Dr Fauci Funded Lab that Created Covid (Video)

It will go down as the joke of the century that Dr. Anthony Fauci, who according to the MSM was “the most trusted man in America” in regards to what we, the public, should do about the Covid-19 outbreak.  Maybe, someday in the future (100 years from now), when the truth can be told, it will be revealed that China, the Democratic Party and Dr. Fauci used germ warfare to win the 2020 General Election and defeat former President Donald Trump.

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Jaime Foxx’s Covid-19 Vaccine Causes Blindness, Paralysis

Jamie Foxx hospitalised after 'medical complication' - Daily Post Naija

Is the threat of COVID vaccine hesitancy getting enough attention? | Penn Today

April 11, 2023.  Actor and Oscar winner Jamie Foxx suffered what the mainstream media calls a “medical complication” after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine for an upcoming film.

May 30, 2023.  Reporter A.J. Benza announced on “Ask Dr. Drew” that Jaime Foxx was left blind and partially paralyzed because of the side effects from the experimental vaccine.

Jamie Foxx's rep denies COVID-19 vaccine caused hospitalization


Virtual media silence existed until recently when the MSM is now being forced to combat Benza-Dr. Drew’s report as a “conspiracy theory”.

Foxx’s daughter Corrine has tried (unsuccessfully) to dispel rumors by saying her father was released from the hospital – – leaving out the part about him being transferred to a Chicago rehabilitation center.

Youmzain and the fourth horseman on Twitter: "@BurgerLab12 ...


The media, in conjunction with corporate big pharma, is rewriting the story, claiming the actor suffered a stroke.  …But, what caused the stroke?

Benza and Dr. Drew believe the vaccine led to a blood clot in the brain.

Jaime Foxx’s “statement” on Instagram:  “Appreciate all the love!!!  Feeling blessed.”

SUMMATION.  Since it began, EricReports.com has been against any forced plan to vaccinate the public with this experimental vaccine (as fake President Biden did until it was ruled unconstitutional.)  I have not and will not accept the current Covid-19 inoculation.  In the final analysis, it is not safe.

While Foxx could have declined the shot, he was pressured into it for a new film titled “Back in Action”.  (It is doubtful he will ever finish it.)

The MSM has and will continue to push their plan to eventually force everyone to receive the “jab”, whether they like it or not.

The media black-out on what really happened to Jaime Foxx is obvious censorship.  If you don’t like a news story, rewrite it and call the facts a conspiracy theory.  A few years ago, singer Eric Clapton was also left with frozen, numb, burning hands inhibiting his ability to play the guitar.

It is my hope that Foxx, what’s left of him, makes a public announcement declaring the Covid-19 vaccine as unsafe.

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’22 Election Ripoff

See the source image

Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Georgia.  These 2022’s swing states all went to the Democrats, except for Georgia, which must have a run-off.  Does all of this sound familiar?  It should.  It happened two years ago.

The MSM/DNC said the failed red wave was due to the abortion issue and Trump (MAGA) backlash…the Dems “overperformed” and the GOP “underperformed”…and the moon was in your Uranus.

Tell me something.  Why do we still have “mail-in” drop boxes ala 2020’s so-called Covid crisis?  Why is ballot harvesting still allowed?  What is to prevent an organization to print-up counterfeit ballots and then dump them in these UNATTENDED BOXES?  If you voted in person, you may have been asked to show your voter’s registration card, or give some sort of proof of voter identification.  You are also forbidden to vote more than once.  Where is the security in voter dumps and drop-off points?

See the source image

The DNC is a criminal organization .  In 2020, aided by China’s biological warfare (Covid-19), they took back power illegally with their “mail-in” ballots.  And if it worked in 2020, why not 2022?  And 2024?

2021-2022 has been a disaster for America.  Out of control inflation, gas prices tripled, diesel fuel running out, World War III threatened by the Russians, a lost war in Afghanistan and a delusional President who gets lost walking around on the White House lawn.  Simply stated, the Democrats stole the last two elections by loading boxes with fake votes.

Pundits claim “Republicans vote on election day”, “Democrats votes thru the mail.”  B.S.  How would they know?  Pseudo-info pulled out of their ass.

The new Socialist left have found a way to rip-off our elections and it will continue indefinitely until we have another January 6th that should last as long as the 2020 riots did.

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Vaccines, Masks Forever

Dr. Anthony Fauci advocates continued booster shots for the unwashed masses. Side effects to the experimental drugs have caused many unreported deaths.

2022.  Wasn’t this the year when things got back to normal?  Wasn’t the magic vaccine supposed to cure us all?

Covid-19 had its intended effect.  It got Trump out of the White House.  What’s next?

Dr. Fauci wants us to get vaccine boosters once a month.  Sen. Bernie Sanders wants the new N95 mask “free for all.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) speaks to reporters as he leaves a caucus meeting with Senate Democrats at the U.S. Capitol Building on December 16, 2021 in Washington, D.C.

Sen. Sanders wears the new, more uncomfortable N95 mask, because the one you’re wearing now is so five minutes ago.

Tell me, Americans, how long are you going to put up with this shit?

Does this mean the masks we wore from 2020 to 2021 were worthless?  I want my two years back.

Congress and the Supreme Court ruled against Biden’s vaccine mandate.  It’s up to you, the average citizen, to just say no.  No more vaccines, no more masks.  Science has already proven the mask and vaccine to be ineffective against a constantly mutating virus.  Ten years from now, what will people think of us?  Will they laugh?  Maybe, but now nothing’s funny.

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MLG Illuminati Wallpapers - Top Free MLG Illuminati Backgrounds - WallpaperAccess

How do we know when we are in the last days?  You need to go to the straight source:  the Bible.  “But of that day and hour knows no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.”  Matthew 24:36

But there will be signs.



The following is a summary of an investigation into how and why Covid-19 started and who is to blame.

In the Wuhan Institute of Virology, located in China, scientists experimented with a bat virus known as SARS-2, creating Covid-19.

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Pres. Trump’s investigators believe this was probably going to be used for germ warfare.  Trump thinks it was accidently leaked out by “incompetence”. 

Covid’s release date:  Oct. 2019.  Covid-19 may have initially spread during China’s military games.  LINK 


Sixty-five experiments in the Wuhan lab were funded by the USA.

Dec. 2019 – Jan. 2020.  Chinese citizen journalists and whistleblowers are made to disappear by the CCP.

The U.S. gov’t collects information on Covid-19, but does nothing to stop it.  (Similar to 9/11.)

Evidence is destroyed by the Chinese gov’t which may have proven Covid-19 was deliberately released.  Enough evidence exists proving the virus was made purposely to infect humans.  [Gain of function.]

While the Trump administration tried to prove the Wuhan-Covid 19 virus came from a lab, the Chinese gov’t (CCP), the World Health Organization, the scientific community, the U.S. Democratic Party and the mainstream media did just the opposite, saying it was a “natural occurring virus”.  Covid-19 became a political tool for the left.

Dr. Anthony Fauci lied before Congress saying Covid-19 was a naturally occurring virus.  In 2012, Dr. Fauci wrote “The benefits and the resulting knowledge outweigh the risk” for these genetic-viral experiments.  LINK

Covid-19 was made using U.S. grants.  [Funded by the National Institute of Health – NIAID R01A/1109 64, the USAID Emerging Pandemic Threats]

Opinion.  Without Covid-19, more than likely, Donald Trump would still be President.  Democrats have and continue to use Covid-19 for control of the American public.  The fact remains:  Covid-19 could have been stopped if China had been forthcoming about what it was and where it came from.


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“This isn’t about freedom” (Vax Mandate)

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Fake Pres. Biden has announced a new mandate:  forced Covid-19 vaccinations for all major business employees, gov’t and health care workers.

How many of us saw this coming?  I myself wrote an article in this blog a year ago.   https://ericreports.com/2020/09/06/mandatory-vaccine/

The most striking quote from Biden’s speech:  “This isn’t about freedom or personal choice.”  He admits it.  We’re taking your freedom away from you.  Loud and in your face.

Let me ask:  How come not one famous person has died from the Covid vaccine?  And yet thousands of ordinary people have?  Could it be that well known people are getting a different vaccine?  One that doesn’t endanger your health?

Actor/former Gov. of California Arnold Schwarzenegger said on CNN:  “Screw your freedom.”  The former Terminator just want his life to go back to normal.

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Here’s the thing.  Covid-19 is here to stay.  It’s not going away.  If you vaccinate every human being on earth, it will still be here.  But, those who are vaccinated are putting out the false premise that if everybody gets vaccinated, it will go away.  In other words, they’re lying.

The MSM has ramped up their “get the jab” propaganda with TV and Internet commercials.  New media states “You’re a murderer” if you don’t get the shot.  The biggest joke of all:  vaccinated people can still get sick and die.  And guess who the MSM blames.  The unvaccinated.  They don’t blame China who started the disease.  They don’t blame the drug companies for creating a faulty vaccine.  They blame the unvaccinated, even though vaccinated people can still transmit Covid-19.

Why do they say the vaccine is safe, when it isn’t  It isn’t even a real vaccine.  It’s an RNA-invader, an attempt to alter our bio-chemistry.

Additionally, Biden’s forced vaccine program is unconstitutional in every sense of the word.

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2021 Officially Worse than 2020

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Covid vaccine is causing mutations and the further spread of the disease.

U.S. gov’t begins to force teachers to accept the vaccine.

Pregnant women “encouraged” to take the vaccine.  (Only 24% have so far.)

Covid passports begin in several states.

Afghanistan gov’t expected to fall to the Taliban.  (First U.S. war lost since Vietnam.)

See the source image

Two years of inflation forecast following Dems takeover of the gov’t.  Gas prices will continue to rise.

Biden’s Green Screen – The fake President’s handlers got caught green-screening Biden in a fake White House news interview.

See the source image

Biden’s hand passes through the microphone.

Facist YouTube – YouTube suspends Sen. Rand Paul’s account for saying “Masks don’t prevent Covid-19.”

Image result for rand paul suspended youtube

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Masks Forever – Fake Vaccine

See the source image

With the new Covid delta variant, lawmakers have brought back masks.  Also, the new vaccines are proving to be of no value.  (Unless it is to alter your DNA.)

There was and still is no scientific evidence that masks prevent the transmission of Covid-19.  The World Health Organization and Dr. Anthony Fauci dreamed this up to prevent a panic and make the public think there was a way to prevent the disease.  Since then, we’ve learned this – a strong immune system prevents Covid-19.

Secondly, Covid-19 is here to stay.

Third.  It came from a lab in Wuhan, China.  Whether you want to believe it was released accidently or on purpose, is up to you.  It did effectively ruin Pres. Trump’s chance at re-election.

Besides Covid-19’s being the catalyst for evicting Trump from office, there’s no doubt this disease is being used by the One-World Government to control us.  They will continue to throw out non-sensical arbitrary rules in order to see how far they can go.  The George Floyd riots proved that blacks can’t be controlled.

What about you?  What are you going to do when they tell you to bring out your old mask and roll up your sleeve for a third shot?  Will you acquiesce?  Will you be a guinea pig for the New World Order?

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The Covid Plot

China reports more than 15,000 new coronavirus cases ...

Wuhan open air seafood market…

Coronavirus - Made In China: UK Study Claims Covid Virus Created In Wuhan  Lab | India Today - YouTubeSee the source image


See the source image

China allows tourist flights during contamination stage…

See the source image

Corona-virus (Covid-19) spreads to the USA…

See the source image

Mass causalities…

See the source image

See the source image

Mask debate…

See the source image

U.S. economy plunges due to work shutdown…

See the source image

President Trump blamed by mainstream media for a disease created and spread by China…

See the source imageSee the source imageSee the source image


Place:  Santa Cruz – Trader Joe’s.

A group of people who are part of the “stop wearing masks” movement entered a grocery store known as Trader Joe’s and were refused service.   They eventually left.

Police stated that next time they would be arrested by order of the signed health code requirement that everyone has to wear a mask.   Additionally,  police called them “followers of QAnon, conspiracy theorists and anti-science. ”

FACT:  There is no scientific proof masks prevent the Coronavirus.   (Covid-19.)

FACT:  The coronavirus is small enough to pass through the mask.  It’s like throwing pebbles through a net.

Since when do “health officials” make our laws?  What happened to the legislature?  Here in the U.S., you can’t pass law by decree.  How long will masks be worn?  We have the vaccine now, but that seems to make little difference.

Dr. Fauci said masks will be worn until 2022.  Originally,  they said a few weeks, then a few months,  now a few years.

Citizens,  it’s time to stop this madness.   It’s obvious the masquerade will continue indefinitely.   A new disease will come along and BANG.  Time to wear masks again.

We’ve got to #EndTheMask.  End this Pavlovian experiment.

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President Trump, Melania have COVID-19; both have mild symptoms | king5.com

President Trump and the First Lady Melania have become infected with the Coronavirus (Covid-19.)  They believe it occurred aboard Air Force One from aide Hope Hicks, who has also tested positive.  They are in quarantine.

Democrats have reacted with glee, saying they hope America’s First Family dies.

Mandatory Vaccine?

See the source image

When the government comes out with their so-called vaccine,  will you take it?  The Big Question:  What’s in it?  Other flu vaccines contain a “dead” (inactive) virus.   Will this one?  WOULD YOU BE WILLING TO TAKE COVID-19 INTO YOUR BODY IN ORDER TO PREVENT IT?

Much isn’t known about the Wuhan virus.   Scientists are finding out new information every day.   What if later they discover the dead virus isn’t really dead?  What if we, the human Guinea pigs, become infected?

There will be enormous pressure for the MSM to give in to this government program.   After all, children are forced to be vaccinated before they enter school.

What if travel restrictions are put on those who refuse to take the vaccine?

What if food handlers are required to be vaccinated?

Students?  Doctors?  Teachers?

Finally, what if EVERYBODY is told that by a certain date, you must receive the vaccine or be arrested?

And will the new vaccine contain micro dot nano-technology – TRACERS – designed for the government – to enable them to follow you on any GPS map?

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Bill Gates “Plan”

Just as predicted, the so-called “2nd Wave” of the coronavirus is here, mere weeks after the reopening of businesses.  As predicted, social distancing and wearing masks has become the “new normal”.

How long is the government going to prolong this man-made event?

Quote by BILL GATES:  “The world today has 6.8 billion people.  Now if we really do a good job on new vaccines, health care, and reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps ten or fifteen percent.”

The powers-that-be want to make our lives so miserable, we would eagerly accept the vaccine.   The MSM is already panting, waiting in anticipation for Gates “miracle cure”.   Recently, Gates announced that “people of color” will get the vaccine first.  (There’s a joke there, if you can figure it out.)

What will be the side-effects?  Doesn’t it take years of testing to ensure safety?  Not this time.

If a Democrat is elected president, expect mandatory vaccinations or be banished from public life.

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Aftermath Covid-19

If George Floyd ever did anything important, it was ending the stupid government lockdowns.

In just two short months, the U.S. economy was brought to its knees by a man-made biological weapon courtesy of Communism China.  Germ warfare.

The MSM has it’s own fictionalized version of the story.   Covid-19 came from a Chinese “wet-market” ala bat soup.

Unforseen, a second “black swan” event.  On May 25, an ordinary black man was arrested then killed on video for all the world to see.  That was enough for people to get off their asses and end the mandated quarantines.

The side effect of all this is that now we have a segment of the population destroying cities.  Some are radical groups (Antifa, BLM.)  Others are angry black folk.  The government cannot deal with them.  Dems are too busy kissing their you-know-what and the GOP is afraid of being called “racist”.

Where does that leave us?

Election 2020.  If Trump loses the election, it will be from his inability to deal with Covid-19 and the George Floyd riots.  It’s too early to tell yet.

Joe Biden’s mental and physical health are wobbly at best.  If Biden is replaced by a real contender,  someone with all their faculties, the outcome would be very different.

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Upside-Down World

Since Covid-19, ordinary people have been arrested by the police for leaving their homes, not safe-spacing, and conducting non-essential business.

On the other hand, criminals are being released from prisons because of “overcrowding and charges of racism”.  This is caused by weak, liberal judges and politicians who are breaking down our system of law.  We’re living in an insane world where everything is reversed.

Quarantine the healthy.

LGBTQ think they’re normal.

Abortion is a right.

Violence from the left (ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter) is allowed by the police.

1st, 2nd and 4th Amendments are trashed for false promises of “safety and security”.

Unelected officials (Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci) are making laws indiscriminately.

When does this end?

Eventually, the people must rise up and take back what is theirs.  If we don’t, those in control will continue to take more and more of our basic, God-given rights.  What’s the point of living in a “free country” if you need permission to leave your home?

What will you do?

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Tom Hanks “Vaccine”

See the source image

Actor Tom Hanks who supposedly had Covid-19 and who became “the face of the coronavirus” is donating his anti-bodies (blood serum) for the “cure”.

What is the hidden meaning behind this?

It’s what the ILLUMINATI wants.  Their symbolic blood sacrifice – a mockery of Christianity.  The secular Hanks vs. Jesus Christ.  His blood heals us all.

How much more obvious can you get?  And why wouldn’t the sheeple eagerly take the Tom Hanks remedy?  Didn’t he suffer for all of us to take away the sins of the world?

I doubt Hanks or his Satanist wife ever had the illness.  The elite, the top 1% received the real vaccine – while us common-folk get the Bill Gates vaccine – full of pig cells and monkey embryos.

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“Inside Edition” MSM NWO

See the source image  “Inside Edition”, formerly an entertainment news program, has regressed into an “Obey Big Brother” tool for the globalists.  There are constant reminders to “stay at home” and “shelter in place”…world government propaganda…talk of a future vaccine for all…how doing nothing helps your community…”be compliant”…criticize protestors…overblown death statistics and fake news.

The cheery, chipper hostess Deborah Norville cheeps out advice – an empty mannequin mouthpiece.  I truly believe she’s never had an original thought in her life.

“Inside Edition” is by no means serious news; however it does have its audience…an audience made to believe lies and experience fear over an illness no different than any other.

The collapse of our free market economy, of our very way of life, will kill more people than Covid-19 does.  But, Democrats see this as a good way for more government-imposed control.

The Great Satan Hillary Clinton already commented (with an agreeing Joe Biden), to “Never waste a good crisis.”

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New Virus?

There are existing vague threats from China that a far worse disease is in the works for our near future.  This, for me, proves their intentions.  What a coincidence for the Covid-19 virus to be released into the USA during an election year.  It’s their chance to get rid of Pres. Trump by ruining the economy.

The media, instead of blaming China, blames Trump, “for not acting quick enough” and praises China, calling them “a role model” for how to deal with the virus.

Our new “One World” government seeks to curtail all travel, so if this new outbreak begins, all flights out of the country will be stopped.  (Except for the government.)

Businesses will be closed again.  (Except for the government.)

People will be told to “shelter in place”.  (Except for the government.)

How long does it take for the public to realize what’s really happening?   When will people wake up and take back their freedom?

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NWO 1984 Future unless…

The new “One World” government that suddenly cropped up after China’s Covid-19 outbreak is planning their own version of a “Brave New World”.

Item – Scanners placed outside every building that read your vital signs.  If you’re deemed unhealthy, you don’t enter.

Item – Forced vaccinations on all “world citizens”, courtesy of Bill Gates.

Item – ID2020.  Plan to microchip everybody by 2030.

Item – Restricted travel (except for the top 1%.)

Item – Continued “social distancing” even after the disease ends.

Item – World Health Organization proposed plan for taking those with Covid-19 out of their homes (whether they want to or not), placing them in “quarantine centers”.  [Death camps.]

Item – Newborn babies separated from their mother because she may be a “silent carrier”.

Item – Government takeover of farms.

Item – Force everyone to wear a face mask at all times.  (No proof this works.)

All of this and more will continue until the general population wakes up and refuses to go along with this global dictatorship.  Unfortunately, the left, so far, have swallowed the bait, hook, line and sinker.

The MSM is trying to portray protestors as “conspiracy theorists”, “anti-science”, or “MAGA hat wearing weirdos”.

I ask:  Is this the future you want for the next generation?…a totalitarian system set up by the elites, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the Illuminati, the United Nations, the Bilderberg Group, the Club of Rome, the billionaire class, the MSM, the “descendants of Nimrod” and Bill Gates.

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Fauci Linked to Wuhan lab

Current medical advisor to President Donald Trump, Dr. Anthony Fauci heads the NIAID (NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ALLERGY & INFECTIOUS DISEASES).

In 2018,  NIAID conducted a study at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, on whether humans could die from the coronavirus (obtained from bats.)  This is the same lab where it’s believed the virus escaped from.

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