Accidental President

Our fake President Biden has been in office for less than two months and there’s already talk he won’t last the year.



Only scripted speeches and a CNN interview best left forgotten.  Biden often seems confused and befuddled – hardly able to run a country.

Is First Lady Jill Biden acting as President?  Obama’s people?  What about Kamala Harris, another phony who was 1% in the primaries?

There are rumors she will eventually step up and declare Biden incompetent  with the 25th Amendment.  You’ll remember Nancy Pelosi test-ran this on Pres. Trump in January, saying our real president was “dangerous” and was about to launch a nuclear war.

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My guess is the powers-that-be planned it this way all along.  Harris was forced on Biden as VP.  (Why would he pick her after she called him a segregationist?)  And, like Obama, Kamala Harris can’t be criticized unless you’re a “racist-sexist-Nazi”.

The Democrats have already seized power by stealing the General Election.  What’s to stop them from getting rid of Biden and putting in who they really wanted all along?

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Anthony Bourdain: Murder/Suicide?

See the source image  On June 8, chef Anthony Bourdain, host of CNN’s “Parts Unknown” was found hanging in the bathroom of his 5-star Parisian hotel.

ILLUMINATI SACRIFICE? – To become famous in the entertainment industry, you have to sell yourself to some pretty evil people.  The higher up you go on the food chain, the more you find out.  Rich people are into some sick things.  (PizzaGate, Pedophile Island.)  Did Mr. Bourdain find out something he shouldn’t have?  Were they afraid he was about to talk?  If so, the MSM won’t go near it.  Case closed.

See the source image   Asia Argento, an actress and also a litigant against Harvey Weinstein, was Bourdain’s girlfriend at the time of his death.  A few hours before his suicide, she posted an Instagram photo.  What is the significance of this?

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Mr. Bourdain publically tweeted about the hypocrisy of Hillary Clinton, who pretended to know nothing about the sexual proclivities of Harvey Weinstein.

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Parkland Shooting becomes another Sandy Hook

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 10.58.51 AM.pngScreen Shot 2018-02-21 at 11.00.45 AM.png

More evidence is coming forth from the Feb. 14th school shooting, proving there is a conspiracy for gun control.  Here are the facts.

Nicolas Cruz had been reported to the FBI as a madman ready to shoot up a school and the FBI did nothing.

This school had been on red alert lockdown.  Why did the principal order an evacuation, making students sitting ducks?

An armed sheriff’s deputy did nothing during the shootout.  Was he ordered to “stand down”?

Students were well aware of a drill that day.  Was this a set-up, so that more students would be killed?  Why are so many drills occurring on days like this?  (9/11, Sandy Hook, etc.)

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 11.01.59 AM.png

David Hogg (to the left)

CNN shill and pro gun control advocate David Hogg has become the face for the students, but is he real?  A video of David Hogg flubbing his lines and being told what to say off-camera has been removed from YouTube.

Link between disgraced DNC-Clinton chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Sheriff Scott Israel. Deep state gun grab.

Why are CNN and MSNBC only broadcasting the students who are for gun control and obvious Trump haters?  CNN is handing out scripts for students to read.  If they refuse, they aren’t allowed to speak.  And since when do teenagers refer to themselves as “children”?  Students have been shown reading their lines into the camera, using language far too mature for kids.

Internet censorship.  Social media web sites are taking down videos which question the official version.  YouTube channels are being deleted.  The MSM is hijacking the narrative, branding the NRA and 2nd Amendment advocates as “crazies, who want to kill our children.”

Nikolas Cruz

At least three students have reported there was another shooter.  Why hasn’t there been an investigation?  If Cruz was psychotic, why wasn’t he locked up in an asylum?  Why does Generation Snowflake blame guns, when killers will always find ways to commit murder?  Have these snowflakes ever read the Second Amendment?

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Hillary’s Secret Plan to Run Again?

trick Trump isn't using: How Hillary's campaign is (almost certainly ...

FACT:  The “Russia hacked the election” fake news story began with Hillary Clinton – Debate 3. Oct. 19, 2016.  HRC quote “The Russian government has engaged in espionage against Americans…to influence the election.”  She said it came from the “highest levels, from Vladimir Putin” and continued by saying:  “I actually think the most important question of the evening is, finally, will Donald Trump admit that the Russians are doing this and that he rejects Russian espionage?”   (This is in reference to both her and her campaign manager John “Pizzagate” Podesta being hacked.)

There you have the original source of where the “Russia hacked the election” came from.  HRC herself.

Since losing the election, HRC, the failed candidate, has not “Gone gently into that good night.”  She has promoted the idea that Donald Trump stole the election.

FACT:  Many MSM reporters are on the Clinton payroll.  They were contributors to her campaign and are still ardent supporters.

We have a daily onslaught of bogus news reports on Pres. Trump’s “ties to Russia” and “secret Russian deals.”  On June 2017,  three CNN reporters were fired for a fake news report on Russia contributing money to Trump enterprises.  Their names are Thomas Frank, Eric Lichtblau and Lex Haris.

FACT:  At least once a week, HRC pops up on some program, trashing Trump, saying she hopes he’s impeached like Nixon.  (Nixon wasn’t impeached, he resigned.  Bill Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives.)  She should know, “H” was fired from the Watergate investigating committee for trying to steal Nixon’s papers.

Where is all this going?  HRC doesn’t do something for nothing.  She would not be hauling around her old, fat ass all over the country, dumping on Trump without a reason.

FACT:  Hillary Clinton did not run against Bush in 2004 or Obama in 2012, because she thought she’d lose.  It’s difficult to win against an incumbent president.  Therefore, wouldn’t it be to her advantage to run against Mike Pence in 2020?  In other words, do what the Dems did to Nixon in 1973-1974.  Destroy him politically, then run against a “caretaker” president.  It worked for Carter.

Even Democrats admit HRC has a mania to be president.  She can’t let go of it.

Playing devil’s advocate, let’s assume Dems take the House and Senate in 2018.  Let’s assume the MSM beats the “impeach Trump” drum, day in and day out, as they did for Nixon.  Let’s assume the Dems concoct a plan to force Trump out.  (As they already tried to do with Comey-Flynn.)  A jubilant Hillary is there to say, “I told you so!”  Thus, begin her 2020 conquest to get what she thinks is rightfully hers.

HRC realizes time is running out.  In her seventies and in questionable health; for her, the only chance she has to be president is to remove Trump.

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Kathy Griffin Posts Photo of Trump Beheaded

Image result for kathy griffin holding trumps' head

CNN comedienne Kathy Griffin posed with a severed head of Donald Trump – posting it online.  Pres. Trump claims his son Barron saw the photo and was traumatized.  The MSM is trying to distance itself from Ms. Griffin, although the photo itself is representative of what the left have being doing on the Internet since the President was elected.  Q.  When will America wake up and destroy the enemy from within?

Donald Trump, Superstar (Inauguration Day)

Inauguration Liveblog: Donald Trump Is Sworn In as ...

Washington, D.C., January 20, 2017.  At 12 noon, Donald J. Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, by Supreme Court Justice John Roberts.  After a 16-minute speech, singer Jackie Evancho sang the National Anthem.

People are totally divided over Jackie Evancho’s ...

Now that Trump is President, it’s time to clean house.

60+ Democrats from Congress refused to attend the Inauguration.  Was this out of spite or fear?  Numerous threats have been floating around, conspiracy theories about dirty bombs, drone missile strikes, terrorist attacks, etc.  Was this the real reason they didn’t show up?  What did they know, that we didn’t?  CNN announced that ex-Pres. Obama would choose the president, if Trump were assassinated during the Inauguration.  What kind of news story is that?

The left have no intention of working with Trump.  They are already planning on ways to get rid of him.  That is why they have to be crushed.  Dog eat dog.

The silent majority put Trump in the White House.  Democrats argue that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote…and yet conclusive evidence proves of mass voter fraud in California, Nevada, New York and elsewhere.  Illegal aliens voting, ballot box stuffing, voting machines rigged by George Soros, fake names written in, “dead names” used from gravestones and so on.  The fact is, if the election had been honest, Donald Trump would’ve won by a landslide.

Still, the lying MSM won’t let go of their fake news story on Russian hacking.  Seth Rich, a DNC staffer leaked the story on the rigged Sanders-Clinton primaries, not Russia.  [Seth Rich paid for it with his life.  Why doesn’t the MSM investigate that?]

Hillary Clinton lost because she is a charmless, joyless blob – corrupt, full of lies and hate with a long trail of dead bodies who got in her way.

To Hell with the Democrats.


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The hidden forces behind 9/11 and Sandy Hook are ready to play again.  Are you ready?

Who controls America?

The mainstream media will portray “Operation Jade Helm 15” as a harmless military exercise.  Those who say otherwise will be called “conspiracy theory nuts”.  When you watch your evening news, nothing will seem alarming.  CNN’s Anderson Cooper will be reading from his cleverly written script approved by the government.  That’s right.  Remain calm.  What could go wrong?  The MSM is lulling the public into a dreamland of infotainment and exploitation.



The Setup.  What event will trigger Martial Law?  War in Iran?  Economic chaos?  Political assassination?  Blacks rioting?  Another false flag?  A disease outbreak?  All of the above?  (Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson believes Obama will postpose the 2016 General Election.)

When it happens and it will happen, the country you knew and loved will be going through some drastic changes.  Expect your freedom on the Internet and gun ownership to be temporarily removed (forever.)  After all, it’s for your own safety.

Master of the Human Domain

Phantoms and Monsters: Pulse of the Paranormal


No, it’s not from Mein Kampf, it’s the Jade Helm slogan.  Get used to soldiers on every street-corner because Jade Helm is becoming an annual event.  And it’s not seven states anymore, it’s ten.  (Mississippi, Florida and Louisiana have been added.)  How soon before it’s fifty – All the time?  Is Martial Law the new normal?

Newly Released Jade Helm Document Reveals the True Intent of the ...

Notice the Muslim sword and the Illuminati Eye of the Devil logo

Above:  7 years of “Jade Helm”?  (2015-2022.)  What is the end goal?

Throughout the years, there have been those who tried to warn us.

Stanley Kubrick – Eyes Wide Shut (died shortly after film’s completion)

Andrew Breitbart – Tried to derail Obama’s 2012 run.

Michael Hastings – Killed in a car accident or was he too close to a scandal that would have ruined Obama?

WikiLeaks: Journalist Investigating CIA Assassinated In ...


When they died, the MSM called it “natural causes” or ” a tragic accident”, even before the facts came in.

The MSM sticks by the gov’t version of 9/11.  How could our military stand by and watch it all happen?  How could airports breeze through hijackers and later say they knew nothing?  How could the WTC Bldg. #7 just fall down?

Sandy Hook’s “Revenge of the Nerds” scenario is equally ludicrous – most notably the disappearing security camera, the police running into the wrong school, two gunmen seen running away from the school, the idea of Adam Lanza, a 98 lb. weakling carrying all those weapons and ammo, the smiling parents, and the eventual destruction of the school.

Face it, America.  We’re being played and with Jade Helm, the stakes are being raised higher and higher.  Your very freedom is at stake.  With little time left, our way of life is being taken away.  It will be GAME OVER.  You lose.  We all lose.


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Joan Rivers funeral.  Daughter Melissa Rivers and grandson.

Joan Rivers funeral. Daughter Melissa Rivers and grandson Cooper.

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The MSM (mainstream media) will soon come to the conclusion that comedienne Joan Rivers death was caused by medical malpractice.  How so?

A.  The dangerous anesthesia “Propofol” was used, despite the fact that it was known for causing the death of Michael Jackson.

B.  A biopsy was performed without permission.

C.  Her doctor takes a “selfie” while she’s out cold.

All three of these factors fit in well for a medical mishap – – BUT, WAS THIS A SET-UP MEANT TO HAPPEN?

Quickly forgotten in all those MSM tributes was the outing of Pres. Obama and his wife by Joan Rivers.  The Internet rumors of our President being gay and his wife a transsexual have long been out there, however, the MSM had skillfully avoided them.  Until Joan said the unmentionable on CNN, July 4, 2014.

The MSM were forced to go after her in a CNN interview, where she walked off.

CNN walk-off interview.

CNN walk-off interview.  7/6/14.

…And on the Letterman show, where she was humiliated.

David Letterman ditches Joan Rivers.

David Letterman ditches Joan Rivers.  7/9/14.

Following Joan’s statement, she explained that the “Michelle Obama is a tranny” remark was a compliment and then never mentioned it again.

Some will ask, “Why would the Obamas care about any of this, if it isn’t true?”  They care, because it is true.  Joan Rivers was a Jew, daring to joke about the “chosen one”.

iu  Those behind the Obamas have cultivated and crafted an image – – Barack Obama, a straight, black man and an African-American civil-rights leader.  Michelle Obama, the tough-talking, ghetto-graduate who rose about it all to become the First Lady.  But, what if the Obama tale is just a fable?  A fairy tale?  What if a political machine decided to create a backstory, erasing the truth?

The MSM, which scrutinizes those they don’t like, takes the Obamas at their very word, using his two ghost-written autobiographies as the official story.  The Gospel According to Obama.

And, if in the 1990’s, Barack Obama had to be coached by actor Harry Lennox on how to act like a black man from the south-side of Chicago, so be it.  And if the Rev. Jeremiah Wright has to teach Obama how to behave like a Christian (instead of a Muslim), so be it.  And if Obama isn’t vetted in 2008 (and John McCain is), so be it.  And if Joan Rivers winds up dead, weeks after saying his life story is a fake, so be it.