When did Patriotism become -Politically Incorrect?

Orange hat, American flag, bald eagle, the military, even the Boy Scouts have come under attack from the Democrats.  These symbols of U.S. exceptionalism make them squirm because they represent the Trump voter.  thSD315X9T

“MAGA” hats have been called symbols of hate.


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The original Betsy Ross flag emblazoned on Nike shoes have been recalled because football player Colin Kaepernick said, “This was a time of slavery.”  Kaepernick, an overpaid, spoiled punk should only kiss my ass.

The 4th of July Independence Day parade was called a “Nazi march” by the insane left.  Most of you did not see it because the TV networks refused to broadcast it.

The Boy Scouts (now called “Scouts”) were neutered for not being “gender inclusive”.  Oddly enough, this doesn’t apply to the Girl Scouts, who kept their name.

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The borders are being flooded by illegal immigrants who are bringing disease, crime, drugs, rape and terrorism.  This is fine for the dim-witted Dems who see only more votes intended to drown out the Republicans.

After the 2016 ass-whipping, you would think the Democrats had learned something.  Instead, they have gone the other way, doubling-down on socialism.

Violent outbreaks by ANTIFA (paid for by George Soros) are swarming the streets to an indifferent MSM and police.

Citizens, we are at a breaking point.  It’s only a matter of time before people are killed in the new cold civil war.  We don’t have the Republicans to blame for it.  Who started marching in the streets immediately after Trump was voted in as President?  The man hadn’t done anything yet and the left throws their usual temper tantrum.  These tantrums have erupted into real violence.

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Question:  Where are the Democratic leaders when violence breaks out?  Why don’t they condemn these attacks?  I’m talking about Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi.  They won’t because they’re not against it.

Sooner or later, these two sides, the left vs. the right are going to do battle on the streets.  It may happen in 2020, when Trump is reelected President.  There will be no neutral zone.  It’ll be survival of the fittest.  Dog eat dog.  Kill or be killed.

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NFL Vs. National Anthem

Patriotism versus the leftist-anti Trump forces have triggered a new media frenzy:  Non-stop news about NFL players who refuse to stand for the National Anthem.

  Shortly after Pres. Trump said the NFL should fire the unpatriotic athletes, the MSM went after him, saying he had no right to speak about it.  Then, they sided with those who kneel – those who will not acknowledge their respect for the USA.  Image result for colin kuppernick national anthem

This began last year with  Colin Kaepernick…or did it?

   Our 44th President Barack Obama didn’t want to place his hand on his heart during the National Anthem.  Also, he publically stated that he didn’t want to wear “that flag pin” because of the Iraq War and our “false patriotism”.

In the past, no one would dare disrespect our flag and our country.  Now, Democrats think it’s the hip thing to do.  These wedge issues will prove fatal for the Democratic Party.  Standing for the Anthem or the Pledge of Allegiance is an easy thing to do, right?  Trump has lured them into his trap, proving their disloyalty.  Videotape is forever – and come Election Day, Republicans will prove where Dems stand (or did not stand.)

Q.  Do you want leaders who side with- let’s be honest – traitors?  Leftist entertainers + Trump haters are jumping on board and those who do are burying their careers.  Madonna’s latest C.D. sold only 3,000 copies.  Coincidence?  Most summer movies flopped.  T.V. Award show ratings are way down.  Real Americans are rejecting the lovers of Communism.

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