Because they knew the MSM would cover for them.  They already had a word for it:  “baseless”.

Americans, it must be made known to the President that regardless of the cost (including blood), we cannot lose our country.   And we are rapidly losing it.

Those saying there’ll be a “2024 comeback” don’t know what they’re talking about.   In four years, we’ll be flooded with so many immigrants,  the Republican Party will be overrun.

A 1-Party system.   A Socialist state.  And your vote counts for nothing.   Only President Trump can save us from this disastrous outcome.

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The future is not written yet.  That’s why these coming weeks are vitally important for the United States.  If the DNC is successful at stealing the 2020 General Election,  here is what to expect.

Restrictive new laws.

Gun control or guns outlawed.

Open borders.

Blanket amnesty for illegal aliens.

Wars.  (Deposing Assad is #1 on their list.)

Censorship in social media.

More taxes.

Economic depression.

Travel restrictions.

Mask wearing ’til doomsday.

Forced vaccines.

Riots will continue whenever Antifa,  BLM and the far-left decide to have a temper tantrum.

Biden-Harris will sell out America to China.


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Trojan Horse Biden


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Many have forgotten who the favorites were during the Democratic primaries.   Back then,  it wasn’t Biden or Harris.  What the hell happened?

Sen. Bernie Sanders, at the top of the polls was edged out and cheated by Mayor Pete Buttigieg (similar to 2016.)

In third place,  Sen. Elizabeth Warren was considered a favorite to be the VP nominee.

Dark horse Amy Klobachar had the Hillary Clinton vote.

And in a distant FIFTH PLACE was former VP Joe Biden whom the MSM called old and washed-up.  He couldn’t gain momentum,  elicit excitement or gather large crowds.

Suddenly,  right before Super Tuesday,  Buttigieg and Klobachar quit, casting their support for Biden who unexpectedly wins big time.

Note:  Sen. Kamala Harris,  once a favorite,  had fallen into disfavor after debating Rep. Tulsi Gabbard.

And then, the Coronavirus…

And then, George Floyd…

Our way of life is turned upside down.   Businesses are shutdown- never to reopen.   Unemployment skyrockets.  The economy is ruined.

Antifa and the BLM take to the streets – looting,  burning,  pillaging, killing- and the blue state mayors and governors refuse to stop it.  Trump seems powerless.

Biden announces his VP candidate must be a “woman of color”.  Suddenly,  Kamala Harris is back again like the proverbial bad penny that won’t go away.  She is chosen as his running mate.

THE FACTS.  Obviously,  it was decided early by the DNC that their future presidential candidate would be Kamala Harris.  But how?

Pick an easy to manipulate “safe” candidate who can be forced to choose her later, i.e., Joe Biden.

Assuming Biden is elected,  how long do you think he will last?  In the beginning stages of Alzheimers disease,  Joe is being kept in his basement,  only to come out in heavily controlled events.  He is made to read everything from a Teleprompter.   The MSM simply ignores the truth.   Joe Biden is a zombie candidate – an empty Trojan Horse with Kamala Harris waiting inside.

In a recent poll, 59% of the people said Biden wouldn’t be able to finish his first term.

Let’s get real.  Biden,  in his condition won’t last a year before the controllers push him out in favor of who they wanted all along.   Kamala Harris:  authoritarian,  NWO, globalist, Beast system.

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Most people don’t see it.  America has been infiltrated.  Back in the 1960’s-early 70’s, subversive elements cropped up before.  Back then, it was dealt with.  Not today.

There could be a myriad of reasons.  During the Obama Administration, he replaced and installed his own kind of social justice into the military echelons, the FBI, the CIA, the judicial branches and the police.

Foreign billionaire interests (George Soros, et al) are also pulling the strings on what the fake news MSM calls “organic demonstrations”.

Years ago, I said BLM (Black Lives Mater) was the most dangerous domestic org.  (Add Antifa.)

As I write this, Republicans seem unable to stop this wave of manic violence sweeping across our country.  Instead, they try to deal with it.

Here’s a good lesson… the Mayor of Seattle Mary Durkan, wrote on her Facebook in regards to CHOP aka CHAZ.  “Seattle is fine.  This is what democracy looks like.”  By the end of June, protesters surrounded her house making their demands.  Guess what happened the very next day?  CHOP/CHAZ was dismantled by the police.  Gone.

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“CHOP” is gone and good riddance.

You see, when the revolution comes into your own back yard, it’s no longer “democracy”.

Pres. Trump’s election is on the line.  Voters didn’t elect him to stand by and do nothing.  Now is the time for action.

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Is it over?

Never before have I seen America so divided.

On the right, Republicans want a free society where a person has freedom and prosperity.  The left wants more and more gov’t control; yet, on the flip side cheers on anarchy and a Communist revolution…and their doing it with Antifa and BLM.  For years, I’ve been warning they’re domestic terrorist groups.  Following their reaction to the death of George Floyd, we have ample proof of it.  Looting, arson, murder and the police do nothing to stop it.  The gov’t sits idly by and watches these sub-humans take over our cities and destroy historic statues, erasing white history.  The damage is irreversible.

The best Pres. Trump can do is put the National Guard around statues in Washington, D.C…. What about the people?

As bad as that is the Democratic nominee Joe Biden is one hundred times worse.  Propped up by the DNC, Biden’s mental health is being hidden from the public.  There’s no doubt, he’s a feeble-minded idiot.  The real nominee is his VP and the DNC will be choosing whomever it is.

The continued over-reaction to the Chinese-created Wuhan virus never stops.  Every day the MSM bombards us with terse messages:  “Wear your masks,” and “Stay at home,”…unless your a protester.

I see no hope.  The U.S. has taken the wrong path, leading to a very grim future.

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The so-called protests over the death of George Floyd during an arrest, has sparked riots all across the country.  Professional agitators and paid-for anarchists – namely ANTIFA, BLM and the Friends of Democracy – are all involved in a battle threatening to become a civil war.

A great deal of blame goes to the mainstream media for fueling the hatred and rage by repeatedly showing the video of George Floyd dying.  It’s obvious they’re goading them on.  How would these idiots feel if their neighborhood was torched?  That’s unlikely.  Most of these pampered, overpaid commentators live in gated communities or secured buildings.

Blame also goes to the Democratic leaders (Obama, Biden, the Clinton’s, Bernie Sanders) who won’t say or do anything to stop the mayhem.  They’re just too sensitive to hurt black people’s feelings.

Pres. Trump has been too slow to act.  I suspect his advisors are warning him not to kill any of the mauraders because the MSM would have a field day calling him a “murderer”.  (Q.  What would a President Hillary Clinton have done?  She would’ve dropped a bomb on them and the MSM would’ve loved her for it.)  Even if Trump loses the election, he’s got to do something.  This insurrection must be crushed before it goes any further.

Conspiracy theorists (and I’m not saying they’re wrong) are predicting Martial Law.  If that’s what it takes to stop the riots, let them do it.

The liberal mayors and governors are sitting on their hands, waiting and hoping for their problems to go away, except…What if they don’t go away?

I’m sure in the end, the media will blame that “racist Trump”  for everything.  In reality, it’s the brick-throwers who are racist, blaming all whites for the actions of one police officer.

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“Black Lives Matter” Worst Domestic Terrorist Group

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The fact that “Black Lives Matter” is now considered one of the most dangerous domestic terrorist groups by the FBI has been buried by the MSM.  According to FBI officials, they actively seek out police officers to kill.

Today we have the same breeding ground of hatred that existed in the late 60’s-early 70’s when another similar group existed:  the “Black Panthers”.

Image result for black panthers 1970, violenceImage result for black panthers 1970

Blacks have lost their leader Barack Obama.  Our former president could help dampen the flames of their rage.  Instead, he has encouraged them in his own special passive-aggressive way.  Along with failed candidate Hillary Clinton, they have bolstered a resistance group of trained thugs, augmented by easily duped college students.

Image result for black lives matter riot

Sooner or later, Pres. Trump will have to come down hard on this movement.  I’ve been saying this since the 2016 election.  It’s them or us.  It’s the law-abiding citizen vs. the Communist radical.  For now, Democrats may side with ANTIFA, BLM, et al, but will they when the skies turn black from their riots?  When cities burn?  That day is coming.

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Black Youths Kidnap, Torture Retarded Man

Image result for four blacks kidnap retarded white man

Chicago, IL.  Jan. 4, 2017.  Live-streamed on Facebook, four blacks tormented a young white man who was mentally-handicapped – taunting him with racist insults and anti-Trump slogans.  He was chocked, cut with a knife, and forced to drink toilet water.  The man was found wandering the streets after two days of abuse.

This is not an opinion.  This is a fact.  This incident would not have occurred without Barack Obama as president.  The four “Lord of the Flies” sub-humans who did the deed are a by-product of Obama’s “look-the-other-way” administration.

When Islamic terrorists kill, “look the other way.”  When “Black Lives Matter” riot, “look the other way.”

If the races were reversed, there would have been utter hysteria from all the black groups and their willing accomplices:  the MSM.

What should be done?  If I had my way, the four individuals responsible would be disciplined to such an extent, they would be afraid to look at another white man again.  What will happen?  They will cry about their “impoverished background” and how “Mommy didn’t love them.”  My guess?  A reduced sentence, a slap on the wrist.

Can you live with that?

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